Trump's Attack on Antifa, Black Lives Matter, Radical Feminists, the LGBT Coalition, Illegal Aliens and American Muslim

January 24, 2018

The Bible says:

Pilgrims landing on Plymouth Rock

In light of the above prophesies, consider how prescient they are as they impinge on the growing ties between groups such as Antifa, Black Lives Matter, radical feminists, the LGBT coalition, illegal aliens and American Muslims (on the one hand) and ISIS and Al Qaeda (on the other hand) – ties that will surely damn these "home-grown" "anti-Christian" groups in the eyes of most Americans in the months and years ahead.

Edward Klein, the former editor-in-chief of the New York Times Magazine, explains what's occurring. He cites a FBI report to make his case. The report describes efforts by Islamic terrorists to recruit followers among violent U.S. groups such as Antifa; it corroborates President Trump's controversial claim following last summer's deadly protests in Charlottesville, Virginia, that left-wing anarchist groups are just as dangerous as right-wing white supremacists, and perhaps more so.

The FBI narrative asserts that this collusion is the greatest challenge to law enforcement since the Weather Underground and the Black Panther Party.

Klein says that last summer the FBI dispatched a task force to Europe to report on massive demonstrations planned by radical groups, such as the German contingent Antifaschistische Aktion, to protest President Trump's attendance at a meeting of leaders and central bank governors of the G20 group of major industrialized countries.

Antifa demonstrators in Charlottesville, Virginia

U.S.-backed anarchist/radical groups had traveled to Germany and took part in the violence.  The agents sent by the FBI paid particular attention to a group of anarchists from Oakland, a major city that lies adjacent to the campus of the University of California at Berkeley, the scene of several violent protests.

Reporting on the Oakland Antifa group, journalist Whitney Mallett says that the San Francisco / East Bay region has a long history of anarchist organizing dating back to the turn of the 20th century. She writes that on the first Saturday of March, 2017, just blocks from the Berkeley campus of the University of California, a white, ultra-nationalist rally clashed violently with Antifa. The skirmish started with shouting matches and quickly escalated to brawls marked by punches and pepper spray. Within a couple of hours blood had been spilled, and ten arrests had been made.

Mallett goes on to say that during the fracas, one of the Antifa demonstrators took the time to explain to her the thinking behind their protest:

"The point of it is not to give them a platform. You don't give fascism a platform because once you give it a platform, it becomes normalized."

He went on to say,

"Sometimes you have to use direct action to stop it because protesting, signs, and yelling is not going to do anything. You have to make them afraid."

Mallett explains that Antifa anarchists see transformative potential in disobeying the state's rules about what is and isn't appropriate behavior. Their goal is to make the situation get out of the control of the police and put the people in the street in power. One Antifa activist said,

"Psychologically, when, at a protest, people start to spray graffiti or they break a bank window or a brick goes through a cop car, it sets off the understanding that there's a different mode of activity that's happening. A wide range of human actions can suddenly be possible."

Getting back to Klein's account of the FBI's report, Klein went on to say that now that the bureau has determined these radical Islamic groups have followers in the left-wing movement in the United States, it is clear there will be additional violence in the attacks on law enforcement and U.S. institutions, including banks.

Antifa demonstrators in Berkeley, California

The FBI report recounts that three key leaders of the Oakland Antifa group met in Hamburg with a leader of the AQAP [Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula] and the AQIM [Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb]. One of the men from Oakland actually traveled to Syria to meet with ISIS operatives; the purpose of the trip was for training in tactics and to discuss possible massive disruptive attacks in the U.S.

The report continued that the leader from AQAP is an Egyptian-born male who is known to be in charge of finances and recruiting for the group. The FBI says that there is evidence from informants that he is helping the Oakland group acquire the weapons they are seeking, primarily bomb making equipment and toxic chemicals and gasses.

American Antifa activists throwing lethal objects at the German police and demonstrating for Women's rights.

Klein goes on to say that the FBI is really playing catch-up ball regarding the connection between radical left-wing groups in the United States and ISIS and other similar groups because the Obama administration had refused to give the bureau the resources it needed to effectively infiltrate and surveil radical left-wing groups on college campuses. Any talk of a connection between radical Islam—a phrase the Obama people wouldn't even use—and American extremists was pretty much laughed off. Former Attorney General Loretta Lynch would have blown a gasket if she heard that the FBI was surveilling college political organizations.

In addition to the ties that have emerged between Antifa and radical Islamists, there is growing evidence that Antifa is beginning to cement ties between black radical groups such as Black Lives Matter.

Mounted policemen ride through a group of protesters sitting on the ground in Hamburg, Germany, during the G20 Summit in July

This fact became apparent when Mike Cernovich gave a recent speech at Columbia University, prompting protests from students and members of New York City's Antifa coalition. Cernovich had been invited by the student-GOP group, Columbia University College Republicans, or CUCR. Cernovich — an avid Trump supporter and media personality - spent more than an hour speaking at Columbia's Lerner Hall about "The Rise of the Alternative Media."

