[Part 3: Police Brutality: Securing
Control of the Streets for the Elites]

April 29, 2006
by: S.R. Shearer

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This is S.R. Shearer of Antipas ministries, and this is the third in a series of articles and broadcasts designed to acquaint you with the realities of the developing NATIONAL SECURITY STATE in the United States, and to warn you to get out of the country while there is still time. Believe me when I tell you, you should not think, even for a minute, that you will be able to sustain the pressure that will soon befall you in the United States, and that is precisely why the Lord instructs ALL of His followers to get out of the U.S.:

"And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, COME OUT OF HER, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues." (Re 18:4)

Make these broadcasts a week-by-week event in your home. There will be one broadcast on this subject per week, and each broadcast will be about an hour in duration. The "neat thing" about these broadcasts is that you can turn them into a kind of social affair - and to that end, we URGE you to invite your friends, neighbors and people of like mind into your home to listen to these broadcasts with you. Afterwards, you can have some refreshments and discuss with each other what all this means to you. It will give you something to pray about, and - hopefully - to begin taking action on. These are very serious matters - and they are matters that will shortly begin to impact your life in very personal ways.

In our first article/broadcast, we covered what the government has been doing to restrict the right of ordinary citizens to travel about - especially those it has deemed to be inimical to its “New World Order” goals. In our second article/broadcast, we covered the development of the United States into a Surveillance State in which the lives of ordinary citizens have been opened up to the all-seeing eye of the government; where there are no secrets, and citizens are encouraged to spy on other citizens. In this article/broadcast, we will cover what the government has been doing to make sure that it does not lose control of the streets to the those who oppose the agenda of the American New World Order System as it did during the Vietnam War.


There is perhaps nothing so frightening to the elites than the prospect of loosing control of the streets to what it sees as “the mob.” This is precisely what's been happening throughout America's client-state system – i.e., in Venezuela, Bolivia, Argentina, etc. and what is close to happening in countries like Egypt, Pakistan, Malaysia, etc.

And, again, this is what happened to the elites during the Vietnam War when LBJ and Richard Nixon were swept from power largely as a result of huge “street demonstrations.” It's not that the elites lost the war in Vietnam – they did not; they lost the war in the streets of America's cities. The elites won't let that happen again!

The elites can afford to lose control of streets from time to time in its client-states; but it cannot lose control of the streets in the United States. If that happens, what happened to the French Aristocracy in 1789, and the Russian Aristocracy in 1917 could very well happen to them.



These are populations that the elites view as nothing more than "commodities" to be used up and discarded; "throw-aways" to be worked to death in virtual "slave-labor" factories for pennies a day and then cast off as "human trash" the way the I.G. Farben Company in Nazi Germany did to the Jews in Auschwitz-Birkenau; the way the British elites did to indigenous workers in India, Kenya, Malaysia, etc.; and the way the old Planter Aristocracy did to black slaves in the ante-bellum South.

Two-time Nobel Prize winner Johan Galtung has said,

"... HOMELAND SECURITY IS, SIMPLY STATED, A TROJAN HORSE through which Bush and his cronies have unleashed their ideological stormtroopers on America."

Galtung has said that what Bush is doing is establishing a "LEGALLY CRIMINAL SOCIAL STRUCTURE" in the United States. By "legally criminal" Galtung means that  Bush and his right-wing religious followers are doing is legalizing otherwise criminal acts aimed at cowering the American population and the growing number of economic “cast-offs” of American society – especially insofar as making sure that these “cast-offs” are prohibited from taking their rage to the streets to stop the oppressive policies of the government as they did during the Vietnam War.


The creation of a political police force is an undeniable “marker” of totalitarianism - and that process is already far advanced in the United States. Before September 11th, 2001, the number of FBI agents stood at 27,000; the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) stood at 10,000; the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms at 4,000; the Secret Service at 6,000; the Border Patrol at 10,000; the Customs Service at 12,000; and the Immigration and Naturalization Service at 34,000. That's a "federal police force" that numbers more than 103,000.

That number is currently being expanded to a figure approaching a HALF-MILLION – a FEDERAL POLICE FORCE THAT IS INCREASINGLY BEING ORIENTED TOWARDS TRACKING DOWN INDIVIDUALS AND GROUPS THAT THE GOVERNMENT HAS DEEMED INIMICAL TO ITS “NEW WORLD ORDER” DREAMS. Moreover, in this connection the Justice Department has said that it really doesn't care what is motivating these groups and individuals: It could be "political, RELIGIOUS, racial, environmental, or special interest” - and that's a quote.


