December 17, 2017

Unhappily, it seems that the  PROPHETIC IMPERATIVE  that drives ISIS fighters and other Islamic groups has a much more powerful grip on Muslims believers than the Christian prophetic imperative has on Christians, even evangelical Christians. Muslims are willing to give even their lives for their prophetic "requisites" than Christians are for theirs.  That's not to say that Christians are called to "kill," - ABSOLUTELY NOT; but most won't even pass out flyers in defense of their prophetic imperative.

Frightened Christians lose battle over U.S. mega-mosque

With this sad state-of-affairs in mind, we turn our minds to trying to understand exactly what this prophetic imperative is all about, and why it has such an attraction for Muslims all around the world.

US-backed Iraqi forces enter Raqqa

With the capture of Raqqa in northern Syria, it appears that ISIS has been decisively defeated and will be soon thrown out of the Middle East. However, new evidence presented by experts to the United Nations Security Council has found that ISIS is still a dangerous and capable militant organization, despite its recent heavy losses across its former territory in Syria and Iraq.

The 24-page report found that there is still ongoing ISIS resistance in Mosul, despite the fact the Iraqi city was declared liberated by US-backed Iraqi coalition forces.

The focus has now shifted to what ISIS's foreign fighters - who at their peak numbered tens of thousands from dozens of countries — will do next.

The "hardcore fighters," especially the foreign ones within the inner circle of ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and his top commanders, are likely to remain in Iraq and Syria, and look to join the underground resistance of an "ISIS, 2.0."

In all likelihood, these guerilla insurgent remnants of ISIS will congeal into a clandestine terrorist organization. Besides conducting sporadic raids, ambushes, and, perhaps, spectacular attacks using suicide tactics, these ISIS fighters will rest, rearm, and recuperate.

One cannot help but wonder what is driving these fighters to stand-up to a super-power like the United States: it is their belief that they will ultimately prevail by drawing the US military into a trap in the Middle East where the forces of Islam will destroy them.

[Please see Chapter XV of the New Antipas Papers, "The Gog/Magog War."] [PRESS HERE]

Steven Rosenfeld has written (2015) that most Americans have very little understanding of the  PROPHETIC IMPERATIVE  that is driving ISIS – specifically,

Last winter, the Atlantic's Graeme Wood spent weeks with ISIS defenders, sympathetic clerics and academics overseas before writing a revelatory profile, "What ISIS Really Wants."

Graeme Wood

Rosenfeld wrote that after Wood's report was published, he asked his sources if he got it mostly right. "In general, they saw the portrayal of ISIS in the Atlantic as one they could recognize," he said in an interview. "They saw it as something that legitimately attempted to portray them in terms they could see and say, 'Yeah, that's more or less us'."

Wood writes that the Islamic State (ISIS) "... is no mere collection of psychopaths," the article's teaser begins. "It is a religious group with carefully considered beliefs, among them that it is a key agent of the coming  APOCALYPSE ."

ISIS believes in an "end times scenario" that is eerily similar to that of Evangelical Christians – and the grip this prophetic belief system has on them seems to be much more powerful than the grip that prophesy has on evangelical Christians.

Wood goes on to say that there are many experts in the West and the Middle East, from academics to other conservative Islamics, who, like President Obama, have said ISIS is not Islamic or is a twisted distortion of the Muslim faith. That's wrong.

ISIS "follows a distinctive form of Islam whose beliefs about the path to the Day of Judgment matter to its strategy," Wood writes, explaining that their belief system is akin to -

"... the realization of a dystopian alternate reality in which David Koresh or Jim Jones survived to wield  absolute power over not just a few hundred people, but some 8 million."

David Koresh and Jim Jones

Steven Rosenfeld writes:

"ISIS lives by the most literal translation of the Koran imaginable, as  revealed by Mohammed in the seventh century. Virtually every major decision and law promulgated by the Islamic State adheres to what it calls in its press and announcements, and on its billboards, license plates, stationary, and coins, 'the Prophetic methodology,' which means following the prophecy and example of Mohammed, in punctilious detail."

He goes on to say:

"ISIS is on the furthest end of the conservative orthodoxy, in terms of its beliefs, literal interpretation of seventh-century law and punishment, and what's required of true believers for jihad. Wood said ISIS' beliefs stem from 'a branch of Sunnism called Salafism, after the Arabic al salaf al salih, the "pious forefathers." These forefathers are the Prophet himself and his earliest adherents, whom Salifis honor and emulate as the models for all behavior including warfare, couture, family life, even dentistry.' [Please see our article on the difference between Sunnis and Shias, "Mene, Mene Tekel Upharsin."] [PRESS HERE]

"Before ISIS' emergence, the Saudi Sunnis who were the best-known conservative followers of the Koran. But according to ISIS, the Saudis and 200 million Shiite Muslins have sinfully departed from seventh-century law. The examples range from having governments that send diplomats to non-Islamic bodies like the United Nations, to Shiites who worship at the graves of revered imams. The departures are punishable by death.

"Anyone who followed the news last winter saw ISIS' horrific videos of beheadings, the burning alive of a captured Jordanian pilot, and the reports of mass executions of men and enslavement of women and children, as well as forcing women to be sex slaves, such as the Yazidis in northwestern Iraq.

Jordanian pilot being burned to death by ISIS

"Wood writes that ISIS has published scholarly analyses in its magazine, Dabiq, named for an area in Syria near the border with Turkey where it believes an Armageddon-like battle will occur. One article discusses the punishment for the Yazidis 'if they are pagans.'"

