September 16, 2000
by: S.R. Shearer

[Information for much of this report was derived from The Secret War Against the Jews by John Loftus and Mark Aarons.]

"Now the LORD had said unto Abram, Get thee out of thy country, and from thy kindred, and from thy father's house, unto a land that I will show thee:

"And I will make of thee a great nation, and I will bless thee, and make thy name great; and thou shalt be a blessing:

"And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee: and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed. (Gen. 12:1-3)


One of the great hallmarks of evangelicalism has been its awe and respect for the Jewish people - a respect that is rooted in its belief that the Jews are God's chosen people and He has as yet "... some great work for them to do."

This belief is rooted in evangelicalism and sets it apart from most other Christian groups. For example, one leading evangelical writer has written:

"For upwards of 4000 years, amid all civilizations and countries and under all conditions of government, there has existed a distinct people, with laws, habits, and customs distinctly their own. The history of the Jewish race reads like a story from the ‘Arabian Nights’, and is without parallel in human history. Though oppressed, downtrodden, carried captive to other lands, scattered among the nations, like the fabled Phoenix they have risen from the ashes of their dispersions, and appear … again and again on the pages of history.

"They are remarkable in the first place for their ‘Antiquity’. "No nation has ever had such manifest and visible tokens of the ‘divine presence’. For them the Red Sea was driven back and the Jordan parted. They were miraculously fed in the Wilderness, and divinely sheltered and guided by the Pillar of Cloud and Fire. At the blowing of ram’s horns the walls of a besieged city fell, and the sun and moon stayed in their courses that they might have time to slay their enemies. The angel of the Lord encamped about them, and one angel slew 185,000 of the army of Assyria for their deliverance. No nation has given to the world such a number of great men.

"Such a man of faith as Abraham; such a great leader and lawgiver as Moses; such a statesman as Joseph in Egypt and Daniel in Babylon; such a king as David, and wise man as Solomon. In the First Century there is no name that shines more resplendent than that of the Apostle Paul ..."The preservation of the Jews is the ‘Miracle of History'. "How are we to account for the wonderful preservation of the Jewish people? We can only account for it on the supposition that God had, and still has, some great work for them to do. (Clearance Larkin, Dispensational Truth).

This kind of thinking is very much different from the thinking found in those churches that make up old line Protestantism and the Christianity of the Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox Churches - all of which hold that the church REPLACED Israel at Pentecost, and that "... it (i.e., the church) is now the new and spiritual Israel which has REPLACED the old, natural Israel;" that there "... is no Scriptural basis for the REGRESSIVE idea that God's dealing will again be centered ... in natural Israel at some future date." [Presbyterian Publishing House, Philadelphia, PA.]


The belief that God is not through with Israel and that He has yet some great work for Israel to accomplish is widely shared throughout evangelicalism. Indeed, it is perhaps not too much to say that it is precisely because of such convictions in one of its key constituencies that the Republican Party has evinced the supportive attitude it has had towards Israel and the Jewish people in recent elections. The fact is, support for Israel, like abortion, has become a kind of litmus test today for all Republicans who aspire to elective office.

But one is making a grave mistake in thinking that the support that elite Republicans (i.e., the Republican Party's business wing) are giving to Israel and the Jewish people is any kind of principled support. It's not. At best, it's just something elite Republicans must hold their noses and do in order to invoke the electoral support of evangelicals. And if this is the case, evangelicals should ask themselves, if "push comes to shove," what real support can evangelicals count on insofar as Israel is concerned from the Republicans? Not much I would think!


The very real fact of the matter is, elite Republicans - when left to their own devices - have a very checkered history insofar as Israel and the Jewish community is concerned, and so much so that the alliance that Christian evangelicals have made with them approximates an alliance with the devil. The truth is, when James Baker, one of Ronald Reagan's key advisors (and George Bush's Secretary of State), said, "F-ck the Jews," it was not merely a slip of the tongue; he was simply giving expression to the traditional feelings elite Republicans have had for the Jewish community. [Please see The Secret War Against the Jews by John Loftus and Mark Aarons, pg. vii.]

The reality is, the social class out from which most of America's elite (including Baker et. al.) has sprung has historically been saturated with a very profound and deep anti-Semitism - and this is true whether one was born into the establishment class or later - one way or the other - became a part of it. Anti-Semitism was (and, if the truth were really known, still is) one of those "markers" for people of "good breeding." Indeed, in the early to mid-1930s it formed a kind of "in-house" philosophy among the upper-class, Ivy League students who were attracted to the U.S. diplomatic service.

