THE ELITE'S EFFORTS to deal with (1) the internal pressure it is facing in the homeland as a result of the economic downturn as well as continued unemployment and under-employment, and (2) the external threat it faces in its worldwide system of client-states.


As we have suggested in several previous articles, the United States is facing growing threats on two fronts:

NOTE: To be sure, the economic crisis extends well beyond the American homeland; but one must realize something here: it is the economic crisis that the American elites are confronting in the homeland that — if not controlled — could sweep them from power. It is the immediacy of this crisis that snatches sleep from the elites at night. Indeed, in a remarkable article entitled "Goldman Sachs with Pistols," Alice Schroeder reveals the increasing angst of the super-rich regarding the attitude of average Americans toward them; she writes:

"A banker told a friend of mine that senior Goldman people have loaded up on firearms and are now equipped to defend themselves if there is a populist uprising against them."

[Please see our article, "To the Barricades: the Super-rich Are Sleeping with Guns under Their Pillows" and "The Coming Bubba Revolution."]

  • An external crisis that is confronting the American super-state throughout its world-wide system of client-states as the oppressed populations of these countries grow ever more restless under the imperial yoke America has placed on them. [Please see our article, "Capitalists of Chaos."]

Nowhere is this more true than in North Africa, the Middle East and Central Asia where America's puppet regimes are now under considerable pressure as the revolt of the people of that area gains ever more traction — despite the best efforts of the United States to control what's happening. [Please see our article, "Confronting the Inevitable Collapse of America's Client-State System in the Middle east."]

In order to confront these twin problems, the American Super-State is relentlessly -

  • Expanding its military presence throughout the world


  • Strengthening its police-state apparatus at home. 

We include here two articles that you should study carefully if you wish to understand what's happening:

  1. The first article is entitled "BASES OF EMPIRE: The Global Spread of US Military And Intelligence Bases" by Cora Fabros and concerns the danger the world faces as a result of the relentless expansion of America's military bases throughout the globe.  Fabros who is 59, was born in Manila. She has a long and impressive record of active participation with the anti-bases, anti-nuclear and peace movement — over 30 years. Her country — the Philippines - has a long history of military occupation by the US, dating back over 100 years. Fabros today is engaged in establishing a multi-sectoral coalition of Philippine-based social movements, trade unions, women's organisations, non-government organisations, political parties, student formations and other concerned organisations and individuals who are in solidarity with the movement for peace and social justice.

  1. The second article is by Tom Burghardt entitled, "Sock Puppet Planet: The Secret State's Quest for 'Persona Management Software';" article deals with the continued expansion of the police-state in the American homeland.

[We URGE you to take a look at APPENDIX 1 of Burghardt's article to examine just how far the Police-State has already expanded into YOUR personal life.]


BASES OF EMPIRE: The Global Spread
Of US Military And Intelligence Bases

Peace Researcher 37 — November 2008

By: Cora Fabros


The United States is the world's only remaining superpower. By the end of the 20th Century, it had been struck hard by the global crisis of overproduction and by financial crisis of unprecedented proportions. The US launched its wars of aggression, in Afghanistan and Iraq, to acquire sources and supply routes of oil and other raw materials, markets, fields of investment and spheres of influence. History will tell us how the United States committed far worse acts of terrorism than those of September 11, 2001 in carrying out their continuing global War on Terror against the people of the world. The US does everything to maintain its superpower status through its high technology and high tech weaponry.  Its history will indicate how it acquired its military bases as spoils of wars throughout the world to protect its own economic and political interests.

US Military Overseas Deployment,
Bases And Access

The US has the highest military expenditures in the world. It spent over 3.7% of its gross domestic production on its military ($US478.2 billion) in 2000. This is half of the $US1 trillion of military expenditures worldwide, more than double the budget of the European Union combined ($US217 billion) and nearly five times larger than the budget of China $US80 billion (2005 estimate).

The estimates provided in this graph differ slightly from the ones offered by Fabros in that these estimates are 2008 estimates while those used by Fabros are 2005 estimates.

There are 386,000 troops or 27% of all US military personnel deployed outside US territory. The US maintains a military presence in more than 155 countries and territories (30 of which have 100 or more US servicemen and 14 with more than 1,000). Under the new Unified Command Plan instituted in 2002, the US has five geographical commands to cover and direct the US military forces overseas:

  1. EUCOM for Europe,

  2. CENTCOM for the Middle East,

  3. PACOM for Asia-Pacific,

  4. SOUTHCOM for Latin America,

  5. NORTHCOM for North America.

The STRATCOM or the US Strategic Command covers space and missile early warning systems. The various commands supervise and are responsible for military relationships with countries in their respective regions in areas of security cooperation and military coordination. The commands also ensure interoperability of existing military and defense alliances with allies overseas.

Recently, the African Command (AFRICOM) for Africa has been established, further strengthening the US influence in that part of the world

The US maintains the most extensive foreign basing structure in the world. The US Department of Defense itself acknowledged the extent of their domestic bases assets in 2005 (buildings, structures and utilities): more than half a million facilities (571,900) on more than 3,740 sites occupying nearly 30 million acres (over 12 million hectares). Overseas (in territories and foreign soil), there are 117,951 facilities occupying 318,819 hectares. These are in 769 sites in 39 foreign locations and seven US territories not including those in Iraq and Afghanistan.

For the period covering 2003-2005, an average of around 390,000 overseas US troops were deployed around the world. This number was double that of 1993-2002, when overseas troops were lowest, and were at levels similar to those of 1970-1992. Clark Air Base in the Philippines, Bitburg Air Base in Germany and Howard Air Force Base in Panama are examples of bases that were closed during the early 1990s together with the reduction of around 300,000 military personnel. For 2003-2005, the US negotiated 20 treaties and/or agreements covering military deployment and personnel through Status of Forces agreements (SOFA), Access and Cross-Servicing agreements (ACSA) and/or Mutual Logistics Support agreements (MLSA), collectively known as S/A/M agreements.

We note that in 1993-2002 when US troop deployments were reduced, there were 62 such treaties/agreements that were newly signed between the US and other countries, either by adding on access and cross-servicing and status of forces to existing agreements or by signing new pacts. In all, the US has military, logistics and status agreements with at least 129 countries as of 2005. More and more of the S/A/M agreements are being signed or negotiated by the US.

Table I. Access And Status Of Forces Treaties By
The US And Historical Deployment Of The US Military

SOFA/ACSA/MLSA [S/A/M] total treaties in force 129 23 24 62 20
Overseas military Deployment (yearly average) 752,686 462-249 212,277 389,026
Overseas Bases (average)(582-1139) 886 830 800 769

Two things are noteworthy from Table 1: the reduction of US overseas military deployments during 1993-2002 and the closure of some of its bases were offset by the increased access due to the S/A/M treaties negotiated during that same period. More of these access and status of forces agreements or treaties are being negotiated by the US with other host or potential host countries. The number of troops stationed overseas has been reduced by more frequent but shorter deployments of troops. Furthermore, advances in transportation, communications and military technology have maintained the productivity and effectiveness of overseas bases despite the relative reduction in numbers.

The relative increase in troop deployments in 2003-2005 is due to the nearly 150,000 US troops in the Middle East that are currently engaged in Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan, and Operation Iraqi Freedom in Iraq.  The massive introduction of US troops into the Middle East that started during the 1991 Gulf War and the continuing deployment of US troops for the Iraq and Afghanistan occupation spawned new bases in these countries as well as those nearby. This is in line with the Project for the New American Century in which the personnel strength was to be restored to levels anticipated in the "Base Force" outlined by the Bush Administration.

Repositioning To Meet "21st Century" Realities

In the same document, the need to reposition US forces to respond to "21st Century" strategic realities was enunciated by shifting permanently-based forces to Southeast Europe and Southeast Asia reflecting strategic concerns of the US in these areas. Geographically, Europe remains the largest concentration of main operating bases outside the United States mainland. In 2004, European bases hosted over 116,000 troops, their 125,000 dependents, and 45,000 support personnel, plus their dependents. The key countries are Germany with air and ground troops, the UK with air and naval personnel, Italy with air and naval bases and Turkey with air bases. US documents indicate a planned force reduction to 60,000 and a shift to lighter ground forces and adding Romanian and Bulgarian bases to US force posture (in 2005, US troops in the European Command numbered around 98,000).


In Asia, there are over 67,000 overseas troops in around 225 bases in Japan, South Korea and Indonesia. There are forces in Thailand, access agreements with Singapore and military exercises in actual combat zones in the southern Philippines. Guam remains the most important place outside the US mainland where new air, naval and ground facilities are being slated to be added.  Guam is also set to receive redeployments of 7,000 Marines from Japan (Okinawa) while South Korea also faces significant redeployments and consolidations.

