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by: S.R. Shearer

Fascination with the phallus [i.e., the erect male sexual organ (penis) as it appears just prior to penetration of the female vagina] was common in the ancient world. Indeed, "penis worship" is the basis of nearly all pagan worship - even today - and is especially associated with concepts of male domination and male aggression.

Sadly, this disgusting phenomenon is making an astonishing comeback - and not simply in pagan circles, but in evangelical circles as well. Take, for example, Robert Hicks, a well-known speaker and teacher in the Promise Keepers movement, an ecumenical men’s movement that has been sweeping the country and bringing together Catholics and evangelicals for the ostensible purpose of strengthening the country by re-establishing male "headship" in the "... family, community and nation."

Hicks suggests that Jesus was a "phallic kind of guy" - i.e. that He was stimulated sexually and that He possessed an aggressive sex drive. Hicks says, "... (while) it was never recorded that Jesus had sexual relations with a woman ... if temptation means anything, it means Christ was tempted in every way as we are ..." (p. 181, emphasis in original)

Such a statement, of course, is blasphemous - but it gives some idea as to how widespread this kind of thinking (i.e., the desire to re-establish male domination) has become - and indicates a growing (and very ugly) reaction in many otherwise "mainstream" segments of our society (and not just "Christian" ones) against the radical feminism countenanced by liberals over the past twenty years (phallus worship celebrates the sex act as an act of male domination - and not just domination, but aggressive and even violent domination).

The teaching on the phallus has become especially popular in certain "New Charismatic" circles - especially those circles associated with "Christian psychology." (See Robert Hicks, The Masculine Journey , Understanding the Six Stages of Manhood and The Masculine Journey Study Guide, Colorado Springs: The Navpress Books, 1993.)

In the light this, it might be fair to ask, "What does all this mean?" - if, as Robertson suggests, des Mousseaux was right - that phallus worship is associated with the devil and that those who practise it are in league with the Antichrist, then what does this say about himself in light of the fact that Robertson supports the Promise Keepers? What Robertson appears to be doing is condemning himself and his supporters as well - after all, the "New Charismatics" constitute his core constituency and they, apparently, are all "into" (or at least countenance ) phallus worship!


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