Robert Kaplan, in his book, The Arabists, captures the culture of a society in which anti-Semitism was an accepted, even unconscious, part of everyday life for the American establishment. Kaplan recounts an interesting interview he had with a key member of that establishment:

"You simply cannot realize how powerful and unconscious a force anti-Semitism was in America at the middle of this century (i.e., the 1900s) when Bill and I were in school. At Princeton and Wellesley, at the prep schools we went to, you almost never encountered Jews. It was a different America then." [Robert Kaplan, The Arabists, The Romance of an American Elite (New York: Free Press, 1995), pg. 4.]

As a result, Loftus and Aaron write,

"It is not hyperbole to say that the State Department had a fair number of bigots on its payroll. It was not unusual to find references to 'oily Jews' in official diplomatic reports of both the United States and Britain." [Loftus, pg. 39.]


The State Department has historically been one of those places which has been a "playground" for the elites - a kind of exclusive domain open only to graduates of Yale, Harvard, Princeton, Stanford, Columbia, etc. - all elite schools. Graduates of Kansas State, Missouri, Montana State, Chico State, Northridge, Kent State, etc., need not apply. And to the extent that this is still true [i.e., that the State Department remains the rather exclusive domain of the elites (and it does)], elite world views and elite biases continue to predominate there - along with elite class prejudices against the Jews. In bureaucracies like the State Department, there is such a thing as "INSTITUTIONAL MEMORY" - and part of the institutional memory at the State Department is a snobbish bias against the Jews.

Today, of course, all this is carefully hidden behind a "front" of political correctness, and it is true that many Jews have managed to scramble up the State Department's bureaucracy to some very lofty heights there. The fact is, Madeline Albright, the current Secretary of State, is a Jew - still, it's not something that she has admitted to readily (she just found out about it), and she seems to be quite embarrassed by it - which doesn't say much as to the depth that political correctness has sunk its roots there. Institutions like the State Department do not bend so easily to the fashion of the moment. Scratch the surface, and you will find all the old biases. The elites still dominate things there, and in the snug atmosphere that pervades their closed "get togethers" at Burning Tree, etc. the old prejudices still prevail. They are not quite as dead as they are advertised to be in the pages of the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal.


And it wasn't (isn't) just at the State Department that anti-Semitism in America's elite establishment was (is) rampant. Take the business world. Time doesn’t permit a full listing of all those members of the business elite who were anti-Semitic before it became "un-PC" to be so; only some of the most prominent can be mentioned here. For example, Alfred P. Sloan, who rose from president of General Motors to chairman in 1937. On August 12, 1936 Sloan hosted a get-together of millionaires and industrialists at Ashville, North Carolina together with John Henry Kirby, a millionaire fascist, and Rev. L.K. Smith, a conservative Christian (a Presbyterian) and one of the most famous anti-Semites of that era. The subject of the meeting was "Hitler: A Christian Bulwark Against Atheistic Socialism." Sloan also frequently visited Berlin where he hobnobbed with Goering and Hitler.

Then there’s Graeme K. Howard, another "big-wig" at GM (a vice-president); Howard was an outright anti-Semite who wrote a poisonous book, America and a New World Order; the book peddled an ideology which was identical to Hitler’s. And there’s James D. Mooney, head of GM’s European division; Mooney likewise approved of Hitler’s anti-Semitic ideology - indeed, so much so that in 1938 Mooney received the Order of the Golden Eagle from Hitler himself. Looking back at it all from the perspective of some sixty years, it seems that GM’s top management was permeated with anti-Semites at the time.

And what was going on at GM was very much reflective of what was happening throughout America’s corporate elite. Take another famous wing of America’s corporate establishment, the DuPonts - especially Irenee DuPont, the most imposing and powerful member of the famous DuPont clan. He was obsessed with Hitler’s principles. He keenly followed the career of the future Fuhrer in the 1920s, and on September 7, 1926, in a speech to the American Chemical Society, he openly advocated a race of supermen, to be achieved by injecting special drugs into children. Moreover, despite the fact that he had Jewish blood in his own veins, his anti-Semitism easily matched that of Hitler's. Indeed, the DuPonts even began financing native fascist groups in America, for example, Clark’s Crusaders, which had 1,250,000 members by 1933. Pierre, Irenee and Lammont DuPont - and others like John Jacob Raskob - funded the anti-Semitic American Liberty League along with Alfred P. Sloan of GM. The League smeared Roosevelt as a Communist and claimed the President was surrounded by Jews.

