[Part 2: Life in a Surveillance Society]

April 22, 2006
by: S.R. Shearer

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"First thing when I wake up and Right before I close my eyes at night I think, sense, feel man like I'm under some kind of microscope. Satellites over my head, transmitters in my dollas Hawkin', watchin', scopin' to see what I'm doin' Where I be, who I see, how and where and with whom I make my money. What is this? Excuse me Miss. May I have your phone number and your social security? Who me? When all I came to do is buy my double or triple A batteries?"

- Jill Scott, "Watchin Me"


This is the second in a series of articles and broadcasts designed to acquaint you with the realities of the developing NATIONAL SECURITY STATE in the United States, and to warn you to get out of the country while there is still time. Believe me when I tell you, you should not think, even for a minute, that you will be able to sustain the pressure that will soon befall you in the United States, and that is precisely why the Lord instructs ALL of His followers to get out of the U.S.:

"And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, COME OUT OF HER, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues." (Re 18:4)

Make these broadcasts a week-by-week event in your home. There will be one broadcast on this subject per week, and each broadcast will be about an hour in duration. The "neat thing" about these broadcasts is that you can turn them into a kind of social affair - and to that end, we URGE you to invite your friends, neighbors and people of like mind into your home to listen to these broadcasts with you. Afterwards, you can have some refreshments and discuss with each other what all this means to you. It will give you something to pray about, and - hopefully - to begin taking action on. These are very serious matters - and they are matters that will shortly begin to impact your life in very personal ways.


Many, many years ago, in his preface to Panopticon, Jeremy Bentham imagined the "social benefits" of a ring-shaped "inspection-house" in which prisoners, students, orphans or paupers could be subjected to constant surveillance. In the center of the courtyard would be an inspection tower with windows facing the inner wall of the ring. Supervisors in the central tower could observe every movement of the inhabitants of the cells, who were illuminated by natural lighting; but Venetian blinds would ensure that the supervisors could not be seen by the inhabitants.

THE UNCERTAINTY ABOUT WHETHER OR NOT THEY WERE BEING SURVEILLED WOULD DETER THE INHABITANTS FROM ANTISOCIAL BEHAVIOR. Michael Foucault described the purpose of the Panopticon - "TO INDUCE IN THE INMATE A STATE OF CONSCIOUS AND PERMANENT VISIBILITY THAT ASSURES THE AUTOMATIC FUNCTIONING OF POWER." Foucault predicted that this condition of visible, unverifiable power, in which individuals have internalized the idea that they may always be under surveillance, would be the defining characteristic of the "modern age."

And Foucault was right. SURVEILLANCE IS A POWERFUL INDUCEMENT TOWARD SOCIAL CONFORMITY FOR CITIZENS. Under the all-seeing, watchful eye of the government, people begin very much to care who they are seen with. Constant surveillance causes people to change the way they live. They are not so quick to associate themselves with people or groups that the government might find objectionable; or that their church or employer might feel are unacceptable. Jobs are at stake, ostracism is a very real possibility. People find themselves doing little, unconscious things to please their employers, demonstrate their loyalty to the state, and "brown-nose" their pastors and other church officers. They behave in self-conscious ways under surveillance, ostentatiously trying to demonstrate their integrity or bristling at the implication of disloyalty to the powers that be, or at the  slightest accusation of moral failure on their part which might brand them as “unreliable.”


And that reality is rapidly taking form before our very eyes. Since the events of September 11th, 2001, a TIDAL-WAVE of legislation and administrative fiats has turned the country into a Surveillance State.  Task forces of federal, military, state and local law enforcement and intelligence agencies, as well as private entities, are employing increased interaction, abundant funds, new laws, new technologies and new octopus-like data bases to spy on and harass activists of many stripes. THIS IS ESPECIALLY SO IN THE CASE OF THOSE ACTIVISTS WHO HAVE BEEN DEMONSTRATING AGAINST THE INSTITUTIONS OF THE AMERICAN NEW WORLD ORDER SYSTEM - WTO, THE IMF, THE WORLD BANK AND THE G-8 SUMMITS.

