[Make plans to join us in Chicago between May 15th and May 22nd to "make common cause" with the United National Antiwar Coalition (UNAC) to protest the American New World Order System.]

Government data indicate that more than one in three young families with children were living in poverty in the US in 2010, the highest rate ever recorded. At the same time that families are financially strained, assis-tance programs for the poor have been cut and eligibility rules tightened.

By SR Shearer


Naomi Spencer is a young socialist who is engaged in helping the poor in Detroit.

Secularist Naomi Spencer writes:

"Since the onset of the economic crisis, millions of working class families have fallen into deep financial distress. The younger generation has been particularly hard hit by unemployment, the housing crisis and debt.

"Government data indicate that more than one in three young families with children were living in poverty in the US in 2010, the highest rate ever recorded. At the same time that families are financially strained, assistance programs for the poor have been cut and eligibility rules tightened.

"A new analysis of Census Bureau data by the Center for Labor Market Studies at Northeastern University found that 37.3 percent of households headed by a parent under age 30 were impoverished last year."

Spencer goes on to say:

"Official measures of poverty grossly understate its scope and depth. Many advocacy groups have pointed out that 200 percent of the official poverty threshold is a more realistic measure of the bare minimum costs of raising a family. Across all age groups, the number of people earning less than twice the poverty line stood at 103 million in 2010, about one in three Americans.

"The Northeastern study found that along with the swelling ranks of the poor—defined at a woefully inadequate $22,000 per year for a family of four and $11,000 for an individual—millions more have fallen into the classifications of 'near poor' (125 percent of poverty) and 'low income' (below 200 percent of poverty).

"Among young families overall, the report found the number who were poor or near poor rose by nearly 10 percent from 2000 to 2010. More than half—51 percent—fell under the official "low income" threshold.

"The report notes, 'Among young families with children residing in the home, 4 of every 9 were poor or near poor and close to 2 out of 3 were low income in 2010.' In other words, the broad majority of young families across the country are struggling to meet the cost of basic needs."


Those Christians who do not pray at the mantle (and in the approved position) are labeled heretics."

But do Christians care about any of this? – the answer, apparently, is NO!  And that note has made a very significant impact on unbelievers (secularists) who are carefully watching the Christian community for signs of hypocrisy. Take, for example Chauncey DeVega; he writes:

"From the proclamations of Republican officials [which Chauncey believes has essentially been hijacked by Christians] that the unemployed are poor because they lack spirit and drive, an Orwellian political vocabulary of 'job creators' and 'non-productive citizens,' opines that poor people in America have it relatively easy (thus austerity politics ought not to be that painful), and a belief that the social safety net (basic programs such as Social Security and unemployment insurance) has destroyed the United States and made people 'lazy,' ... [Christians] have embraced politics that are utterly and totally bereft of human empathy."

DeVega goes on to say that Christians today operate under –

"... a theocratic vision of public policy under the umbrella of Christian Nationalism and Dominionism ... Today's evangelical Christian is called a traitor to his faith if he advocates extending basic income supports and humanitarian assistance to the neediest Americans [i.e., food stamps, unemployment insurance, Medicaid, and other programs for those displaced by the Great Recession]. Those Christians who do not pray at the mantle (and in the approved position) are labeled heretics."


What an appalling indictment of the Christian faith! Can there be any wonder that unbelievers such as Naomi Spencer and Chauncey DeVega are "turned off" by the selfish testimony of today's church?

THE MISREPRESENTATION OF THE CHARACTER OF CHRIST AND HIS CHURCH BY THE LEADERS OF TODAY'S CHURCH IS HORRIFYING AND SHOCKING! It is precisely for this reason that God is calling on ALL His "faithful ones" to speak out against what the American church and its harlot churches are up to around the world. The message that He has given them (us) is "THE GOSPEL OF THE KINGDOM:" It has been calculated to rip away the mask of piety that the religious FRAUDS who wickedly justify the selfish and mean-spirited policies of today's Republican Party hide behind - for example, Christian leaders such as Rod Parsley, Charles Stanley, C. Peter Wagner and John Hagee - while at the same time revealing the evil, avaricious "money-grubbing" that's really at the heart of the American Empire, and that animates ALL those associated with it.