Listen to me here, brothers and sisters in Christ: I tell you the truth that the "every day people" who are doing their "every day jobs" in law enforcement; and particularly in the FBI have very little to do with how they are portrayed in the world of Hollywood fantasy. In that world, the agents of the FBI are a group of cerebral, calculating do-gooders whose sole job is to protect American citizens from criminals, mass murderers, mad scientists, and tall dark men in black, and who protect the rights of pacifists, scholars, and young radicals to have their say alongside business leaders, politicians and men and women of wealth.

The real fact of the matter is, however, the FBI has another more hidden job, and one that is much more vital to the smooth functioning of elite power in the country than is its more mundane job of catching criminals: and that is to spy on, attack and, if necessary, destroy the groups and individuals that don't "toe the party line" that's been established by America's elite. Specifically, the FBI has been authorized to "EXPOSE, DISRUPT, MISDIRECT, DISCREDIT, or otherwise NEUTRALIZE" the activities of those who oppose the elites. [And these are the EXACT words and phrases - i.e., "expose," "disrupt," "misdirect," "discredit," and "neutralize" - used in a "counter-intelligence"  directive authorizing the FBI to use these tactics.]

My heavens! - think about that! Where is there any freedom for ordinary people in all of that? Apparently, the only "freedom" we have as Americans is to agree with the policies of the ultra rich.


Whether most people are willing to admit it or not, what this amounts to is the creation of something this nation has never before allowed - A POLICE FORCE CHARGED WITH WHAT IS REALLY A POLITICAL MISSION.  

Under the guise of the War on Terror, the government is labeling all those whom the elites and their Christian dominionist allies perceive threaten their continued command of the country. And who is that? - all those who oppose their globalist, elite-oriented economic policies or subscribe in any way to social policies the dominionists think are "anti-God" or "anti-Christian."

That, of course, will include all those Christians who reject the dominionist agenda of Bush and his cronies, and who believe Christ when He said:

"... my kingdom is not of this world: if my kingdom were of this world, then would my servants fight ... but ... my kingdom ... (is) not from hence." (John 18:36)

Consider what's been actually occurring over the last several years – specific actions the government has undertaken or is undertaking to suppress those who would dare challenge America's economic elites (unionists, environmentalists, anti-globalist, the poor and the “left-outs” or “cast-offs” of society, or who in any way are deemed inimical to the elites' globalist agenda [this list was derived partly from William Blum and the ACLU]:

  • The DEA, ATF, INS, FBI, DIA, Secret Service, US Forest Service, National Park Service, Sheriff's Departments, National Guard and/or other official “cowboys,” wearing black suits, ski masks and the like, and forming massively armed mobs of screaming, swearing agents – with helicopters chopping above - are battering down doors, raiding people's homes, smashing up furniture, beating up residents, handcuffing them, manhandling pregnant women, terrifying children, separating them from their parents, shooting people dead, looking for drugs or individuals which often are not there - this jihad (holy war) being the outcome of no more than a tip from an "unnamed informant."

  • Heavily-armed so-called "bounty hunters," with the force of law behind them, are carrying on in a similar manner to kidnap a person, sometimes killing someone, sometimes the "wrong person." Operators of "pirate" radio stations are also being invaded, with FCC agents, federal marshals, a SWAT team, customs agents and local police comprising the attacking force. Again, these are all the tactics of a "police-state," not those of a "free society."

  • In the elite's never-ending war against the unions, the police are beating up and arresting strikers and escorting scab workers into plants, thus taking the side of the employer, as the police have done virtually without exception during 150 years of industrial conflict in the United States. Corporations are using many of the more than 10,000 private security firms, which employ 1.5 million guards, to suppress strike action and intimidate union organizers. Again, these are the activities one would expect to find being employed by the police in America's "client-states" like Nicaragua, Guatemala, Brazil, Indonesia, etc., but not in the United States.

  • In the elite's never-ending war against environmentalists, law enforcement officers in northern California, taking the side of logging interests once again, are pressing cotton swabs saturated with pepper spray (600 times hotter than cayenne pepper) into the eyes of non-violent people chained to each other, who are protesting the felling of ancient redwoods; protesters are shrieking and writhing in pain as the solution takes effect. People are dying in police custody in cases where pepper spray is a contributing factor. Again, the police tactics of a "terrorist-state!" These protesters were all non-violent! They are American citizens who - in and of themselves do not possess the financial wherewithal to fight the logging interests except in the fashion they are doing. What are people to do when confronting the power of the rich? - do nothing? Or, maybe the police do not belong to the poor, but only to the rich in this country. That's evidently where we are headed.

  • Scenarios along the lines of the following from Savannah, Georgia are probably taking place elsewhere: Without warning, a team of armed county and schools system officers periodically entered the schools, ordered everyone into the hallways, used dogs to sniff student's belongings, and scanned the students' bodies with metal detectors. One of the high-school teachers was very upset by this - "Because I teach the Constitution," she explained - and made her feelings known to the authorities. A police officer told her principal that because of her "attitude" problem, she might have to be detained or restrained during future surprise raids. During a subsequent raid, the teacher's son was the only student out of 1,500 to be individually searched. Later, cars in the parking lot were searched, and the police claimed to have found a marijuana cigarette in the teacher's car. The Board of Education suspended her and she was later fired. Again, the tactics of a "police state" where opposition to the stratagems of the police is met with hostility and even - on occasion - death.