A be-headed victim of ISIS' belief system

He continues:

"The article's anonymous author wrote, 'Yazidi women and children [are to be] divided according to the Shariah amongst the fighters of the Islamic State who participated in the Sinjar operations ... Enslaving the families of the kuffar [infidels] and taking their women as concubines is a firmly established aspect of the Shariah that if one were to deny or mock, he would be denying or mocking the verses of the Koran and the narration of the Prophet ... and thereby apostatizing from Islam'.

Women being sold into slavery by ISIS

"In other words, ISIS sees its carnage as required devotion, not as arguably the worst manifestation of evil on the planet today.

"In America, evangelical Christians are among Israel's biggest defenders because they believe it will hasten the 'end times' foretold in the biblical Book of Revelation. ISIS believes in an Islamic version of a similar end-times prophecy, of which it is a central actor. This is key to  understanding what the terrorist attacks in Europe and elsewhere are in part about, which according to Wood, is baiting Islam's enemies to fight them where the "end-times" battle has been foretold. [Please see our article, "The World Is Moving Inexorably Towards Nuclear War."] [PRESS HERE]

ISIS' leaders believe that confrontation is coming and they see signs of it everywhere, Wood said. ISIS propaganda is filled with the belief "that the armies of Rome" [ie. The Christian West, principally the United States] will mass to meet the armies of Islam in northern Syria in a final showdown with the West. ISIS believes the final battle will occur in Dabiq. [Please see Chapter XV of the New Antipas Papers, "The Gog/Magog War"] [PRESS HERE]

Wood writes -

"It is here, the Prophet reportedly said, that the armies of Rome will set up their camp. The armies of Islam will meet them, and Dabiq will be Rome's Waterloo or its Antietam."

Rosenfeld follows up -

"ISIS believes it will win on the plains of Dabiq and sack some western cities, but it will suffer some big losses before the final confrontation that occurs in Israel."

Rosenfeld quoting Wood says:

"An anti-Messiah, known in Muslim apocalyptic literature as Dajjal, will come and kill a vast number of the caliphate's fighters, until just 5,000 remain, cornered in Jerusalem."

Wood continues. "Just as Dajjal prepares to finish them off, Jesus—the second most revered prophet in Islam—will return to Earth, spear Dajjal, and lead the Muslims to victory."

The question for Christians in all of this is, Why is it that Christians – especially evangelicals – are so unable to come to grips with their own eschatology?

Why don't Christians study their own Prophetic Scriptures themselves, especially in light of the fact that their own book of eschatology, the "Book of Revelation" – or the Apocalypse – begins with the words:  "Blessed is he that readeth, and they that hear the words of this prophecy, and keep those things which are written therein: for the time is at hand?"  (Rev. 1:3)

But instead of relying on the "WRITTEN WORD OF GOD" – the Apocalypse and the other prophetic books  in the Bible – evangelicals rely on the preachments of such frauds and shams as John Hagee and others of his ilk.   

It is precisely these false prophets (soothsayers) of today's Christianity people such as Peter Wagner, Paul Crouch, Jack Hayford, Charles Stanley, the late D. James Kennedy, Tim LaHaye, the late John Wimber, Juan Carlos Ortiz, Beverley LaHaye, Ern Baxter, Kenneth Copeland, Kenneth Hagin, the late Oral Roberts, Pat Robertson, the late Jerry Falwell, Chuck Colson, David Yonggi Cho, Robert Stearns, Mike Bickle, Reuven Doron, Che Ahn, Frank Hammond, Cindy Jacobs, Bill Hamon, John Eckhardt, Bobbie Byerly, Dutch Sheets, Jim Goll, John Paul Jackson, James Ryle, Frank Damazio, Ed Silvoso, Carlos Annacondia, Claudio Freidzon, Roger Mitchell, Ted Haggart, Paul Cain, Chuck Pierce, Rick Joyner, Kingsley Fletcher, Jim Laffoon, Barbara  Wentroble, ad infinitum plus countless  numbers of on-line soothsayers ----- that are responsible for the unbiblical belief that Obama was the antiChrist; a belief designed to take one's focus off the real danger that is facing them that clearly portrays the antiChrist as emerging out of the United States based on an alliance he has made with Christians. One cannot possibly believe that Obama had the support of Christians.  [Please see our article, "Trump as the Anti-Christ."]  [PRESS HERE]

Brothers and sisters, don't consign prophecy to the shamans and false prophets listed above.  The Lord is bending over the parapet of heaven and shouting at us to "Watch out!" - and take prophecy into account as you plan for the future; THE VERY NEAR FUTURE!

We ask you to bear in mind what the Apostle Paul told those who followed him; that if we have blessed you with SPIRITUAL gifts, is it too much to ask that you would reciprocate with FINANCIAL gifts?

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In His love,

SR Shearer
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Shearer is a graduate of the University of California where he earned a Bachelor's degree (1964) and a Master's degree (1967) in history (Davis and Berkeley). He also attended the United States Defense Language Institute in Monterey where he studied German. He served as an intelligence officer in Europe; in Asia he served with the 525th Intelligence Group, Special Operations Branch, and at the Phoenix School at Vung Tau (SEA). In addition, he served as executive officer for the Sacramento field office of the 515th Counter Intelligence (CI) Group in Sacramento and later as executive officer for 515th CI Group's Regional Office in San Francisco. Shearer held Top Secret, Special Intelligence, Codeword security, Eyes Only clearances; also Cosmic, NATO and Atomic clearances.

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