Once these frauds - and the system they excuse - are exposed for what they actually are, then the poor can see Christianity for what it really is: God's way of salvation for them, and see Christ for whom He really was (is) - a POOR carpenter who said of Himself:

"... Foxes have holes, and birds of the air have nests; but the Son of man hath not where to lay his head." (Luke 9:58) -

A Man who rather than placating the rich (as the leaders of today's church so shamefully do), said of them,

"... Verily I say unto you, That a rich man shall hardly enter into the kingdom of heaven.

"And again I say unto you, It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a [sewing] needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God." (Matt. 19:23-24)

The coming kingdom of Jesus Christ will be a kingdom grounded in social justice for all mankind.


The kingdom we have been called upon to proclaim – the kingdom that Christ will set up on His return - will be a kingdom grounded in social justice for ALL mankind, a world of equity where men are not divided up between the "owners of capital" on the one hand and "labor" on the other hand, and where men and women are not divided up on the basis of their race or even their gender (Gal. 3:28); where the rich do not oppress the poor; where every man has equal access to God; where privileges cannot be bought by the wealthy; where there are no death squads, no poverty, no torture, no hunger, no disease, and no room for oppressors of any kind. [We urge you to see our article, "The Kingdom of God Is at Hand;" Please see our articles, "Capitalism and Christianity;" please also see "The Marxist Paradigm."]


No doubt, there will be a good deal of danger involved for all those who dare to protest against the alliance today's church has made with the rich of this world. Indeed, Jesus warned that those who do,

"Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves.

"But beware of men: for they will deliver you up to the councils, and they will scourge you in their synagogues;

"And ye shall be brought before governors and kings for my sake, for a testimony against them and the Gentiles." Matthew 10:16-18)

And Christ's warning here will certainly apply to all those who have the pluck and courage to join us in Chicago.  Indeed, Chicago Police Supt. Garry McCarthy said he's already planning to "head-off" the protesters. "We are training for MASS arrests," McCarthy said. "We will be deploying thousands of 'riot police'."

Joe Iosbaker, a spokesman for the United National Antiwar Committee with which Antipas is allying itself in Chicago, said Thursday that he was scouting marching routes to McCormick Place. "People are saying this will be larger than our RNC protest, which drew 30,000 people," Iosbaker said, referring to the 2008 Republican National Convention held in St. Paul, Minn.

Joe Isobaker in Chicago

NOTE: Isobaker's Logan Square home was recently searched by FBI agents in an "investigation into activities concerning the material support of terrorism." No charges were filed against Iosbaker, who said the raid was an effort to stifle his war opposition. THERE ARE, OF COURSE, MANY CHRISTIANS WHO WILL OPPOSE WHAT WE ARE DOING BY ALLYING OURSELVES WITH "PEACENIKS" SUCH AS ISOBAKER; BUT, THEN, THIS IS PRECISELY WHAT CONSERVATIVE CHRISTIANS SAID ABOUT THE SO-CALLED "JESUS FREAKS" OF THE "JESUS REVOLUTION" IN THE '60s AND EARLY 70s. [We URGE you to see our article, "The Jesus Revolution and the Search for Community and the Church-Life."]


The police (and media) reaction to the protests mounted by those who oppose the military, economic and political agenda of the American New World Order System has – in the past – been horrific.

For example, innocent people are being summarily arrested during protests, their homes are being raided without warrants, their telephone are being taped – again, without warrants.

Police spokesmen issue false information

Moreover, the use of what the government calls the use of pre-emptive measures against protesters is becoming common place. Journalist Tim Ream writes:

"A disturbing trend is developing regarding police pre-emptive response to mass protest. In numerous situations since the protests against the World Trade Organization in Seattle in late 1999, police have issued misinformation claiming unsubstantiated evidence of violent plans by protesters gathering for mass actions. The false information is then used as a pre-text for unwarranted police actions. The misinformation concerning protester plans have ranged from chemical weapons to bomb-making. None of the numerous claims of violent plans have been substantiated. Nonetheless, many media outlets appear to have been predisposed to repeat information provided by police without fact-checking or seeking responses from the organizations accused. The damage to free speech and the mass protest movement has been extensive.

"It is loosely characterized by three steps. First, police departments, often in conjunction with city government, begin a multi-faceted media campaign designed to make protest organizers appear to be involved in preparations for violence. Police departments have assembled and distributed collections of flyers claiming violence, released videos of protest from other cities, held meetings with individual media organizations and created a mythic notion of an organization dedicated to violence and central to the protest usually identified as 'the anarchists' or 'the Eugene Anarchists.'

