[The fulfillment of event #8 in our cascade of prophetic events]

By: SR Shearer


  1. The mortgage meltdown.
  2. The derivatives crisis.
  3. The division of the world's population into a tiny, very wealthy financial elite and the rest of mankind, most of whom have been (are being) reduced to a state of abject poverty.
  4. The development of a CHRISTIAN (so-called) super-state.
  5. The emergence of an antiChrist figure who will be very UNLIKE what most Christians expect.
  6. An antiChrist figure who will seemingly champion the interests of the nation of Israel.
  7. The convergence of Christianity's many different fac-tions into a vast POLITICAL movement based not on any legitimate form of Christianity, but on HATE.
  8. The emergence of an extremely radical form of Islam that will challenge the interests of the United States in the Middle East, North Africa and Central Asia, and that will threaten the existence of the Jewish state in the Middle East.
  9. The probable break-up of the European Union.
  10. An attack by Israel on Iran's nuclear facilities that will precipitate the final Islamic radicalization of the Middle East.
  11. Some kind of mind-numbing event that will lead to a dictatorial takeover of the United States by the Relig-ious-Right in conjunction with America's financial elites and supported by the American military - an event that will precipitate the OVERT imposition of police-state controls on the American population.
  12. The absorption of the great MASS of Christians into the APOSTATE church, which is precisely what happened to Christians in Hitler's Germany.
  13. The signing of a FORMAL defense pact between Israel and the United States; this event will commence the Tribulation Period.

[Please see our article, "Precipitating a Cascade of Prophetic Events," for the scriptures that bear on these events.]

In a 2011 U.S. Middle East Policy Brief, Paul R. Pillar, Professor of Security Studies at Georgetown and former National Intelligence Officer, wrote about the unfolding Arab Spring in optimistic terms:

"The Arab Spring is a boon for US strategic interests in the Middle East. The revolts embody American values and, at least in Tunisia and Egypt, have achieved significant political change through non-violent methods, striking a blow to radical ideologies that depend on violence. The opening of democratic channels for the expression of political demands will further weaken the appeal of Islamist radicalism." [S.E. Cupp, New York Daily News]

Pillar’s comments regarding what the mainline media and the Obama Administration labeled the "ARAB SPRING" were representative of the views of most liberals in the West.

At the time, however, we demurred, and we went on to suggest that the euphoria of the moment amongst liberals in the West was nothing more than an exercise in "whistling past the graveyard." To prove our point we pointed out the virulent anti-Semitism that infected Egyptian society — from its highest levels to its lowest ones, and every where in-between - and that this extremely dangerous form of anti-Semitism was completely and totally inimical to the hopes of liberals in the West; that instead it augured for the RADICALIZATION and ISLAMIZATION of Egypt.

We were right, of course! – giving credence to what we predicted in item #8 in what we labeled a "Cascade of Prophetic Events" insofar as the "end of days" are concerned. [Please see our article, "Precipitating a Cascade of Prophetic Events," for the scriptures that bear on these events.]



It's much worse than most
people can possibly imagine!


There is a great deal of "giddiness" in the liberal press, both in this country and abroad, concerning the recent uprising in Egypt — i.e., that it represents a new era of liberalization and genuine democracy in that country.

Indeed, the "play" given to the "people's revolt" in Egypt is that what has been happening is a secularist uprising headed by Egypt's middle class; one that will be "guided" by Egypt's "people friendly" military - a military trained in the United States and committed to Western values - to a successful conclusion. [For a more realistic view of Egypt's military, please see our article, "What's Happening Now in Egypt."]

All the major U.S. TV networks are committed to this theme, as well as most sections of the liberal media; and no where else is this belief more entrenched than in the liberal Jewish media in New York. For example, in the Jewish daily, Forward, an article by Tarek Osman opines:

"Today, the liberal movement [in Egypt] has momentum. The demonstrations have given Egypt's liberals immense political capital. Meanwhile, the sectarianism from which Egypt has suffered over the past two decades has made the country's middle class very apprehensive of deepening the divide between Muslims and Christians. And the rise of the private sector and the recent revival in the role of civil society bolsters Egyptian nationalism, as opposed to any sectarian identity or framework.

"Because of Egypt's demographic weight in the Arab world, its far-reaching media and cultural products, its strategic significance in the region and even the accessibility of its slang, Egyptian political currents have the potential to resonate throughout the Arab world. Arab liberalism, Arab nationalism, modern political Islamism, 20th-century jihadism all were conceived in Egypt. If liberalism were to mount a comeback in Egypt, it could usher in a new era for the Middle East."