The FBI and police are noting license plate numbers of people attending meetings and demonstrations, photographing people, paying informers to infiltrate groups, breaking into offices to steal mailing and contributor lists, rifling through files and carrying out "harassment arrests" (i.e. charges later dropped). Individual members of these groups are receiving FBI visits at their homes and workplaces, or the Bureau is sending anonymous letters to the person's colleagues implying that he or she is actually an informer; they are also involved in sending assorted poison-pen letters to employers, landlords and spouses designed to produce optimal distress. All this is the kind of activity one would have expected to see in the Third Reich or in the old Soviet Union. How is it possible for Christians to associate themselves with such a state and call it the "New Israel of God?" 

Consider what's been happening, and if you are not horrified by these examples, it proves that you are already becoming inured to what's occurring:

  • The FBI is urging librarians to report on the books taken out by patrons with foreign-sounding names, particularly scientific and technical books. When this program was first revealed and criticized, the FBI proceeded to do checks on the critics. These are the same kind of techniques used by the Chinese communists during Mao's "Cultural Revolution."
  • The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) is demanding that a publisher provide it with the names of people who have ordered certain "anti-government" material. Again, these are the same kinds of acts that made Mao's "Cultural Revolution" such a heinous affair.
  • Banks, telephone companies, utility companies, credit card companies, airlines, bus companies, rental car outlets, storage facilities, hotel and motels and all manner of other private institutions are providing various local, state and federal authorities with all the information about their customers they desire under the ever-expanding legal authorities being granted to law enforcement bodies with scarcely any public hearings or debate. Banks brokers, and other financial institutions are being told to monitor their customers' financial transactions and report any "unusual" or "suspicious" activity. The information is all fed into the Treasury Department's Financial Crimes Enforcement Network whose computers spend their days making linkages between individuals and bank accounts, businesses, real estate and other assets. Again, the tactics used by "Big Brother" in the book, 1984.
  • States are selling confidential wage, driving and other information about their residents to private information companies and other enterprises.
  • Embassies abroad are surveilling selected American travelers, fingered by a joint effort of the FBI and the State Department Passport Office.
  • People are being surveilled merely because of belonging to or supporting an organization whose politics are looked upon with disfavor by the U.S. government. Federal agents can now obtain the phone numbers of all incoming and outgoing calls on any line used or called by suspected "foreign" agents.


Nat Henthoff of the Village Voice has been tracking the effect of this surveillance on civil liberties in the United States, and has been utterly dismayed by what he has found, specifically that it has been having a very profound and chilling impact on the free exercise of civil liberties in the country.  According to Hentoff, there is a plethora of examples throughout the country to this effect. Hentoff cites a number of them in a column entitled "Making a List of Dissenters." Hentoff says that these particular examples were supplied to him by a friend over at the Christian Science Monitor, Kris Axtman.

  • The first example concerns the story of Donna Huanca, the docent of Houston's well-known Art Car Museum. Hentoff says that Huanca told Axtman of a visit by FBI agents and the Secret Service to the museum in connection with a "tip" they had received that the museum was showing an exhibit of past "U.S. covert operations and government secrets." Huanca was enraged, and asked her FBI visitors, "What was anti-American about free speech" (even if that "free speech" was perceived by some to be "anti-government")? Or what was "anti-American" about dissenting from the covert activities of the government (such as Reagan's war on the Contras, or America's present war against the FARC in Columbia)? Or is that no longer permissible in the United States? She didn't receive a reply - which, according to Huanca, conveyed the thought to her that: "No, it's no longer permissible."

    Huanca reports that the federal agents who conducted the investigation of the museum were very diligent in their probe. She says, "... the G-men puzzled over each art installation, sneering and saying things like, 'What's that supposed to mean'?" - again, as if there had been some hidden anti-American code in the museum's art.

  • Then there is the case of 61-year-old retired phone company worker Barry Reingold of San Francisco who also had reason to ask the same question (i.e., "What is anti-American about free speech?") when two FBI agents announced themselves on the intercom at his residence. Hentoff reports that the agents told Reingold that a fellow weight-lifter at his gym had called the FBI to report that Reingold was a "disloyal American." What?

