"In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act."

- George Orwell

"Behind every great fortune there lies a great crime."

- Honore de Balzac

January 1, 2000
by: S.R. Shearer

[Much of the material for this report was gleaned from information provided by the International Action Center in New York. A special thanks to Tom Lamb of "Radical Pilgrim Ministries" who put us onto this story.]

"We are apt to shut our eyes against a painful truth, and listen to the song of that siren till she transforms us into beasts ... For my part, whatever anguish of spirit it may cost, I am willing to know the whole truth ..."

- Patrick Henry


In our article of December 20, 1999, "The Caucasus Mountains, Gog, Magog, and Chevron Oil" (please see, "The Caucasus Mountains, Gog, Magog, And Chevron Oil"), we endeavored to provide you with a current and very concrete example of exactly how today's elites - particularly the oil elites - are manipulating all of us (from the institutions of our government, to Christians in the United States, to Muslims in the Middle East, to Jews in Israel, etc.) to serve their own ends. While these elites speak of "national interest," "national policy," "geopolitics," and "economic self-sufficiency," all they really care about is the accumulation of wealth - THEIR WEALTH!

Money is their god, and there is nothing that they wouldn't do in order to serve that god. Take the way they have managed to maneuver the West into a very dark and sinister alliance with the Drug Lords of this world, while all the while hiding behind the pretense of this country's much ballyhooed "WAR ON DRUGS." Most American evangelicals would blanch at the thought that their government [both Democratic and Republican administrations (including the Reagan Administration)] could be maneuvered into such an alliance. But the facts of the matter -- facts that the mainline media, which is nothing more than the "handmaiden" of those interests, has done everything it can to suppress -- speak for themselves.


On Monday, September 9, 1985, Anthony M. DeStefano of The Wall Street Journal wrote (pgs.1 and 18) that a particular informant who visited the office of then U.S. Attorney Rudolph Giuliani in December of 1984 had a chilling story to tell. It concerned an underworld drug organization that had begun to insert itself into New York's underworld. The informant reported that a man - a member of this new drug organization and a defendant in a drug racketeering case that Mr. Giuliani [who, of course, is today the mayor of New York] was then prosecuting - was offering $400,000 to anyone who would kill a certain assistant U.S. attorney and a federal drug enforcement agent.

For 45 minutes Mr. Giuliani and his chief assistant, William Tendy, listened to and evaluated the tale. Five other informants later corroborated it. The threatened lawmen -assistant prosecutor Alan M. Cohen and narcotics agent Jack Delmore - were given 24-hour-a-day protection by federal marshals. Killing an assistant U.S. prosecutor and a DEA agent? - for years police and court officials in Italy have had to deal with such attempts on their lives, some of which have succeeded; but such attempts have been unheard of in the United States. American gangsters have rarely dared such crimes. But not so the people Giuliani was introduced to in 1985. Indeed, Mr. Giuliani says that he himself has been threatened by the same people.


The drug case that precipitated the threats Mr. Giuliani was concerned about 15 years ago involved the so-called "Kosovo Connection" - a new heroin "connection" that involved ethnic Albanians operating out of Albania and Kosovo. Over the years, this new "connection" has attracted little publicity. Language and a code of silence have protected the Albanian-American crime factions from outside penetration. "They are real secretive" says a detective in Hamtramck, Mich., a Detroit suburb where many Albanians live. He says police have tried but failed to infiltrate Albanian gangs there.

Albanian-American criminals, police say, are involved in everything from gun-running to counterfeiting. In New York City, a police intelligence analyst says, some ethnic Albanians living in the Bronx are involved in extortion and robbery. Federal officials believe that Albanians run gambling in certain New York ethnic clubs.

DeStefano says that violence within the Albanian community can be particularly brutal, whether related to organized crime or not. In Hamtramck, an Albanian, reportedly enraged by the belief that his wife had contracted a venereal disease, shot three people at a clinic and then killed himself. In some attacks, women have been slashed with knives: crowded restaurants and bars have been raked with gunfire. "They're a wild bunch of people," says Capt. Glen McAlpine of the Shelby Township, Mich., police. During an investigation of Albanian crime in Shelby, a bomb exploded next to the police station. A police officer also was threatened, Capt. McAlpine says.