Lara Logan

Sadly, however, all this euphoria is nothing more than an exercise in "whistling past the graveyard" — AND NOTHING MORE PROVES THIS POINT THAN THE WIDESPREAD NATURE OF A VIRULENT FORM OF ANTI-SEMITISM THAT "INFECTS" ALL OF EGYPTIAN SOCIETY — FROM ITS HIGHEST LEVELS TO ITS LOWEST ONES — AND EVERTHING IN-BETWEEN; it is the kind of mindset that will soon have free reign in Egypt as the so-called "revolution" inevitably passes into the hands of the Muslim Brotherhood.

The article below was written more than seven years ago; since then, Egypt's anti-Semitism has only grown worse — MUCH WORSE! The extent to how much worse Egypt's anti-Semitism has extended itself was demonstrated on February 11 by a group of ANTI-MUBARAK (not pro, but anti Mubarak) DEMONSTRATORS in Tahrir Square — the kind that the liberal press has been celebrating as representatives of the "New Egypt" — when they attacked CBS correspondent Lara Logan and sexually assaulted (gang-raped) her, ALL THE WHILE CRYING "JEW! JEW!" (Logan is not Jewish.)


Among the Arab states, Egypt is notable for the extent of the anti-Semitic material appearing in its written and electronic media, promoted by both the establishment [meaning the Mubarak government] and the opposition [meaning the Muslim Brotherhood]. It is in clear violation of the 1979 Israeli-Egyptian peace treaty, according to which "[both countries] shall ... abstain from hostile propaganda ... ". The amount of anti-Semitic propaganda has increased since the outbreak of the current Israeli-Palestinian violent confrontation (late September 2000), and virulent attacks against Israel and its leaders are often couched in anti-Semitic terms directed against the Jewish people and not only the State of Israel

Anti-Semitic printed material is distributed from Egypt to the Arab and Muslim world, including the Palestinian Authority (PA)-administered territories and to Israeli Arabs 1. Conspicuous among the publications are The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, which have appeared in several editions and enjoy great popularity among Arab and Muslim readers. [Please see our article, "The Origins of the Illuminist Myth: The Fabrication of the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion."]

The current Egyptian regime [again, meaning the Mubarak regime], which can impose any degree of censorship it chooses, nevertheless permits the publication and distribution of anti-Semitic material (the most recent edition of The Protocols was issued by a publishing house with ties to the Egyptian "establishment"). In considered Israeli opinion, the continued appearance of such material in Egypt, especially after the peace treaty was signed and even during periods of genuine progress in the peace process, argues for a deliberate anti-Semitic policy on the part of the Egyptian regime. In Israeli assessment, it is in the regime's interest to place obstacles in the path of fully normalizing Israeli-Egyptian relations (by keeping its relations with all Arab states most of which oppose normalization with Israel, but without running the risk of being accused of clearly violating the peace treaty) and in this way to contribute to Israel's isolation in the Middle East.

The regime permits the existence and spread of anti-Semitism for three main reasons: to express its anger at Israeli policy toward the Palestinians; as a safety valve for the pressures caused by Egypt's continually worsening economic crisis; and as a way of removing pretexts for criticism from the radical Islamic opposition (especially the Muslim Brotherhood).

Following are examples of anti-Semitic publications which appeared in Egypt in recent years:

The current, updated establishment edition of The Protocols of the Elders of Zion

A new edition of The Protocols of the Elders of Zion of high technical quality was issued in Egypt in July 2002 by the large, respectable publishing house which also publishes the weekly establishment magazine, Akhbar al-Youm. The front-cover illustration is meant to depict "the Jewish global government" plotting its schemes to take over the world while looking for inspiration in Jewish holy writings. In the foreground are Jewish and Israeli symbols and important figures, including the seven-branched candelabrum, the Magen David (Star of David) and a portrait of Theodore Herzl, the founder of modern Zionism. The nefarious plots of the Zionist movement, claims the author, Hussein 'Abd al-Wahid, are nothing more than the continuation of the plots propounded in The Protocols. The Protocols, as currently used, serve the author as a propaganda weapon aimed directly at the Zionist movement and the State of Israel.

The Protocols of the Elders of Zion exported both the
Middle East and Muslim communities in the West

Following is a list of countries and cities to which the Akhbar al-Youm edition (July 2002) of The Protocols of the Elders of Zion has been exported. It appears immediately following the title page of the book, which has been distributed to, among other places, the Gaza Strip, Britain, France, Germany and the United States.

Exhibiting The Protocols of the Elders of Zion on the shelves of
religious books in the Manuscript Museum of the Grand
Library of Alexandria (November 2003)

The Jewish Peril -- The Protocols of the Elders of Zion is the title of the 1976 Egyptian edition, translated by Muhammad Khalifah al-Tunisi. It was put on display next to holy Christian and Muslim books in the Manuscript Museum of the Grand Library of Alexandria, which was opened to the public in November 2003. According to the museum director, that was done because "in the eyes of the Jews, The Protocols of the Elders of Zion [had] become one of their holy books," possibly, he stated, even more so than the Torah itself.

