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S.R. Shearer

Mr. Shearer has written over 500 articles including 2 books spanning over 3 decades on politics, conspiracies, the church, Israel, historical events, the end days and so forth. Sadly, S.R. Shearer passed away November 1, 2019, but his works are still valuable today. 

This site is dedicated to rebuilding his works so that they are portable and viewable to all devices. Over the next year, this site will be converting his articles to pdf and ebup. So during this time, some articles will not be accessible because they are being reworked into books – not rewritten and will be offline. Please have patience during this time.

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End Days

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“… The prophet is a troublesome … voice, hated by the church’s leaders …

“… He is … a man who sees with a troubled heart – but with clear eyes – the compromises the church is making with the world today…”

Mr. Shearer’s favorite quote:

By Giovanni Papine

The Future of Antipas Ministries

It has always been my father’s dream to get this message to everyone in the world. There are many people who cannot speak English, so I hope to have most of his works translated into as many languages as possible. Most of his articles or the major ones will be put together into book form including his two books – The Antipas Papers and The Church Life.

The other big project I will be working on will be a video on my father’s book, including redoing “Greed is Good” with new licenses pictures, videos and music. Plus, the Lord has put on my heart to write and create a video on the 2nd half of the tribulation. The fourth video will not be revealed until I upload it to Youtube – I call it my booster video.

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