By Neil Irwin, and Peter Schwarz

A fire bomb explodes among riot police during clashes in Athens, Greece, on Wednesday. Greek workers walked off the job for the first general strike since the country's coalition government was formed in June, 2012.


The wrecked eurozone

Michael Schuman writes:

"Since the start of Europe's debt crisis in 2009, there has been a steady drumbeat of predictions that the euro [and for that matter, the entire European Community (EC)] is doomed. The problems are too intractable, the debts too large, the political will too feeble. So far that hasn't occurred. The leaders of Europe have managed to put a bandage here and a few stitches there to keep the monetary union [as well as the EC] together. But now we really have to ask if the game is up. The years of half-measures, misguided policy and delusional stubbornness may finally be building up to crush the euro, like a cartoon snowball rolling downhill. Financial markets are clearly smelling an approaching debacle — the euro this week hit its lowest level against the dollar since mid-2010."

  1. The mortgage meltdown.
  2. The derivatives crisis.
  3. The division of the world's population into a tiny, very wealthy financial elite and the rest of mankind, most of whom have been (are being) reduced to a state of abject poverty.
  4. The development of a CHRISTIAN (so-called) super-state.
  5. The emergence of an antiChrist figure who will be very UNLIKE what most Christians expect.
  6. An antiChrist figure who will seemingly champion the interests of the nation of Israel.
  7. The convergence of Christianity's many different fac-tions into a vast POLITICAL movement based not on any legitimate form of Christianity, but on HATE.
  8. The emergence of an extremely radical form of Islam that will challenge the interests of the United States in the Middle East, North Africa and Central Asia, and that will threaten the existence of the Jewish state in the Middle East.
  9. The probable break-up of the European Union.
  10. An attack by Israel on Iran's nuclear facilities that will precipitate the final Islamic radicalization of the Middle East.
  11. Some kind of mind-numbing event that will lead to a dictatorial takeover of the United States by the Relig-ious-Right in conjunction with America's financial elites and supported by the American military - an event that will precipitate the OVERT imposition of police-state controls on the American population.
  12. The absorption of the great MASS of Christians into the APOSTATE church, which is precisely what happened to Christians in Hitler's Germany.
  13. The signing of a FORMAL defense pact between Israel and the United States; this event will commence the Tribulation Period.

Please see our article, "Precipitating a Cascade of Prophetic Events" for the verses that impact these specific points.

The Bible pictures the rise of a ten-nation confederation in Europe dominated by an OUTSIDE eleventh nation. If this is so, then there can be no doubt that the present EU of 27 nations cannot long endure; the same is true of the 17-member eurozone. Even then, the successor 10-nation confederation pictured by the Bible is depicted as a weak amalgamation that cannot hold together without the aid of the "holding power" of the eleventh OUTSIDE nation.

Schumann continues:

"Europe has all but admitted that Greece will exit the euro zone ... German Chancellor Angela Merkel has said, 'We want Greece to remain in the euro zone; but the precondition is that Greece upholds the commitments it has made'. With that attitude, the leaders of Europe might as well boot Athens out of the union right now ... No wonder European finance ministers earlier this week talked of the need for contingency plans to combat a Greek exit ...

"If Greece doesn't tip off a wider crisis, then Spain will. The situation in Spain continues to deteriorate. The zone's fourth largest economy finds itself in a nasty, no-win situation. All I can say is, Oy vey!

"It comes as no surprise, then, that people are openly talking about preparing for an end to the euro. Martin Jacomb, chairman of Share PLC, wrote in the Financial Times that it might be best for Europe to simply throw in the towel and concede that the euro [and for that matter, the EC] is a failure."


It is with this in mind that we turn now to ITEM # 9 on our "Chart of Prophetic Events" – events that have already occurred, are now occurring, or will soon occur; specifically the breakup of Europe as it is now constituted and the appearance of a successor 10-nation confederation dominated by the United States – what some neo-conservatives have dubbed "The League of Democracies." [Please see our article, "The Neoconservatives."]

