Written By
S.R. Shearer

In today's world, it seems, fascism is not so dead after all. The fact is, it's making an astonishing comeback. Indeed, the echo of jackboots has been swelling in the United States and Europe for several years now. Skinhead thugs invoking the name of Adolf Hitler were once dismissed in both North America and Western Europe as an aberration - that's no longer the case.1

In Germany, a list of people from every walk of life - politicians, lawyers, journalists, mayors, social workers, writers, teachers, and business people - has been circulating. It's a list of "liberals" who have been targeted by neo-fascists as enemies who need to be eliminated.2 In England, there have been an estimated 27,000 racist attacks associated with skinheads and other neo-fascists in a year's time - one attack every 20 minutes.3 In France there has been the birth and growth of Jean-Marie LePen's extreme right-wing National Front. In Italy Alessandra Mussolini, granddaughter of Benito Mussolini, the fascist dictator who first "legitimized" fascism as a political movement, is now a member of the neo-fascist party's delegation in Italy's Parliament.

All of these movements are feeding off white, xenophobic, "tribal extremism" fed by a panic which has been aroused by the conspicuous presence of foreign immigrants - in Europe, mainly Slavs from the east and Muslims from North Africa and the Middle East, most of whom are uninterested in assimilation into Western European societies; and in the United States, Mexicans, Haitian boat people and a flood of Asians. All this is coupled with a sense of intense financial insecurity caused by the ravages of free trade and the fear of what the future will bring economically. And everywhere these ingredients (i.e., xenophobia and financial insecurity) are being blended with a profound hostility toward the traditional liberal elites - elites which ordinary people seem to hold responsible for pushing economic globalism and a new multi-culturalism with which few whites can feel comfortable.

Fascism - with its appeal to whites to take pride once again in their European-based civilization - projects a powerful magnetism to a beleaguered community which feels buffeted by uncontrolled immigration, by the new multi-cultural ethic which seems to demean the white community's Christian-based religious and cultural heritage, and by the new economic globalism which ruthlessly ships its jobs overseas to Third World countries.

Add to all this the re-emergence of conspiracism and the Illuminist Myth and one has the makings of a possible catastrophe. And just how widespread conspiracism - which all too often is the seedbed of right-wing ideologues and ethnic strife - has become in Europe and the United States is revealed in the numerous theories which abound in rightist circles regarding the sudden demise of communism. Many in the right believe it's all a big lie - a charade perpetrated by the Jews and other "Internationalists" in order to lull the West to sleep; to the right-wing, it's all part of a dark plot4 engineered by a sinister Jewish cabal hidden safely away in Jerusalem and New York - a malignant and foreboding world-presence, the behind-the-scene puppet masters of all that is going on - one which is manipulating ethnic minorities within Europe and the United States to accomplish its sinister "one-world" aims.

The level of xenophobia directed against the minorities, especially in Europe, has already reached alarming levels, even taking the direction of "ethnic cleansing," the burning of synagogues, etc. Indeed, this ugly phenomenon has now reached even into European capitals (Moscow, for instance, where the Chechens and other "ethnic mafias" - all supposedly controlled by the "Jewish International" - were expelled from Moscow; in Berlin where gypsies, blacks, and Muslims have been burned out of their apartments; and in Paris where Jews are routinely roughed up, etc.) And this is to say nothing about what's going on in Serbia where Serbs believe they are defending European civilization against a new Islamic onslaught directed and financed by a New York Jewish cabal - a scenario which is so convoluted it defies any easy explanation, but one which nonetheless enjoys great popularity among the front-line fighters.

And it's not just Europe. In the United States, multi-culturalism is beginning to backfire in a most remarkable manner. Taking a cue out of the multi-culturalist's notebook, white university students, who have felt targeted by black, Native American and Latino "ethnic studies programs," are beginning to take a renewed interest in their own ethnicity, in their own racial and ethnic identities; all this is being coupled with a growing revulsion against being targeted constantly as the "bad guys" in the new multi-cultural chic. This is especially true among white male students. George Will - no liberal himself - warns that fascism is a "revenge movement;" it "flourishes as a doctrine of vengeance"5 - and increasingly white males are in the mood for revenge.

By letting loose the demon of "diversity," and by telling minorities to "take pride in their ethnicity" - even to the extent of demeaning whites - liberals have unwittingly released a monster which in the end may very well devour them. By legitimizing "ethnicity" and "cultural pride" as political vehicles for America's minority communities, liberals have cleared the way for majority whites to seize upon these same vehicles in order to defend themselves from what they deem to be minority excess.

When liberals defend Khalid Muhammad's (and ipso facto, the Nation of Islam's) anti-Semitism, when they invite him to speak at their universities, when they do nothing to stop the manufacture of minority myths which demonize the Jews, when they allow black, Latino and Native American faculty members to freely "deconstruct" history in their classrooms in the name of "academic freedom," then what they have unwittingly done is to clear the way for fascist apologists to "reconstruct" the Holocaust as a myth perpetrated by the Jews, and to re-legitimize anti-Semitism and "white pride" in the majority community - after all, if minority blacks can use anti-Semitism to create "cultural pride" and "ethnic identity," why can't majority whites do the same?

Yes, fascism is alive and well - and its spreading! And liberals largely have themselves to blame!

Written By S. R. Shearer
Antipas Ministries
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