How Much Should Black
People Submit to Police Oppression?

By: Francis L. Holland

"Just because you're wearing your nice clothes, that doesn't mean nothing!"

-- Black Woman tased in the video at the end of this article

Please see video at the end of this short article.

White American Christians are loathe to believe that there is any truth in the charge by the black community that they are the target of police harassment. But the very real fact of the matter is, they are; and this fact has NOTHING to do with what many whites believe is a greater predilection by blacks toward crime than whites have (there is no such thing), and EVERYTHING to do with the shocking attempt by America's white elite establishment to TERRORIZE "blackie" and cower him into submission; this effort – combined with flooding the black community with drugs so as to make "blackie" into a slave to drug addiction - has been the hidden policy of the white elite establishment ever since the black community revolted in the 1960s. The elites swore that this would never happen again, and it hasn't – except for the Rodney King riots that erupted in L.A. as the result King's beating there – and that incident was nothing more than a pale image of what happened in the '60s. The black community today is simply too dazed by its addiction to drugs (which is exactly what the white elites purposed in introducing drugs into the black community) and the routine TERROR it suffers under to mount a successful effort to again revolt against their "masters." [Please see our articles, "The Death of Gary Webb" and "The History of CIA Involvement in Drugs."]

Sadly, there are many white Christians who will think that the officer in the video did nothing wrong in tasing the woman because she failed to comply with a so-called lawful order – BUT WHITE CHRISTIANS HAVE NO IDEA – NONE WHATSOEVER – OF HOW DEMEANING IT IS TO BE STOPPED OVER AND OVER AGAIN FOR SUCH MINOR INFRACTIONS AS A FAILURE TO BE WEARING ONE'S SEATBELT, OR A BROKEN TAIL LIGHT. THESE ARE MERELY EXCUSES FOR THE POLICE TO HARRASS AND TERRORISE THE BLACK COMMUNITY, AND JUST BECAUSE THE POLICE OFFICER IN QUESTION APPEARS TO BE "CALM" AND "POLITE" DURING THE TASING DOES NOT MAKE THE PROCESS ANY MORE BEARABLE – after all, how often have you been stopped for a seat belt infraction? – and I speak here to our white Christian brethren. Maybe once, posssibly twice, but not over and over again.

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The video below – coupled with the accompanying article – gives ample evidence as to the everyday TERROR under which the black community labors day after day, week after week, month after month and year after year.

The following video demonstrates that potentially lethal force is being used on drivers who are not suspected of a crime (failure to wear a seat belt is a civil infraction in most places) and who pose no significant threat of harm to police officers or members of the public. This potentially lethal force is being used punitively, to administer an "attitude adjustment".

I disagree with the assessment that this woman was "ill-tempered" or "mouthy." Look at what happened. Someone accosted her on the street and obliged her to stop her car because she was (1) Black, (2) in an old car, and pretextually (3) not wearing her seat belt.

It should infuriate anyone to be stopped for "driving while Black", on the pretext of a failure to wear a seatbelt. This is harassment based on skin color, but she can't prove it to the satisfaction ["white America"] ...

Just as Black people were once forced to step off the curb to let white people pass, (we knew this was required of us), the constant police pressure on Black people who are not obviously doing anything abnormal is a way of keeping us "in our place," of constantly reminding us that we are not as good as they are and we are utterly subject to their (white peoples') will.

And yet, in the face of this lifelong provocation and constant white menace, the Black woman peacefully stopped her car, NEVER swore at the police officer, and she never cursed him. Of course she was afraid! She knew that this officer, as a representative of white oppression, could shoot her dead and continue to collect his pay.

Nonetheless, she NEVER, EVER made a threatening move toward him, and she NEVER, EVER tried to flee. She was utterly under control of herself, but she was unwilling to submit to the police officer's illegitimate authority. (His authority was illegitimate, because his reason for stopping her was to enforce Black submission to white power, not to enforce seat belt use.)

This Black woman DID threaten to file a law suit against the police for their behavior. Was that wrong? If she has a right to file a law suit, why shouldn't she warn the officers before they engage in the behavior upon which the suit would be based? The truth is, we believe that we should NEVER speak about our "rights" to police officers, because it will result in a "beat down." If filing a law suit is the appropriate remedy, then warning that we MIGHT file a lawsuit is also appropriate behavior. Isn't that what we do when a store refuses to honor a guarantee? Aren't the police theoretically supposed to honor society's guaranties to us?

We are NOT WRONG for asking a police officer for his badge number. The Police Officer is wrong for retaliating against us when we do so. Again, society's and our own insistence that we are to blame when the police oppress us may help to explain our relatively higher rates of high blood pressure in the United States.

This is why I cannot understand anyone saying she was "ill-tempered" or "mouthy." We are so accustomed to being absolutely obedient that the slightest expression of how we actually feel and what we really think seems like an outrageous display of arrogance to us. We are like fearful Black parents begging our children not to use the "white" bathroom, the highways that all of us should share equally according to the US Constitution, because we should know that, as Blacks, we are subject to restraint and harassment at any time, for any reason or for no reason. We should "know our place" and teach our children "their place."

If we don't, it is OUR FAULT that "Mr. Charlie" lynches Emmet Till for failing to step off the sidewalk and let the good white people pass. We all have choices, but the oppressive behavior of white people is NEVER our fault. Our belief that it is and our acceptance of responsibility for white people's actions may help to explain why Black people in the United States have high blood pressure so much more often than whites.


Emmet Till was an African American from Chicago, Illinois, who was murdered at the age of 14 in Money, Mississippi, a small town in the state's Delta region, after reportedly whistling at a white woman. The murder of Emmett Till was noted as one of the leading events that motivated the American Civil Rights Movement. The main suspects were acquitted, but later admitted to the murder.

If the officer's concern was society's concern for this woman's safety, as expressed by the requirement that people wear seat belts, then was electrocuting this woman the most appropriate expression of society's concern for her? As many people have said earlier, this was all about CONTROL - and the disproportionate traffic stops of Black people derive from and are a direct function of the disproportionate control and submission that "Mr. Charlie" requires of Black people.

Using this video as a object lesson in which to discuss our society generally, I believe there is a valid argument that this Black woman, through this officer, is refusing to submit totally to a white society that she knows is oppressing her.

As for the specific issue of tasers, I don't think we can make any headway against tasers until and unless we acknowledge that it is simply wrong to use potentially lethal force on passive and non-violent people. In a perfect world we could implement carefully written rules as to the use of electric shocks on people who have not been convicted of any crime, however this is NOT a perfect world. When authorized to shock anyone, police will inevitably disproportionately shock Black people, just as they disproportionately shoot Black people:

Many of the fatal shootings by police take place in Black communities. Black perpetrators were 7.7 times more likely to be shot at than Whites in St. Louis, Missouri (St. Louis Police Department, 1992), six times more likely that Whites in New York (Fyfe, 1981), and four times more likely than Whites in Chicago (Geller & Karales, 1981).

Any attempt to inform people about interacting with law enforcement should start by explaining to them that there are two million Americans behind bars, more than in any other nation in the world, and 49% of those people are Black. The disproportionate representation of black Americans in the U.S. criminal justice system is well documented. Blacks comprise 13 percent of the national population, but 30 percent of people arrested, 41 percent of people in jail, and 49 percent of those in prison.

So, be careful not to make the mistakes that this woman in the video may have made before she was electrocuted:

  • Don't be Black;

  • Don't drive an old car, because it attracts the attention of police;

  • If you're Black, don't drive a new car, because it will attract the attention of police.

These simple precautions can prevent Black people from becoming incarceration statistics.


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