And it wasn’t just in the automotive and chemical segments of the American business community where anti-Semitic propensities could be easily identified - anti-Semitic tendencies were apparent everywhere. Take the retail trade; specifically, Sears & Roebuck. The anti-Semitic prejudices of General Robert Wood, Chairman of Sears & Roebuck were legendary in the 1930s (and 40s and 50s). Wood was chairman of the America First Committee, an organization committed to opposing all efforts to aid Allies besieged by Nazi Germany.

As national chairman, Wood made no effort to keep out openly anti-Semitic groups known to have been supportive of Germany, such as the German-American Bund. Moreover, a 1942 FBI report indicated that Wood’s "patriotic" group had also actually "accepted financial assistance from Nazi sources." And remember, here, we aren’t describing the actions of some obscure right-wing "whacko," but the leader of one of the most well-known retail outlets in the country - Sears & Roebuck; it’s difficult to imagine anything as "American" and as "apple pie" as Sears. And Wood, the DuPonts, Mills, Sloan, et al were only the tip of the iceberg.

These and countless others in American business would have found no difficulty in agreeing with William S. Knudsen - again, of General Motors - when he said that Nazi Germany was indeed "the miracle of the twentieth century." So widespread was this kind of thinking among American businessmen that U.S. Ambassador to Germany William E. Dodd all but despaired of the community’s ultimate loyalty in the upcoming struggle with fascism; he despondently told the New York Times in 1937, "I have had plenty of opportunity in my post in Berlin to witness how close ... American ... (businessmen) are to the Nazi regime ... One (businessman) ... who is a prominent executive of one of the largest financial corporations [in America (i.e., Chase-Manhattan)] told me point blank that he would be ready to take definite action to bring fascism into America if President Roosevelt continued his ... (socialist) policies."

To people like Pierre, Irenee and Lammont DuPont, Alfred P. Sloan, John Jacob Raskob, Edwin S. Webster, Thomas Harrington McKittrick, Winthrop Aldrich, John Rockefeller, Walter C. Teagle and William S. Farish the real enemy was Bolshevism, not fascism; all of these men were "mesmerized" by Hitler and Nazi Germany.


Finally, there is the matter of Henry Ford. As suggested above, Ford's anti-Semitism was no anomaly! His views regarding the Jewish community, rather than being an aberration, were representative of countless others in the business community. With regard to Ford, the anti-Semite Gerald L.K. Smith writes,

"At the apex of his business career, Henry Ford, the industrial genius, sensed that a terrific effort was being made to take his business from him and manipulate it into the hands of the money-changers. Mr. Ford had the impression that these manipulators were being engineered by powerful Jewish financiers." [The International Jew, edited by Gerald L.K. Smith (Los Angeles: Christian Nationalist Crusade, nd), pgs. 5-11.] 

Smith continues,

"He (Ford) called to his office the most intelligent research men within his acquaintance. He commissioned them to make a thorough study of the international Jew, and publish their findings in The Dearborn Independent, which at that time was the official organ of the Ford Motor Company. No expense was spared, and it is estimated that literally millions of dollars were spent by Mr. Ford on this project. The original articles were carried first in The Dearborn Independent, and then published in book form." [See Russ Bellant, The Coors Connection]

Smith goes on,

"I have in my possession every copy of The Dearborn Independent. This complete set is beautifully bound in Morocco leather and was given to me by an inner-circle member of Mr. Ford’s personal staff.

"When the report of The International Jew was originally published it opened each chapter with a text taken from The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, or from the published statements of world prominent Jews. The moment the manuscripts dealing with the Jewish problem reached the public, a terrific howl went up from official Jewry. If I were to summarize the campaign of reprisal and abuse which was carried on against Mr. Ford and his Company, this summary alone would require a book. Every instrument of torture and abuse which could be imagined was carried on against Mr. Ford - smear, character assassination, ridicule, physical threat, boycott. The pressure was constant, consistent and endless. The most powerful and enigmatic pressures imaginable were brought to bear on Mr. Ford to stop the publication of The International Jew. Finally the order came through to cease publication and to destroy the copies which were available. Jews and others went into the bookstores and bought and destroyed all copies which could be found. Sneak thieves were commissioned to visit libraries and steal the report out of the libraries. This made the book so rare and unfindable that it became a collector’s item.

