Chilean prosecutor charges ex-US officer
in 1973 murder of American journalists

By Bill Van Auken

Charles Horman (lower right) and Frank Terrugi (lower left)


Gary Webb

Targeted assassinations against so-called "enemies of the American state" by the CIA have been going on for years and years now - and anyone who thinks that he is immune from becoming a target of the CIA's wrath just because he is an American citizen is just plain naïve or stupid. [Please see our article, "Remembering Dachau While Pondering the Fate of the CIA's Prisoners Scattered around the World."]

Moreover, the assassination of American citizens occurs not only outside the United States, but INSIDE it as well as the murder of Gary Webb, an American journalist who had the temerity to expose the CIA's role in creating the drug epidemic in the United States, testifies. [Please see our article, "The Death of Gary Webb."]

There is a deep, very dark secret the government doesn't want anyone to know about - a secret so hideous and so repulsive that if it ever became "common knowledge," or - more to the point - if it were ever accepted as true by the American people, the elites would be swept away in a paroxysm of rage that would make the Terror of the French Revolution look tame in comparison: And that is, the so-called "DRUG REVOLUTION" in the United States which has done so much to ravage the poor in this country - especially the black community - is the invention of the elites.

Trouble is, most white Americans will never admit to this fact no matter how much proof is offered them regarding this matter - and they point to such people as Colin Powel, Condelezza Rice, Barack Obama, etc. who have very obviously joined the elites in the "magic circle" as "window dressing" designed to prove the LIE. The lie about what? - that the great mass of the black community remains permanently confined to the nation's ghettos, caught in a vicious cycle of drug addiction and prison with no way out.

It's a lie that most white Christians have embraced with gusto, so that -

"... seeing they see not; and hearing they hear not, neither do they understand.

"And in them is fulfilled the prophecy of Esaias, which saith, By hearing ye shall hear, and shall not understand; and seeing ye shall see, and shall not perceive." (Matthew 13:13-14)

And if some brave soul speaks out with regard to the truth of the matter, he runs the very grave risk of ending up like Gary Webb - with a CIA bullet in his head, OR, at the very least, relegated to the radical fringe with Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam, or worse, with the Commies and radical socialists who - despite America's win insofar as the Cold War is concerned - are still hunted down like rabid dogs by the elites.

[We urge you to see our article, "Measuring the Depravity of the Elites: Pacifying the Poor through Drug Addiction."]

What follows is an article by Bill Van Auken concerning the 1973 targeted assassination of Americans Charles Horman and Frank Terrugi by intelligence operatives acting under the direction of the American Embassy in Chile.

Naturally enough, there are many Christians who - like Gloria Cooper and others of her ilk - will draw back in fear as a result of the intimidation such assassinations are meant to instill in the citizenry - AND THAT CERTAINLY APPLIES TO THOSE CHRISTIANS WHO PROTEST AGAINST THE ALLIANCE THE LEADERS OF THE CHURCH HAVE MADE WITH THE U.S. [Please see our article, "Christians: Once Again on the Wrong Side of History."]

But those who do so should remember the words of Christ:

"Whosoever therefore shall be ashamed of me and of my words in this adulterous and sinful generation; of him [or her] also shall the Son of man be ashamed, when he cometh in the glory of his Father with the holy angels." (Mark 8:37)

-- Antipas


Capt. Ray Davis

A judge in Chile last week issued an indictment against a retired US Navy officer in connection with the arrest, torture and murder of two American journalists, Charles Horman and Frank Terrugi, in the wake of the CIA-backed military coup led by Chilean Gen. Augusto Pinochet that toppled the government of President Salvador Allende on September 11, 1973.

Judge Jorge Zepeda has charged Capt. Ray Davis (retired) with providing the Chilean secret police with intelligence that led to the abduction and murder of Horman and Terrugi and with failing to take any action to stop the killings. At the time of the coup, Davis was the chief of the US Military Group at the American embassy in Santiago. The judge has filed a motion with the country's Supreme Court to seek Davis's extradition from the US.