"Once the public is predisposed to expect violence from activists, the second step in the process involves a specific claim of evidence suggesting an imminent act of violence. These claims will later be retracted, corrected or will simply remain unsubstantiated. They have included claims of stolen bomb-making materials, a bus load of poisonous animals, a factory to produce pepper spray, acid filled balloons, a cyanide poisoning or the simple fact that known terrorists have evaded police surveillance and now may be prepared to act without restraint.

"The third step in this tactic follows the second closely or simultaneously. It involves a police action publicly justified in the climate of imminent terrorism. It has the effect however, of a prior restraint on free speech and intimidation of those who would speak their mind against their government. Examples have included seizing training and puppet making facilities; seizing training, art and medical supplies; and seizing hard drives and political literature. Potential protesters have been arrested, beaten and had bail set at ridiculously high amounts to hold them past the event around which the protest was scheduled."

[Obviously, things have gotten much worse since then]

NOTE: We are not saying that we approve of the motives behind some of these demonstrations. What we are trying to  do is to demonstrate in words and pictures the kind of police-state tactics you will be forced to confront if you stand up for the poor against the wicked machinations of the American New World Order System.

  1. Philadelphia, PA
    Republican National Convention – August 2000

    "The Philadelphia Police Department raided a warehouse where activists were engaged in creating puppets to protest at the Republican National Convention (RNC). Seventy activists were arrested, materials were seized and the warehouse was shut down. The police claimed prior to the raid that they believed that activists were storing C4 explosives. Also, activists were allegedly preparing weapons in the form of acid-filled balloons presumably to throw at the police. The warehouse was claimed to be a staging ground for both producing weapons and preparing a riot. Police also claim to have arrested people associated with a bus containing small animals, some of which were poisonous. Police claim that these animals were to be used to attack delegates of the RNC. No C4 explosive was found. Nor were any other weapons or acid found. The bus driver transporting the animals claims to be a pet shop owner. At the time of this report's release many of those activists remain jailed. Bail has been set at amounts that preclude easy release generally ranging around $15,000.

    "One activist was held on misdemeanor charges and $1,000,000 bail subsequently reduced to $100,000. This has effectively prevented activists from speaking out against the RNC and the subsequent Democratic National Convention (DNC) in Los Angeles."

  2. Washington, DC
    IMF/World Bank Meetings – April 2000

    "The day before the mass protest of World Bank and International Monetary Fund meetings in Washington, DC police raided a training and art supply warehouse popularly referred to as a "convergence" space. Police reports claimed that they found materials for making Molotov cocktails, a laboratory for mass production of pepper spray and bomb-making materials. This, in part, justified arrests that ran to near 1200 people for the week. In a later retraction, police admitted that the Molotov cocktail supplies were plastic containers and rags that smelled of solvents. The pepper spray factory was nothing more than a kitchen, and bomb-making materials were limited to simple plastic water pipe. All of these materials are consistent with activities related to the convergence and art projects. As a result of police action the infrastructure and political messages in the form of signs and puppets were taken by police and did not appear on the streets or in media coverage. Undoubtedly numerous people stayed home for fear of associating with violent terrorists utilizing bomb-making factories."

  3. Minneapolis, MN
    International Society of Animal Geneticists—July 2000

    Police using rubber bullets at close range - in this case in Seattle against WTO demonstrators; but the same kind of tactics were used in Minneapolis

    "Several days before the protest was to begin, police claimed that large quantities of ammonium nitrate had been stolen from a nearby storage area and that unidentified protestors were suspected of involvement. On the day of the major march, police claimed that a cyanide bomb had been detonated in a McDonalds restaurant. The FBI called this an act of terrorism and the local anti-protest law enforcement action was placed under federal control. The next day the federal Drug Enforcement Agency, including hooded officers raided a house where some protest organizing had taken place. Residents were beaten, arrested and taken to a hospital. Computer hard drives and political literature were seized. Police at the raid claimed that an undercover agent had warned that residents at the house wore hunting knives to attack police in the event of an arrest. 

    "Charges on all but one resident have since been dropped. Police announced that they now have no reason to believe that activists were involved in the ammonium nitrate theft. A health department inspector said that there was no cyanide threat, the poison being more concentrated in apple seeds than in the to say, the retractions did not receive the level of press coverage of the original actions. Discussion of the ethics of animal genetics received little discussion."