Below is a picture which appeared in the Egyptian media in response to the furor over the display of The Protocols in the Grand Library of Alexandria. The heading reads, "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion in a display case at the Manuscript Museum."

A photograph of Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, (former) chief Sephardic Rabbi of the State of Israel (second from the left), conferring with the top members of the Shas Sephardic religious party (of which he serves as spiritual leader). The inset in the upper right-hand corner reads, "The Zionist extremists [stand] behind The Protocols" (al-´Usbu', November 17, 2003).

Examples of anti-Semitic articles in Egyptian newspapers
Deep-rooted Islamic anti-Semitism

Israel's current prime minister, Ariel Sharon, and the Jews are demonized with Islamic motifs: "Despite the existence of certain dissimilarities, the actions of [the Israeli] prime minister Sharon always remind me of the Jew in the story who for years began his day by throwing all his garbage on the prophet Muhammad's doorstep ... Sharon's soul is not in the throes of a battle between man and Satan, but between one Satan and another " (Al-Akhbar, November 21, 2002).

The "despicable Jewish characteristics" mentioned in the Qur'an are reiterated: " The Qur'an proved that the Jews are adept at distorting facts, at making heroism look like crime and vice versa. That is in addition to two other traits, no less grave in infamy: the disregard for obligations and heartlessness; and to excuse their disregard for obligations they falsify the facts. That is what they do when they slaughter the innocent, an action caused by their cruelty, obtuseness and lack of human emotion, which have reached the point where their hearts have become harder than stone" (Al-Gumhouria, April 9, 2002).

Claims of Holocaust denial and equating
Israel and Zionism with Nazism:

The claim of "the fairy tale of the Holocaust and the gas chambers:" The writer of an Internet article complained about the success of the Jews at invading people's minds and programming them by means of "the fairy tale of the Holocaust and the gas chambers." The truth of the matter, the author claimed, was that "German policy never at any time or in any way aspired to annihilating the Jews, but rather only wanted to get rid of them by making them leave the country... the fairy tale of the annihilation of six million Jews is simply a lie " (written by Muhammad Taher in the online newspaper Al-Sha'b, November 28, 2003).

The claim that global Zionism has exaggerated the number of people killed in the Holocaust: "Global Zionism exploits every opportunity to remind the world about the actions perpetrated by the Nazis during the Holocaust. It exploits Jewish propaganda and the Jewish domination of the American political arena to convince the world of the lie that Nazi crimes were committed exclusively against the Jews. In actual fact, however, there were millions of Nazi victims who belonged to other faiths. As usual, they distort facts and their [propaganda] bullhorns proclaim that the number of Jewish victims of the Nazi Holocaust reached six million, despite the fact that there were fewer than six million Jews living in the world at that time" (Al-Akhbar, April 9, 2002. The article was written by the newspaper editor, Galal Dawidar, a personal friend of Egyptian president, Mubarak).

The claim that the Holocaust is a lie invented to extort money from the West: "Since the Second World War, global Zionism has displayed a high degree of expertise in using the lie it calls 'the Jewish Holocaust' to extort money from the rest of the world. The Zionists have made movies based on utter fabrications to exploit European hostility to Hitler and the Nazis, making full use of the Zionist control of the media and financial institutions. They wave the specious flag of anti-Semitism and work on European guilt feelings to wrest enormous sums of money from the national coffers. In actual fact, Jenin is the site of the real holocaust carried out by the Zionist Jews against a defenseless population and they perpetrated acts worse than the Nazis. In Jenin all their claims were exposed once and for all and any sympathy for the Jews was destroyed" (the Internet edition of Al-Ahram, June 5, 2002).

NOTE: The Battle of Jenin (April 1—11, 2002) took place in the Jenin refugee camp in the West Bank. Israel Defense Forces (IDF) entered the camp, and other areas under the administration of the Palestinian Authority, during the Second Intifada, as part of Operation Defensive Shield. The Jenin camp was targeted after Israel determined that it had "served as a launch site for numerous terrorist attacks against both Israeli civilians and Israeli towns and villages in the area."

The claim that the Jews brought the Holocaust on themselves: An article in the most popular Egyptian daily, Al-Ahram, described the Jews as "a suicidal people, even though they don't blow themselves up." It further claimed that "the Jews create circumstances which eventually necessitate their annihilation. Accordingly, Hitler did not murder the Jews but rather helped them realize their strong desire to commit suicide. The Jews are also blamed for conspiring against the other nations of the world, in both the past and present, and because they desire revenge they forget that they rouse men's basest instincts, and thus have no one to blame but themselves" (Al-Ahram, June 20, 2002).