"The day finally came when the one ambition of the Jews was fulfilled. Mr. Ford apologized for publishing The International Jew and blamed subordinates for the deed." [Coors, pgs. 5-11.]


The subject of Ford’s apology is controversial - even today. But clearly, it had been made under duress and for "public relations" reasons only - and this fact is attested to by Ford’s son Edsel, who early on established and maintained close links with the Nazi government at the behest of his father, Henry. [Higham, Trading With The Enemy, pg. 158.] To his dying day, the elder Ford continued to believe in the central thrust of the Protocols and kept up his support of right-wing causes - hardly the actions of a man who had "repented" of his anti-Semitism.

Smith continues,

"In 1940 I interviewed Mr. Ford on numerous occasions. In fact, on the day before his first automobile was put under glass he and Mrs. Ford invited Mrs. Smith and myself to be their guests at Dearborn. On this occasion he told me the whole story of his first car and how he happened to make it. Among the precious souvenirs which have come to Mrs. Smith and myself is a New Testament autographed by Mr. Ford, and handwritten letters from Mrs. Ford commenting favorably on some of my speeches and expressing in her own handwriting Mr. Ford’s appreciation for my activities.

"It was on the occasion of one of these personal visits with Mr. Ford that he gave me a sensational and shocking report. He said, ‘Mr. Smith, my apology for publishing The International Jew was given great publicity, but I did not sign that apology. It was signed by Harry Bennett’ ...

"When Mr. Ford told me that he had not signed the apology, it seemed almost unbelievable. In fact, I could scarcely believe my own ears. Furthermore, on the occasion of this same visit, Mr. Ford said, ‘Mr. Smith, I hope to republish The International Jew again some time’. He showed no signs of regret for having published it in the beginning."

Smith goes on,

"... The press quoted Mr. Ford as apologizing for the publication of The International Jew. (But) Mr. Ford told me in the presence of Mrs. Ford, Mrs. Smith and Mr. Earnest Liebold (his secretary for 34 years) that he hoped to republish it and that he did not sign the apology ...

According to Smith, Ford said,

"There had been observed in this country certain streams of influence which were causing a marked deterioration in our literature, amusements, and social conduct; business was departing from its old-time substantial soundness; a general letting-down of standards were felt everywhere. It was not the robust coarseness of the white man, the rude indelicacy, say, of Shakespeare’s characters, but a nasty Orientalism which has insidiously affected every channel of expression - and to such an extent that it was time to challenge it. The fact that these influences are all traceable to one racial source (i.e., the Jews) is a fact to be reckoned with ... Our work does not pretend to say the last word on the Jew in America. It says only the word which describes his present impress on this country. When that impress is changed, the report can be changed ... Our opposition is only to ideas, false ideas, which are sapping the moral stamina of the people. These ideas proceed from easily identified sources, they are promulgated by easily discoverable methods and they are controlled by mere exposure." [Smith, pgs. 5-11.]


Finally, Smith writes,

"After Mr. Ford died, the man Harry Bennett evidently was very much disillusioned and embittered by the fact that he did not share generously in the inheritance. He collaborated with a Jew by the name of Paul Marcus in the writing of a book entitled We Never Called Him Henry.

"Here is Mr. Bennett’s own story concerning the much publicized ‘apology’ Mr. Ford is supposed to have made for exposing the machinations of the International Jew. Here are Mr. Bennett’s own words: ‘I got in touch with Arthur Brisbane, and through him learned that the American Jewish Committee could settle the matter. I entered into negotiations with Samuel Untermeyer and Louis Marshall of that organization, and with Brisbane. They drew up the now-famous ‘apology’, which was to be the basis for a settlement. In this formal statement, it was said that Mr. Ford would see to it that no more anti-Semitic material circulated in his name and that he would call in all undistributed copies of The International Jew’, which were booklet reprints of the (Dearborn Independent’s) articles. For the rest, the ‘apology’ said that Mr. Ford had no knowledge of what had been published in the Dearborn Independent, and was ‘shocked’ and ‘mortified’ to learn about it.