Lewis Sperry Chaffer, founder and first President of Dallas Theological Seminary, commenting on what the Bible says about the final form of "Gentile World Power" – specifically, a ten nation European confederation dominated by an OUTSIDE eleventh power as portrayed in Daniel's dream image (Dan. 2:1-3, 5, 10, 14, 19-22, 26-28, 31-45) - writes:

Daniel's first Dream Image

"Five world dominions in their succession are foreseen ... FOUR of these are represented by the portions of the image and the fifth as that which will arise upon the wreckage of the four ... [after] the judgments of God fall ... . The first, [Ancient] Babylon as the head of gold, was already at the zenith of its powers when Daniel gave his interpretation. The second was Media-Persia in which kingdom also Daniel lived to share. The third dominion was Greece under Alexander, and the fourth was Rome, which was in its fullest development in the day that Christ was here on earth. It is this iron kingdom which merges in its final form [still as the fourth great Gentile world kingdom] into feet of iron and clay. It is in this time of the feet of iron and clay [of the fourth world kingdom] that the "Smiting Stone" [as the Fifth Kingdom - the Kingdom of Christ] strikes [and shatters the image - that is to say, Gentile World Power]." [Please see our article, "The American New World Order System Must Give Way to the Kingdom of Heaven."]

The "Smiting Stone" [as the Fifth Kingdom - the Kingdom of Christ] strikes and shatters the image - that is to say, Gentile World Power.

NOTE: Four great world empires [civilizations] of Gentile origin are spoken of by the Prophet Daniel - four and only four! - the ten toes of the image being only the final form of the last great empire - ROME. There is no interruption here in the continuity of the fourth great empire and the imagery used does not picture the death of the fourth empire and its later resurrection - but it speaks of one continuous empire up through time from Christ to the present.

Yet, it is commonly assumed by the layman that Rome collapsed in 476 A.D. - never to rise again. But Roman civilization itself never collapsed and has continued to this day. It is what we today call "Western Civilization" - a term familiar to any college student - and a term which denotes European Civilization; that is to say, that civilization which derives it force and origin from Ancient Rome. Thus, while it is true that the POLITICAL unity of "the one-world that was Rome's" was lost in 476 A.D., the civilization of Rome itself has survived to become the dominant civilization of this planet - directly holding sway over Western Europe and North America and holding limited sway over Central and South America, Africa, and to a lesser extent, even Asia.

Senātus Populusque Rōmānus ("The Senate and People of Rome")

In this connection, it is important to note that Western Civilization is to be differentiated from the native civilizations of China, Japan, India, Africa, and Central and South America. These are civilizations of totally different origins and it is these very civilizations that Western Civilization has come to dominate to a greater or lesser degree, directly or indirectly. The science, technology, literature, law, culture, religion, and languages [especially English, and to a lesser extent, Spanish and French] of this great civilization dominate the earth as no prior civilization has ever done, and all this in spite of the fact that there has been no political unity within the confines of this civilization for some 1500 years. The political unity of this great civilization has remained profoundly elusive and ethereal - always just out of reach of those who so ardently sought it - Charlemagne, Louis XIV, Napoleon, and even Hitler. Each failed in his turn. AND THIS IS EXACTLY THE CONDITION OF THINGS PROPHESIED BY DANIEL. Thus, the outline of the history of the Western World is best understood as a civilization which, while having lost its political unity in 476 A.D., has continued as a dynamic, powerful, and culturally unified civilization to this very day.

This is the view of Dwight Pentecost of Dallas Theological Seminary. Pentecost writes:

"It would seem best to view this Roman Empire as a continuous development from its original or initial form at the time of Christ until its final form at the second coming of Christ."

