Towards Martial Law in America:
Authority to Deploy Troops Domestically
during 'National Emergencies'

by James Corbett


As we have said over and over again on the pages of this website, as the pace of economic globalization accelerates, the world is being inexorably divided between a small elite of wealthy "worthies" and a huge population of indigent "worker-serfs" - and it is important to note here that the division of the earth's population in this fashion is occurring not only in the so-called "Developing World," but in the so-called "Developed World" as well. [Please see our article, "The Third World as a Model for the New World Order."]

OBVIOUSLY, UNDER THE IMPRESS OF THIS KIND OF MALIGNANT DYNAMIC, DEMOCRACY IS NOT WORKABLE. Why? - Because in societies where people are ground into the dirt by the crush of the powerful, those responsible cannot then expect those they have beaten down to endorse what they have done through the so-called "democratic process." In other words, when the elites force average citizens into various states of poverty, they cannot then expect these workers to endorse this kind of brutality through the ballot box. Democracy - REAL democracy - is not something the elites would want to endorse in this kind of situation.

Given this reality, the American elites continue to prepare for the inevitable: Specifically, the time when democracy in any meaningful form becomes impossible and this dynamic continues even under the Obama presidency.

It's not that Obama himself endorses this dynamic as many Christians erroneously believe - but the inertia behind this dynamic is by now so great that it's impossible for anyone to stop, much like the Social Democrats (SPD) found it impossible to halt the same malignant dynamic that plunged Germany into the nightmare of the Nazi state, even while continuing to hold onto the chancellorship.


Earlier this month, the United States Coast Guard upheld its self-declared status as a 'special' branch of the military with the ability to prosecute civilians in military tribunals. This startling declaration, unreported in the media, came in a Decision on Appeal related to the case of Lieutenant Eric Shine, a commissioned Naval officer in the Merchant Marines and a graduate of Kings Point Military Service Academy, and was penned by the Vice Commandant of the Coast Guard.

Lt. Eric Shine

NOTE: Lt. Eric Shine, is a graduate of the United States Merchant Marine Academy at Kings Point in New York. Lt. Shine's career was broadsided when he was forced to confront a broad series of federal contracting scams and violations; including graft, collusion, corruption, waste, fraud, abuse and gross mismanagement in some enormous Federal Contracts and Programs involving billions of dollars. He "blew the whistle" on these shenanigans. In direct response and retaliation the newly created Department of Homeland Security through use of the U.S. Coast Guard as a new "Branch of the Military" filed an Executive branch Article II counter-complaint and literally pulled Lt. Eric Shine out of civil court into a Military Tribunal, detaining him in a miasma of legal mumbo-jumbo proceedings for the last 5 years in order to stifle him to cover up the magnitude of the corruptions and the high-ranking levels of those involved.

The Coast Guard began proceedings to strip Lieutenant Shine of his merchant mariner license in March, 2003, supposedly as the result of incidents related to his service on two private vessels in 2001. In actuality, as Lieutenant Shine points out, the charges were brought in retaliation for attempting to blow the whistle on illegal dumping and other practices he had been asked to engage in during his employment. The Coast Guard's case against him rested on two hostile witnesses (who had previously been named by Shine in his whistleblower litigation) and the Chief of the Coast Guard Medical Evaluations Office, an officer in the Coast Guard who had never examined Shine but was willing to testify to his medical incompetence.

The precedent-setting nature of Lieutenant Shine's case-with the Coast Guard prosecuting him as a civilian in an Article 32 military tribunal-is disturbing enough. But when this case is set in the history and context of the Coast Guard and its repeated attempts at "crossing the Rubicon," an even more disturbing picture emerges.

In 49 B.C., Julius Caesar led the Roman Legion across the Rubicon and into Rome itself, defying the Roman Senate and soon thereafter declaring himself Emperor for life. This was the beginning of the changeover from the Roman Republic to the Roman Empire and the phrase "Crossing the Rubicon" is now used to refer to a move by government toward military dictatorship and the suspension of civil liberties.

Unbeknownst to most Americans, the United States Coast Guard has been attempting to 'cross the Rubicon' for decades, and actually achieved that goal in a silent coup in 2003 when it was moved from the Department of Transportation into the newly-created Department of Homeland Security. This change was not merely bureaucratic; it allows the Coast Guard to now openly declare itself "one of the five armed forces of the United States and the only military organization within the Department of Homeland Security."