"'Arthur Brisbane brought this statement to me at 1710 Broadway. I phoned Mr. Ford. I told him an ‘apology’ had been drawn up, and added: ‘It’s pretty bad, Mr. Ford’. I tried to read it to him over the phone, but he stopped me. So I signed Mr. Ford’s signature to the document. I had always been able to sign his name as realistically as he could himself. I sent the statement to Untermeyer and Marshall. The signature was verified, and the case was closed. All this was done without Mr. Ford’s taking anyone else into his confidence. Edsel knew nothing about it, and Cameron and Senator Reed heard about it by reading the papers. Cameron’s reaction was quoted by the newspapers: ‘It’s all news to me and I cannot believe it is true’."

"Later, Mr. Bennett’s story appeared in abbreviated form in True Confession Magazine. The above quotation appeared on page 125 of that magazine for October, 1951. I give the reader this information in order that he may read what follows without the risk of any deception concerning the Ford apology." "... I did not report this conversation even to my most faithful followers because the original ‘apology’ had been so thoroughly publicized that I knew it would be difficult to make people believe what I had heard from Mr. Ford’s own lips ...

"Whatever the case may be, the report in its original form as well as the abridged edition herewith, speaks for itself and is supported by the logic of its contents.

"... Concerning The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, Mr. Ford said on February 17, 1921: "The only statement I care to make about the Protocols is that they fit in with what is going on ... They have fitted the world situation up to this time. They fit it now.

"It must be observed that when Mr. Ford made this statement concerning the Protocols in relationship to his publication The International Jew, this document, which is allegedly the secret minutes of the Elders of Zion, was only 16 years old. The Jews had advertised to the world that The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion were forgeries. Mr. Ford wasted no time arguing this question. He merely said to his friends: ‘No matter what they are, they fit what is going on’.

"Some students of the situation have pointed out that even the word ‘forgery’ implies that the object referred to is an accurate reproduction of the original. For that reason every student of the Jewish problem should have a copy of The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. Copies may be obtained by addressing orders to the Christian Nationalist Crusade, P.O. Box 27895, Los Angeles 27, California. Price fifty cents. [The International Jew, edited by Gerald L.K. Smith (Los Angeles: Christian Nationalist Crusade, nd), pgs. 5-11.]


Of course, as we have already indicated, anti-Semitism within the elite establishment is today a carefully hidden phenomenon - after all, Baker's comment to "f-ck the Jews" was not made for public consumption. Such has been the effect of the Holocaust on the consciences of most men that anti-Semitism as a philosophy in the West (if not in the Islamic and Orthodox worlds) has become "off-limits."

But it's still there - lurking just under the surface. Take, for example, Richard Nixon. Nixon was terribly anxious about the Jews. He was constantly railing against a supposed "Jewish Cabal" that was out to get him. He made lists of his enemies and kept track of Jewish Americans in his administration. Indeed, Nixon's paranoia about the Jews even caused a minor scandal for the Republicans when a party official, Fred Malek, had to resign over his private census of Jews in the government on behalf of the president. Malek admitted to counting the number of Jewish officials in the federal bureaucracy for the president. [Please see Holly Sklar, "Who's Who and What's What" in Z Magazine, 1988.]


So again we ask, are these really the people that evangelical Christians want to make common cause with? These are the people into whose hands evangelicals want to entrust the fate of Israel? God help the Jews! - and God help Israel! What is it about evangelical Christians that makes them think that they are "doing the Lord's work" by allying themselves with such people? These are people who very obviously hate the Jews and hold them in a very profound and deep contempt. And what is particularly nauseous about all this is that the anti-Semitism that the elites evince is not one that is religiously or ideologically based. At least then, one could give an answer to it. But that's not the case with the elites. The anti-Semitism the elites manifest is different. It's vague and obscure - one that exhibits an inexact sense of disapproval and contempt; the kind that seems to say, I don't like you because you are beneath me; you are unrefined and boorish; loud and vulgar; you have big noses and swarthy complexions." It's the kind of "high-brow," understated negativity which, when one confronts it, makes one feel small and ashamed - and inevitably generates a sense of inferiority; the kind that brings tears to one's eyes because there is no way to fight it, no way to extricate yourself from it. You are inferior not because of anything you have done, but because of who you are!!

Some people might object and cite Ford as an example of someone in the elite establishment who was motivated in his anti-Semitism by something more than just a vague disgust for the Jews. Ford seemed to genuinely believe that there existed a world-wide conspiracy directed against the Christian West, and that at the heart of this conspiracy were the Jews.