  4. Tacoma, WA
    Kaiser Aluminum Lock-Out of Steelworkers March 2000

    "In the wake of the successful alliance built between labor and environmentalists in Seattle, action was planned in Tacoma to support the locked-out United Steel Workers of America. The Direct Action Network, Steelworkers and more than a dozen other groups allied to call for a weekend of actions. As that weekend approached, police warned the press and community leaders of the violence that was likely. They claimed that "anarchists from Eugene were missing" and actions at the Kaiser plant could start a chain reaction and "blow up the whole port of Tacoma." In this case, initial scare tactics were sufficient. Steelworker leadership backed out of the alliance one week before the actions and the protest fell apart. No mass labor-environment action coalition has happened since."

  5. Eugene, OR
    Eugene Active Existence—June 2000

    "A six-week conference of activists involved in organizing political demonstrations around the country was the subject of numerous police press releases concerning alleged threats of violence and the precautions the Eugene Police Department employed to avert trouble. Police distributed to the media a portfolio of dozens of flyers spanning five years that they claimed revealed protesters' violent threats. They created a video simulation of a dummy police officer burned by a police-constructed firebomb that anarchists might use. Two days before the final planned march, police arrested two young men for allegedly burning a truck. They are currently being held on $900,000 bail and face 15 to 86 years in prison if convicted." It is reported now that the arrests were "trumped-up" by the Eugene police to justify their clampdown. The two remain behind bars.


"Mass media and public perceptions are being systematically manipulated by police departments and other government agencies faced with upcoming mass protests in their cities. These manipulations are designed to squelch protest and thereby the message of dissent. A common thread in the current series of nation-wide protests is a sense that control of government is no longer in the hands of common people. Governments are effectively squashing the challenge inherent in this message. Editorial pages and conversations on the street are full of critiques that protesters are not clear about what they stand for and seem more interested in violence than meaningful change. This is as clear a sign as any that protester voices have been effectively silenced and police positioning of protesters is carrying the day.

In addition, activists are scared. Anyone who has been involved in the mass protest movement through a major event of the last six months has friends who have been brutalized at the hands of the system. Of the nearly 2500 protest arrests that have happened since November 30, 1999 [until the time of this report: the fall of 2000], more than three-quarters have had all charges dropped and only a small percentage of arrests have resulted in convictions. These facts notwithstanding, there is little national debate on police strong-arm tactics. The reason seems clear. Despite the injustice activists face for speaking their beliefs, the public allows these police tactics because they have been made to fear activists. Unfortunately, the evidence for their fear is the result of misinformation by these same police agencies. The costs to police agencies since Seattle are minimal. No chief has been pressured to resign, no officer has been charged with misbehavior and requests for special appropriations in the millions of dollars for gear and overtime have been granted."  


Brothers and sisters, listen to me here: We must prove not just in our writings or in the safety of our living rooms that we stand with the poor against the machinations of the American New World Order System and the church that supports that system. And, if necessary, we must be willing to go to jail for the stand we take. To do anything less reveals us to be cowards and not worthy of being called a "Christian."

God bless you all!

S.R. Shearer
Antipas Ministries


The other day I received the following email from Joe Lombardo, the head of UNAC in New York City:

"Dear S. R. Shearer,

"Thank you for your email. I will put you on our email list and you will receive periodic notices of our activity. We welcome your participation and would be happy to participate in any activity that you plan that we support. We are very happy to hear that there are evangelical Christians like you.


"Joe Lombardo, UNAC"


Jesus said:

"Blessed be ye poor: FOR YOURS IS THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN." (Luke 6:20)

This same verse is rendered "Blessed are the poor in spirit: FOR THEIRS IS THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN" in Matthew 5:3 - "poor in spirit" being but the natural outcome of the condition of poverty, WHICH IN THIS LIFE IS ALMOST ALWAYS THE RESULT OF THE OPPRESSION OF THE RICH OVER THE POOR. It is these - the poor in spirit, those whose spirits have been broken by the greed of the wealthy - that Christ is coming "to set things right for"; - those who make Nike shoes for the "DAUGHTERS OF BABYLON" for pennies a day in sweatshops scattered across the globe; those who have been chased off their farms in Mexico by American agri-businesses and forced to migrate surreptitiously to the United States to work as "Illegals" picking tomatoes on plantation farms owned by the same companies that chased them off their farms in Mexico; those in this country who work two jobs for minimum wage and still cannot feed their families — or who have been left unemployed or underemployed by the current recession/depression caused by the greed and excess of Wall Street.

To contact the ministry, email us at —

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