By: SR Shearer

Dumb happens; but don't let it happen to you by listening to FOX NEWS

The other day I received an email from a very confused reader - the kind that Paul the Apostle referred to as a purveyor of "Old Wives Fables" (1 Timothy 4:7) - in this connection, "myths" spread by FOX NEWS and other conservative media outlets.

She wrote us in connection to a recent email we sent out to all our subscribers urging them not to lose their perspective as to America's preeminent position in the world today; a perspective the elites would rather you not hold because it helps reveals the identity of Babylon the Great:

"You are saying that because the US is militarily the world's most powerful nation that other countries cannot over-power us in any way?" [Please see our articles, "The American Empire: In Search of Babylon" and "A Dreadful Nation; an Overflowing Scourge."]

I assume she had reference to the following graph that appeared in the article she was talking about which reported on the military expenditures of the world's leading military powers - a graph that clearly shows that the US spends more on its military establishment than all the rest of the nations on earth COMBINED.

Budget figure for the US (above) does not include funds for the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

She continued her RANT:

"Our economy is tanking. How can the military over-power the bankers of the world? Will the new Bancor take over as the world's reserve currency and if so how can we maintain our military if our money is worthless?  One is pure brute force the other holds the world's commodities. Which will over power which?"

NOTE: Bancor is the name of the supranational currency that John Maynard Keynes was conceptualizing in the years 1940-42 and which the United Kingdom proposed to introduce after the Second World War. This newly created supranational currency should then be used in international trade as a unit of account within a multilateral barter clearing system - the International Clearing Union - which would also have to be newly found. The Bancor was to be backed by barter and its value expressed in weight of gold. However, this British proposal of introducing a supranational currency could not prevail against the interests of the United States, which then at the Bretton Woods conference established the U.S. dollars as the world's key currency, a fact that sealed the fate of the British Empire.

Since the outbreak of the financial crisis in 2008 Keynes' proposal has been "picked up" again by Zhou Xiaochuan, the governor of the People's Bank of China and  Russia's President, Dmitri Medvedev.

Zhou Xiaochuan, the governor of the People's Bank of China and Russia's President, Dmitri Medvedev

Of course, it's not without reason that the world (specifically, Russia and China - and, to a lesser degree, Europe) chaff's under the straight-jacket imposed on them by the dollar's position as the world's "reserve currency;" it gives the U.S. virtual SOLE control over world trade. The other countries of the world can make suggestions as to the direction the world economy should take, but in the end their proposals are just that: SUGGESTIONS. It's the U.S. that makes the rules - and it can do so by fiat if it so chooses.

Nonetheless, to "ninnies" and "know-nothings," the proposals by Xiaochuan and Medvedev seemed to indicate that the era of U.S. world domination is coming to an end.

These proposals were met with not a little snickering in Washington, and in the face of that snickering, all talk concerning this matter was quietly dismissed at yesterday's G-20 conference - AND NOT WITHOUT REASON.

The facts of the matter lay bare the absurdity of China's and Russia's proposal. For example, China's economy today is less than one-fifth the size of the U.S. economy - indeed, it is a little less than the size of California's economy. Russia's economy is even smaller: it is less than one-tenth the size of the U.S. economy. Even the E.U. - taken together, fails to match the size of the American economy. And insofar as Japan is concerned, her economy is about a third the size of the U.S. economy.

And exactly who among these nations is going to force the U.S. to give up its role as world hegemon? - A simple glance at the facts of the matter should be sufficient to end such ambitions, no matter whose ambitions we are talking about!


I assume by all this, she believes that money trumps guns in this world; she has very evidently "bought into" another myth: "He who has the gold makes the rules."

But that's absolutely not true: The truth of the matter is, "HE WHO HAS THE BIGGEST AND BADDEST GUNS TAKES ALL THE GOLD FOR HIMSELF." And the US can do that in a micro-second if it wishes. [Please see our DVD, "Greed Is Good."]

She went on to say:

"I just heard about what economic collapse is going to mean to the average American and it's going to result in rioting and civil unrest. What can an average American do? Would American military power keep us from falling into anarchy?" 

That's assuming, of course, that the elites would let things go this far; that they are not laying the groundwork right now for the construction of a POLICE-STATE that would put things right for them, and insure a fascist-like stability in the United States. [Please see our article, "What Is Fascism;" please also see our article, "Understanding What You Will Be Facing during the Tribulation."]