    It seems that while at the gym, a discussion that Reingold was involved in turned to the subject of bin Laden and what a horrible murderer he was. Reingold had said, "Yeah, he's horrible, but Bush has nothing to be proud of either. He is a servant of the big oil companies, and his only interest in the Middle East is oil." The conversation was overheard by a fellow weight-lifter and reported to the FBI.

  • Hentoff relates yet another incident from Axtman's report: in North Carolina two Secret Service agents and a Raleigh police officer questioned A.J. Brown, a student at Durham Technical Community College, for forty minutes in her doorway. She didn't let them into her apartment because they did not have a search warrant. But from the doorway, these specialists in "un-American activities" could see a poster of George W. Bush holding a noose. It read, "We hang on your every word."


As the above cited examples indicate, the government really does mean to catch you if you decide to speak out! That's exactly what a series of meetings that took place in January of this year (and which was sponsored by a group of government bureaucrats with the innocuous-sounding name of "The American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators") was all about - i.e., laying the groundwork for constructing the requisite "surveillance mechanisms" that would be necessary for the smooth functioning of such a state. The government has turned to this little-known group to accomplish in secret (and "under the table") what it knows would be very difficult to accomplish out in the open: the creation of an Orwellian surveillance state.

Jonathan Turley, a professor of law at George Washington University, reports that this obscure little group has been charged by the government with the responsibility for creating a de facto national identification card based on one's driver's license. In other words, in the next few years our driver's licenses - while retaining much of their current "look" and their identification with state government - will be transformed into something much more than a state driver's license: a NATIONAL I.D. card - a kind of "human license plate" to "TRACK and RESTRICT the movements of ordinary citizens in the United States" (Turley's words). It will be a card the government can quickly integrate into already existing governmental and business computer systems to become "the required form of identification" for activities ranging from driving to voting to banking, etc. Sadly, most people will be hardly aware of what's happened.

It's a perfect ruse; using state drivers' licenses gives cover to advocates of the new National Security State to say that they're not creating a national security card, when - in effect - that's exactly what they're doing. To abet this ruse, the states will be encouraged to adopt differing "looks" to their licenses - in fact the bill mandates these differences; but in the end, they will all be the same, and they will all be hooked (directly or indirectly) into the same database.

If a state's drivers' license does not meet the new standards, federal agencies (and the agencies of other states that participate in the new federal program) will not be allowed to accept it as valid identification for such purposes as boarding airplanes, trains and ships, making business and banking transactions, and many other common transactions of daily life. Essentially, the bill mandates in a very round about and circuitous manner a NATIONAL IDENTITY CARD by NATIONALIZING the drivers' licenses of the various states, standardizing them, and linking them together (directly or indirectly - it doesn't matter) to a national data base.


Do you use a cell phone? Is the actual phone you're using less than four years old. If so, then the government knows EXACTLY where you are at any given time of the night or day – and often times whether your phone is on or off, and whether you are actually talking to someone or not! That's just one of the startling conclusions in Christian Parenti's new book, The Soft Cage: Surveillance in America. Parenti writes,

"More than 111 million Americans now carry mobile phones, each of which creates a rough electronic account of the user's location in time and space. Cell phones communicate with networks of transmission points that monitor and note a phone's location ... These records, stored by phone companies, can be subpoenaed when needed ...



The next step, of course, is to implant these chips (the same kind of chips used in cell phones) in human beings - AND THAT'S PRECISELY WHAT APPLIED DIGITAL SOLUTIONS INC. OF DELRAY BEACH, FLORIDA IS PLANNING TO DO WITH ITS NEW VERICHIP SYSTEM. The VeriChip is a microchip that can be implanted under the skin that will permit the government to track those who have had the chip implanted in them much in the same fashion that cell phone users can be tracked today (see above). Think about that! - if you have such a device implanted in you and it has been linked up to a GPS tracking system, there will be no place for you to hide. The government will ALWAYS know where you are - IN REAL TIME - anywhere on earth.

