[Israel, the Kurds and Turkey]

By: S.R. Shearer
June 11, 2010

For years and years a kind of de facto alliance has existed between Israel and Turkey; this alliance was made possible because of the "studied" secularism of the Turkish state, and their mutual alliance with the United States. However, for some time now the secularism of the Turkish state has been challenged by the growing influence of Radical Islamists; indeed, the current Prime Minister of Turkey - Recep Tayyip Edrogan - is the leader of an Islamist party: The Justice and Development Party (AK Parti), which holds a majority of the seats in the Grand National Assembly of Turkey. Much of the "bad blood" that exists between Israel and Turkey revolves around the effort of the Kurds to establish a homeland for themselves - and this "bad blood" is being exacerbated by Turkish Islamists as well as the CIA "fishing in troubled waters." AS TURKEY SLIDES EVER MORE UNDER THE IMPRESS OF RADICAL ISLAMISTS, THE WORLD SLIDES EVER CLOSER TO THE "SET UP" FOR THE GOG/MAGOG WAR. [Please see our Part 5 of Chapter XV of the New Antipas Papers, "Gathering All the Players together for the Gog/Magog War."]

The Kurds have been subjugated by neighboring peoples for most of their history. 15 million to 20 million Kurds live in a mountainous area straddling the borders of Armenia, Iran, Iraq, Syria and Turkey (see above). About 8 million live in southeastern Turkey. In 1978, Abdullah Ocalan, one of seven children of a poor farming family in Turkey, established the Kurdish Workers' Party, or PKK, which advocated independence for Kurdistan. In 1984, Ocalan's PKK began an armed struggle, recruiting thousands of young Kurds, who were incensed by Turkish repression of their culture and language and by poverty. In 1998, Ocalan was captured by the CIA and handed over to Turkish authorities. [For more on Ocalan and the CIA's betrayal of him, please see our two articles, "The Elite's Explanation of What's Happening in Chechnya" and "The Caucasus Mountains, Gog, Magog, and Chevron Oil."]


There is a rumor that is being spread in Turkey by Islamists that one of the Kurds' top leaders - Massoud Barzani - is actually Jewish and that, as a result, the Kurds, who have no country of their own and are spread abroad in five different countries - Turkey, Iran, Armenia, Iraq and Syria - are planning to forge an alliance with Israel, giving the Jewish state another toehold in the Middle East and access to the oil riches of the Iraqi north where the Kurds predominate in a semi-independent state protected by American military power. According to this rumor, the Kurds are a part of the "Lost Tribes of Israel." [Please see our article on the so-called "Lost Tribes" in "The Rutherford Institute and R.J. Rushdoony."]

LEFT: Massoud Barzani, leader of the Kurdish Democratic Party; RIGHT: Map of the autonomous Kurdish area of northern Iraq (shown in red); portion shown in green is an area called Kirkuk that lies outside the area of American protection; however, Kirkuk is populated by Kurds who form a majority there; Kurds claim Kirkuk as their capital.

This rumor was given credence recently by a bizarre article that appeared in the much respected Turkish daily newspaper Hurriyet in which Ahmet Ucar made the inflammatory claim (inflammatory at least insofar as Turkish Muslims are concerned) that Massoud Barzani, leader of the Kurdish Democratic Party, one of two political factions that control the autonomous Kurdish area of northern Iraq, is Jewish and comes from a long line of Kurdish rabbis.

Another series of articles and columns in the Haber Turk newspaper, printed after the Hurriyet story ran, took things even further. "Turkey, don't be asleep!" the column warned. It went on to assert that the Jews believe they are the real owners of the oil-rich autonomous Kurdish area of northern Iraq. The column warned ominously:

"Those who believe they are the real owners [i.e., the Jews] have started to come out. I am sure you understand who they are."

Rifat Bali, a Jewish historian in Istanbul, said the Barzani story is part of a larger theory circulating for the past few years that has particularly strong "coinage" in Turkey's conservative nationalist and Islamist circles. Bali said:

"Islamists here always say that Israel has a Kurdish card it wants to play -- that it has good relations with the Kurds and it wants to create a Jewish state from the Nile to the Euphrates, and that includes the Kurdish area."

Bali continues:

"The rumor is fueled, first of all, by the obsession that Jews are behind everything, and that they use 'crypto-Jew' (secret-Jew) like Barzani to get their way. Indeed, a book titled Israel's Kurdish Card, which describes the possibility of Israel expanding its borders through an alliance with the Kurds, has been a 'best-seller' in Turkey for the last few years."

NOTE: The term "crypto" or "secret" Jews is a term applied by anti-Semites to a vast array of supposed Jews throughout the world who publicly profess other religions (usually Christianity of Islam), but who continue to adhere to Judaism - usually as part of a world-wide Jewish conspiracy to take over the world. This slur against the Jews was the basis of the Spanish Inquisition.

Israel's Kurdish Card is a book that follows closely the anti-Semitic path taken by countless numbers of other fabrications touching on something called the Illuminati Myth. It also parallels the anti-Semitic rants of Alex Jones. Illuminati enthusiasts and devotees like to paint the myth as extending back into the misty past; but that simply is not the case. The Illuminati Myth did not exist as literature prior to the French Revolution - and even then only as disjointed pieces, not as a consistent whole. Not until 1905 did the myth explode on the world as a coherent body of literature in The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. [Please see our articles, "The Origins of the Illuminist Myth: The Fabrication of the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion" and "Pat Robertson, Illuminism and the New World Order."]