But Ford was pretty much an anomaly here; and he came to this thinking not so much because of his elite status, but rather as a result of the cultural melieu out from which he had come. This kind of thinking - the kind that attributed to the Jews a special ability to make money - did not originate in the circles that the Morgans and the Vanderbilts ran in, but rather from the so-called "Bible belt" of that era. It was common in the thinking of many Christians and was based on the erroneous assumption that the Jews somehow or other controlled the economy of the world. Ford, unlike most other members of the American elite of that era, had deep roots in the Christian culture of that period, and - when he began to experience financial setbacks in the mid-1920s - he came easily to believe that "Jewish money-changers" were behind it all. [In fact, the difficulty Ford experienced at that time did not originate with the Jews at all, but rather from the machinations of certain elite Banks in New York which were entirely under the control of "white, Anglo-Saxon Protestants."]


The belief that Jews have an inside track insofar as money-making is concerned is prevalent in Christian circles - even today. Indeed, it is not too much to say that most even will-meaning Christians attribute to the Jews a "God-given talent" for making money; a certain "divine skill in handling it." They believe that the Jews' alleged domination of commerce bespeaks divine favor. For example, Dan Fore, one of Jerry Falwell's chief lieutenants, once doted on the Jews at a fund raiser by saying:

"I love the Jewish people deeply. God has given them talents He has not given others. They are His chosen people. Jews have a God-given ability to make money."

But, for the most part, the belief that the Jews control commerce in this or any other country is a myth!! The very real fact of the matter is, very few Jews sit on the boards of any of the major U.S. multinationals. Nor do they come anywhere near controlling the Banking system. There are no Jews on the Board of BankAmerica, or Citibank, or J.P. Morgan, Chase-Manhattan, or Morgan Stanley, etc. Certainly not in the retail trade - Sears, Walmart, K-Mart, etc.

It is true that Jews are prominent in the so-called "diamond trade" - but there's not much money there. And Jews can be found in some of Wall Street's secondary brokerage houses - but that's about all. Finally, Jews are prominent in the publishing business, in Hollywood and in the media in general, but many of the firms that at one time dominated these areas are in the process of being gobbled up by multinationals, most of which are dominated by white, Anglo-Saxon, "Christians" - which is to say, the elite establishment.


No! - the elites do not buy into the thesis that the Jews control the world's economy. They (i.e., the old, white, Anglo-Saxon, establishment) control it, and they know it. There is, however, something that does infuriate the elites about the Jews - beyond their general disgust for them - and that's Israel; specifically, what the elites see as the "idiotic" desire of the Jews to re-establish and sustain a homeland in Palestine that the elites consider should best be left in the trash bin of history. And why is that? OIL! - the NEXUS around which elite wealth is today centered. And it is precisely here that we can begin to appreciate the elite's loathing of the Jews and the state of Israel beyond the normal disgust the elites have historically had for the Jews): for the most part it can be traced to "Big Oil's" relationship with the Arab world - and that relationship boils down to a question of money. In the end, as with almost everything else in this world, it all comes down to money! - and that is especially true with the elites. It's not without reason that the Bible says:

"For the love of money is the root of ALL evil ..."(1 Tim. 6:10)

We, of course, would like to think otherwise; that we as human beings are not as TRITE and ORDINARY as all that; that certainly there is something more sinister afoot here than just the avaricious pursuit of money. But the Bible says it's money - that the root of ALL evil is the love of money; that's not just some evil, but ALL evil. The fact is, the elites see Israel as an impediment - a BIG impediment - to their pursuit of money in the Middle East, specifically, the pursuit of "Black Gold" - the thing that makes today's world "roll and go."


Now, in coming to an appropriate appreciation of all this, one needs to be very careful here - the truth is not what it first appears insofar as the relationship between the oil companies and the Arab world is concerned. Most Americans have been led to believe that the Arabs control the world's supply of oil; but that's not the case at all. It's not the Arabs that control the world's oil supply, but the Western oil companies: ARAMCO, Standard Oil, Chevron, Mobil, Shell, BP, Texaco, etc. BACKED UP BY THE MILITARY MIGHT OF THE UNITED STATES, or does one really think that these nations could exist for even one short month without the sufferance of the U.S. military? Think about it for a minute. Does anyone really believe that if the Arabs were to do something that didn't meet with the approval of the Americans, they could get away with it? No! - it's not OPEC that calls the shots insofar as the world's oil supply is concerned, but "Big Oil" hiding behind OPEC as a "front." And it's very useful to "Big Oil" to have it so (i.e., to use OPEC as a "front"), because in doing so, "Big Oil" can conveniently draw fire away from itself and their extraordinary greed and avarice and set OPEC up as the target insofar as fuel price gouging is concerned.