NOTE: As a result of this act, the Coast Guard acting in its capacity as a military organization can now be dispatched in the United States against civil targets. This opens the way for all the military services to be dispatched in a similar fashion.

For those who understand how the United States military has been set up, and the laws and prohibitions against military personnel engaging in the policing of civilians, the fact that the Coast Guard wants to act as a maritime police agency at the same time as it declares itself a branch of the military is a clear indication that the United States is now officially under martial law.

In 1878, Congress passed a law known as Posse Comitatus that prohibited the use of military personnel or assets in domestic law enforcement. At the time, it was clear that the act was an attempt to prohibit the military from policing civilians on U.S. soil, as happened in the South under Reconstruction. What has been taking place in earnest since 9/11, however, is an attempt to erode the spirit and the substance of Posse Comitatus so that the Executive branch can effectively 'cross the Rubicon' and use military personnel in domestic policing operations.

As the video below demonstrates, both Democratic and Republican demonstrations have been attempting to overcome Posse Comitatus for decades, and 9/11 was the blank cherub they needed to kick their agenda into high gear:


On October 23, 2001, unconvicted war criminals John Yoo and Robert J. Delahunty wrote to White House counsel Alberto Gonzales giving the legal opinion that "The president has ample constitutional and statutory authority to deploy the military against international or foreign terrorists operating within the United States." [For information on John Yoo, please see our article, "The Left: Seeking to Destroy the Right Root and Branch."]

The Bush Administration then tried to use that very opinion to justify sending American troops into the suburbs of Buffalo to seize a group of men who were claimed to be working with Al Qaeda. The decision was evidently made not to pursue that course of action at that time, but the legal opinion stood and the Administration waited for the opportunity to formalize the legality of deploying troops on home soil.

The Lackawanna Six

NOTE: In the winter of 2000 a group of young men from Lackawanna ( suburb of Buffalo), New York - ALL American citizens - began meeting in the evenings for religious instruction at their place of worship. All of these men considered themselves to be "sinners in need of redemption." Yasein Taher, for example, had had a child out of wedlock; he drank, he smoked and he had married a girl "outside the faith" - all of which, he was told, were things that no one who took his religion seriously should do! Shafel Mosed, Yahya Goba, and Faysal Galeb were rowdies with sketchy employment histories. The others had similar backgrounds. Their instructor was Kamal Derwish, also an American citizen.

All these men were Muslims and the faith that they embraced was Islam, a faith which - Derwish related to them - was under attack by the West. This was something that most of them were all too ready to believe as a result of the intolerance of their "Christian" neighbors in "upstate New York" - the kind of intolerance that breeds religious bigots like Randall Terry.

As the meetings progressed, they became ever more intense; many participants stopped coming as a result; but a number - the most devout - remained: seven of them. Derwish advised them that they should continue their education at a "school" in Pakistan where they could "earn their salvation." The training at the school would last from six months to a year. Derwish described the school as "exceptionally attractive" in a "land of milk and honey, a green place with waterfalls."

In late April and early May of 2001, the seven students from Lackawanna journeyed to Pakistan in search of "salvation." But surprisingly, their journey didn't end there; they were taken on to an al-Qaida training facility in Afghanistan known as Al Farooq.

They were shocked by what they found there: It was, in the words of one of the "Lackawanna Seven," "a nasty place out in the middle of the desert" - and rather than religious training, they were to receive training in jihad.

Six of them wanted to leave immediately, and within days four of them bailed out and returned home. The other two also wanted to leave, but they were told "one more day, one more day." After two weeks they were let go as well. All returned seriously chastened by their experience and desperately wanting to return to their everyday lives in Lackawanna.

But that was not to be; the FBI field office in Buffalo received an anonymous tip that the men from Lackawanna who had just returned from Pakistan had really attended an al-Qaida training facility in Afghanistan. [Ah, those "anonymous tips" from people whom you think are your friends; people who want to ingratiate themselves with the government; "false friends" who don't want to step out of the shadows to identify themselves.]