And this is not something far off in the future. The VeriChip is in use today. For example, Applied Digital Solutions is marketing the chip to the medical community as a means to give doctors instant access to a patient's medical records. The tiny electronic capsule, the first such device to receive Food and Drug Administration approval, transmits a unique code to a special scanner that allows doctors to confirm a patient's identity and obtain detailed medical information from an accompanying database. It's being marketed as a way to improve care and avoid errors by ensuring doctors know whom they are treating and their personal health details.


According to Rob Stein of the Washington Post, doctors would scan patients like cans at a grocery store. Instead of the price, the patient's medical record would pop up on a computer screen. Emergency room doctors could scan unconscious car accident victims to check their blood type and medications, and make sure they have no drug allergies. Surgeons could scan patients in the operating room to guard against cutting into the wrong person. Chips could be implanted in Alzheimer's patients in case they get lost.

The VeriChip technology was originally developed to track livestock and has been implanted in millions of cats and dogs to identify lost or stolen pets. But the technology is rapidly transitioning from a means to track animals to one that aims at tracking human beings. For example, Mexico's Attorney General announced in July that he had had one of the devices injected into his arm and those of about 160 of his lieutenants to control access to high-security offices. In bars in Amsterdam (the Netherlands) and Barcelona (Spain) patrons can have the devices implanted to allow them to enter exclusive areas of the club.

Marc Rotenberg, executive director of the Electronic Privacy Information Center in Washington warns that the day is not long off when people will be FORCED to get the implants. Katherine Albrecht, a technology expert, warns that the technology is out there - AND IT'S GOING TO BE USED:

"It would obviously be possible to inject one of these into everyone. In the post-9/11 world, we are already racing down the path to TOTAL SURVEILLANCE."

Just wait until the next 9/11 event – when Marshal Law is declared, and such a system is mandated by the government.


Now, stop and think about what all this means: the government will always know where you are: it is anticipated that eventually you will have to show your driver's license whenever you use your credit card, whenever you make a banking transaction, whenever you make a purchase, stay in a motel, rent a car, board a plane, train or ship, get medical services, obtain government services, rent an apartment, etc. - and it won't matter whether or not you use cash - you will still be required to show your drivers' license. The government will be able to track your every move! Nothing will be hidden from the government's eyes.

In addition, by installing "readers" at various locations on the nation's roads and highways, the government will be able to track you as you travel in REAL TIME. This is to say nothing of the government's ability to track you using satellites. Of course, you can always throw your license away; but then you will not be able to purchase food, buy gas, get car repairs, etc. - in other words, you won't be able to travel – and all this even before you are mandated to have a VeriChip implanted in you. And no use trying to use somebody else's license - only the owner of the license will be able to use it - that's the reason for the digitized fingerprint, picture, and hologram. So much for crossing a border undetected.


All this is to say nothing about the government's plans to set up community based "snitch" programs like the ones Mao set up in Communist China and Stalin set up in the old Soviet union. Indeed, this is exactly what the government is transforming the old Neighborhood Watch Program into. Bill Berkowitz of the Progressive says that the new thrust of Neighborhood Watch is part of the government's plan to set up a whole network of citizen informants.

Nadine Strossen of the ACLU writes:

"... a MASSIVE effort ... to turn regular Americans into ... government MONITORS who, pressed by constant urgings for vigilance and suspicion ... are asked to report to the authorities anything they think is 'unusual or suspicious' ... The new warnings are enormously vague and broad, yet frightening and intense. Unlike 'wanted' posters and other traditional public appeals, they are based not on crimes that have already been committed, but on the prospect or suspicion that an individual might be planning something bad ... The government's constant exhortations to micro-vigilance ... will create an atmosphere of CONFORMISM and mistrust that encourages abuse and divides Americans from one another ..."


