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[The following material was taken from an article by George Lardner, Jr. of the Washington Post. The article appeared in the Sacramento Bee dated Tuesday, November 10, 1998 on page A6.]

"Follow-up-Report to
Conspiracy Theories

"Things are not always what they appear to be."

Paul Neuman to Sally Fields
in Absence of Malice


What follows is a report by George Lardner of the Washington Post on new evidence that has surfaced with regard to the JFK assassination. What the report indicates is that evidence which supported the claim that Kennedy was shot by "unknown" assailants from the front (from the area of the so-called "grassy knoll") rather than from behind (from the Texas Book Depository Building) by Oswald was not only quashed, but "rigged" to show the exact opposite - i.e., that Kennedy was shot by Oswald from behind.


WASHINGTON - Doctors who conducted the autopsy on President John F. Kennedy may have performed two brain examinations in the days following his assassination, possibly of two different brains, a staff report for the Assassinations Records Review Board said. The report, summarizing perplexing discrepancies in the medical evidence, was among more than 400,000 pages of internal records that the now-defunct board compiled in its effort to make public as much information about the assassination as it could find. The papers were released Monday at the National Archives.

The five-member panel, which closed down Sept. 30, was not set up to make findings about the assassination and did not take a position on the hypothesis set out in the 32-page report by Douglas Horne, the board's chief analyst for military records.

The central contention of the report is that brain photographs in the Kennedy records are not of Kennedy's brain and show much less damage than Kennedy suffered when he was shot in Dallas and brought to Parkland Hospital there on Nov. 22, 1963. The doctors at Parkland told reporters then that they thought Kennedy was shot from the front and not from behind as the Warren Commission later concluded.

"I am 90 to 95 percent certain that the photographs in the Archives are not of President Kennedy's brain," Horne, a former naval officer, said in an interview. "If they aren't, that can mean only one thing - that there has been a cover-up of the medical evidence."

Horne contends that the damage to the second brain reflected a shot from behind. He says the first brain was Kennedy's and reflected a shot from the front.

The report points to, for instance, the testimonies of former FBI agent Francis O'Neill Jr., who was present at the Nov. 22, 1963, autopsy at Bethseda Naval Hospital, and of former Navy photographer John Stringer, who said he took photos at a supplementary brain examination, two or three days later, probably on the morning of Nov. 25.

O'Neill told the board in a 1997 deposition that at the Nov. 22 autopsy "there was not too much of the brain left" when it was taken out of Kennedy's skull and "put in a white jar." He said "more than half of the brain was missing."

Shown the brain photographs, taken sometime after the autopsy and deeded to the Archives by the Kennedy family, O'Neill said they did not square with what he saw. The "only section of the brain which is missing is this small section over here," O'Neill said of one photograph. "This looks almost alike a complete brain."

Stringer said the photos he took at the "supplementary examination" conducted by J. Thornton Boswell and James Humes did not resemble those at the Archives. He said they seemed to be on "a different type of film" from the one he used. He said he also took photographs of "cross sections of the brain" that had been cut out to show the damage. No such photos are in the Archives collection.

Stringer has said some photos he took at the autopsy itself were missing. He said he "gave everything" from the brain examination to Humes, who gave the film to Kennedy's personal physician, the late Adm. George Burkley.

Now ill and unavailable for comment, Humes testified in a 1996 deposition that Kennedy's brain was not sectioned in the way Stringer described "because the next thing you know George Burkley wanted it." He said Burkley told him "flat out" that the Kennedy family wanted to inter the brain with the president's body and that Burkley said he was going to deliver it to Attorney Robert F. Kennedy. [The brain was not ultimately interred with the body, but kept by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Interestingly, when investigators looked for the brain to examine it again during the 1970s House and Senate investigations of the matter, the brain had disappeared - editor.]

The president's coffin was buried on the afternoon of Nov. 25.

However, a third autopsy physician, Pierre Finck, said in a 1965 report, based on earlier notes, that Humes called him on Nov. 29, 1963 to "examine the brain" at Bethseda.

"Humes, Boswell and myself examined the formalin fixed brain," Finck wrote. "A U.S. Navy photographer was present." He said the photographer took pictures of the brain from below. Stringer, by contrast, said he did not shoot such "basilar, or inferior, views." [Interestingly, this brain too disappeared - editor.]


What all this tends to indicate is that collusion at the highest levels of government - at least at the level of the "Old Boy Network" at the CIA - was necessary to pin the blame on Oswald as the "lone gunman." Think about it - switching Kennedy's brain with the brain of someone else in order to "prove" that Kennedy was shot from behind rather than from the front - as so many witnesses testified to on the day of the assassination. That could only have been done by people at the top levels of the government. And what about the person from whom the second brain was taken to switch with Kennedy's? One can only quiver at the direction an investigation into that matter would take. The fact is, it all smacks of a cold-blooded and heartless MK-ULTRA "hit" by a rogue element from the CIA! - which is exactly the direction the Senate and House Investigations into the matter were tending toward in the 1970s before the investigations were closed down.

And what are the ramifications of all this for us as evangelicals? - simply this: that the people the leaders of the evangelical church are getting into bed with are a pretty cold-hearted and ruthless bunch of people, and that someday - just as they turned on Kennedy - they will turn on us! We're being led into a trap, and no one is taking note of this fact - now that's deception! No! - it's not the mythical "Illuminati Conspiracy" or Texe Marr's imaginary "Circle of Intrigue" that we need to concern ourselves with - but the very people the leadership of our church is currently taking money from.

We will have much more to say on these matters in upcoming reports, especially with regard to the real identity of the United States insofar as the "Last Days" are concerned. Believe us when we say, the United States is not what people like Pat Robertson, Tim LaHaye, Jerry Falwell, D. James Kennedy, etc. would have us believe - i.e., God's "Chosen Nation" to bring in Christ's righteous rule to a sick and dying world. If anything, just the opposite! [And we say this with a good deal of sadness in our hearts - it's not what we would have liked to have believed - after all, most of us associated with Antipas Ministries all served in the military, and some of us even saw combat in Vietnam. None of us - like so many in today's elite - dodged the draft during the Vietnam era. None of us hid behind ministerial deferments as did Jerry Falwell and many of his ilk (after all, it's easy to be a "patriot" when your life isn't on the line, but quite another to be a "patriot" when your own life is at risk - something Falwell would be well advised to take note of).]

In the interim, we urge you to read the report we just sent you yesterday on "A Trap Is Being Set: Don't Get Caught." The report is taken from the second chapter of the Antipas Papers.

God bless you all,

S.R. Shearer

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