Using China as a pretext, US, as well as Taiwanese, military officials are pushing for a theatre missile defense (TMD) system installation in Taiwan as part of the US dual encirclement and engagement policy towards China. The absence of a US military base or deployment in Taiwan does not deter large arms sales to Taiwan. US arms sales to Taiwan have been significant at $US71 billion for 1999-2005 alone, third after Japan and South Korea. In his confirmation hearing to become Secretary of Defense, Robert Gates said: "We should maintain our capabilities to resist China's use of force or coercion against Taiwan and assist Taipei in maintaining its self-defense". Regular defense dialogues between defense officials of Taiwan and the US are also held regularly.

In the Middle East, bases in Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, Yemen and Oman in the south; in Lebanon, and Turkey in the north; and Pakistan and Afghanistan in the east form a partial ring around oil rich countries such as Saudi Arabia and Iraq and the critical sea lanes in the Persian Gulf. The Middle East has the largest number of US troop deployments with approximately 218,000 (but frequently changing). There are a number of bases in Iraq in the ongoing effort to conduct "stability operations" that serve as bases of power projection against Iran and Syria. There are also new bases in Afghanistan, which flank western China and provide control and protection of pipelines from the Caspian Sea basin through Central Asia. This economic aspect underlies the increasing importance of the bases in Central Asia in Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Pakistan where around 70% of the world's oil reserves and natural gas lie. In Iraq in 2005, the US military maintained 106 forward operating bases with 14 "enduring" bases. There were around 40 large bases (2005) and 110 small to medium bases in Iraq. The reduction of base infrastructure brought the total number of bases down to around 75 in 2006.


Map of the 14 "ENDURING BASES" (i.e., permanent
bases) US military bases in Iraq:

  1. Al Qayyarah air base
  2. Camp Marez
  3. [ name unknown ]
  4. Camp Renegade
  5. Camp Speicher
  6. Balad air base
  7. Al Asad air base
  8. Camp Taji
  9. Taqaddum air base
  10. Green Zone
  11. Camp Falcon
  12. Camp Victory
  13. Patrol base Shocker
  14. Talil air base

These bases will remain after the US supposedly pulls out what is described as its "combat forces." The forces that will remain on these bases will be re-designated as "military assistance" forces and / or "logistics personnel." And this doesn't count the thousands of other "mercenary forces." Indeed, the US is slated to double its mercenary forces in Iraq after the so-called 2011 Military Pullout date.

In 2006, US troop deployment at sea was about 127,000. Sea-based forces include those aboard ships such as aircraft carriers, destroyers and submarines. These carriers serve as moving centers of projected strength through their strike capabilities.


There are ships the USA has in their military arsenal and then THERE ARE SHIPS THE USA HAS IN THEIR MILITARY FLEET, the kind that no other nation on earth possesses. [The carriers in the French, British, Italian, Russian, etc. fleets are app. 35,000 tons apiece. The carriers the US possesses approach 100,000 tons - this is why they are referred as SUPER-CARRIERS; the US has 12 of these on active duty, and many others in "reserve."]

You don't have to look no further than the USS George Washington; which is in a class of its own. Able to carry more than 6,000 sailors, crewmen, pilots, and other military personnel is just the starting point. This super-carrier can also hold up to 70 airplanes and is routinely carrying about 4 million pounds of bombs and other explosives on board; which can be delivered in a variety of ways. Not to mention all of the other military ships and under water submarines, that would be traveling along the side the USS George Washington. This super-carrier is a permanent fixture in the Asian-Pacific Ocean and is normally docked on the shores of Japan.

These ships can also contain sea-launched cruise missiles such as the Tomahawk which are part of the existing triad of strategic nuclear force projection.  In Asia, the US Third Fleet covers the Eastern and Central Pacific while the Seventh Fleet based at Yokosuka covers the length of the Western Pacific to the Indian Ocean. There are around 35 submarines (nine SSBN, two SSGN, 24 SSN) deployed in the region, some of which are capable of launching submarine-launched Trident and Poseidon ballistic missiles. SSBN — Ship Submersible Ballistic missile Nuclear powered. SSGN — Ship Submersible Guided missile Nuclear powered. SSN — Ship Submersible Nuclear powered.

Through the US Navy Sea Power 21 and Marine Corps Strategy 21, the US Navy introduces new concepts of maritime pre-positioning: high speed sea lift, new amphibious capabilities of Marine Corps and training for littoral warfare in Western Pacific.  It has three prongs according to Sea Power 21:

  • Sea Strike - Projecting Precise and Persistent Offensive Power. Expanded power projection that employs networked sensors, combat systems, and warriors to amplify the offensive impact of sea based forces;

  • Sea Shield - Projecting Global Defensive Assurance. Provided by extended homeland defense, sustained access to littoral [coastal] zones and the projection of defensive power deep over land;

  • Sea Basing - Projecting Joint Operational Independence and support for joint forces provided by networked mobile, and secure sovereign platforms operating in maritime domain.

The US Quadrennial Defense Review Report in 2001 called for an increased naval presence in the Pacific as well as pre-positioned equipment and contingency basing assets in the Persian Gulf and Indian Ocean. These are in four forward regions:

  1. Europe

  2. Northeast Asia

  3. East Asian Littoral regions

  4. Middle East-Southwest Asia

Overseas base structures and facilities are now classified into three types: Main Operating Bases (MOB), Forward Operating Locations (FOL), and Cooperative Security Locations (CSL).

Main operating bases (MOB) are US bases with permanently stationed forces with their families. Rearrangement of forces in European and Asian MOBs such as Ramstein (Germany) will result in relative force reductions: 65,000 troops are planned to be removed from Europe and one brigade from South Korea. These forces are to be deployed to other locations where they are needed. Forward operating bases or locations (FOB/FOL) include the sprawling Camp Bondsteel in Kosovo and Manas in Kyrgyzstan as well as the vast Grafenwoehr/Vilseck/Hohenfels complex in Germany. These FOL are bases with pre-positioned equipment and small military support groups.


Camp BONDSTEEL from where the US controls ALL of the Balkans.

Manas Air Base in Kyrgyzstan from where the US controls the airspace over Central Asia and most of the nations south of present-day Russia who were member-states of the old Soviet Union.


Cooperative security locations or CSLs are facilities occupied only for training, exercises and other military interactions (e.g., rest and recreation activities) with regional partner countries. Examples of these locations are those where joint Balikatan (Shoulder to Shoulder) exercises in the Philippines and Cobra Gold in Thailand are usually held. New CSLs are being developed in Africa, South Central Asia and East Asia that do not require permanent basing structures such as the carrier pier in Singapore. Recent US military aggression in Iraq, Afghanistan and in the Balkans has brought about new military bases and control over oil resources.  But over the long term the US aims to increase its reach while keeping the profile of its intervention small. This is evident in the problems highlighted by the report of the 2006 Iraq Study Group.

This is but a recipe for neo-colonialism: intervention or direct aggression in a country, rapid stabilization of the state or area using the force required; a shift to a minimum US military presence as rapidly as possible; rapid creation and training of effective local security and intelligence forces; reduction of forces to a required minimum to encourage "sustained reform". However, "...the more that local government and security forces are seen as proxies or subordinates of the US, the more difficult it will be for them to establish legitimacy".

The Role Of US Bases And Their Impact
On People's Lives And Environment

"The presence of American forces overseas is one of the most profound symbols of the US commitments to allies and friends. Through our willingness to use force in our own defense and in defense of others, the United States demonstrates its resolve to maintain a balance of power that favors freedom. To contend with uncertainty and to meet the many security challenges we face, the United States will require bases and stations within and beyond Western Europe and Northeast Asia, as well as temporary access arrangements for the long-distance deployment of US forces" George Bush, National Security Strategy, 2002.

US overseas military bases reflect the need for the United States to project a visible and psychological presence and commitment to a country or region. US bases are stark reminders and real sources of control over a nation without necessitating formal political control over its territorial sovereignty. It can be likened to a loaded gun pointed at the government and peoples of its host country. Its mere presence intimidates and gives coercive power for the US to gain concessions from the host and allows it to interfere, in most cases with impunity, in internal affairs, commit crimes and violence on local people, and wreak grave social costs and environmental destruction.

US military bases serve as surveillance and data centers. These bases, such as those within the NSA ECHELON network, provide intelligence gathering functions for the US. The data collected from these activities are not necessarily limited to those with military use but also extends to economic surveillance as well. In terms of surveillance and data centers — we see this as a vital function taken on by host countries like the Philippines (until the US bases were booted out in 1992 after almost a century of military occupation).  Currently, major US military facilities in Japan and Okinawa, in Guam and in Australia take on this function of surveillance and data gathering. Which makes me ask the question — how much of the surveillance and data gathering work done at Waihopai as well as at Tangimoana contribute to this global surveillance and data gathering work for the United States? While they are technically New Zealand facilities, as the New Zealand and the United States governments have consistently claimed, one can't help but ask the question how much of their work contributes to US capability and military strength in its global posturing. These are new issues I have encountered on my speaking tour of New Zealand with the Anti-Bases Campaign. It would be very interesting and useful to know the truth behind these facilities in New Zealand and how they contribute to the United States' wars of aggression in the Middle East and its expanding military presence in Asia and the Pacific.