The bloodthirstiness of the Jews, their other
negative traits and their conspiracies and schemes

Bloodthirstiness and violence are anchored in the Old Testament and the Talmud [the collection of Jewish law and tradition]: "The extent of violence in the Talmud is unbelievable... all [their] thirst for killing is anchored in that book... 5 verses drenched in blood are found throughout the Old Testament: the culture of destruction, annihilation and slaughter is anchored not only in the so-called divine 'Ten Commandments' but in the prayers and psalms, the end result of which is that a good Zionist is satisfied only by the smell of blood and destruction" (Al-Wafd, April 17, 2001)

The Jews have negative traits and their physical appearance is repellant: "The Jews act like thieves in the night and strive to destroy the societies in which they live. They are the offspring of snakes whose external characteristics are conspicuous: they are short and have hooked noses" (Al-Ahram, December 2, 2002).

The Jews stir up strife and contention throughout the world: "The Jews deify money, power and rule and are always scheming to attain them. That is why they ensure that great financial institutions the world over help them to realize their goals. The Jews even foment civil wars everywhere and do everything they can to achieve their goals without any consideration for the lives of others" (Al-Wafd, December 5, 2001).

The Zionists and Jews seek to inflict damage on the Coptic [Christian Orthodox] church in Egypt: "The Zionists and Jews seek to inflict damage on the [Christian] orthodox Coptic church [in Egypt] by means of the Sabateans. They are provided with funds, all of which are used as a means of causing detriment to the Christian faith. Leaflets are distributed in Coptic churches and mailboxes, and they preach religious innovations which [only] serve Zionist interests" (the Coptic bishop Mousa in an interview with a reporter from Al-Ahram al-´Arabi, quoted in the London-based Al-Quds al-´Arabi, June 11, 2003).

NOTE: The Sabateans are supposedly Jews secretly committed to the rule of Antichrist.

Cartoons and caricatures

Classic European and Islamic anti-Semitism have always made use of pictures, cartoons and caricatures for illustrating, spreading and inculcating anti-Semitic messages. Such drawings almost always present Jews and Israelis as stereotypes wearing in traditional garb and sporting enormous hooked noses. They are sometimes adorned with horns, a tail, the head of a dog, a hairy body, a sword dripping blood, a sack of money, etc., all intended to present the Jew as an ugly, contemptible and dangerous creature. The snake and the octopus, both Christian-European anti-Semitic motifs, are also frequently found in Arab and Islamic anti-Semitic cartoons and caricatures side-by-side with Nazi themes. In some instances the Jews are depicted as microbes or cockroaches, both candidates for extermination. All of the above is deliberated done to foment widespread hatred for Jews and in consequence to justify attacking them both literally and physically. A representative sample of cartoons follows:


(Al-Wafd, April 29, 2002)

Heading: News about the Israeli Mossad involvement in the terrorist attack in Istanbul. The Jew, labeled "Mossad," hides a figure labeled "Terrorism" behind him, asks the world, which holds a document labeled "The attacks in Instanbul": "Do you really believe the anti-Semites and think that I'm a liar?!" (Al-Liwa´ al-Islami, December 4, 2003)


Same theme as above: The Jew, labeled "Mossad," hides a figure labeled "Terrorism" behind him, and says to the world, which holds a document labeled "The attacks in Instanbul," "Do you believe the anti-Semites and think I'm a liar?!" (Al-Liwa´ al-Islami, December 4, 2003)


Ariel Sharon with the horns of the Devil and a swastika on his tie urges a group of Jews, "Let's go, hurry up! Let's establish ten settlements so that we can [later] dismantle them in front of the TV cameras" (Al-Wafd, June 6, 2003)


The picture of a religious Jew, an Israeli tank and a dog-headed Israeli soldier under the heading, "Pawns of the Devil" (Al-Ahram, June 29, 2002)


A Jew asleep in bed covered with a blanket inscribed "Zionism" and dreaming of taking over the world (Al-Ahram, September 17, 2002).

Jewish-Israeli-Nazi Themes


Sharon, his hands dripping blood, is reflected in the mirror as Adolf Hitler. (Akhir Sa'ah, April 24, 2002)


Sharon with horns, tails and a swastika on his tie, standing on anti-nuclear arms proliferation treaty and saying, "I'm very happy about this, very...!!" (Al-Wafd, December 22, 2003).


Sharon and Hitler kissing (October, December 6, 2003).


Sharon, his uniform adorned with a swastika and both a Magen David (Star of David) and swastika on his helmet, kneeling before Hitler and saying, "My lord and master, are you happy with me now?!" (Al-Ahali, April 17, 2002).