But it is drug trafficking that has gained Albanian organized crime the most notoriety. Some Albanians, according to federal Drug Enforcement Agency officials, are key traders in the "Kosovo Connection" - the "Pakistan-Khasakstan-Chechnya-Georgia-Turkey-Macedonia-Kosovo" heroin route. While less well known than the so-called Sicilian and French Connections, the Kosovo route is today moving as much as 40% of the U.S. heroin supply, official say.


The truth is, ethnic Albanians are now in the process of taking over the trade itself, says Andrew Fenrich, a DEA spokesman in New York. Federal agents say that the Albanian Kosovo crime groups are well suited for trafficking because of their close historical and religious (Muslim) ties with Turkey, through which most of the heroine flows from Central Asia. DEA agents say the heroin flows from Turkey through the Muslim section of Macedonia into Kosovo, then through Kosovo to Albania; from there it flows into Italy and eventually into New York.

At the center of New York's early Albanian (Kosovo) heroin trade was Skender Fici. On the surface, at least, Fici seemed to be a law-abiding businessman. He ran a Staten Island travel agency, Theresa Worldwide, which made a specialty of booking trips to the then Kosovo province of Yugoslavia, where many Albanians lived. He became a specialist in handling immigration paper work, and he sponsored a local ethnic Albanian soccer team. But, according to federal prosecutors, Mr. Fici's travel agency was really a "front" for arranging quick trips for drug dealers and couriers working the Kosovo Connection. According to a prosecutors' memo, one of Mr. Fici's first Kosovo shipments of heroin arrived in New York in February 1979 - a kilogram of heroin which was distributed in New York partly through the efforts of Xhevedet Lika [an Albanian "Kosovar"], known as "Joey Lik," who made his base on New York City's polyglot Lower East Side.

There, according to federal prosecutors, Lika sold the drug to other dealers from a social club located in the midst of Judaica shops and Chinese clothing stores. By 198O, Lika was importing heroin as well as distributing it, traveling to Turkey and Yugoslavia (i.e., Kosovo) to arrange shipments. He also allegedly dealt in cocaine with Xhevedet Mustafa [an Albanian "Kosovar"], who disappeared in 1982.

Lika, meanwhile, was expanding his heroin business. He had fallen out with one of his old partners, Dujo Saljanin, who in 1991 had agreed to import several kilos of heroin for Lika and others but short-weighted the delivery by a kilo. To resolve the discrepancy, a January 1981 meeting was held at a Park Avenue South restaurant Saljanin operated. Lika and two other men, Mehmet Bici and Vuksan Vulaj, were present. Bici later testified in federal court that Vulaj pulled a gun and shot Saljanin. "Lika had a gun, and he shot him, too," Bici testified. "I was there, and I shot him too. And then we just left, crossed the street," he testified. Even with 13 bullet wounds, Saljanin lived a short while - long enough to talk. Vulaj was later shotgunned to death.

Hampered by lack of cooperation in the Albanian community, as well as by difficulties with the Albanian language that made electronic surveillance useless, police and federal agents worked about three years before they broke the case in 1984. Federal officials estimate that the group had imported more than 110 pounds of heroin with a retail or "street" value of $125 million through the Kosovo Connection before the ring was broken up. Federal agents believe the drugs had been sold in New York, California, Texas and Illinois.


The trail that Delmore - the DEA agent the Albanian "Kosovars" had intended to "hit" - followed led to Bici, who was then serving a sentence in a New York state prison for the attempted manslaughter of his wife. Questioned by Delmore, Bici at first denied having any knowledge of drug dealing or the Saljanin murder but ultimately decided to cooperate. He was indicted along with Joey Lika, Lika's brother Luan, Fici and others on federal charges of drug dealing and racketeering. Luan Lika was never arrested and remains a fugitive. Bici pleaded guilty to transporting heroin and to racketeering. The atmosphere at the trial of the Albanians "Kosovars" was so tense and threatening, that Judge Vincent Broderick kept Lika family spectators seated near the back of the courtroom in order to prevent them from threatening other participants.

