May 6, 2008
S.R. Shearer

In a pathetic, mean-spirited and shallow article that appeared on many editorial pages throughout the country on Sunday, May 4, 2008, black columnist Leonard Pitts attacked the Rev. Jeremiah Wright for being an "ARROGANT CLOWN," and for saying that the "CHICKENS HAD COME HOME TO ROOST" insofar as the 9/11 attack by al Qaida on New York's twin towers was concerned.

Wright took this very apropos phrase from Malcolm X, who once used it in reference to the black rage that swept the nation in the 1960s and early 1970s - a rage that resulted from the black community's 350 year-old suppression in America by white elitists. It's a phrase that Wright picked up and used as a means of explaining a biblical principle to his parishioners (and for that matter, anyone else who would listen): "They that plow iniquity, and sow wickedness, shall reap the same." (Job 4:8) In other words, the HORROR that the American New World Order System has been "visiting" on the world for the last sixty years is now coming back on the United States "in spades."

In blasting Wright, Pitts was doing the "dirty work" for America's white elites. Pitts and other blacks like him will do anything, it seems, to ingratiate themselves to America's ivory-colored elite - an elite of power to which blacks like Pitts (e.g., Vernon Jordan, Maynard Jackson, etc.) desperately cling in anticipation of the crumbs that are from time to time thrown their way. These pitiful, miserable black bootlickers and sycophants see Barrack Obama's presidential ambitions - which they believe Wright is endangering - as a means of widening their "sphere of influence" in America's power elite and enlarging the beneficence that the white elite has bestowed upon them - a beneficence that, sadly, very few "normal" blacks share. "Tokens!" - that's what Pitts and others like him are; perfunctory emblems of a fake white generosity.

In commenting on what Pitts called Wright's "clownish performance" before the National Press Club in Washington, Pitts wrote:

"The thing about Wright's ['performance'] was his demeanor in the speeches he gave: smug, mugging for the camera jive-talking, and acting the fool. Did he really say an attack on him was an attack of the black church entire? Did he really make those faces and throw that silly salute? Wright came across like drunken Uncle Buddy at the Thanksgiving table, the one who doesn't know he's not funny and won't shut up."

Pretty harsh! If any member of the white elite had said such things about Wright, he would have been universally condemned; but because Pitts is himself black, these calumnies and slanders could be said, and indeed they were said. This is what makes Pitts and "Uncle Toms" like him so valuable to America's white elites.

Finally, as if to add insult to injury, Pitts passed off Wright's "South-Side-of-Chicago-Theology" as nothing more than a form of LIBERATION theology - a theology for "losers," "ner-do-wells," and people who can't make it in the world, a charge that has often been leveled against us in Antipas by people such as Hymenaeus and Alexander, and many others besides. [Oh well, as Jesus said regarding the charges that were leveled against him by the Pharisees, "Wisdom is justified of all her children." (Luke 7:35)]

The question to be asked in all of this (once again) is - Is what Wright saying the truth?  We URGE you to see our DVD, "GREED IS GOOD." [If you have not already ordered it, please ORDER it now - it's FREE]. In addition, we URGE you to read and study the following articles:

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