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S. R. Shearer

[Whether We Like It Or Not, A Lot Of People Are Beginning To Listen If Only In Secret]

We must strive to save our nation and its besieged heritage. I will fight to stop the massive immigration, and the welfare-financed, illegitimate birthrates that are reducing us to a minority in our own land. We must awaken our people of the disaster that looms before us, and inspire them to join the fight for our survival.

- David Duke

What follows is an address by David Duke. As one reads this address (which was given in his 1992 run for the US Senate), one can almost hear the echoes of Serbian jackboots reverberating up the corridors of this earth's byways and highways from Kosovo to the United States to resonate finally here in the American heartland. And for those who would brush Duke off as a "margin-alized, bit player," one should note that Duke, a former Klansman and an avowed racist, carried over 60 percent of all white voters in Louisiana - an overwhelming majority of white voters - in his bid for the US Senate. Duke was only stop-ped by a massive black and liberal white turnout whipped up into near hysteria by the press and the national leadership of both the Democratic and Republican parties. This kind of talk has a certain resonance in many Christians’s hearts today - perhaps even in your heart, and maybe a lot more so than you would care to admit - at least in public.

America at the Crossroads

by David Duke

"America is at the crossroads. Americans have a simple yet very difficult decision to make. Are they willing to let this nation inevitably become a Third World society, or are they willing to stand up and fight, while they still can, for their heritage, traditions, and values?

"Multi-Culturalism and Diversity are lies. The non-White birthrate, coupled with massive immigration (both legal and illegal) and racial intermarriage, will reduce the founding people of America into a minority in our own nation. As the racial composition of America changes, so will America. Our children and theirs will live in an America where alien cultures and values will not simply be present, but will dominate us. It may be politically-incorrect to state it, but this alien influx is a disaster for our country, our people, and our families. Crime will continue to escalate, as schools deteriorate, corruption increases, and quality of life plummets.

"One can see clearly the change coming by observing America’s capital, where despite the federal flood of our tax money, brutal crimes of violence, drugs, illiteracy, and corruption flourish. This transformation is personified in the mayor of Washington, Marion Barry. Barry was ousted in 1990 when, as DC’s mayor, he was caught on videotape, smoking crack cocaine in the hotel room of a prostitute. He was convicted, but received very little jail time. Upon release, he ran for the DC City Council and was elected! And after "serving" without distinction on the DC City Council for one term, he ran for Mayor and was elected!

"Many other cities are also becoming unlivable. My home city of New Orleans has a young mulatto mayor who has fathered at least one illegitimate child, and has been hospitalized for a drug abuse. He, too, was elected by the overwhelming Black bloc. His first three years in office correspond with a murder rate in New Orleans of more than 1-per-day (city population just over 500,000).

"Louis Farakhan (who is virulently anti-White) is the most popular Black leader in America. He attracts the largest Black turnouts of any "Afro-American" and although the "Million Man March" did not draw enough devotees to live up to its name, the Muslim minister had still orchestrated the largest Black demonstration in American history, a day long orgy of anti-White hatred.

"When the American people saw the LA riots and crowds of Blacks cheering O.J. Simpson (who was acquitted by the almost all Black jury), they received a peek into their future. Could a Marion Barry or Louis Farakhan-type eventually become President of the United States? Unthinkable? Remember that a Marion Barry as mayor of our country’s capitol, LA riots, and Affirmative Action also would have been unthinkable just a few short years ago.

"Most of the largest cities in America now have nonwhite mayors, councils and judges. Many parts of the Southwest and sections of American cities more closely resemble Mexico than "Anglo" America. Check out Dallas, San Antonio, Phoenix, Los Angeles, San Diego, El Paso, Houston, Miami, Midland-Odessa, Las Cruces, or Albuquerque.

"Non-white majorities are now on the horizon in many states, with California and Texas acutely in danger. However, it will not take a numerical majority of aliens to bring us down, just a sizeable enough minority. It is not necessary to dwell too long on the implications for America. The darkening of our nation mimics the histories of many other nations. The nations of the Caribbean, Central, and South America, are predictive examples of the fate that awaits us. The Third World awaits our children. It is on our streets, in our taxpayer subsidized housing projects, in our jails, and in our mayor’s chairs. Whites in Haiti once produced most of the world’s sugar and their nation was called the "Jewel of the Caribbean." Most of them could not have imagined the Haiti of today. Are we so short-sighted that we cannot see where America is heading?

"Great nations do fall. In history, every great nation which once graced this planet with high civilization and great achievement – has fallen. America, though a young nation, is on its way too. We should be vibrant and entering our greatest age. Instead our children grow up in an alien society that our forefathers would not recognize.

"The government and the mass media have become enemies of the founding heritage of this nation. They support immigration quotas that are over 90 percent non-White. They have made sure that we do not adequately enforce our laws and protect our borders. They have supported and financed (with our own tax money) a massive non-White welfare birthrate that is producing chronic crime, degenerate schools and cities, huge costs in welfare, medical care, education, housing, policing, courts, and incarceration. They have fostered intense discrimination against White people in jobs, promotions, scholarships, college admissions and union hiring. They have destroyed the quality of many of our schools, the civilized quality of our major cities, and the safety of our neighborhoods with forced integration and HUD subsidized housing. They have attacked our heritage with an endless array of hate literature, movies, and television that vilifies our White history, character, values, and traditions. They have hurt American businesses and workers, and are reducing the overall standard of living and independence of the American people through New World Order inspired trade policies such as NAFTA and GATT. They have attacked our Christian values, heritage, and traditions.

"We must strive to save our nation and its besieged heritage. I will fight to stop the massive immigration, and the welfare-financed, illegitimate birthrates that are reducing us to a minority in our own land. We must awaken our people of the disaster that looms before us, and inspire them to join the fight for our survival.

"I will fight to limit the power of the Federal Government that is taking more and more of our hard-earned money and more and more of our hard-won rights. I will fight for personal responsibility. The welfare system that proliferates the underclass and all its social ills must end as we know it. I will fight to limit overpopulation and protect our environment by stopping illegal immigration and almost all "legal immigration" into America. I will fight for a simple and fair national sales tax to abolish the income tax and the abusive IRS. I will fight for the constitutional right of Americans to Keep and Bear Arms. I will fight for reform in the Political process by ending all large political contributions and having free and open broadcast time and debates for all qualified candidates. I will fight for freedom of choice in education and in association by ending forced busing and integration. I will fight for an absolute end to the racial discrimination called "affirmative action." I will fight for fair trade and against agreements such as NAFTA and GATT that hurt the American people. I will fight for real freedom of speech for the American people not just for the politically correct by ending the control of a few conglomerates over the American media. I will fight for America First by putting an end to foreign aid and the New World Order

"I demand ... for us to be free and not constrained by tyranny; for us to be safe and secure in our homes and when about in society; for us to be happy and fulfilled, and not alienated in a culture foreign to us; for us to achieve all that our talents and abilities allow.

"America is at the crossroads.

"Now is the time for all real Americans to journey with me. Together we can secure the existence of our people, and a bright future for our children.

"I am asking for you to join our efforts to save our heritage and our country."

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