Pulitzer Prize winning investigative journalist Seymour Hersh

A single FBI agent paid a visit to Lackawanna to question the men. The men explained what had happened: that they had gone to Pakistan for "religious training" that had turned out to be something more than they had bargained for. The agent noted all this down and left. That was the end of it - UNTIL THE CASE RESURFACED AFTER 9/11 AS A MEANS (PRECEDENT) FOR THE FBI TO USE IN ORDER TO EXPAND THE MEANING OF "MATERIAL SUPPORT." It was a perfect precedent for that purpose, a means whereby the government could expand the meaning of "abetting terrorism" to include any act - stupid or otherwise - that identified one with "terrorists." And - much more importantly - it could be used as a device TO TARGET AMERICAN CITIZENS.

And this is precisely what happened. Today the Lackawanna Seven (now the Lackawanna Six) are doing time in a federal super-max prison, and the precedent gained by this case is now being used to target all American citizens who oppose government policy. For instance, this is PRECISELY the precedent that was used against Lynne Stewart. It is also the precedent that Tony Blankley of the Washington Times is clamoring for the government to use this precedent against investigative reporter Seymour Hersh for publishing an expose of the Bush administration's covert (and illegal) operations in Iran and detailing plans and possible preparations for war with that country. He is calling for Hersh to be jailed and executed.

That opportunity (see above) came in 2006, after years of scaremongering over the "War on Terror" (which former Homeland Security chief Tom Ridge later admitted was done to influence voters at politically sensitive times). A section (1076) was slipped into the John Warner Defense Authorization Act that granted the president the authority to deploy troops domestically during "national emergencies." In 2008, Congress attempted to take these powers away from the administration by passing legislation repealing the offending sections of the Act, but President Bush issued a signing statement when signing that legislation into law saying that his administration was not bound by it.

From that point on, the legal floodgates have been open and a stream of increasingly disturbing reports have confirmed that Posse Comitatus had been repealed and that the public is being conditioned to accept uniformed military personnel policing American civilians on the streets of America.

  • In September 2008, the Army Times reported that the 3rd Infantry Division's Brigade Combat Team had been reassigned to NORTHCOM to patrol the "homeland" in crowd control and civil unrest situations.

  • In December of 2008, the Marine Corps Air and Ground Combat Support Group dispatched uniformed troops to aid police checkpoints in California.

  • In September of 2009, the Army and Air Force provided assistance to the National Guard for security at the G20 in Pittsburgh.

  • Also in September of 2009, the Assistant Secretary of Defense in Obama's Defense Department requested authorization to deploy 379,000 troops inside the U.S.

But this issue is not merely an American one. There is currently a coordinated agenda across the Western world to harmonize these types of Rubicon-crossing moves toward outright martial law across borders.

Depiction of American troops attacking Canadian civilians who supposedly are rioting against Ottawa.

In March 2009, the Canadian military-which began a formal merger with the American military in February 2008 that would see American troops deployed on the streets of Canada during 'national emergency'-announced that it, too was preparing special reserve units to provide for 'domestic security' during times of civil unrest. The troops are being trained in various crowd control and emergency measures, such as how to set up and maintain internment camps for Canadian citizens in the event of such things as enforced quarantines after a bioterror attack.

Also in March 2009 it was revealed that the British Army was being readied to deal with Brits should rioting break out in the UK.

What all of this case history reveals is that there is a coordinated agenda to knock down any remaining walls separating the general population of America, Canada and the UK from their own militaries. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the way the Coast Guard has quietly shifted from a federal policing agency into a self-declared branch of the military.

As Lieutenant Eric Shine rightfully asks in his own article on the subject, how does the Revenue Cutter Service, originally located in the Department of the Treasury, merge with the Lighthouse Service, the Ice-breaking Service and other civil service agencies to become a branch of military? How does a branch of the military end up in the Department of Homeland Security, whose mission is explicitly to police the "homeland" and its residents? How does this branch of the military get away with filing charges in a military tribunal against an alleged civilian who has never served in their uniform, and then proceed to prosecute, adjudicate and act as appellate of that tribunal?

And perhaps the most important question of all: When will the American public, and the peoples of the other Western powers, realize that the Rubicon has long since been crossed and that they are already living in a military dictatorship?

We URGE you to see our article, "Understanding What You Will Be Facing during the Tribulation."

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