G.N.H. Peters echoes the view of Pentecost:

"It may seem a hard saying, but it is one which the facts fully bear out ... that the one key to the whole subject [of the history of Western Civilization] - without which medieval history is simply an unintelligible chaos - is no other than THE CONTINUED EXISTENCE OF THE ROMAN EMPIRE [in the form of Western Civilization]. As long as people are taught that the Empire came to an end in the year 476, a true understanding of the next one thousand years becomes utterly impossible. No one can understand either the politics or the literature of that whole period unless he constantly bears in mind that in the ideas of the men of those days, the Roman Empire, the Empire of Augustus, Constantine, and Justinian, was not a thing of the past, but a thing of the present."

IN THIS CONNECTION, IT IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT TO UNDERSTAND THAT THE CIVILIZATION FINALLY BEQUEATHED BY ANCIENT ROME TO THE WESTERN WORLD WAS NOT THE "PAGAN" ROME OF CICERO, NERO, AND CALIGULA, BUT THE "CHRISTIAN" ROME OF CONSTANTINE - A ROME THAT INCLUDED AS AN INTEGRAL PART OF IT AN APOSTATE FORM OF CHRISTIANITY IN THE FIGURE OF THE ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH. The touchstone to Roman Catholicism was the integration of the Church with the Roman State. This is the antithesis to all that the Church was meant to be - a HEAVENLY reality, not something of the earth, and most especially, not something of GENTILE Rome. The basis of all evangelical theology, on the other hand, is the rejection of Roman Catholicism's synthesis of the Church with the GENTILE State.

It is precisely this synthesis that the Religious Right in the United States is striving so hard to make real in the present-day politics of America.

It would seem, then, that the problem in acquiring a proper perspective of the fourth great Gentile power is not so much in seeing this empire as a REVIVAL of the "Roman Empire" as it is in seeing the recasting of the CONTINUING sphere of this same empire into its final ten-toed or ten-horned configuration.


The outline of the history of the Western World is best understood as a civilization which, while having lost its political unity in 476 A.D., has continued as a dynamic, powerful, and culturally unified civilization to this very day.

A little less than eighty years ago, the European nations controlled through their system of colonies almost one-half of the land surface of the globe! And while today they have lost their colonial empires, the civilization they introduced to these areas still survives and in many instances is thriving and prospering more than in the original "mother countries" [e.g., Canada, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, etc.]. The Beast of Daniel (Chapter 7) is thus represented by a body - which stands for the full extent of Western Civilization - and the head with ten horns - which stand for those countries of Europe chiefly responsible for carrying this civilization to the world.

The four wild beasts of Daniel's second Dream Image

Arno C. Gaebelein echoes Pentecost (i.e., Dan. 2:1-3, 5, 10, 14, 19-22, 26-28, 31-45); he writes:

"The gold in the dream image, and the first beast represent the [ancient] Babylonian empire. In the beginning it was a lion with wings, but they were plucked out; it lost its strength and though it had a man's heart it was a beast still ... The bear stands for the Medo-Persian empire, the empire seen as of silver, the chest and arms. One paw is lifted up, because the Persian element was stronger than that of the Medes. The bear had three ribs in its mouth because Susiana, Lydia, and Asia Minor had been conquered by this power. The leopard, with four wings and four heads, is the picture of the Graeco-Macedonian empire, corresponding to the thighs of brass in the image of Nebuchadnezzar. The four wings denote swiftness, the four heads the partition of this empire into the kingdom of Syria, Egypt, Macedonia, and Asia Minor ... We call attention to the fact that in the selection of beasts to represent these world powers that domineer the "Times of the Gentile," God tells us that their moral character is BEASTLY. The lion devours, the bear crushes, the leopard springs upon its prey ... then we have the fourth world empire, the iron one, ROME. It is described in a way as none of the others are. It is dreadful, terrible, exceeding strong; it has great iron teeth. It devours, breaks in pieces and stamps down. It has ten horns [which correspond to the ten - toes of the image] AND IN THEIR MIDST RISES UP A LITTLE ['YOUNGER' OR 'HINDERMOST'] HORN ..."

