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The following two articles – the first by Bill van Auken and the second by Dave Lindorff (both with WSW) - demonstrate the abject lawlessness to which the U.S. has descended in its effort to clamp down on all those who oppose its new world order system – going even so far as "kidnapping" a head-of-state (and there is no other way of understanding what the U.S. did to President Evo Morales of Bolivia in forcing his plane to land in Vienna except to understand it as a "kidnapping") in order to force its will on the rest of the world; in addition, these articles (especially the second one) exhibit the sniveling, feeble-minded nature of Europe's relationship with America. [We urge you to see our articles, "America vs. Europe" and "Reducing Europe to the Status of Greece in the Days of Rome."]

- Antipas


The hijacking of Evo Morales,
President of Bolivia

International thuggery in Snowden manhunt

Bill Van Auken, WSW

Bolivia's President Evo Morales boards the presidential plane at Fortaleza airport July 3, 2013. (Reuters/Jarbas Oliveira)

Latin America rising: Outrage at
'imperial hijack' of Morales' plane

Bolivian President Evo Morales talks to journalists on July 3, 2013 at the airport of Schwechat, near Vienna.

RT: Latin American leaders are meeting to discuss the "hijack" of Bolivian president Evo Morales' plane in Austria. Regional leaders presented a united front, defending Latin American sovereignty in the face of what they see as post-colonial imperialism. The Union of South American Nations (UNASUR) will hold an emergency meeting to discuss the EU air blockade that forced the Bolivian President Evo Morales to land in Austria on Wednesday. France, Spain, Portugal and Italy all closed their airspace amid suspicions the NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden had stowed away on board the president's craft. The 12 nations that are part of the regional block will have a ministerial meeting in the Peruvian capital of Lima to discuss the consequences. So far Bolivia has already resolved to take an official complaint to the UN over the incident, alleging that the US was undoubtedly the instigator.

The forcing down last week of President Evo Morales's jet on suspicion that it was carrying Edward Snowden to asylum in Bolivia is part of a descent into international lawlessness unprecedented since the 1930s.

France, Portugal, Italy and Spain all refused to allow the plane to cross their air space, rescinding approval of its flight plan after it had been airborne for three hours and forcing it to make an emergency landing, with its fuel running low, in Vienna, Austria.

In La Paz, hundreds of demonstrators gathered outside the French embassy, throwing stones, burning the French flag and shouting, "Hypocrite France!" As if to prove their point, France's Socialist Party President François Hollande claimed Wednesday that it had all been a misunderstanding, and had he known Morales was aboard, the plane would have had no problem.

The lives of Morales and other senior Bolivian officials were placed in imminent danger as they returned from a summit of gas-exporting nations in Moscow, where the former National Security Agency (NSA) contractor has been trapped in an airport transit zone for 11 days, with no country yet willing to receive him. Afterward, the Bolivian president was essentially held hostage in Vienna until the next morning, when the European countries lifted the flight ban.

These methods amount to state terrorism and air piracy. While they were carried out by European governments, there is not a shred of doubt that their real author was Washington, which is waging a relentless, extralegal manhunt for Snowden in retaliation for his exposure of the NSA's secret and unconstitutional spying program against millions of people in the United States and all over the world.

Morales reported that Spain's ambassador to Austria came to the airport and told him he would inform the Bolivians of whether their plane would be allowed to pass through Spanish airspace and refuel in the Canary Islands after Madrid had consulted with "friends" in the morning. There is no doubt that these "friends" reside at the US State Department and the Langley, Virginia headquarters of the CIA.

The actions of the European leaders are extraordinary. Secret files made public by Snowden only days before exposed Washington's systematic spying on their governments and diplomatic missions as well as the European Union itself. The French government had vowed that the revelations would preclude the signing of an EU-US trade pact or virtually any other collaboration.

Yet these governments acted as willing accomplices in Washington's scheme to effectively kidnap the president of Bolivia on the unfounded suspicion that he was exercising the sovereign right of granting Snowden asylum. The apparent basis for this suspicion was Morales' statement in Moscow that Bolivia was "ready to accept those who disclose espionage" and would seriously consider Snowden's appeal for asylum.

NOTE: All this demonstrates the "client-state" relationship between Europe and the United States; it exposes the European governments as nothing more than American puppet-states.

Puppets on a string.

That Snowden merits asylum is unquestionable. If he falls into the hands of US authorities, he has every reason to fear he may be subjected to torture, incarceration without trial, or death, all of which have been meted out with impunity by Washington under the pretext of its "global war on terrorism."