The fact is, most of the nations of the Middle East are nothing more than "Creations of Convenience" for "Big Oil" - nations that were created out of nothing but the sands of the desert by Britain (and, to a lesser degree, the United States) in the interests of "Big Oil" - and despite rhetoric to the contrary (all of which is designed to take the heat off "Big Oil"), the master to puppet relationship between "Big Oil" and the nations of the Middle East is as true today as it was in the 1920s, '30s and '40s when most of these countries were created. And there is a very great price to be paid when those nations stray too far from this relationship - as both Iraq and Libya can attest to. The 1991 war in the Middle East (i.e., "Desert Storm") and the bombing of Libya in the mid-1980s had very little to do with "humanitarian concerns," or the bombing of a bar frequented by American GIs in downtown Berlin, and everything to do with the fact that Quadafi and Hussein were trying to change the equation in the Middle East in favor of the Arabs and against "Big Oil" - something "Big Oil" was more than willing to sacrifice thousands and thousands of American GIs to stop.

Of course, most people in the United States know little about any of this. The accepted view of the history of Israel in the Middle East is that the United States (together with England) has always played a charitable role toward the Jews, especially insofar as the creation of the state of Israel, and most especially insofar as Israel's wars since then are concerned.

But what happens in public is not always a reflection of the clandestine policies of governments and the multinationals that stand behind those governments. From the very beginning, the oil companies fought the establishment of the state of Israel. And why was that? - because if one is going to pump oil out of a region of the world as volatile as the Middle East, some consideration to the passions of the region must be displayed if one doesn't want his project to go up in flames. And the governing passion in the Middle East is anti-Zionism. As far as the Arabs are concerned, whoever opposes the Jews in the Middle East is their friend; and whoever evinces sympathy for Zionism is their enemy. For the oil companies who want to pump oil out of the Middle East, it is a "no brainer." As a result, from the 1920s onward, the oil companies have been allied against the Jewish people and the Zionist movement, and nothing has changed since.


The first of the big American oil companies into the Middle East were Gulf Oil and Standard Oil of California (Socal). They arrived hunting for oil in the early 1920s. Both companies almost immediately became peripherally involved with the Arabs in trying to stem the tide of Jewish immigration into Palestine. But the Zionist interlopers kept coming with Socal and Gulf Oil fighting them all the way.

In 1924, Ibn Saud, the fanatically anti-Semitic leader of the Wahhabi sect in the Arabian Peninsula created the nation of Saudi Arabia with the help of British Intelligence. Seven years later in 1931 Charles Crane and Karl Twitchell arrived in Saudi Arabia to investigate the oil prospects in Arabia on behalf of Socal. Three years later, Ibn Saud granted an oil concession to Socal. Socal set up shop in Jidda, the Saudi capital, and began drilling for oil - and it wasn't long before Socal officials learned that a good dose of anti-Semitism went a long way in the Saudi capital. On the eve of the Second World War, Socal hit oil. By then, Socal had brought the Texas Oil Company (Texaco) into its concession. After the war, Socony Vacuum (Mobil) was also brought in, as was the Rockefeller-dominated Standard Oil of New Jersey.

Before the war, Standard Oil of New Jersey had forged a synthetic oil and rubber cartel with the Nazi-controlled I.G. Farben Company, who also ran a slave labor camp at Auschwitz which prompted an outcry from the Jewish community, but nothing was ever done about it. Texaco and Socal grew rich during the war shipping oil to Nazi Germany through "neutral" Spain - while all the while American G.I.s were dying fighting the Nazis and European Jews were being gassed at a death camp one of their business partners had built in Poland. The Saudis took note of all this and approved it. They liked the American oil men; they reckoned that like the Germans, the American oil men knew how to treat the Jews.