NOTE: There can be little doubt that this is a depiction of the United States, since it emerges out of the SAME civilization of which Europe is a part – only as a much YOUNGER power. [Please see APPENDIX 1 for a more complete description of the "Younger Horn."]


There also seems to be room to believe that a New Confederation organized under the authority of the US could be created by the United States consisting of ten nations that would take the place of NATO, the EU and even the UN - all of which are rapidly loosing their legitimacy. Indeed, Senator John McCain discussed the possibility of forming just such a new coalition when he ran for the presidency in 2008; he called it, "The League of Democracies." Concerning this matter Robert Dreyfuss wrote at the time:

"To combat what he [McCain] likes to call 'the transcendent challenge [of] radical Islamic extremism', McCain is drawing up plans for a new global institution that he calls the League of Democracies that can bypass the balky United Nations ... and support a revived US unilateralism that will engage in 'rogue state rollback' against his version of the 'axis of evil'. In all, it's a new apparatus designed to carry the 'war on terror' deep into the twenty-first century."


Thus, the Scriptures reveal that from the time of Daniel until the time when Jerusalem shall be given freedom [ON A PERMANENT BASIS] from Gentile dominion at the second advent of Christ, there will be four great empires which shall rise and fall. The period of Tribulation [the last seven years of the Times of the Gentiles] ... [will] be the final epoch in the development [of this period].

NOTE: It must be remembered here that Jerusalem has NEVER been free of Gentile power since the "Babylonian Captivity" (423 B.C.) – and that's true even today, many years after the so-called "Six Days War" in 1967. Moreover, even after the coming Gog – Magog War, Jerusalem will not be free of that power, but will be subject to the power of Babylon the Great – i.e., the U.S.

Concerning the last form of Gentile World Power, Pentecost writes:

"The final form of Gentile power is marked by a federation [of that power], since the mixture of the iron and clay [in the feet of the image] is an unnatural one. This is in harmony with Revelation 17:13."

Moreover, the appearance of the "eleventh horn" in Daniels' second dream image regarding the ten-confederated kingdoms suggests that the alliance depicted here cannot endure without the "holding power" of that eleventh OUTSIDE nation.

[We URGE you to see Chapter XII of the New Antipas Papers, "The Beast of Revelation 17."]

Thus it is that the chaos that presently grips both the 27-member European Community and the 17-nation Eurozone gives evidence to the impending collapse of both communities, and the eventual emergence of the 10-confederated European community as depicted in the Bible – a community that can be held together ONLY by the power and might of an eleventh nation – the United States.

The two following article attest to the coming collapse of both the EU and the Eurozone.

Neil Irwin, the author of the first article entitled "Europe Austerity Battle to Be Settled on Streets," suggests a "tug-of-war" between the financial elites (on the one hand) and the populace (on the other hand) – a "tug-of-war" that will essentially wreck the economies of most of Europe while preserving the power of the financial elites in the strongest of these nations – i.e., the new ten-nation confederation that will be domineered by the U.S.

Peter Schwarz, the author of the second article entitled "The Euro Crisis and the Lessons of the Weimar Republic" sees Europe being torn apart by the forces of the radical right and the forces of the radical left.

-- Antipas


Europe austerity battle
to be settled on streets

By Neil Irwin, The Washington Post

Just a few days ago, Europe's long-simmering financial crisis seemed to have reached its resolution after demonstrations of resolve by all players involved to deploy whatever means necessary to heal the deep fissures among the 17 nations that use the euro.

Never mind

However, on Wednesday, the streets of Madrid were full of protesters for the second day, thousands of whom surrounded Parliament, angry at the budget cutting by Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy's government; the leader of the economically powerful Catalonia region called for a referendum to consider leaving the country, showing that austerity threatened the nation's unity. Spain's borrowing costs for 10-year bonds rose more than 6 percent for the first time since early in the month.