US Echelon base in Waihopai, New Zealand; US Echelon base in Geraldton, Western Australia.

US bases also serve as locations for pre-positioning supplies. Even before September 11, 2001, in the "Project for a New American Century" and in the 2001 Quadrennial Defense Review (QDR2001), the Pentagon was reconfiguring its forces to become smaller, more flexible, and better able to respond to sudden events, thus necessitating pre-positioned supplies and war materiel. In situations lacking established bases, the US has entered into more than 80 bilateral agreements since 1992 to provide it with a range of access and status of forces agreements that it can call on depending on the need of the situation. In addition, through its use of advanced military technology, these agreements allow the US to apply greater amounts of military force over greater distances in shorter periods of time. The 2004 National Military Strategy outlines how expanded bases can increase the ability of the US military to rapidly deploy, employ, sustain and redeploy capabilities in geographically separated and environmentally diverse regions. These bases serve as launch pads for the pre-emptive strikes including nuclear attack, "peace-enforcement" and "constabulary" functions that the QDR 2001 has called for.

US bases also serve as sites for training & munitions testing.  US Navy weapons testing was carried out in Vieques, Puerto Rico, for over 60 years (ended in 2003) and included testing for operations in the Persian Gulf region. Vieques also hosted a US Navy listening post for underwater tracking of submarines and an electronic warfare range for testing new weapons systems. Crow Valley in Clark Air Base in the Philippines was used as a practice bombing site before the removal of the bases in 1992.

US military presence in bases or in exercises and training is usually seen as a precursor to intervention and war. In East Africa, where around 30 US National Guard soldiers from Guam have been training Ethiopian commandos in supposed "anti-terrorism" exercises, tensions flared up over a long standing border dispute with Somalia. It is not an accident that the US has been conducting this training near the border and that the Islamic Somali leadership has resisted this presence.

US bases are bases for counter-insurgency in the host country and surrounding regions. So-called "stability operations" are venues for political and military intervention in domestic affairs and excuses for US military presence. In performing "peace-enforcement" and "constabulary" functions, such as that in Iraq, the US has shown its willingness to directly intervene to allow US companies and firms free rein in the plunder of Iraq's resources. In Mindanao, southern Philippines, the US military has provided training, war materiel, logistic support and "advice" to Special Forces of the Armed Forces of the Philippines as part of its War on Terror.

The forward positioning of US bases serves as forward tripwires, guaranteeing timely and rapid US intervention in a crisis situation as in the case of the function of US bases in the Korean peninsula. That the US calls the Philippines its "second front in the War on Terror" is not an accident.  The US, through its periodic and overlapping joint exercises with the Philippine military, is able to strengthen its position in the Philippines for the purpose of ensuring its control over oil resources in Southeast Asia.

US bases serve as launching pads for US aggression. Clark Air Force Base, Subic Naval Base and other military installations in the Philippines were used for launching wars of intervention from the 1950s until 1991. Clark was used to send bombing missions during the Korean War of 1950-1953 and in the bombing of Sumatra during a rebellion by the Indonesian army in 1958. Clark also figured in the deployment of US forces in the area of the Taiwan Strait islands of Quemoy and Matsu, which were militarily disputed by Taiwan and China. From 1955-1986, US military bases in the Philippines were used frequently for bombing missions in the wars, the training and deployment of US troops, and as communication links as well as for rest and recreation of tired US servicemen.

Map showing US bases in Latin America, or bases that it can access.

US bases serve to secure sea-lanes, oil pipelines and other economic interests of the US. To provide energy security, the US surrounds oil rich countries such as Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Kuwait with a US military presence through direct basing or access agreements in neighbouring countries. In the guise of counter-narcotics to straddle Venezuela, Bolivia and other Latin American oil rich countries, the US launched Plan Colombia and other exercises. It has occupied Afghanistan to secure pipelines from Central Asia. It has positioned itself in Singapore and has established a US base within a Philippine military base (Zamboanga), and consistently maintained US troops in the Philippines through military exercises to protect the sea lanes through which nearly 50% of world trade passes. Military deployment under the US war on terrorism through direct basing and/or access agreements ensures continuing expansion of the US Empire and protection of its political and economic interests.

In terms of social cost of US military bases and presence, violation of national sovereignty and territorial integrity of the host country has the greatest impact. The arrival of US forces invariably involves some form of military intervention including outright aggression, occupation and colonization. This is aggravated by the US policy and practice of shielding its troops from criminal prosecution under the host's judicial processes and system, oftentimes under the legal cover contained in access and status of forces agreements.

US Bases In The Asia Pacific Region

"The presence of 100,000 US military personnel is not arbitrary—it represents the formidable capabilities of the US Eighth Army and Seventh Air Force in Korea, III Marine Expeditionary Force and Fifth Air Force in Japan, and the US Seventh Fleet, all focused on shaping, responding and preparing as necessary to achieve security and stability in the region." These forces in the Asia Pacific region are mainly in these positions: Japanese bases which maintain the US Fifth Air Force, including 18th Wing, 35th Fighter Wing and 374th Airlift Wing; the Navy Seventh Fleet, including USS Kitty Hawk Carrier Battle Group (which was replaced  by the US nuclear aircraft carrier USS George Washington on September 25, 2008); USS Belleau Wood Amphibious Ready Group; III Marine Expeditionary Force (MEF); Ninth Theater Area Army Command (TAACOM); and First USA Special Forces Battalion. South Korea hosts the US Seventh Air Force, including the Eighth and the 51st Fighter Wings, and the Eighth Army, including the Second Infantry Division.

In addition to the forces above, visiting forces allow additional routine combined exercises and training, and ship visits. Changi Naval Station in Singapore accommodates US naval combatants and includes a pier which can accommodate US aircraft carriers. Thailand is an important refuelling and transit point for operations in the Indian Ocean and the Arabian Gulf. Australia has long provided key access to facilities for US unilateral and combined exercises. The US makes 60-80 port calls per year to Hong Kong for minor maintenance and repair of transiting ships. Access agreements have become increasingly important as US forces and bases have been reconfigured and plans to downsize its forces in the region are underway.

USS Ronald Reagan and other US warships
at Changi Naval Station in Singapore

In South Korea, Japan, the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, and Australia, access to key host nation facilities, ports and airfields are critical to the US security objectives in the Asia-Pacific. Access agreements such as Mutual Logistics Support Agreements and Acquisition Cross-Servicing Agreements make available the use of host nation resources to support day-to-day and future operational requirements. They also enable joint training and exercises, "constabulary" operations, humanitarian and disaster relief operations. These provide the US access to basing and infrastructure necessary for its force projection without the need for a permanent presence. The US offers these countries money to upgrade and maintain infrastructure, bases and airfields. In addition, the US spent $US265.7 million for 2001-2004 in training 4,000 Indonesian, 1,200 Filipino, and 700 Thai police. Taiwan is also one of the region's largest weapons buyers from the US while the Philippines has been its largest recipient of military aid.

Under its global War on Terror, the Bush Administration deployed over 1,200 troops, including 150 US Special Forces, to the southern Philippines to advise the Philippine military in their pursuit of the Abu Sayyaf Group.  It also increased intelligence sharing operations, restarted military to military relations with Indonesia and provided or requested from the US Congress over $US1 billion in aid to Indonesia and the Philippines.

Guam: The New Key Hub For
Pacific Power Projection

There are important developments in the region that we need to keep a close watch on. The Pacific island of Guam is being transformed into a key hub for American maritime power in the western Pacific. The strategic importance of Guam to Washington's long-term presence in East Asia was a point hammered home by US Defense Secretary Robert Gates in Singapore recently. Gates' speech to the Shangri-La Dialogue, an annual gathering of Asian defense ministers and military chiefs, was his most complete exposition of future US defense strategy in the region since he took over from Donald Rumsfeld at the Pentagon in early 2007.




US building a super-base on Pacific island of Guam

The US is building a super military base on the Pacific island of Guam to contain China's military build-up. The expansion will include a dock for a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier, a missile defense system, live-fire training sites and the expansion of the island's airbase. It will be the largest investment in a military base in the western Pacific since the Second World War, and the biggest spend on naval infrastructure in decades. Estimates suggest that the island's population will rise by almost 50 per cent from its current 173,000 at the peak of construction. It will eventually house 19,000 Marines who will be relocated from the Japanese island of Okinawa, where the US force has become unpopular.