It was no secret to American oil officials that Ibn Saud had more than just a little sympathy for the Germans. His extreme anti-Jewish feelings were made clear to a British diplomat in 1937. The king said that his "hatred for the Jews" stemmed from "their persecution and rejection" of Christ, and "their subsequent rejection" of Mohammed. Ibn Saud added that "for a Muslim to kill a Jew, or for him to be killed by a Jew, ensures him an immediate entry into Heaven and into the august presence of God Almighty." While officials of the American oil companies weren't prepared to go that far, they quite plainly believed that control of Middle Eastern oil was far too important to squander for the sake of the Jews, let alone their Zionist dreams. The Arabs possessed the oil, and the Jews were expendable.


After the war, "Big Oil" did everything it could to prevent the establishment of the state of Israel. The man they worked through in Washington was Secretary of Defense James Forrestal. Arnold Rogow, Forrestal's biographer, has recorded that -

"Forrestal lived most of his life in an anti-Semitic world (as did almost all members of the elite of that era). The early family circle was anti-Semitic, and many of his friends positively disliked Jews. During his Wall Street career a large number of prominent investment banking houses and law firms refused to employ Jews, and some of the New York and Washington clubs to which he belonged did not admit persons of Jewish origin."

Forrestal himself admitted that he thought Jews were "different," and he "could never really understand how a non-Jew and a Jew could be friends." One of Forrestal's closest business associates was an American Nazi collaborator named Alexander Kreuter, who obtained favorable treatment for Western financial interests from the Nazis. While Forrestal emphasized the need to support the Arab position in the Middle East (and ipso fact, the position of the American oil companies) with regard to Palestine, his attitude towards the Jewish survivors of Hitler's concentration camps was essentially one of indifference.


Forrestal's connection to "Big Oil" was a deep and long one. It was Forrestal himself who negotiated the deal to bring Standard Oil of California (Socal) together with Texaco to form Caltex, which later became the Arabian-American Oil Company (ARAMCO). While still undersecretary of the navy in 1941, and just before the United States joined the war, Forrestal gave immunity to Standard Oil of New Jersey ships supplying the Nazis with much-needed oil.

Forrestal and his oil company cohorts worked tirelessly to crush the effort of the Zionist Jews to establish the state of Israel. Among those he worked with were Undersecretaries of State Dean Acheson and Robert Lovett. George Marshall also joined in the fight to stop the Jews. Indeed, almost the entire elite establishment swung into action to stop them. In the end, however, they couldn't get Truman to go along with them. Truman was not a member of the elite clique. Forrestal and the oil companies were never quite able to figure out what made Truman click. According to David McCullogh's Pulitzer Prize-winning biography of Truman, the Palestinian issue was "a basic human problem" for the president. "When his Secretary of Defense, Forrestal, reminded him of the critical need for Saudi Arabian oil in the event of war, Truman said he would handle the situation in the light of justice, not oil. In the end, Truman won - but just barely.

In upcoming articles we will go into greater depth with regard to all this - especially insofar as the oil companies' machinations against Israel since 1948. Suffice it to say for now, however, things haven't changed that much since then. The oil companies are now, and always will be unalterably opposed to the Jews and Israel - as we said, it's a question of money!!


What then does that say about what our attitude should be towards the alliance the evangelical church has made with the Republican Party? - or does one think that one can make an alliance with anti-Semitic bigots and get away with it insofar as the Lord is concerned? It's not without reason that the Lord said of Israel:

"... I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee: and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed. (Gen. 12:1-3)

Or perhaps God was just kidding around here? He didn't really mean what He said? Or maybe Christians think they can get away with things that unbelievers cannot get away with?

The facts are the facts concerning "Big Oil's" relationship with the anti-Semitism of the Arab world (to say nothing of its own in-bred, snobbish anti-Semitism). To deny that the oil companies are not in bed with the Arabs (and, ipso facto, the Arab's anti-Semitism) is tantamount to looking at the color black and calling it white. And furthermore to say that the oil elites don't call the shots insofar as the Republican Party is concerned is farcical. Who does one think that George Schultz is? Or what about Cap Weinberger? Or what about Dick Cheney? Or what about George Bush? Or what about Jim Baker? - ad nauseum. The truth is, the oil elites ARE the Republican Party - and while you may never again find any of them saying "F-ck the Jews" as openly as Jim Baker did (they're too smart to get caught more than once doing that), their attitude towards the Jews remains just about what it has always been - "F-ck the Jews." As my Mom used to say, it's time for us as Bible-believing evangelicals to "Wake up and smell the coffee."

God bless you all!

S.R. Shearer
Antipas Ministries

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