In an article that appeared a few years ago in Counterpunch Magazine Douglas Valentine described described how such a Neighborhood Watch Program would work. The article said that the program would most likely be patterned after the infamous Phoenix Program the U.S. ran in Vietnam during the Vietnam War. Phoenix was run essentially by a cadre of "secret police" advised by the CIA and American military intelligence officers. Informants were recruited in every district, village, and hamlet in Vietnam. On the basis of an accusation made by a single anonymous informant, a VC suspect or sympathizer could be arrested and detained indefinitely. They were held until they confessed (often under torture); and then they were sent to Stalinist internal security camps where they were “disappeared” permanently.

To this end, according to Valentine, the government is surreptitiously extending informant nets throughout the country and tying them into local DHS Committees which will be comprised of citizens that the DHS (Department of Homeland Security) has deemed politically suitable. Eventually, it is hoped that committees will be set up in every village, town, and city in the country. The job of these committees will be to process reports by "concerned citizens" (i.e., informants) about the activities of "suspected citizens." Perhaps once a week these reports will be forwarded to the DHS Committee at the county level. The country committee will review the reports and send the most urgent ones to the state committee.

What makes such a system especially dangerous is that the government has refused to spell out exactly the criteria to be used that will land someone on the “suspected citizen” list. This is what happened in Vietnam too. There was never any consensus about the definition of a VC sympathizer; at best, it was tacitly understood by the those in charge of the program, and the security forces under their control, that a person was either "for us" or "against us." Moreover, it wasn't enough to be just "for us" in a passive sense; one had to be actively "against them."

So the definition of a terrorist suspect is deliberately left open, paving the way for political repression. The anti-terror legislation passed by Congress and signed by Bush allows for secret searches of the homes of people who meet the nebulous criteria of "suspected citizen."

Heinrich Mueller, chief of Hitler's Gestapo, commenting on the efficacy of this kind of system, said that there is -

"... nothing quite as efficient as an internal spy system (i.e., citizens spying on other citizens) for isolating the individual by making it impossible for anybody to trust anybody else."

Commenting on all this, Representative Kuchinich of Ohio says:

"It appears we are being transformed from an information society to an informant society ..."


And just how far has all this progressed. Three years ago, Robert Dreyfuss, a contributing editor of the Nation Magazine reported that the government had already required that each state conduct a county-by-county assessment of potential terrorist groups in order to qualify for federal largess. In each city and county, the police and sheriff's department was required to identify at least fifteen groups as "targets" or "potential threat elements" (PTEs). The Justice Department said that they really didn't care what was motivating each PTE, it could be "political, RELIGIOUS, racial, environmental, or special interest."

There are 17,000 separate jurisdictions involved in the PTE program, which translates into at least 255,000 group "targets." And that's the least amount of "targets" each jurisdiction was required to report on. If tiny jurisdictions like Winnamuca, Nevada and Bishop, California have to come up with fifteen "targets," one can only imagine what a jurisdiction like Chicago, New York, Houston, L.A. etc. will come up with. Undoubtedly, the "target" list runs into the millions and millions. And all this was three years ago; it's anyone's guess how far this program has been expanded in the intervening years.

To make matters worse, the ACLU reports that most people who appear on a government WATCH list don't even know that they are on it - until, that is, they begin to suffer as a result of it. And the consequences of appearing on a government WATCH list are enormous insofar as one's job, one's family, one's "credit worthiness," etc. are concerned. One's credit worthiness? Yes! - even one's "credit worthiness," as one so-called FBI "suspect" found out recently when he received a letter from his bank after his name (i.e., "Algabri") "popped up" on a "government WATCH list," a letter which read in part:

"We regret to inform you that we have decided that it is not in our best interest to continue your banking relationship with us." [Letter from Fleet Bank to Algabri, an American citizen.]

Algabri was unable to ascertain how or even why his name appeared on the list. Moreover, as Algabri found out, once one's name "shows up" on a "government WATCH list" it appears impossible to remove it. Not only that, it seems that one's name will then begin proliferating on other "WATCH lists" - jumping from one list to the next like some kind of deadly virus jumping from one cell in the body to the next, spreading like a cancer until all the cells of the body are infected, and the "host" collapses and dies.