The slaying of Horman and Terrugi, who were supporters of the Allende government, was carried out as part of a savage wave of repression that saw tens of thousands of people tortured and executed and hundreds of thousands more forced into exile by a US-supported dictatorship that went on to rule the country for 17 years.

The slaying of Horman and Terrugi, who were supporters of the Allende government, was carried out as part of a savage wave of repression that saw tens of thousands of people tortured and executed.

The crime became known to a broad public in the US and internationally with the 1982 release of the Costa Gavras film Missing, which dramatized Horman's father's search for his missing son and his ultimate realization that the US government was itself deeply implicated in his murder.

NOTE #1: Missing is a 1982 American drama film directed by Costa Gavras, and starring Jack Lemmon, Sissy Spacek, Melanie Mayron, John Shea, Charles Cioffi and Janice Rule. It is based on the TRUE story of American journalists Charles Horman and Frank Terrugi, who disappeared in the bloody aftermath of the US-backed Chilean coup of 1973 that deposed leftist President Salvador Allende. The film was banned in Chile during Pinochet's dictatorship. [We urge you to order the movie Missing from Netflix (or whatever) and view it for yourself.]

NOTE #2: Costa Gavras also produced and directed a second film entitled State of Siege. Yves Montand plays Philip Michael Santore, an official of the US Agency for International Development (an organization sometimes used as a front for training foreign police in counterinsurgency methods). Posted to a fictional South American country in the early 1970s, Santorean is kidnapped by a group of urban guerrillas. The story is based by Costa Gavras on an actual incident in Uruguay in 1970 when U.S. Embassy official Dan Mitrione was kidnapped and killed.

Using Santore's interrogation by his captors as a backdrop, the film explores the often brutal consequences of the struggle between the repressive government of Montevideo and the leftist Tupamaro guerrillas. Using death squads, the government decimates the revolutionary group, whose surviving members vote to execute the smugly calculating Santore, who is accused of arranging training in torture and political manipulation. In the finale a replacement U.S. official arrives, watched from the crowd by a defiant and angry survivor of the radical group.

Poster for Costa-Gravas's film, State of Siege (left); Dan Mitrone (center); Mitrone's body in Uruguay (right)

[Please see our article, "U.S.-Trained Death Squads in Bahrain;" for more information on Mitrone; we also URGE you to see our article, "The Horror of John Dimitri Negroponte and Everything He Represents." Negroponte worked closely with Mitrone in Latin America in organizing death squads there; he is also responsible for organizing Iraq's death squads - which now operate in Iraq with the same kind of impunity that the death squads he organized in Central America now operate. It is PRECISELY because Negroponte's death squads have become so efficient that the American government has felt safe to pull its so-called COMBAT troops our of Iraq - though the super-bases the Americans established there remain, and await the return of US troops if that proves necessary.]

Both Horman and Terrugi had worked as free-lance journalists for the American Information Source (FIN), which was sympathetic to the Allende government. Horman had also worked as a screenwriter for the Chilean state film agency. At the time of his death, he was reportedly investigating US involvement in the coup that toppled the Allende government and led to the death of the Chilean president.

In his indictment, Zepeda states that US agents had branded Horman's work for the state film company as "subversive," a charge that was repeated by Chilean secret police agents who abducted, tortured and murdered him. He also states that "there are presumptions that following the covert operations that (Davis) completed in Chile, designated against Charles Edmund Horman Lazar, he decides to not annul the decision of the material authors of this death, despite having the possibility of doing it."

The indictment states that given his "coordination with Chilean agents," Davis had been "in a position...[to] prevent the murder."

This charge was previously substantiated by US State Department documents declassified in 1999. One of them, a 1976 memo drafted by three department functionaries, described the Horman case as "bothersome" because of media attention and congressional investigations. The memo stated that the Chilean junta had reason to believe that "this American could be killed without negative fall-out from the USG [US Government]."

It added: "US intelligence may have played an unfortunate part in Horman's death. At best it was limited to providing or confirming information that helped motivate his murder by the GOC [Government of Chile]. At worst, US intelligence was aware the GOC saw Horman in a rather serious light and US officials did nothing to discourage the logical outcome of GOC paranoia."