The Demonizing of Prime Minister Ariel Sharon
with Nazi and Anti-Semitic Motifs


Headline: "Sharon prevents the Palestinians form performing Friday prayers." Sharon, adorned with the horns of the Devil, a swastika and a bloody sword, is depicted weeping and saying to his Jewish assistant, "I have already prevented the Friday prayer. Now the problem is that they're receiving contributions and that's something I can't prevent!!" (Al-Wafd, July 1, 2002).


The demonizing of prime minister Sharon, here represented with the body of what appears to be a pig or a goat, its tail ending in a swastika, holding a knife dripping blood. In the background is a Magen David (Star of David) (Al-Wafd, May 11, 2001)


In honor of the holiday [Christmas-New Year's, judging by the tree and calendar] Sharon is depicted with the fangs of a vampire, drinking Palestinian blood. The bottle is labeled "Martyrs' blood" (Al-Ahali, January 2, 2002).


Sharon to the Arab world: "How do you like the holiday pastries (i.e., the skulls)? I made them myself!" (Al-Wafd, December 17, 2001).

Israel (and the Jews) as cockroaches
and microbes (to be exterminated)


"An enlarged view of an anthrax bacterium as seen through a magnifying glass" (Al-Osboa, October 22, 2001).


Hezbollah is depicted as an exterminator spraying Israel, which is in the Shab'a farms [located in the Israeli-controlled area of the northern Golan heights, but is claimed by Hizbollah (and Lebanon) as part of the territory of south Lebanon from which Israel must also withdraw, having already withdrawn from south Lebanon in May 2000] (al-´Arabi, December 10, 2000)

Classic Anti-Semitic Motifs:
The Snake and the Octopus


The Jewish-Israeli-American snake that rules the worlds and intimidates Muslim children (Al-Ahram, December 28, 2001).

NOTE: The perceived financial alliance between Israel and New York ("Jew Town" as it is described in the Arab press) is a recurring theme in the Arab world — a perception that cannot but help in demonizing the US in Egyptian society, especially as the Muslim Brotherhood grows in influence.


Same theme as above: The Magen David (Star of David) composed of two intertwined venom-spitting poisonous snakes; the two snakes represent Israel and the US. (Al-Ahram al-Iqtisadi, October 28, 2002)


Again, same theme as above: The Jewish lobby in the United States forming the stripes of the American flag (Al-Akhbar, April 4, 2002).


Magen David (Star of David) composed of snakes whose heads are those of Sharon and [Shimon] Peres. (Al-Ahram, June 5, 2002)


Octopus bearing a Magen David (Star of David) clutching the globe in its tentacles. The caption reads, "Secure borders for Israel" (Al-Ahram, May 25, 2002).


Zionism depicted as a fanged, poisonous snake wrapped around the United States and controlling it by force (Al-Gumhouria, April 2, 2002)

Indoctrinating children to hate Israel and the Jews


Sharon depicted as a monster eager to destroy the Palestinians (The comic strip appeared in the CHILDREN'S section of the weekly Akhbar al-Youm, April 13, 2002).


Sharon and his confederates, eager to spill Palestinian blood. (The comic strip appeared in the CHILDREN'S section of the weekly Akhbar al-Youm, August 4, 2001).


The front cover of the CHILDREN'S book intended to inculcate the stereotype of the greedy, treacherous Jew. The Jew in the picture holds a bag of money in one hand and with the other hides a dagger behind his back. The Islamists turned the troubled relations Muhammad had with the Jews into a model for the contemporary desired Jewish-Muslim relations and use it as "proof" of the "negative traits" innate in all Jews. Published by Yanabi Cairo, Egypt. Written by Masoud Sabri.

Islamic anti-Semitism: The Jews are presented as "descendents of apes and pigs," that is, they are human but rather "inferior" animals unfit to live. That is done to fan hatred for and justify physical attacks on them. Islamic religious edict [fatwah]

The identification of the Jews with "inferior" animals is intended to trigger a response of instinctive, irrational hatred for them and to deny them the status of human beings created in the image of God. Islamic anti-Semitism added apes and pigs to the classic European anti-Semitic images of the snake and octopus.

The issue was the subject of an Islamic religious edict [fatwah] made known in Germany (April 15, 2002) and spread around the Muslim world via the Internet. The author of the fatwah was the Egyptian Sheikh 'Attiyyah Saqr, formerly chairman of the Committee for Islamic Religious edicts at Al-Azhar University in Egypt.

The fatwah is entitled "The reincarnation of the sons of Israel in the bodies of apes and pigs." The question asked was: "In the holy Qur'an it is written that Allah reincarnated the souls of some of the Jews in the bodies of apes. Did apes exist before the Jews and are there any relics of [the Jews who became apes] today?" Part of the answer was: "Allah, may He be praised, said: 'Surely you knew [those] who violated the Sabbath among them and of whom it is said: [those] will forever be apes [Qur'an, The Cow Surah (2), Verse 65].'