Posters held by the students included many signs saying,

"Black Lives Matter," "Dismantle White Supremacy" and "F–k Nazis," "Punch a Nazi in the face — every nation every race," and "Racist, sexist, anti-gay — NYPD go away!"

The growing alliance between Antifa, Black Lives Matter, and radical feminists is another piece of the radical left coalition. The fact that this is so was evidenced by the slogans at recent demonstrations that unite "Women power" to Black power, to Muslim power, to LGBT power, to Latino power.

Interestingly, feminist activists in America are taking as their example radical feminist activists in Argentina. The March 8, 2017 Women's Strike in Argentina brought scores of feminist activists from the United States to Argentina, uniting them with other activists from across the world. American feminists claim that Latin America "offers us an important model."

The Argentine demonstrations morphed quickly into an attack against the so-called patriarchy of the Catholic Church which has been a perennial target of American feminist rage; the march featured women with naked torsos demanding legal and free abortion, and the recognition of prostitution as a legitimate trade.

Protesters stormed the Catholic cathedral in Buenos Aries chanting, "Take your rosaries out of our ovaries," "O let's swear to burn down the Church," and "Church, trash, you're the dictatorship."

Topless women in Resistencia protesting the patriarchy of the Catholic Church

A year earlier in the city of Resistencia radical feminists attacked a Catholic cathedral with stones, paint balloons, tampons, feces — and a firebomb. A mob of thousands from the feminist gathering marched through the city streets to the cathedral, vandalizing schools, businesses, monuments, and public buildings along the way. The militant man-haters spray-painted graffiti with slogans such as "Kill your father, your boyfriend, and your brother," "Burn the pope," "Abort males," and "Death to males."

These tactics are increasingly becoming commonplace throughout the world.

Many of the most violent women demonstrators in Resistencia went topless in what they called a "boob protest," while others were masked and clad in the "Black Block" attire of Antifa. In an Argentine news video of the event, masked participants can be seen physically assaulting two men who peacefully interposed their bodies to block the attackers from entering the church. The women kicked the men, hit them with a club, spit upon them, and sprayed them with a liquid spray.

The American women who participated in these demonstrations are promising to import these tactics into America as well as integrating themselves into the Antifa movement in the United States.

American feminists like Senator Dianne Feinstein seem to be oblivious to what is happening "on the ground" in the United States. This oblivion was made obvious in recent remarks by Feinstein when she made the claim that the coming elections of 2018 and 2020 will be the so-called "Year of the Woman," coming as these elections are in wake of the ongoing saga of male sexual misconduct against women. Specifically, she said:

"I predict based on what I see out there that we are going to have a Year of the Woman."

These remarks make plain that Feinstein is just too old to understand what is really happening in the feminist movement "on-the-ground" in America. Feinstein spoke to the Women's Caucus at the California Democratic Party Executive Board meeting in Millbrae.

She went on to say,

"What it means is that we have an opportunity to really turn this next year into a year of change affecting women."

Feinstein said she had been overwhelmed by the women who have spoken publicly about their experiences in the wake of the numerous accusations against Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein. She said,

"I've watched mesmerized at the lack of fear of every woman that has come forward."

But very real fact of the matter is, most American women would be dumbfounded at the violent tactics being employed by the radical feminism tied to Antifa and by extension to Black Lives Matter. The fact is, 42% of women voted for Trump in the 2016 election, despite Clinton's rampaging pandering to female voters. That's just 8 percentage points short of a majority, and that despite the fact that she and her liberal colleagues had done everything thing they could to make the election a "women versus man" contest.

When Antifa is tied to Black Lives Matter, radical feminism, anti-white rhetoric, the LGBT community and radical feminism, and together they are lumped together with ISIS and other Islamic splinter groups, an explosive mixture has surely been concocted.

The truth is, Democratic slogans such as ---

ring hollow to millions of voters throughout the country, especially in light of the street violence of feminist activists, Black Lives Matter and Antifa groups.

The Democratic Party which openly promotes radical blacks, radical feminists, the LGBT coalition, illegal aliens and liberals everywhere may be going the way of the extinct DODO bird.

Brothers and sisters, time is growing very short. As you see the ruination of these left-wing groups to Trump's initiatives, pay attention to the warnings of the Prophetic Scriptures and take appropriate action.

We ask you to bear in mind what the Apostle Paul told those who followed him; that if we have blessed you with SPIRITUAL gifts, is it too much to ask that you would reciprocate with FINANCIAL gifts?

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Shearer is a graduate of the University of California where he earned a Bachelor's degree (1964) and a Master's degree (1967) in history (Davis and Berkeley). He also attended the United States Defense Language Institute in Monterey where he studied German. He served as an intelligence officer in Europe; in Asia he served with the 525th Intelligence Group, Special Operations Branch, and at the Phoenix School at Vung Tau (SEA). In addition, he served as executive officer for the Sacramento field office of the 515th Counter Intelligence (CI) Group in Sacramento and later as executive officer for 515th CI Group's Regional Office in San Francisco. Shearer held Top Secret, Special Intelligence, Codeword security, Eyes Only clearances; also Cosmic, NATO and Atomic clearances.

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