This is a deliberate understatement of the real US role, which included feeding intelligence to the Chilean secret police agency DINA that served to stoke the junta's "paranoia" and concurring with the secret police that Horman's activities were "subversive," under conditions in which so-called subversives were being rounded up, tortured and shot by the tens of thousands.

Horman had met Davis in the resort town of Viña del Mar, near the Chilean port city of Valparaiso. While in Viña, Horman had spoken to several American operatives and taken careful notes documenting the US role—vehemently denied by Washington—in the overthrow of the Allende government.

All but a handful of CIA and US military documents on the case remain classified, 38 years after Horman's murder, and those that have been released were heavily redacted. There is strong evidence, however, that US military and intelligence agents had their own reasons to back Horman's execution.

Horman had met Davis in the resort town of Viña del Mar, near the Chilean port city of Valparaiso, during the coup. Davis gave the 31-year-old American a ride back to Santiago on September 15. He was subsequently arrested at his home. It appears that the two met not merely by chance, as US intelligence had been monitoring the activities of Horman and Terrugi in the period leading up to the coup.

Valparaiso had served as key base for both the Chilean military coup plotters and the US military and intelligence officials who were supporting them. While in Viña, Horman had spoken to several American operatives and taken careful notes documenting the US role—vehemently denied by Washington—in the overthrow of the Allende government.

Zepeda, who took charge of the case eight years ago, also indicted a retired Chilean general, Pedro Espinoza Bravo, in the murders. Brigadier Espinoza was the number-two man in the infamous DINA secret police apparatus of the Chilean junta. He is charged with direct participation in the interrogation of Charles Horman in the offices of the Ministry of Defense before Horman was murdered. Espinoza was already found guilty and sentenced to a prison term of just five years for his part in organizing the 1976 assassination of Orlando Letelier, who had served as foreign minister, defense minister and ambassador to the US under Allende. Both Letelier and his American aide Ronni Moffitt were killed by a car bomb planted by Chilean agents. The chief of DINA, Gen. Manuel Contreras, testified in 2005 that the CIA had directly supported Letelier's assassination.

Orlando Letelier (left) and Ronni Moffitt (right); center: bombed-out car that Letelier and Moffitt were riding in. The then director of the CIA, George H. W. Bush, was quickly told that DINA and several of his contract agents were involved in the assassination. However, he leaked a story to members of Operation Mockingbird that attempted to cover-up the role that the CIA and DINA had played in the killings.

Another ex-Chilean intelligence officer, Rafael Agustín González Verdugo, was previously convicted in connection with the case. He testified that Horman had been subjected to interrogation and torture at the Ministry of Defense before being executed. His body was subsequently moved several times to prevent its discovery.

Frank Terrugi was reportedly taken from his home in Santiago to the National Stadium, which in the wake of the coup was turned into a concentration camp for over 10,000 political prisoners. Like many others there, he was shot to death between September 21 and September 22.

There is little likelihood that the Obama administration will extradite Davis or any other US official implicated in the Horman-Terrugi murders and the other mass crimes carried out in Chile. [Please see our article, "Are US Presidents Afraid of the CIA."]

Successive administrations have shielded former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, whose extradition has been sought by Chilean prosecutors for his involvement in the coup and support for subsequent repression.

Obama himself tapped Jeffrey Davidow to serve as his chief adviser at the 2009 summit of the Americas in Trinidad. During the 1973 coup in Chile, Davidow was the political officer at the embassy in Santiago—a post that frequently serves as cover for CIA operatives—and was himself intimately involved in the Horman affair.

In Chile, the Association of Relatives of Disappeared Detainees issued a statement supporting Judge Zepeda's indictment of the ex-US officer. "This is important if the criminality of the governments of the United States and their responsibility for genocide in various countries on the continent begins to be established juridically before the world," said the organization's president, Lorena Pizarro.


God bless you all!

S.R. Shearer
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