The verse warns the Jews living at the time the Qur'an was heavenly given (and afterwards) lest they reject the Prophet [Muhammad], may the blessing of Allah and peace be upon him... Thus their punishment was that Allah reincarnated their souls in [the form of] apes and pigs and [in this way] humiliated them — that is, made them outcasts, scorned, unwanted..."

"Scientific evidence" for the fatwah's claim that the Jews are the descendents of apes and pigs can be found in a book called The Bomb. [See below.]

It was written by Muhammad 'Issa Daud 10 and published by Madbuli al-Saghir, Cairo, for the International Book Fair held in Cairo in February, 2003.

The Bomb

The Bomb discusses one of the Qur'anic Surahs (Chapters) dealing with Jews who lived in an ancient utopian village and whose form Allah changed into those of apes and pigs after they violated the Sabbath. The book attempts to define the village's exact location and presents various interpretations. It finally adopts the common opinion that it was the village called Aila, mentioned in the Qur'an and is, the book claims, present-day Eilat, Israel's southernmost city, close to the Egyptian border.

One of The Bomb's chapters discusses the "scientific measurement" of skulls and skeletons which "proves", claims the book, that they belonged to those Jews who were "transformed" into apes, as stated in the Qur'an. It also tells about bodies found close to the Egyptian border whose skeletons were human but appended with tails which were clearly those of apes and pigs. The bodies were mummified (even though Judaism bans mummification) and according to the type of mummification, the book reaches the conclusion that the event related in the Qur'an occurred during or shortly after the reign of King David. It also concludes that the Jews ignored the issue and that the Qur'an is the only source in which the story is recounted.

To reinforce its fabrications the book presents documents, photographs and other "evidence:"

  • The fact that the bodies were found close to the Egyptian border verifies the story in the Qur'an that some of the Jews fled to Egypt after Allah punished them.

  • The bodies had light-colored hair, reinforcing the claim that they originally came from Europe. On the other hand, the noses were characteristic Jewish hooked noses (according to the book, the original Jews were a Semitic people who, at an early stage in their history, mingled with the other ancient Semitic peoples).

  • The expressions on the mummies' faces were of shock and terror. The book quotes a verse from the Qur'an according to which the Jews were struck with terror when Allah punished them.

  • The bodies were buried in coffins made of plain wood and without nails in accordance with Jewish burial customs.

The book is laced with verses from the Qur'an relating to the Jews' negative traits because of which Allah refused to have anything to do with them. It makes a point of stating that although the Qur'an relates past events, the stories are extremely important for the present and future. Among the characteristics ascribed to the Jews are cowardice, greed, denial of the truth, treachery and [love of] bloodshed.

Pictures from the book to "prove" its claims

Photographs of mummified humans with tails, "evidence" that they are the Jews who turned into apes and pigs. The pictures appear both inside and on the cover of the book. Apparently there is no limit to the infamy, lies and absurdities of which Egyptian anti-Semitic propaganda is capable.

The cartoon is based on the Qur´an verse stating that Allah turned the Jews into apes and pigs. The inscription reads: "Barbaric Israeli acts against the unarmed Palestinian populace." The ape and the pig weep during an interview and the ape says: "I want to ask [Israeli prime minister] Sharon: how could you be descended from apes and pigs? There is no way we [i.e., the apes] could be so cruel!" (Al-Wafd, April 11, 2001)

Other examples of anti-Semitic literature

The Jewish Mind: Between Kindling
Conflicts and Destroying Civilizations

The Jewish Mind was written by Dr. 'Abd al-Haleem 'Uwais, and published by the Arab Information Center (Al-Giza, Egypt, 2003). The Jewish Mind is an anti-Semitic version of Samuel Huntington's well-known book, The Clash of Civilizations. Based on The Protocols of the Elders of Zion and various anti-Semitic myths, it claims the Jews are battling all other civilizations (particularly Islam) to destroy them and take over the world.

As mentioned above, The Jewish Mind was issued by the Arab Information Center, an Islamist publishing house, which continually wages an extensive, anti-Semitic "information campaign," against Israel and the Jewish people. It is being carried out in the name of the violent "liberation of Jerusalem and Palestine," with special emphasis on suicide bombing attacks. The Arab Information Center exports is products to the Palestinian Authority-administered territories, Israeli Arabs and many Western countries which are home to Arab and Muslim communities.

The Jewish-Israeli Personality and the Aggressive Spirit

The Jewish-Israeli Personality is an anti-Semitic book which is part of a series called Kitab al-Hilal [A Book (issued by) Al-Hilal (publishing house)], written by Dr. Rashad al-Shami. The illustration appearing on the front cover depicts the familiar snake as a negative symbol of the Jews, formed into a Magen David (Star of David), in the middle of which is a picture of Palestinian youths carrying a body. The snake, the Magen David and the dead body are intended to connect the three elements in the mind of the reader in the context of the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian violent confrontation (Egypt, Dar al-Hilal, 2002).