NOTE: It is generally felt in financial circles that when interest rates for bonds rise above 6% -- i.e., the amount of interest that a country (say, Spain or Greece) must pay for investors to buy their bonds, thereby insuring that their debts will be paid off -- it cannot help but indicate that the country is heading for bankruptcy for the simple fact that no country can sustain paying such high interest rates over any length of time. The only way a country can drive down such high interest rates is to somehow or other wring the money out of the hide of its population, never mind the fact that in most incidents the population itself was not responsible for the near-bankruptcy of the country, but rather the casino capitalism of its ruling class.

Greece was shut down Wednesday by a general strike, with an estimated 60,000 people marching on the Greek Parliament in Athens as Prime Minister Antonis Samaras attempted to navigate the demands of international lenders for more forceful austerity measures and the pleas of a populace experiencing 24 percent unemployment.

60,000 people marching on the Greek Parliament in Athens - people who are infuriated at having to pay the casino-debts of their financial elites.

Perhaps more significantly, the financially stronger European countries met in Helsinki, Finland, and bogged down over how and when a new Europe-wide fund could begin injecting money into the continent's troubled banks, particularly in Spain and Ireland.

What's happening is as frustrating for Europe watchers as it was inevitable. For the nearly three years that the eurozone crisis has been under way, a reliable pattern has set in. Whenever the European Central Bank (ECB) steps up and deploys its ability to print euros to ease the panic on financial markets, everyone else steps down.

The political leaders in financially troubled southern European nations see less urgency to the budget-cutting demanded of them by the ECB, International Monetary Fund (IMF) and other international creditors. Germany, Finland and other stronger northern European countries dig in their heels on what concessions they demand for aid.

NOTE: One must remember here that the IMF is essentially a U.S.-dominated and controlled institution. [Please see our article, "The American New World Order System."]

Then, the ECB steps back, lets market forces threaten to get out of control again (specifically, by letting bond yields rise) and forces the politicians to act in their common interest. Rinse and repeat.

Breakthrough fails

This month, it seemed the ECB had finally broken this routine. With tacit approval from powerful German political leaders (though not Germany's central bank), ECB President Mario Draghi introduced a program to buy European nations' debt on a potentially unlimited scale — with major conditions. The most important at the moment is that a country must formally request the assistance and agree to financial conditions from the international lenders.

Predictably, citizens balk at some of those conditions. In Athens, trade unions called the nationwide strike to contest billions of dollars in new salary and pension cuts being discussed by the government and its international creditors.

Samaras is negotiating a $15 billion austerity package that is needed to persuade the creditors [i.e., the Wall Street financial elites and their subalterns in Europe] to release nearly $40.7 billion in financial aid that the country needs to stay solvent. Remember that Greece has been dependent since May 2010 on billions of euros in two previous rescue loan packages from other eurozone countries and the IMF. In return, it already slashed salaries and pensions and increased taxes in an effort to fix an economy derailed by decades of overspending and corruption.

NOTE: It must be borne in mind that the money that is being squeezed out of the populations of Europe are going to secure the major banks both in Europe and America from the results of the Casino Capitalism that these same banks engaged in over the past twenty years. This is not something new; this kind of highway robbery has been practiced by the elites against their resident populations since time began, from Richard I of England to Philip IV of France.

As Samaras and Greece can attest, it is no fun for a democratically elected government to be forced into deep structural changes in its government and economy on orders from unelected bureaucrats from Washington, D.C.; Brussels, Belgium; and Frankfurt, Germany. That is why Spain's Rajoy is resisting the prospect. But as Spanish borrowing costs rise, he may have no choice.

NOTE: It is precisely because no democratically elected government can force this kind of highway robbery on its citizens that a huge "tug-of-war" between the financial elites and the populations of these countries is now raging – a "tug-of-war" that will lead in many instances to revolution – revolutions that no doubt will involve the American military. [Please see our article, "The Greek Crisis and the Inevitable American Military Intervention."]

Angela Merkel and the European and American financial elites versus the Greek people; Making the Greek people pay for the greed of Wall Street, and in the process igniting civil war in Greece.