The US was not about to begin a long, slow, historic withdrawal from the region. Instead the US Defense Secretary outlined the concept of the US as a 'resident power' in addition to its longstanding roles as an ally, partner, friend and routine offshore presence. Critical to its long term focus as a resident power will be Guam, the site of the largest US military build-up in the Mariana Islands since World War II. As the Pentagon chief pointed out, sovereign US territory in the western Pacific stretches all the way from the Aleutian Islands to Guam. For US defense planners aiming for a mobile, more flexible US global military posture across the globe, Guam is an ideal staging post. And for close allies of the US in the western Pacific, led by Japan and Australia, Guam promises to become a vital facility as it hosts exercises and trains with allied air and naval forces.

Secretary Gates also made a flying visit to Guam, 6, 000km west of Hawaii and 2, 000km southeast of Japan, to look at planned defense infrastructure. Acquired from Spain in 1898 following the Spanish-American War, Guam became a refuelling station for the US Navy. Guam has long been an important logistics base. Over the next six years the Pentagon will spend billions on a new port capable of berthing a nuclear powered aircraft carrier, and will build air bases, schools, hospitals and housing for US military personnel and their families. Guam's Andersen Air Base will soon be home to a detachment of unmanned, long-range Global Hawk surveillance aircraft able to track Chinese warships and submarines emerging from their home ports into the Pacific Ocean or the South China Sea.

F-22 Raptor

The US Air Force's newest fighter, the F-22 Raptor, will also be periodically flying on exercises from the island. By 2014 Guam will receive about 8, 000 US Marines who will transfer from their present base in Okinawa, the Japanese Government helping pay the $US10 billion-plus relocation costs. With a population of about 170,000 Guam is already home to 12,000 US military personnel and the heavy build-up promises to put further strain on local communities. Its naval base hosts three attack submarines and the Air Force rotates its strategic bombers through Guam.

As the island's new facilities take shape in coming years, they will be increasingly multilateral in orientation, with training opportunities and possible pre-positioning of assets. Clearly, a message designed to convey a reassurance to the US's close allies in East Asia that talk of the gradual diminution of the US's military posture in the face of a renascent China was misplaced. The Defense Secretary argues forcefully Washington's presence has been an essential element in assisting Asia's economic revival, "opening doors, protecting and preserving common spaces on the high seas, in space and more and more in the cyber world". "This presence has offered other nations the crucial element of choice and enabled their entry into a globalized international society," he said. "As someone who has served seven US Presidents, I want to convey to you with confidence that any future US Administration's Asia security policy is going to be grounded in the fact that the United States remains a nation with strong and enduring interests in the region, interests that will endure no matter which political party occupies the White House next year". Gates went on to say that any speculation in the region about the US losing interest in Asia struck him as "preposterous or disingenuous, or both".  He stressed US military ties with East Asia, even with its operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, were more constructive than at any time in US history.

New Spybase In Australia

In Australasia a very significant new initiative is the construction of a new top secret US military communications base in Western Australia.   Australian Defense Minister Joel Fitzgibbon revealed recently that work would begin in July or August of 2008 on a satellite ground station for the US Mobile Users Objective System, a new satellite communications system being deployed by the US Navy. The new US defense facility will be located adjacent to the existing Australian satellite signals intelligence facility at Geraldton, Western Australia (the existing spy base is functionally equivalent to New Zealand's Waihopai station and both are key facilities in the US Echelon global intelligence system). The base will be linked to a network of communications satellites that will provide frontline US military units with instant access to high grade intelligence and tactical information. Once operational, the new facility will automatically provide communications support for US military operations in Iraq and the Persian Gulf.  Indeed, it will also automatically provide communications support for US military operations in much of the Asia-Pacific region.

The Age has learned that the US is to build the base, which follows three years of secret negotiations with Canberra. The base will provide a crucial link for a new network of military satellites that will help America's ability to fight wars in the Middle East and Asia. It is the first big US military installation to be built in Australia since the controversy surrounding the joint spy base at Pine Gap more than two decades ago. It will provide a key link in the system that will carry orders and intelligence information to US and allied troops on operations in the world's hotspots. Details of the deal emerged on the same day as the US finally told Australia it would not allow even its key allies, including Australia, to buy its best fighter aircraft, the F-22 Raptor. The base, about 370 kilometres north of Perth, will control two of five geostationary satellites - those with the highest priority parked over the Indian Ocean to monitor the unstable Middle East. Building may start within months.

Australian defense officials announced late in 2007 that they had finalized an agreement with the US Navy for the new satellite communications centre. Mr Fitzgibbon's confirmation that construction would proceed came shortly after newly elected Prime Minister Kevin Rudd's withdrawal of the bulk of Australian combat troops from Iraq. The new Geraldton facility will be the first major US defense base to be established in Australia since the construction in the 1960s of the Joint Defense Facility at Pine Gap in the Northern Territory and the now closed early warning satellite ground station at Nurrungar in South Australia.

It was also revealed that the US Navy had contracted with Boeing Australia to provide construction services for the new Geraldton base. Boeing Australia already provides operational support for the existing facility at Geraldton, another Australian signals intelligence facility at Shoal Bay near Darwin, the Australian Navy's communication station at North West Cape near Exmouth, and the Defense Communications Network facility at Deakin. About 70 Australian contractors are working on the design of the new

Geraldton building and up to 20 United States staff and 100 Australian contractors will be involved in the construction phase. The ground station will comprise three buildings housing sophisticated electronic infrastructure, three 18m satellite dishes and two smaller antennas. Once complete, the base will be fully automated and will require only call-out maintenance support. All costs will be carried by the US.  Informal discussions on the possible location of the facility in Australia began in 2003.

Australian Defense and the US Navy signed a classified memorandum of understanding setting out the governing arrangements for the station in November 2007. The conclusion of a secret memorandum of understanding rather than a formal treaty means the agreement has not been reviewed by Federal Parliament's Joint Standing Committee on Treaties. Mr Fitzgibbon has said the ground station will be operational by 2011.

There is also the new Hawaii Regional Security Operations Center complex at the US Naval Computer and Telecommunications Area Master Station Pacific. The $US318 Million, 250,000 square foot complex is the largest construction in Naval Engineering Facility Command and is scheduled for completion in late 2010. The new facility will be used to gather and analyze intelligence from US interest areas, such as the Middle East and South East Asia, allowing high ranking officials to make better tactical decisions.  Because of the tremendous changes in communications technology over the past two decades, coupled with the disturbing social and political dynamics, newer and better ways to process intelligence are needed.

Through its military bases and access agreements, the US makes its presence felt in an ever-widening circle driven by its greed for resources and markets. However, as attempts are made to expand this circle, the US faces the resistance and condemnation of oppressed people of the world who continue to develop solidarity to strengthen their continued call for peace and justice. Nations have also stood firm in their assertion of sovereignty and independence against the US Empire's never ending greed for power and dominance.


Sock Puppet Planet: The Secret State's
Quest for 'Persona Management Software'

By Tom Burghardt, Antifascist Calling


William Blum, an investigative journalist in Washington, DC, writes in his excellent book, Rogue State: A Guide to the World's Only Superpower:

"Overtly and covertly, legally and illegally, the military-industrial complex [in the United States] has joined forces with the prison-industrial complex, linked further to the omnipresent national security-police complex, all clasping hands tightly with the War on Drugs, in a declaration of War on the American people and the Bill of Rights. This Authority juggernaut - enamored with its own perpetuation, glorification and enrichment - has convinced the American public that without its storm troopers all hell would break loose and the safety and security of the citizenry would be on a life-support machine. In this undertaking, it has had the indispensable assistance of intimidated legislatures, an un-iconoclastic judiciary, compliant media ..."

Blum then presents a list of civil rights abuses that he culled from public sources (i.e., newspapers, journals, etc.) that occur regularly on a day-to-day basis in the United States which - when taken together - show with unmistakable clarity how far "civil rights" in the United States have been eroded and how dangerously close we are today to being a police-state. [Please see APPENDIX 1 for a list of these civil rights abuses.]


"If America is free, people everywhere can hope for freedom. And if America goes down, all hope is lost to the rest of the world"?

One wonders if all these so-called "men of God" have been lingering too long around the "second-hand smoke" of the "pot-heads" they've taken such delight in condemning over the years. The truth is there if they want to see it; indeed, one would have to be blind to miss it, so that in these men - ALL OF THEM -

"... is fulfilled the prophecy of Esaias, which saith, By hearing ye shall hear, and shall not understand; and seeing ye shall see, and shall not perceive ..." (Matt. 13:14)

-- Antipas


Not since AT&T whistleblower Marc Klein's 2006 revelations that U.S. telecommunications giants were secretly collaborating with the government to spy on Americans, has a story driven home the point that we are confronted by a daunting set of invisible enemies: the security and intelligence firms constellating the dark skies of the National Security State.

As echoes from last month's disclosures by the cyber-guerrilla collective Anonymous continue to reverberate, leaked HBGary emails and documents are providing tantalizing insight into just how little daylight there is between private companies and the government.

The latest front in the ongoing war against civil liberties and privacy rights is the Pentagon's interest in "persona management software."