FORCING DOWN MORALES' PLANE: this is precisely what the US would have done had Washington's NATO allies refused to obey his illegal order to intercept Morales's flight.

All of the pretensions that US is a champion of "human rights" and democracy have been exploded by the Snowden affair, arousing collective contempt and anger throughout the world. While Washington is occasionally prepared to embrace right-wing dissidents who function in their own countries as assets of US policy, when it comes to anyone who stands up to challenge its interests, Washington's answer is violence.

The forcing down of Morales's plane has once again exposed U.S. government leaders as a pack of liars. It is barely a week since the US president cynically dismissed fears that he would "be scrambling jets" to capture Snowden. Yet this is precisely what he would have done had Washington's NATO allies refused to obey his illegal order to intercept Morales's flight.

As for the media, it remains as always a faithful conduit of government lies. On Wednesday, the talking heads of CNN were describing the incident with Morales's plane as "bizarre," meaning they had not yet been given an official pretext to justify a flagrant international crime. Had the Bolivian president's plane crashed in the sea, they would have no doubt blamed him for his own death.

The US government has emerged ever more openly in the Snowden affair as a gangster regime that is prepared to kill to keep the ex-NSA contractor or anyone else from exposing its crimes. Obama is nothing but a front man for the Pentagon and the vast intelligence apparatus that dominates his administration (see below).



Karl Wallenda on "high wire" just before he plunged to his death in 1978.

There are many who puzzle over Obama's seeming subservience to the CIA and its allies in the financial, military and intelligence communities; but what Obama is attempting to do – contrary to what most Christians think – is "buy time" before moving against this nexus of "evildoers;" he is well aware of the tightrope he is walking – trying to unshackle America from the clutches of this depraved elite of power, most of whom claim to be Christians, while at the same time attempting to proscribe their power. [Please see our article, "The Evil in our Midst;" please also see our documentary, "Greed Is Good;" for information on the so-called "Christianity of America's intelligence community, pleas see our article, "Remembering Dachau while Pondering the Fate of the CIA's Prisoners Scattered around the World."]

Eventually, however, he will undoubtedly suffer the same fate that Karl Wallenda suffered: he will fall off the tightrope he is walking and go the way Kennedy went in 1963. [Please see our article, "The New Permanent Obama Coalition," "The Reichstag Fire of 1933 and the Twin Towers of 9-11: Portents of Things to Come" and "The Men Who Gathered Themselves together at Clint Murchisan's Home Forty-Five Years Ago."]


The emperor Caligula being assassinated in Rome by the Praetorian Guard.

Michael Parenti calls the financial / intelligence / military nexus a "government within a government" –

"A conspiracy against America's legitimate government."

David Talbot of the New York Times says that the intrigues the CIA is continually hatching in Washington has turned our capital city into a city of treachery and "double-dealing" similar to the treachery and double-dealing that characterized life in the Rome of Christ's time; he writes:

"The ancient imperial capital [of Rome] ... was full of dark intrigue, treachery and gruesomely memorable characters. But it had nothing on Washington, our Rome on the Potomac ..."

According to Talbot, the Rome of today is as likely to "suffer" the assassination of its presidents as the Rome of yesterday was likely to "suffer" the assassination of its Caesars; and it's America's intelligence agencies that play the part of Rome's Praetorian Guard in this gruesome spectacle.

Talbot says that Kennedy - who was a student of the history of ancient Rome - was well aware of this fact, and it gnawed at Kennedy's nerves while he was president, as well it should have. Talbot writes:

"JFK ... clearly sensed the mutinous mood in right-wing corners of Washington. In conversations with friends, Kennedy raised the specter of an assassination or coup with disturbing frequency during his brief presidency." [Please see our article, "Whether Obama Will Live or Die May Be Determined by What He Does in the Middle East and Central Asia."]

Talbot continues:

"Top generals, spymasters, far-right congressmen, defense industry lobbyists and anti-communist zealots all began muttering about the young man in the Oval Office [i.e., Kennedy], who, in their minds, was weak and inexperienced ..."

It was precisely out of this milieu of Right-Wing zealots - all of them centered around the CIA - that those who planned JFK's assassination emanated.

Now they are gathering themselves around Obama just as they did Kennedy so many years ago, ready to pounce on him in the same way they did Kennedy if he strays too far off the course of empire that the nation's financial elites have set for the country.


On the world stage, this government more and more relies on militarism and aggression, treating nations like Bolivia in the manner that Hitler dealt with small nations in the late 1930s and 1940s.

Here the old adage that foreign policy is an extension of domestic policy finds expression. At home, as Snowden's exposure of the NSA domestic spying operation makes clear, the US government is erecting the infrastructure of a police state dictatorship.

