Attention!! It's been many months and years since I have done much on the reconstruction of this site. I have been working many long hours and days as a nurse, LVN/LPN. But ultimately, my plan is to put my father's books on the Church and the end days, "The Antipas Paper" on this site - And put all of his works pertaining to the political spectrum of Babylon, America, on Then I plan to start a podcast on to bring Christians into fellowship with each other - to stay focused on Christ and the end days. It hasn't been easy to move forward by myself without my father. But his words and wisdoms are planted in my heart and have kept me focused on doing something for God. I will never give up on God but will keep pushing myself to be a witness for Him in the endtimes. And I will try to work on the site when I can and start the podcast towards the start of 2023. Pray for me - Jack Shearer/Antipas Ministries
To those who have been coming to our site to find out who we believe the antiChrist is, plesase read the following article - it's dated but still relevant for today: Read Article.
S.R. Shearer - these were my father's latest articles he written over the past 3 years before he passed.