A euphemism for a suite of high-tech tools that equip an operative--military or corporate, take your pick--with multiple avatars or sock puppets, our latter day shadow warriors hope to achieve a leg up on their opponents in the "war of ideas" through stealthy propaganda campaigns rebranded as "information operations."

It's recently been revealed that the U.S. government has contracted for the development of software which could create multiple fake social media profiles to manipulate and sway public opinion on controversial issues by promoting propaganda. It could also be used as surveillance to find public opinions with points of view the powers-that-be didn't like. It could then potentially have their "fake" people run smear campaigns against those "real" people. As disturbing as this is, it's not really new for U.S. intelligence or private intelligence firms to do the dirty work behind closed doors.

A Pervasive Surveillance State

The signs of a pervasive surveillance state are all around us. From the "persistent cookies" that track our every move across the internet to indexing dissidents already preemptively detained in public and private data bases: threats to our freedom to speak out without harassment, or worse, have never been greater.

As constitutional scholar Jack Balkin warned, the transformation of what was once a democratic republic based on the rule of law into a "National Surveillance State," feature "huge investments in electronic surveillance and various end runs around traditional Bill of Rights protections and expectations about procedure."

"These end runs," Balkin wrote, "included public private cooperation in surveillance and exchange of information, expansion of the state secrets doctrine, expansion of administrative warrants and national security letters, a system of preventive detention, expanded use of military prisons, extraordinary rendition to other countries, and aggressive interrogation techniques outside of those countenanced by the traditional laws of war."

The expanded use of national security letters, the expanded use of military prisons and extraordinary rendition against American citizens.

Continuing the civil liberties' onslaught, The Wall Street Journal reported last week that the government has issued new rules that "allow investigators to hold domestic-terror suspects longer than others without giving them a Miranda warning, significantly expanding exceptions to the instructions that have governed the handling of criminal suspects for more than four decades."

The Journal points out that the administrative "revision" of long-standing rules and case law "marks another step back from [Obama's] pre-election criticism of unorthodox counter terror methods."


Also last week, The Raw Story revealed that the FBI has plans to "embark on a $1 billion biometrics project and construct an advanced biometrics facility to be shared with the Pentagon."

The Bureau's new biometrics center, part of which is already operating in Clarksburg, West Virginia, "will be based on a system constructed by defense contractor Lockheed Martin."

"Starting with fingerprints," The Raw Story disclosed, the center will function as "a global law enforcement database for the sharing of those biometric images." Once ramped-up "the system is slated to expand outward, eventually encompassing facial mapping and other advanced forms of computer-aided identification."

The transformation of the FBI into a political Department of Precrime is underscored by moves to gift state and local police agencies with electronic fingerprint scanners. Local cops would be "empowered to capture prints from any suspect, even if they haven't been arrested or convicted of a crime."


"In such a context," Stephen Graham cautions in Cities Under Siege, "Western security and military doctrine is being rapidly imagined in ways that dramatically blur the juridical and operational separation between policing, intelligence and the military; distinctions between war and peace; and those between local, national and global operations."

This precarious state of affairs, Graham avers, under conditions of global economic crisis in the so-called democratic West as well as along the periphery in what was once called the Third World, has meant that "wars and associated mobilizations ... become both boundless and more or less permanent."

Under such conditions, Dick Cheney's infamous statement that the "War on Terror" might last "decades" means, according to Graham, that "emerging security policies are founded on the profiling of individuals, places, behaviours, associations, and groups."

But to profile more effectively, whether in Cairo, Kabul, or New York, state security apparatchiks and their private partners find it necessary to squeeze ever more data from a surveillance system already glutted by an overabundance of "situational awareness."

"Last October," Secrecy News reported, "the DNI revealed that the FY2010 budget for the National Intelligence Program (NIP) was $53.1 billion. And the Secretary of Defense revealed that the FY2010 budget for the Military Intelligence Program (MIP) was $27.0 billion, the first time the MIP budget had been disclosed, for an aggregate total intelligence budget of $80.1 billion for FY 2010."

This excludes of course, the CIA and Pentagon's black budget that hides a welter of top secret and above Special Access Programs under a dizzying array of code names and acronyms. In February, Wired disclosed that the black budget "appears to be about $56 billion, the same as last year," but this "may only be the tip of an iceberg of secret funds."

While the scandalous nature of such outlays during a period of intense economic and social attacks on the working class are obvious, less obvious are the means employed by the so-called "intelligence community" to defend an indefensible system of exploitation and corruption.

Which brings us back to the HBGary hack.

"Operation MetalGear"

While media have focused, rightly so, on the sleazy campaign proposed to Bank of America and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce by the high-powered law firm and lobby shop Hunton & Williams (H&W) to bring down WikiLeaks and tar Chamber critics, the treasure trove of emails leaked by Anonymous also revealed a host of Pentagon programs pointed directly at the heart of our freedom to communicate.

In fact, The Tech Herald revealed that while Palantir and Berico sought to distance themselves from HBGary and Hunton & William's private spy op, "in 2005, Palantir was one of countless startups funded by the CIA, thanks to their venture funding arm, In-Q-Tel."

"Most of In-Q-Tel's investments," journalist Steve Ragan wrote, "center on companies that specialize in automatic collection and processing of information."

In other words Palantir, and dozens of other security start-ups to the tune of $200 million since 1999, was a recipient of taxpayer-funded largess from the CIA's venture capitalist arm for products inherently "dual-use" in nature.

"Palantir Technologies," The Tech Herald revealed, was "the main workhorse when it comes to Team Themis' activities."

In proposals sent to H&W, a firm recommended to Bank of America by a Justice Department insider, "Team Themis said they would 'leverage their extensive knowledge of Palantir's development and data integration environments' allowing all of the data collected to be 'seamlessly integrated into the Palantir analysis framework to enhance link and artifact analysis'."

Following the sting of HBGary Federal and parent company HBGary, Anonymous disclosed on-going interest and contract bids between those firms, Booz Allen Hamilton and the U.S. Air Force to develop software that will allow cyber-warriors to create fake personas that help "manage" Pentagon interventions into social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and blogs.

As Ragan points out, while the "idea for such technology isn't new," and that "reputation and persona management techniques have been used by the government and the private sector for years," what makes these disclosures uniquely disturbing are apparent plans by the secret state to use the software for propaganda campaigns that can just as easily target an American audience as one in a foreign country.

While neither HBGary nor Booz Allen secured those contracts, interest by HBGary Federal's disgraced former CEO Aaron Barr and others catering to the needs of the militarist state continue to drive development forward.

Dubbed "Operation MetalGear", Anonymous believes that the program "involves an army of fake cyber personalities immersed in social networking websites for the purposes of manipulating the mass population via influence, crawling information from major online communities (such as Facebook), and identifying anonymous personalities via correlating stored information from multiple sources to establish connections between separate online accounts, using this information to arrest dissidents and activists who work anonymously."

As readers recall, such tools were precisely what Aaron Barr boasted would help law enforcement officials take down Anonymous and identify WikiLeaks supporters.

According to a solicitation (RTB220610) found on the FedBizOpps.Gov web site, under the Orwellian tag "Freedom of Information Act Support," the Air Force is seeking software that "will allow 10 personas per user, replete with background, history, supporting details, and cyber presences that are technically, culturally and geographically consistent."

We're informed that "individual applications will enable an operator to exercise a number of different online persons from the same workstation and without fear of being discovered by sophisticated adversaries."

Creepily, "personas must be able to appear to originate in nearly any part of the world and can interact through conventional online services and social media platforms. The service includes a user friendly application environment to maximize the user's situational awareness by displaying real-time local information."

Aiming for maximum opacity, the RFI demands that the license "protects the identity of government agencies and enterprise organizations." An "enterprise organization" is a euphemism for a private contractor hired by the government to do its dirty work.

The proposal specifies that the licensed software will enable "organizations to manage their persistent online personas by assigning static IP addresses to each persona. Individuals can perform static impersonations, which allow them to look like the same person over time. Also allows organizations that frequent same site/service often to easily switch IP addresses to look like ordinary users as opposed to one organization."

While Barr's premature boasting may have brought Team Themis to ground, one wonders how many other similar operations continue today under cover of the Defense Department's black budget.

Corporate Cut-Outs

Following up on last month's revelations, The Guardian disclosed that a "Californian corporation has been awarded a contract with United States Central Command (CentCom), which oversees US armed operations in the Middle East and Central Asia, to develop what is described as an 'online persona management service' that will allow one US serviceman or woman to control up to 10 separate identities based all over the world."

That firm, a shadowy Los Angeles-based outfit called Ntrepid is devoid of information on its corporate web site although a company profile avers that the firm "provides national security and law enforcement customers with software, hardware, and managed services for cyber operations, analytics, linguistics, and tagging & tracking."

According to Guardian reporters Nick Fielding and Ian Cobain, Ntrepid was awarded a $2.76M contract by CENTCOM, which refused to disclose "whether the multiple persona project is already in operation or discuss any related contracts."