Witnesses everywhere were being threatened. Several reported being threatened in the courthouse itself. Another witness, Gjon Barisha, fled before the trial, after claiming that he had been fired at. Barisha evaded federal agents for months before being arrested on a material witness warrant. Others who were to be called as witnesses hid out or refused to testify, because they feared, as one of them put it, "a bullet in the head." Judge Broderick remarked during the trial that the case involved the most reckless disregard for human life that he had ever seen. The message wasn't lost on federal officials, who took the threats against them seriously. Indeed, from late 1984 to early 1985, Mr. Cohen (the federal prosecutor targeted for a "hit" by the "Kosovars") and Mr. Delmore (the DEA agent similarly targeted) and their wives shared their homes with federal marshals acting as bodyguards. "You can't believe what it was like," says Cohen, who was guarded in court-even when he went to the men's room.

IT IS OUT OF THIS NEW YORK TO KOSOVO DRUG CONNECTION THAT THE SO-CALLED "KOSOVO LIBERATION ARMY" SPRANG, Madeline Albright's Kosovo "freedom fighters" - and make no mistake about it, the State Department, the CIA and the Pentagon are well aware of the KLA's background here!!!! But such is the pressure of the oil elites to make an open show of US support for the Muslim position in Bosnia and Kosovo, that the United States has been prepared to hide all this from the American public and pretend that the U.S. is on the side of the angels. Some kind of angels, huh?. The fact is, the oil elites would rather see heroin flowing into the US and into the veins of countless numbers of American citizens here than put at risk their oil profits in the Middle East and the Caspian Basin (please see our article, "The Caucasus Mountains, God, Magog, and Chevron Oil.")


While all this may come as a shock to most Americans, Europeans have known about the "Kosovar" Albanians for a long time - and it is precisely for this reason that America's European NATO allies had to dragged kicking and screaming into the war in Kosovo. This is not what they wanted. Unfortunately, however, it's not Italy or France or Britain or Germany that call the shots in NATO, but the United States - and in the end, the U.S. gets what it wants insofar as NATO is concerned. And the oil elites get what they want in the U.S.

Roberto Ruscica, in an article that appeared in Corriere della Sera (Milan) October 15, 1998 - "Albanian Mafia, This Is How It Helps The Kosovo Guerrilla Fighters" - says that the KLA virtually controls the drug traffic in Italy, Germany, Spain, France, and Norway. He reports that the men from the Special Operations Section [ROS] of the Italian Carabinieri, under the leadership of General Mario Mori, have succeeded in tracing the European drug operations of the KLA to a certain Gashi Agim, aged 33, from Pristina, the capital of Kosovo. Agim also has a luxurious villa just outside Milan and owns a chain of beauty parlors and perfume shops in London.

Ruscica reports that a detective working with ROS says that the KLA is the most dangerous traffickers in drugs in all of Europe. They are determined men, violent and prepared to go to any lengths to get what they want. They love luxury, fashionable clubs, and restaurants and have an astonishing amount of ready cash at their disposal. Ruscica further reports that his ROS source, who is unable to reveal his identity, said: "In Bratislava and in Budapest we have pinpointed storehouses capable of containing thousands of kilograms of heroin. Also, we recently seized a huge quantity of very pure cocaine."

In addition, according to Ruscica's ROS source, the drug traffickers who form the basis of the KLA are fighting to sever Kosovo from Serbia and turn it into a safe haven for their drug activities. What they are ultimately aiming at is to split the Muslim portion of Macedonia off from its Orthodox section in order to insure the safe flow of heroin into Kosovo from Macedonia.

Ruscica muses, "Drugs, arms, and the Koran: Could this be the murderous crime mix of the next few years? That is the picture that one can draw on the basis of our investigations. A few years ago the Milan drug market was run by the Turks. They were unscrupulous traffickers who would go to any lengths to satisfy the 'Ndrangheta bosses'. Then, in 1996, the torch passed to the Albanians without any bloodshed. But the Albanians have a particularly aggressive attitude."

Ruscica goes on to say, "On the basis of phone calls that ROS has intercepted, the ROS says that the KLA's ultimate intention is to weaken Christendom in Europe" - or at least that's what they are telling radical Islamic fundamentalists in the Middle East and in the Caucasus.

And these are the people that the oil elites have struck a bargain with in Europe in order to preserve their oil wealth in the Caspian basin? The oil elites will stop at nothing here - but these are the same elites the Religious Right has gotten into bed with in the United States! The same people the Jews are now relying on to preserve them in any deal that they might eventually strike with the Palestinians, Syria, etc! Of course, as we said in "The Caucasus Mountains, Gog, Magog, and Chevron Oil," the Jews maintain they are dealing with America, not the oile elites; but who do the Jews think controls America? We say again, God help those who put their trust in the United States!!


