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Special Article

December 20, 2004
by: S.R. Shearer

The landmark U.S. intelligence overhaul that passed Congress recently contained a little-noticed provision regarding state drivers' licenses that is intended to refashion these licenses in the next 18 months into what amounts to be NATIONAL IDENTIFICATION CARDS. Naturally, officials deny all this; nonetheless, that's EXACTLY what's occurring. Because state-issued drivers' licenses have over the years developed willy-nilly into the primary devices used today to establish identity in the United States, they're a "natural" for "covering up" what the government is really up to - i.e. establishing a national identification card.

The intelligence bill, which stemmed from recommendations of the independent commission that investigated the 9-11 attacks, requires the U.S. Department of Transportation and Homeland Security to establish minimum identification standards for drivers' licenses and other state-issued identification cards.

If a state's drivers' license does not meet the new standards, federal agencies (and the agencies of other states that participate in the new federal program) will not be allowed to accept it as valid identification for such purposes as boarding airplanes, trains and ships, making business and banking transactions, and many other common transactions of daily life. Essentially, the bill mandates in a very round about and circuitous manner a NATIONAL IDENTITY CARD by NATIONALIZING the drivers' licenses of the various states, standardizing them, and linking them together (directly or indirectly - it doesn't matter) to a national data base.

And it's not just the Republicans that are pushing this, Democrats are on board as well. For example, Rep. Jane Harman, D-Calif., says the United States needs a national identification card - one that uses "smart card technology" - and using state drivers' licenses is perfect for such a purpose. In addition, Harmon, a member of the Select Committee on Intelligence and an acknowledged expert on counter-terrorism, stresses that the identification card (i.e., the various state licenses) "need to be connected to a national database." She went on to say,

"I think this issue must be looked at. We don't automatically have to call it a national ID card. That's a radioactive term. But we can certainly think about smart cards for essential functions. But we need the database to support that."

It's a perfect ruse; using state drivers' licenses gives cover to advocates of the new National Security State to say that they're not creating a national security card, when - in effect - that's exactly what they're doing. To abet this ruse, the states will be encouraged to adopt differing "looks" to their licenses - in fact the bill mandates these differences; but in the end, they will all be the same, and they will all be hooked (directly or indirectly) into the same database.

Sadly, most people aren't paying attention to what's occurring, and - as a result - they will hardly know what's happening, no more than most users of cell phones today know that microchips have been planted in their cell phones to keep tabs on their "comings and goings." [Please see our article, "Cell Phone Technology: You Are Being Tracked, and Most of You Have No Idea about What's Happening."]

As a start, the intelligence bill will require that each license include a digital photograph of the holder as well as the holder's full name, date of birth, gender and drivers' license or personal identification number (i.e., social security number) that will be encrypted onto the card. In addition, it is anticipated that the licenses will include difficult-to-duplicate holograms, a computer chip, and it will incorporate some kind of unique identifier such as a fingerprint; other encrypted information will be placed on a magnetic strip located on the card; it is also planned that a digital "watermark" will be implanted onto the license and fine lines that are visible only under ultraviolet light.

The license will also be made "scanable" - like a credit card - and those scanning the card, if they are authorized, will be able to get whatever data is on file on you, from your credit history, to your medical records, to your police records, whatever. Nothing will be sacrosanct - despite the government assurances to the contrary OR are you so stupid as to believe the government's assurances. Besides, most people will hardly notice what's happening - simply that they are having to show their drivers' licenses a whole lot more than they did in the past, and have them scanned (which will be new). But so what - it's all being done to keep us safe!

Finally, radio frequency chips similar to those that are being used in cell phones will be installed that will allow information on licenses to be accessed by readers several yards away - and ultimately by satellites - while the cards are still in one's purses and / or wallets, and without the owner knowing what's happening.

ACLU attorney Marv Johnson says -

"We've just made it easier to keep track on everyone (in the United States). It's a fairly frightening scenario. We've never been a country in which you've had to show your papers."

Now, stop and think about what all this means: the government will always know where you are: it is anticipated that eventually you will have to show your driver's license whenever you use your credit card, whenever you make a banking transaction, whenever you make a purchase, stay in a motel, rent a car, board a plane, train or ship, get medical services, obtain government services, rent an apartment, etc. - and it won't matter whether or not you use cash - you will still be required to show your drivers' license. The government will be able to track your every move! Nothing will be hidden from the government's eyes.

In addition, by installing "readers" at various locations on the nation's roads and highways, the government will be able to track you as you travel in REAL TIME. This is to say nothing of the government's ability to track you using satellites. Of course, you can always throw your license away; but then you will not be able to purchase food, buy gas, get car repairs, etc. - in other words, you won't be able to travel. And no use trying to use somebody else's license - only the owner of the license will be able to use it - that's the reason for the digitized fingerprint, picture, and hologram. So much for crossing a border undetected.

ALL THIS IN EIGHTEEN MONTHS! Much sooner if there is another 9/11 event - NOT MUCH TIME LEFT, is there? What will people do then? I'll tell you what they will probably do - given the fact that everything they say or do can now be monitored, their freedom of movement can now be checked, their ability to make purchases of any kind can now be impeded, their ability to obtain work can be hindered - all this by a simple key stroke in a data base somewhere, etc. They'll begin to compromise their principles to put food on the table, to travel without being stopped, to make purchases without being hassled, etc. - all activities necessary to one's ability to function in a modern-day society.

Little bit by little bit; here a principle, there a principle; a friend avoided here, another given up there; and so forth - after all, one must work! One must put food on the table? Isn't that true? But in this process, you will be changed as you pass from one compromise to the next and you adjust your thinking accordingly in order to justify your accommodations to the state - AND ALL THESE ARE COMPROMISES YOU WILL BE FORCED TO MAKE REGARDLESS OF THE FACT THAT YOU NO LONGER ATTEND THE MEETINGS OF AN ORGANIZED CHURCH, AND THAT YOU HAVE - SO TO SPEAK - COME OUT OF BABYLON, "SPIRITUAL BABYLON" which my critics say is the only thing that is necessary for Christians to do.

Brothers and sisters, I somberly warn you, by now "Physical Babylon" and "Spiritual Babylon" are too entwined for you to ever escape the one without at the same time escaping the other. That's why the Bible warns us:

"COME OUT OF HER, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues." (Rev. 18:4)

More next time!

Until then, God bless you,

S.R. Shearer,
Antipas Ministries

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