Blurring corporate lines of accountability even further, The Tech Herald revealed that Ntrepid may be nothing more than a "ghost corporation," a cut-out wholly owned and operated by Cubic Corporation.

A San Diego-based firm describing itself as "a global leader in defense and transportation systems and services" that "is emerging as an international supplier of smart cards and RFID solutions," Cubic clocks in at No. 75 on Washington Technology's list of 2010 Top Government Contractors.

Founded by Walter J. Zable, the firm's Chairman of the Board and CEO, Cubic has been described as one of the oldest and largest defense electronics firms on the West Coast.

Chock-a-block with high-level connections to right-wing Republicans including Darrell Issa, Duncan Hunter and Dan Coates, during the 2010 election cycle Cubic officers donated some $90,000 to Republican candidates, including $25,000 to the National Republican Congressional Committee and some $30,000 to the National Republican Senatorial Committee, according to the Center for Responsive Politics'

With some $1 billion in 2009 revenue largely derived from the Defense Department, the company's "Cyber Solutions" division "provides specialized cyber security products and solutions for defense, intelligence and homeland security customers."

The RFI for the Air Force disclosed by Anonymous Ragan reports, "was written for Anonymizer, a company acquired in 2008 by intelligence contractor Abraxas Corporation. The reasoning is that they had existing persona management software and abilities."

In turn, Abraxas was purchased by Cubic in 2010 for $124 million, an acquisition which Washington Technology described as one of the "best intelligence-related" deals of the year.

As The Tech Herald revealed, "some of the top talent at Anonymizer, who later went to Abraxas, left the Cubic umbrella to start another intelligence firm. They are now listed as organizational leaders for Ntrepid, the ultimate winner of the $2.7 million dollar government contract."

Speculation is now rife that since "Ntrepid's corporate registry lists Abraxas' previous CEO and founder, the late Richard Helms, as the director and officer, along with Wesley Husted, the former CFO, who is an Ntrepid officer as well," the new firm may be little more than an under-the-radar front for Cubic.

Walter J. Zable, CEO of Cubic Corp: following in the steps of the late Richard Helms: former Director of the CIA.

Richard Helms, who died last week at age 89 (2002), was described by his biographer Thomas Powers as a "gentlemanly planner of assassinations." The epithet captured the essence of the former CIA director's style: socially correct, bureaucratically adept, operationally nasty. In mid-20th-century Washington, this combination proved effective, if not glamorous. Helms gained the confidence of presidents and the admiration of syndicated columnists. He had a profound faith in the efficacy of political assassinations.


Amongst the Security Services offered by the firm we learn that "Cubic subsidiaries are working individually and in concert to develop a wide range of security solutions" that include: "C4ISR data links for homeland security intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance missions;" a Cubic Virtual Analysis Center which promises to deliver "superior situational awareness to decision makers in government, industry and nonprofit organizations," human behavior pattern analysis, and other areas lusted after by securocrats.

The Guardian informs us that the "multiple persona contract is thought to have been awarded as part of a programme called Operation Earnest Voice (OEV), which was first developed in Iraq as a psychological warfare weapon against the online presence of al-Qaida supporters and others ranged against coalition forces."

"Since then," Fielding and Cobain wrote, "OEV is reported to have expanded into a $200m programme and is thought to have been used against jihadists across Pakistan, Afghanistan and the Middle East."

While CENTCOM's then-commander, General David Petraeus told the Senate Armed Services Committee last year that the program was designed to "counter extremist ideology and propaganda," in light of HBGary revelations, one must ask whether firms involved in the dirty tricks campaign against WikiLeaks have deployed versions of "persona management software" against domestic opponents.

While we cannot say with certainty this is the case, mission creep from other "War on Terror" fronts, notably ongoing NSA warrantless wiretapping programs and Defense Department spy ops against antiwar activists, also involving "public-private partnerships" amongst security firms and the secret state, should give pause.

NOTE: We again URGE you to see APPENDIX 1 to this article.


God bless you all!

S.R. Shearer
Antipas Ministries









Then make copies and take these copies out to the campuses where you live; pass them out; OR if that seems too "daring" for you right now, post them on telephone poles, the sides of buildings, on campus bulletin boards; post them in union halls, in the neighborhoods of the poor and downtrodden, near employment offices, wherever you can.

Once again, we URGE you to read (or re-read):




List of civil right's abuses; it is not a list that one would normally hear about — but a list that encompasses the thoughts and activities of ORDINARY Americans.

The list that follows is a composite list derived partially from Blum's list and assorted others. The thing to remember here is that all of the instances listed below occur today on a REGULAR basis. They are not aberrations or anomalies. The sad thing in all of this, is that there is little doubt that most Christians will not be upset by this "catalogue" of civil rights abuses. And why is that? - because most of those who are the "targets" of these abuses and indignities (i.e., the poor, the minorities, the so-called "welfare cheats," the single moms, etc.) have been so DEMONIZED by the "mainline press" that they now seem somehow or other to be deserving of it all. But, then, this is what the Germans did to the Jews in the 1920s and 1930s - demonized them to the point where most Germans came "naturally" and "easily" to the belief that the Jews were "getting what they deserved." The list is as follows:

  • In every state, the police or the National Guard and, at times, active-duty army troops, are - under the guise of the "War on Drugs" [Please see our article, "APOSTASY: Christianity In The Service Of A 'Religio-Political-Corporate-Terrorist State'"] - conducting relentless helicopter surveillances over people's homes and property, setting up roadblocks, interrogating, detaining, harassing and terrifying residents with displays of excessive power. To a very large extent, these activities have very little to do with any "war on drugs" and everything to do with suppressing the "throw-away" portion of the American population that has been consigned to "unemployment" or to jobs that don't pay a "living wage" - about one-third of today's population - i.e., "poor white trash," blacks, Hispanics, etc. [Please see Barbara Ehrenreich's book, Nickeled and Dimed, available at most book stores.]

  • In hundreds of American cities, young people - again, under the rubric of the "War on Drugs" - are being subjected to nighttime curfew laws (a phenomenon that rarely is enforced in affluent white neighborhoods, but only in poor minority areas); many have a daytime curfew as well. Again, these curfews have very little to do with any "war on drugs," and everything to do with suppressing militant young people that in every "revolution" (especially those revolutions that pit the poor against the rich) form the backbone of the "revolt." The idea here is to harass them to such an extent that they can never organize themselves, and to DEMONIZE them as hooligans and "ner-do-wells" so as to justify the harsh measures that are being taken against them.

  • The CIA, FBI and other federal agencies are increasingly refusing to respond to legitimately issued subpoenas for documents which detail the "extra-legal" and unconstitutional activities they are engaged in. They are simply ignoring the judiciary - and doing it with impunity. The arrogance of these agencies in this respect brings to mind the arrogance practiced by Hoover's FBI in the 1960s and '70s against those in the Civil Rights Movement and the anti-war effort.

  • Citizens are undergoing assorted harassments and penalties from the federal government for having traveled to, spent money in and/or shipped various goods to countries the United States has blacklisted; for example, the former Yugoslavia - or for that matter, any nation that has "opted out" of the American System and has - as a result - incurred the wrath of the American elites - countries like Cuba, Libya, Iran, Iraq, etc. Those who visit the United Nations Mission in New York or the Interests Section in Washington of some of the countries the government has black listed risk being photographed and receiving visits or phone calls from the FBI. This phenomenon is especially directed against those people who are in the habit of speaking out against America's "New World Order System" like the Mary Kneelers, the Quakers, and anyone and everyone who is in any way associated with movements like Liberation Theology, labor rights organizations, etc.

  • The CIA is once again routinely opening and reading the mail (and email) of U.S. citizens without benefit of search warrants. The FBI is also peeking at our correspondence, domestic and international, for a host of its own priorities - again, on the most specious of reasons (really, pretenses). They habitually cite as their authority vague references to "national security." When asked to be more specific, they refuse on grounds of "national security."

  • Motorists are being stopped on highways on the flimsiest of excuses (unsafe lane changes, tail light infractions, failures to signal, etc.) and then intimidated into submitting to a search of their vehicles without "probable cause." If they refuse, that alone is often taken as "probable cause" (or "probable cause" is "created" - which occurs more often than most people realize), and their vehicles are searched anyway. The utility of these laws (i.e., tail light infractions, "unsafe lane changes," seat belt violations, etc.) lies in the fact that they can be used to harass various "suspect" populations the police want to keep "off balance" - AND THAT IS PRECISELY THE WAY THEY ARE USED - or does one really think that such measures are taken in places like Simi Valley, Palm Beach, the Hamptons?