He has been trying for months to convince investors Spain can handle its own problems and will not need a bailout; to that end, he is set to introduce new cutbacks. Those will include restrictions on early retirement and various measures to streamline regulations and fight unemployment.

Asked by The Wall Street Journal whether Spain would seek international assistance, Rajoy said: "At the moment, I cannot tell you." His government would need to determine whether the conditions attached were "reasonable," he said, adding that if interest rates were "too high for too long ... I can assure you 100 percent that I would ask for this bailout."

That is what journalists might call a nonconfirmation confirmation that Spain is heading the way Ireland, Portugal and Greece went.

New dangers

The question is, How much will the populations of Spain and Greece take? With a quarter of the workforce unemployed, and demonstrators taking to the streets on mass scale, will the protests turn more violent or will the people vote to rip at the very idea of Europe?

In that sense, the biggest threat to Europe comes not from the outcome of negotiations involving the governments, ECB and IMF. It comes from the likes of Catalan separatists in Spain or the communist Syriza party that nearly won office in Greece this year. And what those countries' citizens are willing to bear while still remaining committed to national unity remains an open question.


The euro crisis and the
lessons of the Weimar Republic

By Peter Schwarz


The Weimar Republic is the name given by historians to the federal republic and parliamentary representative democracy established in 1919 in Germany to replace the imperial form of government. It was named after Weimar, the city where the constitutional assembly took place.

In the final years of the German Weimar Republic, between 1930 and 1932, the austerity program implemented by the Brüning government in response to the flight of capital and the world economic crisis precipitated the catastrophe that followed: mass unemployment, Nazism and war ...

In recent days, the Greek and Spanish governments have agreed to austerity measures that far exceed the emergency measures implemented by the Brüning government.

Even though Greece has been in recession for six years, the Greek government has agreed a further round of austerity amounting to €11.5 billion. According to the government's own calculations, economic output will sink by 25 percent compared to 2008—a staggering decline. Most of the cuts are being made in pensions, health and social expenditure, impacting the poorest layers of the population.

Last week, the Spanish cabinet cut the budget for 2013 by an additional €40 billion. The five austerity packages passed by the Rajoy government in the last year now add up to €127 billion. This equates to a quarter of the annual national budget.

For broad sections of the population, these measures spell naked poverty. Nevertheless, for the European Union and, above all, the German government, they do not go far enough. The EU, with Germany leading the way, are pressing for additional cuts, even if these produce a social catastrophe.

The social attacks are not limited to the highly indebted countries of southern Europe. An enormous transfer of wealth toward those at the top is taking place in the richer countries of the North. Private fortunes in Germany have risen by €1.4 trillion since the outbreak of the economic crisis five years ago, while poverty at the opposite pole of society is spreading like a cancer.

During the stock market boom of the 1990s, the financial sector largely detached itself from the real process of production and grew increasingly parasitic.

In light of the historical experiences of the last century, such a course might seem utter madness. Nevertheless, it is supported by all of the establishment parties, whether they call themselves conservative, liberal, Green, social democratic or "left."

Social democratic parties like the German Social Democratic Party (SPD) under Gerhard Schröder, Britain's Labour Party under Tony Blair, and, more recently, Greece's PASOK under George Papandreou and Spain's PSOE under José Zapatero have championed the destruction of social conditions and all of the past gains of average citizens in Europe. The same is happening in France under the Socialist Party following the recent election of François Hollande as president ...

In the past thirty years, fundamental socioeconomic changes have occurred that make a return to the old economies that guaranteed prosperity to all ... National industries have been confronted with merciless global competition unleashed upon them by the Wall Street elites.

During the stock market boom of the 1990s, the financial sector largely detached itself from the real process of production and grew increasingly parasitic. Annual salaries and bonuses amounting to tens of millions, which would have been inconceivable thirty years ago, are now the norm at banks and corporations. An insatiable financial aristocracy has arisen, which, in the name of "saving the euro", is attacking without restraint all of the social gains won by the working class over the last 65 years. The political parties and the media lie at its feet ...

