Israel's US missile shield

By: Galal Nassar of Al-Ahram

[The following is an article by Galal Nassar published in Egypt's Al-Ahram newspaper. American Christians would be well advised not to dismiss the content of this article because of its connection to the Arab world. It depicts the growing "intersection" of defense systems between the U.S. and Israel that will someday soon blossom into a FULL defense pact between the two nations a defense pact that the Scriptures refer to as Israel's "AGREEMENT WITH HELL." (Isaiah 28:18 - please see Part 2 of Chapter XV in the New Antipas Papers; specifically, "A Defense Pact.")]

During his visit to the US last month, Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak announced that Washington would soon link Israel to two advanced missile detection systems that would strengthen Israel's preparedness against any Iranian threat He told reporters that Washington would also increase Israel's access to its Defense Support Programme (DPS) satellites that can detect missile launches, adding that the US and Israeli governments "see eye to eye on the need to keep all options on the table ...

Israeli Arrow missile using American detection systems

The Pentagon has also agreed to install a powerful radar system in Israel in the coming months. Israeli officials described the system as capable of tracking an object the size of a baseball from about 4,700 kilometers away; it would enable Arrow to engage an Iranian Shehab-3 ballistic missile about halfway through what would be its 11 minute flight to Israel.

THAAD missile system

According to Al-Ahram, after heavy pressure on the part of the Israeli defense minister, Washington agreed to include Israel in the US global satellite defense system, capable of spotting missile launches on a constant rather than per-request basis. They also said that Israel has been seeking assurances of logistical support from Washington in the event that the Israeli army is forced to launch an assault [on Iran]. In addition, Washington will help finance and upgrade the Iron Dome antiballistic shield, which will strengthen Israel's protection against Qassam missiles, and it will also finance a new phase in the Arrow project. The new Arrow III antiballistic system would be capable of shooting down missiles at greater atmospheric heights. Informed sources told Al-Ahram that all these secret talks, arrangements and agreements ultimately aim to include Israel in the American missile shield ...

When Israel obtained the US-made Theatre High Altitude Area Defense System (THAAD) recently, people began to wonder whether this was a prelude to assimilating Israel into the US antiballistic defense umbrella ...

One of the major focuses of the joint US-Israeli military maneuvers in March 2007 was how to protect Israeli air space from a potential missile assault carrying unconventional (nuclear, chemical or biological) warheads fired by Iran ... The maneuvers took place at a time of heightened speculation over an immanent US or Israeli strike against Iranian nuclear installations which would probably trigger an Iranian retaliatory missile strike against Israel ...

The joint US-Israeli maneuvers, codenamed Juniper Cobra, brought together Israel's air defense artillery brigade and the US army corps' 69th air defense artillery brigade. The exercises were conducted using computer simulated missile attack scenarios ... The focus of the exercise was to integrate the use of the US army's Patriot missiles and the Israeli army's Arrow missile defense system, each of which is designed to intercept missiles at different altitudes. Also, for the first time, the exercise included the THAAD system. The purpose of the maneuvers was to test how Israeli antiballistic systems would respond in the event of a missile attack, as well as the interoperable capacities of the communications, command and control systems of the two countries in the event of a missile threat from a hostile country [meaning, of course, Iran] in the Middle Eastern region.

Major Peggy Kageleiry, US army public affairs officer for Juniper Cobra 2007, said that despite the limitations of ... [the] exercise, the computer simulation proved valuable in advancing the primary purpose of Juniper Cobra, which is to improve the allies' ability to cooperate against common threats. "The more we train together and exchange ideas, the readier we'll be in any future scenario that may require joint or coalition operations," she said. She explained that these maneuvers are part of an American emergency plan to defend Israel from missile attacks that involves combining the medium- and long-range antiballistic defense systems of both countries.

Israel and the United States have recently been simulating a missile attack on Israel [from Iran]. The name of these exercises has been Juniper Cobra. Israeli public radio said U.S. personnel were set to mesh ground and ship-based missile interceptors like the Aegis, THAAD and Patriot systems with Israel's Arrow II ballistic shield. Picture to the right shows an American Aegis cruiser used in the exercise.

THAAD is now a key component in America's global Theatre Missile Defense (TMD) system aimed to provide area-wide protection for American forces, fleets and bases. The THAAD system now envelopes Israel, which underlines the conviction that the American military now considers the IDF as an integral part of its "defense system."

A THAAD battery

THAAD was introduced to furnish more extensive coverage for American military locations, population centers and strategic targets and was designed to intercept missiles with ranges from 100 to 2,000 kilometers and at altitudes of 150 kilometers. One of the advantages of this system is its ability to down enemy missiles in the final phases of its flight before they can reach their targets ...

The THAAD system consists of a mobile missile launcher that fires interceptor missiles equipped with computerized sensors capable of differentiating between real and hostile targets. It also depends on ground/air transportable radar linked with a command and control centre, which gives the entire system unprecedented maneuverability. A THAAD battery could consist of three to six missiles each capable of carrying six to eight interceptors ...

U.S. - Israeli base in the Negev harboring THAAD, Aegis and Arrow missile systems.

The system has been put through more than 30 test trials, in light of which refinements have been made to the small explosive warhead fitted onto THAAD missiles. The Ballistic Missile Defense Organization (BMDO) believes that THAAD is the only system capable of forming the heart of a theatre of operations missile defense system. When it is fully deployed, it says, it will be able to contend with all ballistic missile threats both within and outside of the earth's atmosphere. This will apply in particular if deployed within the framework of a comprehensive plan that brings onboard the advanced Patriot (Pac-3) missile, which Israel also has its eye on. With the American THAAD and Patriot missile systems, and its own Arrow system [enhanced by American detection systems], Israel ... will have the most sophisticated antiballistic defense system in the world ...

The last round in the Juniper Cobra joint training program was intended as a first field test of the integrated counter-missile units. Its success in the Negev was confirmed in US Congressional approval of appropriations for continuing the program.

Very obviously, Israel's position as an integral part of the American missile shield [makes Israel a FULL partner in America's plans for the Middle East] ... To this end, Israel has been linked to America's overall defense command in Colorado Springs; it is also linked to America's theater missile defense command in Qatar. Israel believes that the defense umbrella provided by the American antiballistic shield, in both its TMD and NMD components, will supply it with all the protection it needs [in case of war with Iran].

VERY OBVIOUSLY, AMERICA AND ISRAEL ARE PREPARING FOR A FINAL SHOWDOWN WITH IRAN IN THE MIDDLE EAST. [Please see our article, "The Tribulation, Part 3: A Catalyst for War - an Israeli Air Strike against Iran."]

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