Bob Djurdjevic of Truth in Media Newsletter, writes that as early as January 1990 - well before the breakup of Yugoslavia - such U.S. luminaries as Senators Bob Dole and Dennis DeConcini were in possession of the facts concerning the "Kosovar" Albanians. Both men had visited Belgrade where they had been briefed by the Yugoslavian government about the drug problem in Kosovo and the fact that the Serbian police had been capturing huge quantities of smuggled drugs in the area. Many other prominent American politicos were similarly briefed. Nonetheless, all chose to remain mum about this in view of the Oil Companies' feverish campaign to support the Muslim's effort to "liberate" Kosovo from Serbia.

In 1993 the Washington Post ran a story (November 15) in which it revealed that Kosovo had been taken over by the Albanian drug cartel. The Post reported that Pierre Duc, head of the anti-drug force in Lausanne, Switzerland, had charged that ethnic Albanians from the Serbian province of Kosovo had captured up to 70 percent of the heroin market in Switzerland. About 2,000 Albanians from Kosovo were being held in Swiss jails on charges of arms and drug smuggling." The Post story provided a detailed map of the heroin drug route, which - as we have already indicated - originated in Pakistan and Afghanistan, ran through Khasakstan (through the Chevron oil fields in Tengiz), and from there through Chechnya, Georgia and on into Turkey; from there it passed into Macedonia and finally into Kosovo - and all this in the Washington Post for every politico in the United States to read.

In 1994, The Christian Science Monitor (October 20, 1994, Thursday; pg. 6) added more details regarding the drug route. It reported that traffic on the route was heavy, and that TIR-carnet trucks carrying huge drug shipments were constantly to be seen carrying drug shipments openly and very, very brazenly. In addition, the Monitor reported that at Kumanovo in Kosovo near the Macedonian border - just beside the motorway - there were barracks housing a state-of-the-art heroin processing facility. The main headquarters for the "Kosovar" drug dealers at Kumanovo was a trendy spot - the Grand Hotel in Skopje (Macedonia) - and all this as early as 1994!

The Monitor further reported that the U.S. State Department had come into possession of reports attributing the pyramid schemes, which triggered the bloody political riots in Albania in 1997, were, in fact, a front to channel drug money and create a situation in Albania in which the drug cartels could seize control of the country, creating - together with Kosovo and the Muslim section of Macedonia a "safe area." In one full sweep, the Kosovo drug cartel created the largest heroin organization in the world, an organization made possible because of the clannishness of the Albanian expatriates throughout Europe and the United States. The Monitor reported that, according to police sources, the Albanians of Kosovo, Metohija, Albania, and the Muslim section of Macedonia now hold sway over 80 per cent of drug (heroin) trade in Europe.


Think about it!! - drug factories outside Skopje - right alongside the road that NATO forces use to get in and out of Kosovo via Macedonia and Greece; similar facilities throughout Kosovo and Albania; TIR trucks full of heroin constantly on the roadways that lead from Turkey, through Macedonia, into Kosovo and from there into Albania (again, the same roadways that NATO uses for its own supply throughout the area)!

Think about this! - and then ask yourself, Is it possible that NATO is unaware of all this? Only the most naive would think so. Yet there is no reporting on this at all in the mainline press. Nothing at all! Think about what that means! - THAT'S OIL COMPANY CLOUT AT WORK!!!! What does that say about the press in our country? What does that say about elite control not only in the United States, but throughout the West?

It's time for us as Christians to get serious about what this world is all about - and most particularly the United States. Rather than being the "New Israel of God," as so many American evangelicals are fond of saying, what it really is, is today's "New Babylon!!" (Please see our article, "In Search of Babylon: What Does the Bible Say") When the Bible says "... know ye not that the friendship of the world is enmity with God? whosoever therefore will be a friend of the world is the enemy of God" (James 4:4), it really means it. When it calls those who believe the world is an "OK place" "adulterers and adulteresses," it really means it.

The Bible means this. It's not kidding around!

God bless all of you

S.R. Shearer
Antipas Ministries

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