This has been spelled out in both Snowden's case and in the US military's court martial of Private Bradley Manning for providing secret documents on the Afghanistan and Iraq wars as well as classified State Department cables to the anti-secrecy organization WikiLeaks.

In summing up their case Monday, military prosecutors argued that Bradley was guilty of "aiding the enemy" because material he is accused of making public was seen and republished by Al Qaeda. This included the "Collateral Murder" video depicting the massacre of Iraqi civilians by a US helicopter gunship.

According to this logic, anyone—journalists and demonstrators - who dares to expose US war crimes, or indeed any crime of the US government against the American people, could be charged as a traitor and spy for "aiding the enemy," or designated an "associate" of Al Qaeda and placed on a kill list. [Please see our articles, "The Lynne Stewart Story: the Kind of Justice that Is Coming Your Way If You Speak Out against the American New World Order System."]

The courageous actions of Edward Snowden have earned him broad popular support from people around the world as well as in the US itself, where the words spoken by Abraham Lincoln nearly a century and a half ago—"of the people, by the people and for the people"—read today like an indictment of the existing regime, which is of and by the military/intelligence apparatus, and for the banks, the corporations and the financial oligarchy.

Snowden is hated by wealthy ruling layers not only in the US, but in Western Europe as well, for exposing the criminal conspiracy being organized by gangster regimes against the democratic rights of the people. [Please see our article, "The Criminalization of Political Dissent in America."]


Leaders in Europe Cave Under
US Pressure Over Snowden


Can there be any real question about this relationship?

Those who have been saying that the US has become a weak, or at least more ordinary power among many in the world because of its military failures in Iraq and Afghanistan, and because of its so-called economic decline, will have to recalibrate this analysis after watching the pathetic behavior of the leaders of Russia, Germany and France under pressure from the Obama administration not to allow Edward Snowden to gain asylum in those countries or even to escape his purgatory in Moscow's Sheremetyevo Airport.

Last week, in an astonishing display of fawning obedience to the demands of US leaders, France and Germany first announced that they would not grant asylum to Snowden, despite broad popular support by French and German people for such an offer of aid to the embattled whistleblower.

Then, France and Portugal abruptly refused to allow a Bolivian aircraft carrying the country's president, Evo Morales, from a state visit with Russia's Vladimir Putin, to land for refueling in their countries, saying that they were concerned he might be flying Snowden to asylum in Bolivia.

Although Spain said eventually it would allow the Morales plane to refuel in the Canary Islands, it did not have enough fuel to get there and had to be diverted to Vienna, where, astonishingly, it was then searched like a drug-smuggling flight over Bolivian protests. Snowden was not aboard. A furious Morales immediately blamed the US Department of State for the whole incident — a charge that no one has disputed, though of course the US is refusing to comment.

Aircraft carrying national leaders have absolute diplomatic immunity under international law and moreover, Bolivia would have the absolute right to grant Snowden amnesty, and to bring him to its territory, whether or not he had a valid passport. As the leader of a sovereign nation, Morales has every right to carry anyone he wants on his plane with him back to his country.

That France, Portugal and Austria would so violate such basic diplomatic rules suggests that the US (which of course has long demonstrated that it views diplomatic rules and international law as applying only to others, but not itself) has some powerful leverage to exert behind the scenes. The more so because this whole incident makes leaders like French President Francois Hollande, who only the day before had suggested his country might consider Snowden's asylum appeal, look foolish, and because this aggressive and hostile action taken against the leader of a sovereign nation makes France, as well as Portugal and Italy, look pathetic and ridiculous at a time that public sentiment across Europe is solidly in support of Snowden.

An activist friend in Germany reports that sentiment there in support of Snowden and even of granting him asylum is "probably at about 80%," and that is probably also true in France.

This latest incident, which has incredibly not been protested either by Russia's Putin, from whose country the disrupted flight originated, and who was Morales's official host, also shows Putin and Russia to be under America's thumb. Who could have imagined Putin allowing a meeting of leaders in his own country to be so shamed by US intervention with a foreign leader's return flight home without a loud protest and even some counter action.

At a minimum the US ambassador should have been called in to be tongue-lashed by the Russian president.

Please see our documentary, "Greed Is Good" for information on Russian subservience to the United States

Has the US, with its massive spy network, just demonstrated that it now has a power greater than its nuclear arsenal: a dossier perhaps on almost every leader in the world with which it is able to blackmail even the likes of Hollande, Merkel and Putin? It is hard to come up with another explanation for the way this incident played out.

