The I-95 approach to Washington D.C.

Frenzied street preachers like Sophie Scholl

Sadly, there are those who think that taking the message of Antipas to the streets in the manner that David Docherty is doing demeans our message and makes us look like frenzied street preachers. These are the same kind of people who - while secretly opposing Hitler - condemned Sophie Scholl for taking a public stand against him, and so endangering everyone else; instead hid in their "prayer closets" and did NOTHING in any kind of outward way. SUCH PEOPLE, HOWEVER, ARE NOTHING MORE THAN COWARDS who lack the courage of their convictions.

Would to God that there were more people like David.


We are reminded of the words of Pete Seeger:

"Don't pity the poor soldier who has tried and failed; save your pity for the sucker who has never had the guts to even try"

- adapted from a saying
by: Pete Seeger

David continues to experience weird, supernatural phenomena as he continues on in his travels. He writes:

"Dear Steve,

"Strange thing happened to me as I was driving into DC on Saturday the 10th of August. As I approached Washington I began to pray out loud:

'God help me to proclaim this message boldly. Give me boldness to do this in Jesus name.'

I think the enemy influenced them without them even knowing.

"Just as I was praying that, suddenly two cars on either side of me sped into the my lane, directly in front of me. At the last possible moment, they saw each other, slammed on their brakes and veered off back into their respective lanes. It was weird because it was a wide six-lane highway (twelve lanes altogether) and there was no need to rush into the space in front of me. Had they hit each other, the crash would have been about ten metres in front of me and I would have been involved in the pile up. Why the two cars suddenly decided, simultaneously, to shoot for a gap neither needed, was weird.

"Also it happened just as I began to pray out loud for boldness to proclaim that the USA was Babylon the Great!

"I think the enemy influenced them without them even knowing.

"He will give His angels charge over thee." (Psalm 91:11)

"Shortly after that a big tow truck appeared to my right; I kind of felt he was protecting my flank. At the same time another big vehicle began driving behind me and stayed there for a while. I kind of felt they were almost guarding me.

On Sunday 11th in DC I proclaimed that the USA was Babylon the Great and gave out flyers outside the national Cathedral. I was moved on by security after about 10-15 mins

"On Sunday the 11th in DC I proclaimed that the USA was Babylon the Great and gave out flyers outside the national Cathedral. I was moved on by security after about 10-15 mins.

"Then that Sunday afternoon I scouted out the Pentagon and looked for a good place to do a proclamation. I went there Monday at about 7Am and started shouting out the US was Babylon the great and giving out Flyers. Security arrived after about 10 mins. and then moved me to a spot where you are allowed to demonstrate. It is a long walkway that all the Pentagon workers have to take after they have parked their cars. You have to stand behind a barrier, but it is only a meter and a half high so it is no problem. They allow you to stand there for an hour.

"After that I went down to the White House and proclaimed the message there, on the sidewalk just in front of the White House, for about 3 hours. I had some good conversations and gave out some flyers.

NSA headquarters

"Then the next day I went to the NSA. I got there about 7Am. I drove past at least 2 signs telling me that I was in a restricted Area. I suppose one is supposed to turn back once one sees one of those signs. I drove on and then I saw a sign saying Visitors area. (I was later told this was for invited visitors who had permission to ignore the restricted area signs). In this visitors area I was asked whom I was visiting. I said I was just visiting. I was asked again 'Who are you visiting?" I then said that I had a message from God for the people the NSA. Security came. I was directed to drive into a restricted area. I was searched. My car was searched and I was questioned for about 40 minutes. Three of them asked me what was the message from God. So I told them. They listened. One of them just brushed it off as Anti-Americanism. One listened attentively in the sense of carefully taking down notes just to be able to accurately say what had happened. They saw the signs and Flyers inside my car - the signs of the Pentagon grabbing oil rigs and gold bars and F16 fighter jets. I thought for a moment I was going to be deported. They were thinking about what to do with me. They were not pleased that I had ignored the Restricted Area warning signs. Then it started to rain. They told me to get into my car so that I didn't get wet.

"At this point I must say that throughout the whole interview/questioning they were very respectful and even kind. Some of them got into their cars. At the height of the search there were about 7 officers. After I had been in my car for about 7 mins. they came to me and gave me back my passport and told me they were going to let me go but if I came back I would be arrested for trespassing. When they learned that I might be going to CIA headquarters, they warned me against it – that they (the CIA) would surely arrest me.