Israel from Within

"Talmudic [in this context, the religious-oriented boys/girls schools turned into secular-oriented, co-educational government] schools... do not recognize any idea beyond the Torah..." (from Israel from Within, p. 28]

Illustrations appearing at the beginning and end of every chapter of Israel from Within. An example of the use of graphics for spreading anti-Semitism.

Israel from Within was published in 2002 as part of a project called Reading for All: Child, Youth and Family, a series sponsored by Suzanne Mubarak, wife of the current Egyptian president, and some Egyptian governmental ministries. The book, which was supposed "to shed light on the nature of Israeli society from within" is full of anti-Semitism remarks.

The International Jew: a commercial success in Egypt

The International Jew by Henry Ford [in Arabic]
Publisher: Dar al-Fadhilah, Cairo, Egypt
Translator: 'Ali al-Gawhari
Date of publication: 2001

The International Jew, an anti-Semitic work by Henry Ford (who publicly apologized twice for writing it), is a collection of articles which appeared in The Dearborn [Michigan] Independent beginning in May, 1920. Like The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, it has enjoyed great popularity and has been issued in various editions in many languages. (It inspired a pamphlet written in English called Israel, Enemy of Africa, which was published in Cairo in January 1965 by the Ministry of Information in Nasserite Egypt and distributed in large quantities to the English speaking countries in Africa. The use of the book for propaganda purposes will be mention again in the section dealing in Iran).

The International Jew was reissued in 2001. Following is an excerpt from the translator's introduction: "This book tells a wonderful story... The well-known millionaire American industrialist Henry Ford, Sr. instructed a team of investigators to write this book about the Jews in the United States. When he began to suspect and was finally convinced that there was a Jewish conspiracy to take his company away from him, he immediately took steps to stop them. Thus he defended not only his company but his homeland as well." (Pp. 5-6) [Please see our article, "Henry Ford and Gerald L.K. Smith: Big Business and the Religious Right."]

The International Jew was revised by The International al-Shuruq Library. It was reviewed by Mahmud 'Abd al-Shakur in the Egyptian establishment weekly titled October, on February 1, 2004. Following are excerpts from the review:

"Henry Ford's book does not criticize Jewish intelligence or the talents by which they attained their high status in American society, but rather examines the question of how they attained that status, which was usually by illegal methods ..."

The review was followed by an illustration which included the picture of an Orthodox Jew photographed from behind wearing a hat on which a Magen David (Star of David) is painted, and holding a satchel full of money-according to the clear currency sign, presumably dollars. (To the left are pictures of Shakespeare, Theodore Herzl and George Bernard Shaw.)

Dialogue with Jews, the Roots of Antagonism
and the Perfection of Illusion

Author: Fathi Fawzi 'Abd al-Mu'ti
Publisher: Dar al-Tawzi' wal-Nashr al-Islamiyyah, Cairo, Egypt
Date of publication: 2002 (first edition)

Dialogue with Jews is a defamatory book in the form of conversations between a Jew and an Arab. The Arab, using quotations from the Qur'an, the Old Testament, the Talmud and general history, "proves" that the nature of the Jews — and Israel, the Jewish creation — is detestable and lethal. Anti-Israeli and anti-Jewish propaganda are intermingled indiscriminately throughout the book.

The book legitimizes Palestinian murder of Jews. One of its high points is the chapter entitled "The Prophet Killers" (pp. 138-151), in which the Jew tells his Arab interlocutor about "a Palestinian warrior who is ready to sacrifice his life [fida'i], who [indeed] blows himself up in a Tel Aviv market. As a result 27 Israelis are killed and 20 wounded " (pp. 138-139). For the Arab, the suicide bomber is a hero, and he justifies the action. When the Jew asks him if he condones the killing of innocent Jews, he answers, "Not only do I condone it, I encourage it, because murder is one of your religious laws ... you started it when you stole lands that didn't belong to you, a country that wasn't yours. The laws of Moses forbid murder, the orders God gave you [the Ten Commandments] assert 'Thou shalt not kill,'... but you embraced the Talmud, which allows you to shed the blood of others, of those who are not Jews, as if God created the world for you alone..." (p. 141).