  • Private corporations are recording employees' phone calls and voice mail, reading their computer files and email, getting logs of what websites they've looked at, videotaping them as they work, observing them in bathrooms and locker rooms with two-way mirrors or hidden cameras, tracking their whereabouts by having them use electronic pass keys, bugging their offices, subjecting them to airport-style electronic searches, testing their urine for drugs, doing extensive security checks on their backgrounds - all this whether or not they have ever behaved poorly on the job, or whether their work involves any danger to anyone. For the most part, this kind of activity was initiated as a "crime-fighting" device and under the cover that an "employer has the right to know what his employee is doing on his time." But such "rights" by an employer over an employee has NEVER been asserted before in the United States, although one would think - given the propaganda that has accompanied the assertions of these rights - that such is not the case. THESE ARE THE KIND OF "RIGHTS" A "MASTER" ASSERTS OVER HIS "SLAVE." But then that should say something about elite attitudes towards their employees, shouldn't it?

  • At growing numbers of schools around the country, students are having to undergo urinalysis in order to join the track team, join the chess club, go to the prom, go on a field trip or drive to and from school. Once again, all this is being done under cover of the "War on Drugs," but what it really is, is a "control mechanism" used to suppress the underclass with - or, again, does one really believe, other than in a few "high profile" instances, this is ever done in affluent white areas.

  • New Jersey state troopers are enlisting hotel workers along the New Jersey Turnpike to tip them off about suspicious guests who, among other things PAY FOR THEIR ROOMS IN CASH, or receive a flurry of phone calls; hotel managers are allowing troopers, without a warrant, to leaf through the credit card receipts and registration forms of guests; the troopers are given surveillance seminars to train employees to scrutinize guests who fit a given "profile." IF THIS WERE DONE IN THE OLD SOVIET UNION, ONE WOULD NOT BE INCORRECT IN LABELING SUCH ACTIVITY AS THE ACTIVITY OF A "POLICE-STATE." Of course, one could retort that the police are merely trying to "combat crime." But then, that's what the police in the old Soviet Union would have said too.

  • The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is keeping up to date a list of what it calls "radicals" and other undesirables who will be rounded up and detained without benefit of a hearing in times of "national emergency." This is, of course, something all dictatorships do. This is what Hitler did in 1933 - and in 1934 he declared an "emergency," and rounded up all his enemies. You can bet that if such things were ever done in the name of "Right Religion," the Religious Right would be there cheering on the state in its "round up." This is what Rick Joyner wants when he said, "... leaders who ... resist [the imposition of the new Christian state people like him envision] ... will be removed from their place." George Hawton suggests a way, "... 2/3 will have to die in the last days so that 1/3 might emerge pure."

  • Task forces of international, federal, military, state and local law enforcement and intelligence agencies, as well as private entities, are employing increased interaction, abundant funds, new laws, new technologies and new octopus-like data bases to spy on and harass activists of many stripes. THIS IS ESPECIALLY SO IN THE CASE OF THOSE ACTIVISTS THAT HAVE BEEN DEMONSTRATING AGAINST THE WTO, THE IMF, THE WORLD BANK AND THE G-8 SUMMITS. The FBI and police are noting license plate numbers of people attending meetings and demonstrations, photographing people, paying informers to infiltrate groups, breaking into offices to steal mailing and contributor lists, rifling through files and carrying out "harassment arrests" (i.e. charges later dropped). Individual members of these groups are receiving FBI visits at their homes and workplaces, or the Bureau is sending anonymous letters to the person's colleagues implying that he or she is actually an informer as well as sending assorted poison-pen letters to employers, landlords and spouses designed to produce optimal distress. Again, is this the kind of activity a "free society" tolerates? No! - this is the kind of activity one would have expected to see in the Third Reich or in the old Soviet Union. How is it possible for Christians to associate themselves with such a state and call it the "New Israel of God?"

  • Increasingly, airport passengers are being detained for hours, even days, and missing flights because they fit a "terrorist profile" based on appearance, airport behavior, travel itinerary or other criteria. They are being strip searched, including body cavity searches, X-rayed, forced to take laxatives, their bowel movements monitored. Many white Christians, of course, are not aware of all this because they do not fit the profile, but fitting a profile - does that make it right? If you say, "yes, these steps are necessary to guarantee public safety," then you would have made a nice little Nazi in the Third Reich of some sixty years ago because that is precisely the reasons they gave in implementing the exact same steps then. "Public safety," "national security," and the phrase, "If you have nothing to hide, then you shouldn't be afraid" come straight out of the 1934 Hitler Youth Handbook.

  • The FBI is urging librarians to report on the books taken out by patrons with foreign-sounding names, particularly scientific and technical books. When this program was first revealed and criticized, the FBI proceeded to do checks on the critics. These are the same kind of techniques used by the Chinese communists during Mao's "Cultural Revolution."

  • The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) is demanding that a publisher provide it with the names of people who have ordered certain "anti-government" material. Again, these are the same kinds of acts that made Mao's "Cultural Revolution" such a heinous affair.

  • Under the "cover" of the "War on Drugs" and a similar "war" against "illegal guns," police throughout the country have been seizing the property of thousands and thousands of individuals without "due process." And much more than most people are aware of, this kind of activity is now being used against people deemed to be involved in "anti-government" activity. For example, it was alleged by the BATF that the "dissidents" at Waco (Mt. Carmel) had automatic weapons and illegal firearms - despite the fact that the local sheriff had checked such reports out and had determined that the reports were false. BATF was simply determined to raid Mt. Carmel, and they were not about to let the facts stand in their way.

  • The DEA, ATF, INS, FBI, DIA, Secret Service, US Forest Service, National Park Service, Sheriff's Departments, National Guard and/or other official cowboys, wearing black suits, ski masks and the like, forming massively armed mobs of screaming, swearing agents, helicopters chopping above, battering down doors, raiding people's homes, smashing up furniture, beating up residents, handcuffing them, manhandling pregnant women, terrifying children, separating them from their parents, shooting people dead, looking for drugs or individuals which often are not there - this jihad (holy war) being the outcome of no more than a tip from an "unnamed informant." Heavily-armed so-called "bounty hunters," with the force of law behind them, are carrying on in a similar manner to kidnap a person, sometimes killing someone, sometimes the "wrong person." Operators of "pirate" radio stations are also being invaded, with FCC agents, federal marshals, a SWAT team, customs agents and local police comprising the attacking force. Again, these are all the tactics of a "police-state," not those of a "free society."

  • A driver, stopped by the police, tapes the encounter. When he goes to the local police station to complain about his treatment, he is asked to hand the tape over. He's then charged with illegal wiretapping. It seems that it's okay for the police to record and video tape these stops for their records, but it is not okay for private citizens who are the targets of such "illegal" and warrantless" stops to do so. Again, privileges extended to the police that are not extended to average citizens. THIS IS THE KIND OF ATTITUDE ONE WOULD EXPECT TO FIND IN A "POLICE-STATE," BUT NOT IN A "FREE SOCIETY." The term "free society" is a meaningless, empty phrase if it does not mean a society that is free from harassment from its own police.

  • Intercity busses and trains are being boarded by DEA agents to conduct searches of passengers' belongings. Passengers are assured that it's all "voluntary." One is reminded of World War II movies where busses in occupied countries are routinely stopped by the SS and the Gestapo in search of provocateurs.

  • The police are beating up and arresting strikers and escorting scab workers into plants, thus taking the side of the employer, as the police have done virtually without exception during 150 years of industrial conflict in the United States. Corporations are using many of the more than 10,000 private security firms, which employ 1.5 million guards, to suppress strike action and intimidate union organizers. Again, these are the activities one would expect to find being employed by the police in America's "client-states" like Nicaragua, Guatemala, Brazil, Indonesia, etc., but not in the United States.

  • Law enforcement officers in northern California, taking the side of logging interests once again, are pressing cotton swabs saturated with pepper spray (600 times hotter than cayenne pepper) into the eyes of non-violent people chained to each other, who are protesting the felling of ancient redwoods; protesters are shrieking and writhing in pain as the solution takes effect. People are dying in police custody in cases where pepper spray is a contributing factor. Again, the police tactics of a "terrorist-state!" These protesters were all non-violent! They are American citizens who - in and of themselves do not possess the financial wherewithal to fight the logging interests except in the fashion they are doing. What are people to do when confronting the power of the rich? - do nothing? Or, maybe the police do not belong to the poor, but only to the rich in this country. That's evidently where we are headed.

  • Banks, telephone companies, utility companies, credit card companies, airlines, bus companies, rental car outlets, storage facilities, hotel and motels and all manner of other private institutions are providing various local, state and federal authorities with all the information about their customers they desire under the ever-expanding legal authorities being granted to law enforcement bodies with scarcely any public hearings or debate. The "War on Drugs" is requiring banks, brokers, casinos and other financial institutions to monitor their customers' financial transactions and report any "unusual" or "suspicious" activity. The information is all fed into the Treasury Department's Financial Crimes Enforcement Network whose computers spend their days making linkages between individuals and bank accounts, businesses, real estate and other assets. Again, the tactics used by "Big Brother" in the book, 1984.