"Interestingly the young intelligence officer told me that my message had been documented. Praise God! I then went down to the Washington Mall and walked around there for about 2 hours proclaiming the message. While I was at the mall I saw middle-aged couple that had been looking at me when I was at the White House the day before.

"The next day I headed off for New York. I got to my Motel about 6PM and then went to downtown New York in order to scout out the area.

New York Stock Exchange (NYSE)

"Early the next day – around 7 AM - I arrived at the New York Stock Exchange. I started proclaiming the message around the entrance to the NYSE around 7:20 and handed out flyers. At one point a delegation of about 16 important looking, well-suited older gentleman came out for a photo-shoot, so I let them hear the message as they were posing for their photo. I stayed there until 9:45. I had a very interesting talk with a young man who worked in a Financial Office around there and he took some Flyers; he was a Christian and was in agreement with the Message.

Fox News HQ in NYC

"I then headed down to Ground Zero and proclaimed the message and handed out flyers. I then headed up the Avenue of the Americas towards Fox News and proclaimed the message and handed out flyers as I went. Then an amusing thing happened as I was walking up the Avenue of the Americas towards Fox News with my signs and handing out flyers. I saw this young blonde woman and her two children walking towards me. She said "Didn't we see you in DC the other day?" and I said yes. She was amused but she didn't take any flyers, although I saw one of her young sons (about 10yrs old) looking at me curiously. I noticed that in the lower, poorer part of the Avenue of the Americas, many people took flyers; however, as I got to the richer area very, very few people took flyers. Until outside Fox News hardly anyone took a flyer. I got to Fox News at about 12:50 and tried to get the Fox workers going to and returning from lunch.

"The police came and watched me. I think Fox wanted them to move me away but the police didn't bother me. Before they came I had been walking in what was probably (technically) Fox property (i.e., inside the courtyard outside their building). However, once the police arrived I was on the sidewalk. Anyway the Cops were respectful and gave me no trouble. I even think the Police appreciated the message because they were both non-whites and Fox news seems to just have it in for President Obama. I was shouting out that the evangelicals' alliance with the Republican Party was an abomination at Fox, as well as the USA being Babylon the Great. I had a very interesting talk with a person who worked in the building who was returning from lunch. A member of the public who appreciated the message also approached me. Then I headed off towards Times Square and finished up at there about 3:45.

Tire blowout - a blessing from God.

"I left New York the next day early and had a tire blow out near Scranton Pennsylvania. I think maybe God was making me take a rest because I had to stay in a Motel overnight there. The next day when I left I had to drive through some tricky roadwork, and had I not had this blowout I would have been driving through the roadwork at night and I had been feeling a little drowsy. So that would have been a precarious situation.

"Anyway Praise God for His protection. Hallelujah!

"Thank you for everyone who has prayed for me. Please keep it up I still have a few more places to go.

"Yours in Jesus,

Do what Sophie Scholl did some eighty years ago: PASS OUT OUR FLYERS.

One should not think that it is necessary to hand out our leaflets (flyers) personally; it is enough that one should do what the members of the White Rose did: post the flyers on walls, trees, utility polls, leave them in union halls, in libraries, etc. Eventually the flyers distributed by the White Rose were copied and circulated throughout all of Germany.

Some even made it into Allied hands where they were then copied and dropped from Allied planes over Germany. That's the beauty of such leaflets (i.e. the written word); they possess a life of their own after they pass from your possession.

NOTE: Why use our flyer? - there are a number of reasons:

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    "... be ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you with meekness and fear ..." (1 Peter 3:15)

  • Third, it describes those of us connected to Antipas much in the same way the members of the White Rose described themselves:

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  • Fourth, it provides a means for others who contact the ministry from your area to be re-directed back to you; in this way – and over time – you can build up a group in your area to stand with you in your efforts.

    Remember the words of the Lord to Elias when he thought he was all alone in his struggle against God's enemies:

    "... I have reserved to myself seven thousand men, who have not bowed the knee to the image of Baal [the god of money]." (Romans 11:4)

    These "faithful ones" are there, and if you go "fishing" for them using our flyers, you will in time find them; but it will take much diligence and patience on your part to "fish" for them.



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Then make copies and take these copies out to the campuses where you live; pass them out; OR if that seems too "daring" for you right now, post them on telephone poles, the sides of buildings, on campus bulletin boards; post them in union halls, in the neighborhoods of the poor and downtrodden, near employment offices, wherever you can.

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