She has very evidently "bought into" two myths that the elites are purveying:

  1. MYTH 1: That the US is about to be displaced as the world's preeminent economic power, which - as the following graph clearly shows is just that - a myth:

The future home of those who rebel against what the elites are up to



#1 United States: $13,201,820,000,000.00  
#2 Japan: $  4,340,133,000,000.00 32% of U.S. economy
# 3 Germany: $  2,906,681,000,000.00 22% of U.S. economy
# 4 China: $  2,668,071,000,000.00 20% of U.S. economy
# 5 United Kingdom: $  2,345,015,000,000.00 17% of U.S. economy
# 6 France:   $  2,230,721,000,000.00 16% of U.S. economy
# 7 Italy: $  1,844,749,000,000.00 14% of U.S. economy
# 8 Canada: $  1,223,988,000,000.00 9% of U.S. economy
# 9 Spain: $  1,223,988,000,000.00 9% of U.S. economy
# 10 Brazil:   $  1,067,962,000,000.00 8% of U.S. economy
# 11 Russia: $     986,939,600,000.00 7% of U.S. economy


  1. MYTH 2: That the U.S. is about to go bankrupt - a myth being purveyed by FOX NEWS and the neo-conservatives; and that, as a result, the U.S. budget deficit must be drastically reduced so that global bond investors (meaning China, Japan, and the EU) do not threaten the economy by "calling in" the loans they have made to the US government.

Squeezing the money out of average people

These myths are being purveyed by the elites because they are desperate to re-coup the losses they suffered in the recent recession/depression which collapsed their world-wide economic PONZI PYRAMID, and they intend to re-coup these losses by squeezing the money out of average people by slashing social spending that benefits the Middle Class and the poor. [Please see our very prescient 1998 article, "Ponzi Schemes, the Investment Craze, and the End of Days."]


We begin to get an idea of what's occurring when we ask the question, as economist Shamus Cooke does:

"Who exactly are the bondholders that working people must sacrifice their social programs for? The media would like us to focus exclusive attention on China, and other 'foreign' investors. But, as usual, the enemy is closer to home.

"The biggest holder of U.S. debt is the U.S. Federal Reserve. The amount of money the Federal Reserve 'loaned' to the U.S. government has skyrocketed during the Great Recession, due in no small part to the multiple bank/corporate bailouts of AIG, Bear Stearns, and other entities.  To this day, the amount of money the Fed has squandered on guaranteeing the bad loans of Wall Street banks remains a state secret, although rumored to be in the trillions of dollars.

"The second largest holder of U.S. debt is a mixed group of U.S. corporate entities, super rich individuals, and other forms of rich investor groups. This group has grown in size since the start of the recession, when they fled from the risky stock market for safer investments in U.S. Treasury debt. The New York Times explains:

'Bond traders surfed the global liquidity wave, buying up government debt all over the world in the view that, just as most big banks were too big to fail, so were sovereign economies, no matter how crushing their fiscal picture'." (December 14, 2009).


It turns out, then, that it's not really China, Japan nor the EU that are the real holders of US bonds, but the American elites.

Naturally enough, it's not in the interest of the American elites to let ordinary Americans in on their scam, so they have - through FOX NEWS and other conservative news outlets - bent every effort to deflect the wrath of the American public off of them and on to China, Japan, etc. [Again, we urge you to see our DVD, "Greed Is Good" to get an idea of the role China plays in all of this.]

And, again, how, exactly, do these elites intend to redeem these bonds? - they intend to focus exclusively on de-funding Social Security and Medicare, while ignoring the far more important causes resulting from engaging in multiple wars [aimed at shoring up the American New World Order System], running a huge defense budget, bestowing extremely generous tax breaks on the rich and allowing corporate taxes to steadily decline.

Cooke writes:

"In short, the wealthy people who owned the banks [that bought the bonds] ... are now demanding that their taxpayer-funded investment be made safe by slashing social programs.

"To accomplish this, Social Security and Medicare are being targeted by the Deficit Commission. Former Federal Reserve chairman Alan Greenspan recently said that the recommendations from Obama's deficit commission were inevitable:

'The only question is, is it before or after a bond market crisis? Because there's no alternative'." (Rueters, November 14, 2010).

THE ELITES: Slurping up the remaining 29% of the nation's wealth.

Getting back to the person who sent us the email parroting the FOX NEWS "take" on what's happening in the world today, she is - whether she realizes it or not - doing nothing but adding to the confusion of the moment. She is EXACTLY the kind of "rube" that the elites are looking for: A Christian (so-called) who - when rioting does break out in the streets because of high unemployment and homelessness - will "Praise the Lord" when the troops are called out to quell the disturbances.

The police: Doing the Lord's work.

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