Andrew Finkel

The myth of "secret Jews" controlling the Kurdish people was exacerbated even further by Israel's botched raid on a flotilla of five ships supposedly carrying humanitarian aid to the people of Gaza. And why is that? Because - as Andrew Finkel, a journalist in Istanbul, reports - around the same time that Israeli commandos were sliding down their ropes onto the deck of the Mavi Marmara, the Turkish cruise ship turned naval embargo buster, PKK guerillas attacked İskenderun, a naval base on the southern Turkish coast, killing six sailors. "We do not think the two attacks are a coincidence," said Huseyin Celik, deputy chairman of the ruling Justice and Development Party (AK Parti).

Turkey's interior minister, Besir Atalay, also expressed his concern that the two events were somehow connected, and said any links will be investigated. The Sunday edition of Zaman reported that "SUSPICION IS GROWING ABOUT POSSIBLE LINK BETWEEN PKK AND ISRAEL." In addition, other charges were made that Israeli agents were training PKK terrorists in how to "penetrate" cities, and that captured PKK guerillas have confessed that they were trained by Israel.

LEFT: The Mavi Marmara; RIGHT: PKK guerillas that attacked a naval base on the southern Turkish coast, killing six sailors.

Finkel worries that the suspicion by high-ranking Turkish officials that the incident on the Mavi Marmara and the attack by the PKK on Turkey's southern naval base are linked  is an ominous trend, at least insofar as Israel and the United States are concerned. He writes:

"It is this sense of events slipping out of control which is among the most worrying aspects of Turkey's current standoff with Israel ... If the [Turkish] government appears to be taking a hard line on Israel, public opinion is shouting that it should take a harder line still. A recent public opinion survey undertaken by the MetroPOLL organization reports that 60 percent of the [Turkish] population believe the government has under-reacted to events. If pressure continues to build, Turkey will continue to back into uncharted waters."

Turkish Cartoon showing Edrogan kicking the U.S. out of Turkey and embracing the concept of Turkey as an Islamist state. Turkish columnist Shei Kyermami writes: "Muslim apologists have long flaunted Turkey as a shining example of Islam's compatibility with secularism and democracy, but the current pro-Islam [Edrogan] regime is slowly turning the country toward an Islamic theocracy, which now stands at a point of no return…"

And it is not just members of Edrogan's Justice and Development Party (AK Parti), but other high-ranking officials from Turkey's entire political spectrum. For example, the newly elected chairman of the Republican People's Party (CHP), Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu, also said the similarity between the incidents was significant. He said,

"We feel deeply sorry about the incident in İskenderun. We must pay attention to the killings of the seven soldiers. At a time when the Israeli army continues military operations, it is significant that such an incident took place in Turkey."

Then there is Numan Kurtulmuş, leader of the Felicity Party (SP) who reacted harshly during another press conference. While pointing out the timing of both incidents, Kurtulmuş said he hoped the attacks were not related to each other. "Our soldiers were attacked in Turkey. I hope it was a coincidence that Israel began to attack the ship after a brutal attack on a Turkish Naval Forces base in İskenderun. May God bless the souls of those martyrs who died in this vicious attack," he said. But, of course, the implication was that Kurtulmuş believed that the two attacks were linked.

Turkish journalist Sedat Laçiner goes further; he says that major terrorist incidents by the PKK have taken place in big cities, and that they bear the footprint of Israel. "These terrorist were trained by Israeli intelligence officers on how to best penetrate cities," he said, stressing that the Israeli government is not comfortable with the ruling AK Party in Turkey. "They want to portray the Turkish government as very much like the radical Hamas organization in the eyes of world public opinion. The PKK is a mere contractor for Israel to serve that purpose," he explained.

Seymour Hersh


However, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Seymour Hersh comments that all the talk about a Kurdish-Jewish alliance is NOT JUST TALK. IT'S PART OF A VERY DANGEROUS GAME THAT THE UNITED STATES HAS FORCED ISRAEL TO PARTICI­PATE IN.

Writing in the New Yorker, Hersh reports that - at the instigation of the United States - Israeli intelligence and military operatives are now quietly at work in Kurdistan, providing training for Kurdish commando units and running covert operations inside Kurdish areas of Iran and Syria. The Israeli operatives include members of the Mossad, Israel's clandestine foreign-intelligence service, who work undercover in Kurdistan as businessmen and, in some cases, do not carry Israeli passports.

Laura Rozen of the War And Peace blog says she's heard reports consistent with Hersh's claim.

The rumors concerning Israel's clandestine ties with Kurdistan also touch on a promise supposedly made by America's intelligence agencies that in any future war involving Israel and the United States (on the one hand) and the Muslim nations of the Middle East (on the other hand), the U.S. will look favorably on making Kurdistan a part a "Greater Israel."

Hersh goes on to say:

"On the one hand, this move by Israel threatens their de facto alliance with Turkey. On the other hand, the rise of Islamic fundamentalism in Turkey, the rise to power of Islamic politicians, and the weakening of the Turkish military's ability to protect the secular nature of the Turkish state are most likely destined to weaken and perhaps even end that alliance anyhow. Plus, the argument has been made that the Turkish military's officer corps is gradually becoming more Islamic and therefore the military may not always be firmly committed to a secular state in the future anyhow."

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