Anger is visibly rising. The number of strikes, protests and demonstrations is clearly increasing ... Opinion polls find deep hostility towards the banks ...

There is revolution coming to Europe

And so we repeat what Schwarz said at the beginning of his article, specifically that the policies that are being pursued in Europe cannot help but lead to =



God bless you all!

S.R. Shearer
Antipas Ministries







Then make copies and take these copies out to the campuses where you live; pass them out; OR if that seems too "daring" for you right now, post them on telephone poles, the sides of buildings, on campus bulletin boards; post them in union halls, in the neighborhoods of the poor and downtrodden, near employment offices, wherever you can.

Once again, we URGE you to read (or re-read):



Eighty years ago, the European nations controlled through their system of colonies almost one-half of the land surface of the globe! And while today they have lost their colonial empires, the civilization they introduced to these areas still survives and in many instances is thriving and prospering more than in the original "mother countries" (e.g., Canada, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, etc.). The Beast of Daniel (Chapter 7) is thus represented by a body - which stands for the full extent of Western Civilization - and the head with ten horns - which stand for those countries of Europe chiefly responsible for carrying this civilization to the world – namely, Britain, France Spain, the Netherlands, Belgium, Portugal, Italy, Germany, Denmark and Sweden.

Now, something new is added to the picture of the Beast which represents the final form of the fourth great GENTILE world power - AN ELEVENTH HORN!!! Pentecost writes:

"From among these ten kingdoms there will arise ... [another which] will have control over the whole dominion ..."

In other words, there shall arise an eleventh nation out from the original ten (an offspring of the ten) which will grow up and eventually dominate the whole of Western Civilization. And it is out from this eleventh nation that the Antichrist shall come [please see Daniel 7]. This eleventh horn [nation] is described as little or younger. The Hebrew word translated here as little means hindermost or that which comes after and conveys the thought of youth or younger as in the term, little girl. (Daniel 7:8 and 24). It is thus to be understood that this eleventh horn is one of those nations colonized by the original ten. This horn is described as more stout or much stronger than the original [first] ten (Dan. 7:20).

S. Frank Logsdon (1907-1987) was a Baptist preacher, popular author and Bible conference speaker; Logsdon pastored Moody Memorial Church of Chicago.

We ask the reader now, which nation could this possibly be? Brazil? Argentina? Canada? Mexico? Australia? But, come now, let's reason further. Some years ago, S. Franklyn Logsdon wrote:

"Man seems to have a special delight and a strong aptitude for the use of nicknames and symbolical terms. The 'Bambino' would of course be the home run swatting Babe Ruth, with the 'Hammer,' Henry Aaron, the current champion in that category ... Everyone conversant with boxing would recognize the 'Brown Bomber' as Joe Lewis ... . So also with the Scripture. Prophetic entities, not specifically named in the Bible, may be identified by representations or by descriptions [such as the "Olive Tree" for Israel and the "Lampstand" for the Church] ... The chief reason why many nations of today are not mentioned by name in the Scripture is simply and obviously because ... [they] were not in existence in Bible days. The [human] writer did not know the ethnic names. We must, therefore, search for designations or names or both, which in a convincing manner are applicable [to the world situation of today]. By description, we can identify people, places, and things. Thus, it should not be impossible, or even difficult to identify nations in this manner."


The Bible describes Prophetic Babylon - the eleventh horn (i.e., the "younger" horn) - as follows [and here we only use descriptions of Prophetic Babylon that are generally recognized as such by "mainline" evangelicals):

  • She dwells in the midst of many waters - she is protected by the waters [or oceans] which surround her [literally, she is said to dwell "in the heart of the seas" - Pember, Earth's Earliest Ages, pg. 46). Indeed, Antichrist is pictured by Ezekiel as exulting in the strength of his sea-girt nation, and likening himself, in proud reliance upon his inaccessible dwelling, to the God that sitteth above the heavens [Ezekiel 28:1-2; Jeremiah 51:13).