The ACLU reports that -

"No one knows how many innocent people have been denied jobs or suffered other harm because of the list."


The ultimate purpose behind all this WATCHING is to create, as Valentine suggests, "... ANXIETY in the American population,” and most especially among those who might otherwise oppose the elite's American New World Order System; a pervasive atmosphere of -

"... CONSTANT UNCERTAINTY whenever people are in a situation where an informant might be present, enormously amplifying the effect of government surveillance on individual behavior and psychology."

Imagine the lengths to which one might go (i.e., the kind of life-altering changes one might decide to take) in order NOT to elicit the suspicion of some "secret informant" lurking in the shadows; for example, friends that one might feel it best to avoid now because of their political beliefs; books and magazines one wouldn't want to be caught reading anymore; discussions one might want to avoid participating in; clubs and organizations one might feel it best to "drop out of," ad nauseum - after all, who knows who might be WATCHING? Your neighbor next door? Your co-worker on the job? Your golf partner? Your sister or brother? Even your own spouse?

The truth is, those who are given to WATCHING others are normally suspicious, bigoted and narrow-minded people by nature. Better to be safe than sorry, and avoid ALL situations which might draw the suspicion of these WATCHERS, which means retreating back into a very bland, non-controversial life-style and keeping your mouth shut. Nobody wants to receive a letter like Algabri received! How does one operate in society, at least in a modern context, if one cannot find a bank willing to offer him credit, let alone refusing to let him open a simple bank account? These questions are real-life questions; they are not hypothetical ones; real people are involved. Algabri is a REAL person, and so are those whose names have already appeared on the government's WATCH lists.


Some Christians, of course - like many of my naïve, erstwhile colleagues - would say that they would never compromise their principles. Oh, really? If you knew you were being constantly watched, would you meet OPENLY with people you knew opposed what's going on? Would you really? Would you pass out literature opposing what's going on? Would you stand up in your church and contradict what your pastor was saying insofar as your church's involvement in this process is concerned if you knew that your pastor (or others in the church), or your employer (boss) sat on the Neighbor Watch committee? Would you really? - especially if you knew it might mean being thrown out of your church (and being cut off from your friends and loved ones) and / or putting your job in jeopardy. Or, worse, that an unmarked police car could screech up next to you, that someone would jump out of the car, throw a bag over your head and "DISAPPEAR" you so that you would never be heard of again; that the government could at any time  "disappear" you into the bowels of a SuperMax prison - locking you up ALONE in a three foot by six foot prison cell without legal recourse, without your family ever knowing what happened to you? That at any minute, if you piss the government off, if you associate with someone the government deems“unreliable,” a SHADOW COULD STEP OUT OF THE NIGHT AND SNATCH YOUR LIFE AWAY.

Foucault has said,

"Tyranny inspires awe and terror precisely because it ALLIES ITSELF WITH DEATH. The spectacle of the scaffold and its terror are its distinguishing marks. Knowing that the tyrant does not shrink from atrocities strikes fear into the hearts of his subjects."

Brothers and sisters, listen to me here: This is what you face if you remain in the United States; this kind of numbing, life-altering TERROR – the kind that reduces people to sniviling automatons in the service of a TERRORIST state; the kind that strips you of your principles, and silences you insofar as your conscience is concerned.

And if, perhaps, you have the courage to speak out, you will be “red-tagged” and find yourself restricted in your ability to travel around; you will be confined to your home, stripped of any social intercourse with your Christian brothers and sisters, waiting for that proverbial “knock on the door.” You will then be “disappeared” into some government super-max prison where contact with fellow prisoners will not be allowed and contact with all outsiders will be denied you. And don't think that that you will necessarily be able to console yourself with the thought that  you “are in prison for the sake of the Lord.” YOU'RE IN PRISON BECAUSE YOU REFUSED TO OBEY GOD INSOFAR AS REVELATION 18:4 IS CONCERNED:

"And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, COME OUT OF HER, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues." (Re 18:4)

Take action now while there is still time! Don't wait until it's too late.

God bless you all;
S.R. Shearer

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