The Israelites [as they are reflected] in the Qur'an and Sunnah

The review of the book as it appeared in Hassad ul-Fikr (Fruit of Thoughts), a monthly magazine published by the Arab Information Center

The Israelites is an anti-Semitic book which relies on Islamic traditions and The Protocols of the Elders of Zion for its "sources". It was reviewed on pages 67-76 of the December 2003 issue of Hassad ul-Fikr (Fruit of Thoughts). According to an editorial in the same issue "the book The Israelites [as they are reflected] in the Qur'an and the Sunnah gave concrete examples of the way the 'American Zionist conspiracy' worked to achieve their goal of destabilizing the region" and of the "fact" that plotting conspiracies was "an integral part of the Jewish-Zionist personality."

The Jews, according to the review appearing in Fruit of Thoughts, are the people most hostile to those who believe in Allah, Islam and Muhammad. Their ancient history proves it, and the current situation provides concrete examples. Therefore, " every Muslim must know the enemy" in order to be able to deal with him. The book is supposed to help Muslims achieve that goal, especially the younger generation, by making them familiar with Jewish history and with " the schemes the Jews have been plotting for generations." The book describes the Jews as corrupted and corrupting; spreading diseases; they transmit hatred from one generation to the next; they have the souls of conspirators (and are responsible for both the Gulf Wars and the events of September 11, 2001); they establish terrorist groups in the countries in which they live which undermine the legal governments; etc., etc., etc.

Jewish intentions to take over the world:
Israel, A Country Created by the Intelligence Services

Author: Tariq Fawzi
Publisher: Dar al-Ahmadi
lil-Nashr, Cairo, Egypt
Date of publication: 2002

Israel, A Country Created by the Intelligence Services attempts to prove that many world events are merely plots formulated by the Jewish intelligence service, and that the Jews intend to take over the world. In dedicating the book to his son the author writes: "My son Sayf al-Din, I dedicate this [literary] work to you to teach you to hate them when you grow up as much as your father hates them ... and perhaps you will be lucky and you will realize that your hatred is an honor they do not deserve. Your father, Tariq" (p. 5).

The following is an excerpt from the introduction: "Sober reading of Jewish history throughout the ages confirms that the Jewish intelligence apparatus created the State of Israel. The Jewish people deviated from correct thought, demonstrated their hatred for the human race and sowed corruption throughout the land, spreading everything forbidden. They did that to be able to build up their assets all over the world because they are convinced that anyone who is not Jewish is an animal ...They continue their aggression against the human race and will do so until their Messiah comes [meaning the Antichrist]...Then world rule will return to the Jews and all the nations will serve the Messiah [again, the Antichrist] and be subservient to him. Then every Jew will have 2800 slaves to serve him..." (p. 7).

Television series: "Rider without a Horse"

Al-Manar, the Hezbollah TV station in Lebanon, October 29, 2002

"One of the chapters of the Zionist Conspiracy..."
" take control of the land of Palestine"

The Egyptian satellite TV channel, November 2002

Rider without a Horse is an anti-Semitic Egyptian television series integrating classic anti-Semitism and the ongoing Israel-Palestinian violent confrontation. It was broadcast during the holy Muslim month of Ramadan, when TV viewing peaks, in 2002. The show was marketed to the Arab world and also broadcast by Al-Manar, the Hezbollah TV station, which - although situated in Lebanon - operates under Syrian and Iranian aegis.

Cartoons in reaction to American and Jewish objections to Rider without a Horse.

The anti-Semitic Egyptian TV series, Rider without a Horse, was presented as exposing the "true face" of the Jew, who is caricaturized as a devil. The inscription reads: "American-Israeli objections to the [TV] series Rider without a Horse (Al-Wafd, October 28, 2002)

"Help me, Abu Sharif, Uncle Sam's nose is sticking into my kitchen and saying, 'Stop cooking the Mulukhiyyah [popular Egyptian working-class dish of soup] because in Israel they don't like the smell of garlic.'" The point of the cartoon is that the Americans (and the Jews) stick their noses into Egypt's internal affairs.

The Age of 'Imad al-Din was another anti-Semitic series broadcast on the Egyptian satellite TV channel beginning on May 26, 2003, and before that on Nile TV, the Egyptian entertainment channel.

The series revolves around Egyptian life at the beginning of the twentieth century and includes negatively-portrayed Jewish figures. "Simon," for instance, is a religious Jewish merchant who wears a skull cap and full beard; he is also a drug dealer. In the eighth episode there is a scene in which a group of Jews, aided by an emissary from Vienna, concoct schemes to establish a Jewish state. At the end of the scene, one of the characters, a dramatic actor in the series, shouts: "Let's chase them [the Jews] away and not tire. We will work night and day and never be humiliated."

Laziness with regard to the scriptures and the temptation to let things drift stand over the lives of most Christians the way a dominatrix stands over the lives of her sex slaves.

The pictures and information (terminology) used both above and below may seem inappropriate to some; but we are dealing in REALITY here, and these pictures and the terminology we have used convey the power of that REALITY.

God bless you all!

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