  • Her People are a mingled people - that is to say, a "melting pot." (Jeremiah 50:37).
  • She evidently has never known the heel of a conqueror and is exceedingly powerful militarily (Revelation 18:4-5 - implied, Jer. 50:23).
  • The nations of the earth are dominated by her (Rev. 18:9); she is an arrogant, proud, and haughty nation (Jer. 50:23).
  • She is the greatest economic power in the world, a power so great that the nations of the earth are able to grow rich if they can trade with her or are allowed access to her domestic markets in which to sell their goods (Revelation 18:3, 11, 12).
  • By means of her economic power [covetousness] she controls the world; gluttony reigns as the people (or the elites which control this nation) live sumptuously [but want more - their appetite never satisfied], while many in the world starve (Jeremiah 50:38; 51:12-13).

  • The nations of the earth must trade with her by sea (a confirmation of #1 above - Revelation 18:19, 23).

  • The people of Babylon are exceedingly materialistic and are madly in love with their worldly possessions which have become their idols (Jeremiah 50:38); her tastes are extravagant (Rev. 18:14); she is a nation of great material attainments; and her achievements in the "fine arts" [i.e., music, dance, literature, films, etc.] are renowned throughout the world and copied everywhere (implied - Rev. 18:22; Jer. 51:53).

  • Babylon is described as a vast latter-day nation, not as a single city (Jer. 50-51). In fact, she is a nation of MANY influential cities (Rev. 18:18). In this connection, it is necessary to note that we are here talking not of a mere city to be rebuilt on the site of Ancient Babylon; such a concept is in conflict with Isa. 13:19-22 - please see the note on page 1347 of the Scofield Reference Bible.

  • Babylon is described as a nation which at one time was a God-fearing nation [a "Golden Cup" in the Lord's hand], but a nation which left God and fell into degradation and then which intoxicated the rest of the world with her iniquity. (Jer. 51:7).
  • Finally, she is a nation that "has reached for the stars [heavens]" - i.e., space (Jer. 51:53).

Now, we ask the reader to put all emotion and feelings aside, and to decide the following question in light of the cold, hard, SCRIPTURAL facts: which nation are we talking about here? We want to emphasize that what has been presented is nothing new. It's just that evangelicals refuse to come to grips with the truth of the prophetic Scriptures.

One additional description should be noted: prophetic Babylon is also described as a nation which shall pose as Israel's chief ally and protector in the "latter days" [Please see Daniel and the Latter Days by Robert Duncan Culver, Chapter 4; please also see Daniel 7]. We ask the reader to name the nation today which is Israel's chief and only ally, that one nation more than any other nation which poses as Israel's defender - be honest, which nation is this?


Evangelicals have in the past contended that Antichrist would secure world dominion as king of the Ten Confederated Kingdoms (evidently a group of Western European states - though it's anyone's guess as to which states these might be, and it's probably not all that important to single the specific states out - after all, what the Bible has in mind here is Western Europe taken as a whole).

But the Scripture in no place identifies the Antichrist as the king of these nations. While the Bible does indicate that he will dominate them, it does not say that he will rule directly over them, but that he will be an ELEVENTH KING OF AN ELEVENTH NATION (see Daniel 7:24). [In this connection it is interesting to note that the number "eleven" is the number of apostasy.]

Moreover, in Daniel chapter seven, concerning the Ten Confederated Kingdoms [the ten horns of the fourth wild beast - verses 7 and 8], the Antichrist is described not as one of the "ten kings," but as an eleventh king of an eleventh nation, a nation independent of, and different from the original ten, a nation, however, which evidently derives its heritage from the original ten nations.

Is there any doubt that the United States has derived its heritage, its culture, and over 80% of its people from Europe? Can there really be any doubt as to the identity of this great latter-day nation? - are we not speaking here of the United States of America?

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