We will have to see now whether Morales, a popular leader from an impoverished indigenous background who is clearly no coward and who is probably too clean to be blackmailed, will make good on his assertion made in Moscow that Snowden would be welcome in Bolivia. Russia could recover a modicum of its self-respect by flying him there on a Russian plane to avoid similar US-orchestrated interference. Venezuela's new president, Nicolás Maduro, who has also spoken favorably of granting asylum status to the National Security Agency whistleblower, should also step up at this point. Since he is still in Russia, he could offer to bring Snowden back home with him, and dare the nations of Europe to try and stop him.

NOTE: There is, however, a great deal of reason for Morales and Maduro – and even Putin – to feel legitimately frightened of what the U.S. is capable of doing to them – we urge you to see our article on the murder of Hugo Chavez, former leader of Venezuela, by the CIA, "The Ghosts and Phantoms that Lurk behind the CIA."

Europeans are pissed already off at the US, in the wake of National Security Agency leaker Snowden's latest revelation that the US was aggressively spying on its European allies, both at their and the European Union's embassies in Washington, and in Europe itself, gleaning not information about terrorism, but inside-track knowledge about trade negotiation positions and other areas of disagreement or negotiation.

Leaders in Germany, France, Italy, and other European countries are demanding that the US cease its spying on them, and give a "full accounting" of the spying that it has been engaging in.

But given the steady stream of lies coming from the NSA, the Obama Administration, Secretary of State John Kerry, and other American sources, why should they believe anything they are being told? Most Europeans understand now that all this bluster from their leaders is just that: bluster.

Europe's leaders have shown themselves to their own people to be sell-outs in the pocket of the US. As several commenters on the website of the German magazine Der Spiegel, which last week ran a cover expose about the NSA spying program directed against European leaders, have written, Germany's and France's leaders have sold out their countries and people by caving in to US demands. As one person wrote:

"Our government has sold us out and is beyond help."

Germany's and France's leaders have sold out their countries and people by caving in to US demands.

To be sure there was a wave of tough talk only days earlier, with, for example, Martin Schulz, the president of the European parliament, saying that the NSA is like the Soviet-era KGB, and with leaders of countries like Ireland and Norway saying that they might consider amnesty for Snowden, but only if he could reach their soil first — a ludicrous requirement, since there is no international law requiring such silliness. Any country can grant asylum to any person it wishes, wherever that person may be at the moment. They cannot offer protection, of course, except in an embassy or in-country, but that's different from just offering a grant of amnesty. Indeed, the mere fact that the US has cancelled Snowden's passport doesn't mean his passport cannot be respected as a travel document by another country.

How, in fact, when you think about it, would a country know that a person's passport had been "cancelled" unless the issuing nation had issued some kind of news release about it as the US did in Snowden's case? There's no international registry of global passports. Those records are held closely by each country and in fact are supposed to be secure. Bolivia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Norway, Ireland or any other country that had said at any point that it would be willing to accept Snowden, could stamp their visa on his passport and accept him on their planes. (Even the US Passport Office accepts an old, expired passport as an identity document when one is applying for a new one.)

After this abject display of rank servitude in the interest of the US Imperium by some of Europe's most powerful nations, if little Bolivia and/or Venezuela don't step up and show Europe how sovereign nations are supposed to act, it will be up to the people of Europe to act.

Certainly, following the latest revelations in the Guardian and elsewhere showing that the NSA has been vacuuming up data on millions of Europeans, and with former NSA and CIA director Michael Hayden stating publicly that the Fourth Amendment to the US Constitution — the one that at least used to protect Americans' right to privacy and from government search and seizure — "is not an international treaty," the anger among Europeans at US spying is swelling, and with it, support for the embattled whistleblower Snowden.

We can only hope that the revelations of outrageous US intelligence abuses and violation of Europeans' privacy rights will continue, that the rage against the US among ordinary European citizens will grow. We can only hope that with that growing rage, a desire to stick it to the US by protecting Snowden will grow too, until some European leader finally sees it as a popular or necessary move to offer him asylum.

This latest abomination in the treatment of Bolivia and its leader, which has shamed France, Portugal, Austria, Italy and Russia, will be a great test of how angry the peoples of those countries are about their leaders' servile behavior towards the US.

Of course, we in the US should be the most outraged of all, but sadly, there is probably even less chance that a majority Americans will get angry at all this than that Europeans will.

  • DAVE LINDORFF is a founding member of ThisCantBeHappening!, an online newspaper collective, and is a contributor to Hopeless: Barack Obama and the Politics of Illusion (AK Press).

More next time.

God bless you all,

S.R. Shearer,


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