  • States are selling confidential wage, driving and other information about their residents to private information companies and other enterprises.

  • Scenarios along the lines of the following from Savannah, Georgia are probably taking place elsewhere: Without warning , a team of armed county and schools system officers periodically entered the schools, ordered everyone into the hallways, used dogs to sniff student's belongings, and scanned the students' bodies with metal detectors. One of the high-school teachers was very upset by this - "Because I teach the Constitution," she explained - and made her feelings known to the authorities. A police officer told her principal that because of her "attitude" problem, she might have to be detained or restrained during future surprise raids. During a subsequent raid, the teacher's son was the only student out of 1,500 to be individually searched. Later, cars in the parking lot were searched, and the police claimed to have found a marijuana cigarette in the teacher's car. The Board of Education suspended her and she was later fired. Again, the tactics of a "police state" where opposition to the stratagems of the police is met with hostility and even - on occasion - death.

  • A federal court, created by the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1978, is receiving applications for authorization of electronic surveillance within the United States and is rubber-stamping them. In its first 20 years, the court received 10,000 applications form the Justice Department on behalf of the FBI and the National Security Agency. By all accounts, only one was rejected, on a technicality. There exists no public record of any kind about the individual cases, nor any oversight. The Clinton administration has expanded the court's mandate to allow it to approve physical break-ins, enabling the Justice Department to bypass the usual warrant procedure in an open court, which would necessitate some accounting of the items seized, and an explanation of probable cause that a crime had been committed. The targets of these wiretaps and burglaries can be under surveillance merely because of belonging to or supporting an organization whose politics are looked upon with disfavor by the U.S. government. Federal agents can now obtain the phone numbers of all incoming and outgoing calls on any line used or called by suspected "foreign" agents.

  • The grand jury system is running amok. Virtually all federal cases now use it to obtain indictments. Neither the accused nor his or her lawyer is there, so they can't confront accusers. The system is used as an instrument of terror - relatives testifying against one another with no confidentiality privilege with respect to family members other than husbands and wives: parents called to testify against their children, children against their parents, brothers against sisters. It lacks due process. It's another secret tool of an expanding executive branch. THIS REMINDS ONE OF THE INQUISITION!

  • Hundreds of cities now are employing highly armed and trained Special Weapons and Tactics Teams (SWAT), based on military special operations models, and told they're part of a "war" on crime; ready to terrorize the enemy (the citizens) with automatic assault rifles, tanks and grenade launchers, called out even in non-crisis situations; choosing a neighborhood and swooping onto street corners, forcing pedestrians to the ground, searching them, running warrant checks, taking photos and entering all the new "intelligence" into a state database from computer terminals in each patrol car. As they carry out this exercise, they do not trip over many members of the Fortune 500. Again, the tactics of the Third Reich.

  • Forced labor is beginning to thrive again in the United States: people compelled to work off their welfare grants, with no prospect of real employment, sometimes at sub-minimum wages, or no wages at all; convicted defendants sentenced to "community service;" inmates denied vital privileges if the refuse to work in prison, many producing for private companies, who get away with paltry wages, no benefits, no unions. Some prison-made products are being exported, exactly what the U.S. has condemned China for.

  • Embassies abroad are surveilling selected American travelers, fingered by a joint effort of the FBI and the State Department Passport Office.

  • The notion of bail is rapidly eroding. We're raised to believe that for other than a capital offense, reasonable bail must be offered. We have a long history of not holding people in custody until their guilt has been determined. That's not true anymore. We call the new concept "preventive detention." "PREVENTATIVE DETENTION" IS EXACTLY THE TACTIC OF CHOICE NOW BEING USED BY THE POLICE ALL OVER THE COUNTRY AGAINST THOSE BRAVE SOULS WITH THE GUTS TO SPEAK OUT AGAINST THE INSTRUMENTALITIES OF THE "NEW WORLD ORDER" - i.e. THE WTO, THE IMF, THE WORLD BANK. etc. For example, "preventative detention" was used in Philadelphia, in Washington DC, in Los Angeles, etc.

  • You're exercising your precious freedom to vote and the only candidates presented to you with more than a snowball-in-hell's chance of winning are those whose ideologies enable them to raise about a half million dollars to contest a seat in the House, about five million for the Senate, and about a hundred million for the White House. Or, increasingly, the candidates themselves are multi-millionaires. THE WHOLE SYSTEM IS RIGGED IN FAVOR OF THE RICH - AND THE CHURCH IS INVOLVED WITH THIS MALIGNANT SYSTEM UP TO ITS NECK. It's as if the church had never heard of the injunction of the Apostle James against the rich:

    "But ye have despised the poor. DO NOT RICH MEN OPPRESS YOU, and draw you before the judgment seats?" (James 2:6)

  • As in Detroit, New York, Philadelphia, Los Angeles and Indianapolis in recent years, police in large cities are exhibiting a remarkable level of disdain for the laws of the land; giving false information to courts to secure search warrants, or acting without warrants, committing perjury on the stand, allowing the results of botched tests of drugs to be used in criminal cases, staging drug raids in order to steal drugs, money, guns and other valuables, taking money and drugs in exchange for immunity, robbing and beating people on the streets of their precinct. And exhibiting the same disdain for individual rights in numerous search-and-destroy missions against private homes: using special "shock-lock" shotgun rounds to blow apartment doors off their hinges, or shooting off the door locks, tossing in "flash-ban grenades," which produce explosions that terrify and disorient people, illegally searching the inhabitants, menacing them with their guns, firing shots at people without cause, killing people, planting drugs or other false evidence, forcing people outside almost naked, filing false arrest reports, or sometimes filing no charges at all after all this, assaulting or threatening people who make charges against them.

  • Public relations firms, hired by large corporations and business associations, are utilizing hefty fees, lawyers, detectives, spies and phony "grassroots" campaigns to influence the media and public opinion against food, environmental and other activists and authors who pose a threat to one of their special-interest clients, trying to make the activists look foolish, if not criminal, as they exercise their political rights.

  • NBC is canceling an appearance by a nuclear activist because she has criticized General Electric, which owns the network. Another nuclear activist or author, or opponent of military spending, is unwelcome at CBS because it belongs to Westinghouse; while yet another finds doors closed at ABC because of having treated the Disney conglomerate with less than reverence; ditto at CNN, owned by the AOL-Time-Warner octopus; while the advertisers are increasingly influencing the content of news stories. [As A.J. Liebling famously wrote: "If you want freedom of the press, you have to own one."]

  • During a new U.S. invasion abroad, the media is being severely restricted as to what it can report to the American people about the war; reporters are required to submit their copy to the Pentagon censor, and are told where they can go, what they can film, who they can interview; those who don't toe the line are transferred by their employer under heavy Pentagon pressure.

  • The FBI is staging photos used in a trial, and its crime laboratory is producing scientifically flawed, misleading or altered evidence benefiting the prosecutor's case against a defendant, even allowing a judge to be impeached on false charges. A Bureau official is destroying an internal report critical of an FBI action in a particular case and not disclosing its existence to prosecutors or defense attorneys, or the Bureau is allowing inaccurate and/or incomplete "expert" testimony during court proceedings, tilting it in such a way as to incriminate the accused. A veteran FBI agent who blows the whistle on such goings-on is being harassed and suspended.

  • The DEA, other federal and state agents and police are seizing houses, boats, cars, airplanes, real estate, furnishings, bank accounts and other assets belonging to people suspected of involvement in drug trafficking, or belonging to their spouses, often without a conviction, and whether or not the assets seized were tied to the alleged crime. In one state, a man is losing his home and his business for selling two grams of cocaine. In another, numerous cars are being confiscated from new car dealerships for failing to report all cash transactions involving more than $10,000. Elsewhere, a 75-year old grandmother is being dispossessed of her home for the sins of her fugitive, drug-dealing son. The government agencies are selling these assets and using the proceeds for anything from patrol cars to parties. The expected value of forfeitures is a times a determining factor in the question of who to raid. Police are routinely planting drugs and falsifying police reports to establish probable cause for cash seizures. Plea bargains are struck that commonly favor drug kingpins willing to surrender their assets and penalize "mules" with nothing to trade. As of early 1999, there was $2.7 billion in the federal government's "Asset Forfeiture Fund" alone.

  • The concept of equal access to legal remedy and justice is being invalidated every day after a decade of deep government cutbacks to the legal aid program, thus robbing the poor of what is often their sole defense against unscrupulous landlords, scam artists, battering spouses, home foreclosure, consumer fraud and many other legal predicaments.

  • A public official who questions the War on Drugs is paying an awful price, like former Surgeon General Jocelyn Elders whose son was sentenced to 10 years in prison for selling one-eighth of an ounce of cocaine to an undercover police officer. His arrest took place five months after the sale, on a warrant issued a week after his mother suggested that the government study the legalization of drugs.

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