The Antipas Papers

By S.R. Shearer

Evangelicals (at least "old-line" evangelicals) believe that the world is like some great passenger ship which has struck an iceberg; it is sinking; the damage is of such a nature that the ship is beyond repair and doomed.

Evangelicals believe that as Christians, they have been called to get as many people off the ship as is possible before it sinks; they believe that as Christians, they are an "out-calling" from the ship (Acts 15:14) - that they have been called to witness to the fact that the ship cannot be saved - and that it is their duty to warn others of this fact and to get them as far away from the ship as is possible; that we are heirs to a better home and a better land - reserved for us in heaven, having nothing to do with this earth.

The problems is, there are a good number of other Christians - many times more numerous than the evangelicals - who believe otherwise; that it is their duty to save the ship. A clash between the two groups, thus, is inevitable - after all, there is nothing quite so disconcerting as having one group of people running about the ship telling everyone that it's doomed when the other group is trying to organize a gigantic effort to save it - an effort which demands a great deal of unity and which will require everyone to pitch in and help. The problem, then, is what to do with the "nay-sayers." If they can't be persuaded to join the effort - or at least to remain silent - they'll ultimately have to be made to "walk the plank;" after all, unity in such a difficult endeavor is paramount. It is here that the "rubber will finally meet the road" for real evangelicals! And the persecution (even martyrdom) which they will have to face as a result will issue forth from their own co-religionists, even from their friends and loved ones - those who are trying so desperately (but ignorantly) to save the ship.

Evangelicals - at least real evangelicals - had better prepare themselves for this fact. That's why we have chosen to call ourselves what we have - ANTIPAS MINISTRIES [Antipas was one of the church's first martyrs (Rev. 2:13)] - and as the events of the "end of days" proceed, you will come to see that we are not being "too much" here at all - and that's why we call this book:

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