  • The grand jury system is running amok. Virtually all federal cases now use it to obtain indictments. Neither the accused nor his or her lawyer is there, so they can't confront accusers. The system is used as an instrument of terror - relatives testifying against one another with no confidentiality privilege with respect to family members other than husbands and wives: parents called to testify against their children, children against their parents, brothers against sisters. It lacks due process. It's another secret tool of an expanding executive branch. THIS REMINDS ONE OF THE INQUISITION!

  • Hundreds of cities now are employing highly armed and trained Special Weapons and Tactics Teams (SWAT) against the nation's poor – cowering and intimidating them into acquiescence to the dictates of the elites. The SWAT model is based on military special operations models; the members of these SWAT teams are told they're part of a "war" on crime; ready to terrorize the enemy (the citizens) with automatic assault rifles, tanks and grenade launchers, called out even in non-crisis situations; choosing a neighborhood and swooping onto street corners, forcing pedestrians to the ground, searching them, running warrant checks, taking photos and entering all the new "intelligence" into a state database from computer terminals in each patrol car. As they carry out this exercise, they do not trip over many members of the Fortune 500. Again, the tactics of the Third Reich.

  • The notion of bail is rapidly eroding. We're raised to believe that for other than a capital offense, reasonable bail must be offered. We have a long history of not holding people in custody until their guilt has been determined. That's not true anymore. We call the new concept "preventive detention." "PREVENTATIVE DETENTION" IS EXACTLY THE TACTIC OF CHOICE NOW BEING USED BY THE POLICE ALL OVER THE COUNTRY AGAINST THOSE BRAVE SOULS WITH THE GUTS TO SPEAK OUT AGAINST THE INSTRUMENTALITIES OF THE "NEW WORLD ORDER" - i.e. THE WTO, THE IMF, THE WORLD BANK. etc. For example, "preventative detention" was used in Philadelphia, in Washington DC, in Los Angeles, etc.

  • As in Detroit, New York, Philadelphia, Los Angeles and Indianapolis in recent years, police in large cities are exhibiting a remarkable level of disdain for the laws of the land; giving false information to courts to secure search warrants, or acting without warrants, committing perjury on the stand, allowing the results of botched tests of drugs to be used in criminal cases, staging drug raids in order to steal drugs, money, guns and other valuables, taking money and drugs in exchange for immunity, robbing and beating people on the streets of their precinct. They are also exhibiting the same disdain for individual rights in numerous search-and-destroy missions against private homes: using special "shock-lock" shotgun rounds to blow apartment doors off their hinges, or shooting off the door locks, tossing in "flash-ban grenades," which produce explosions that terrify and disorient people, illegally searching the inhabitants, menacing them with their guns, firing shots at people without cause, killing people, planting drugs or other false evidence, forcing people outside almost naked, filing false arrest reports, or sometimes filing no charges at all after all this, and assaulting or threatening people who make charges against them.

  • Public relations firms, hired by large corporations and business associations, are utilizing hefty fees, lawyers, detectives, spies and phony "grassroots" campaigns to influence the media and public opinion against food, environmental and other activists and authors who pose a threat to one of their special-interest clients, trying to make the activists look foolish, if not criminal, as they exercise their political rights.

  • The FBI is staging photos used in a trial, and its crime laboratory is producing scientifically flawed, misleading or altered evidence benefiting the prosecutor's case against a defendant, even allowing a judge to be impeached on false charges. A Bureau official is destroying an internal report critical of an FBI action in a particular case and not disclosing its existence to prosecutors or defense attorneys, or the Bureau is allowing inaccurate and/or incomplete "expert" testimony during court proceedings, tilting it in such a way as to incriminate the accused. A veteran FBI agent who blows the whistle on such goings-on is being harassed and suspended.

  • The DEA, other federal and state agents and police are seizing houses, boats, cars, airplanes, real estate, furnishings, bank accounts and other assets belonging to people suspected of involvement in drug trafficking, or belonging to their spouses, often without a conviction, and whether or not the assets seized were tied to the alleged crime. In one state, a man is losing his home and his business for selling two grams of cocaine. In another, numerous cars are being confiscated from new car dealerships for failing to report all cash transactions involving more than $10,000. Elsewhere, a 75-year old grandmother is being dispossessed of her home for the sins of her fugitive, drug-dealing son. The government agencies are selling these assets and using the proceeds for anything from patrol cars to parties. The expected value of forfeitures is a times a determining factor in the question of who to raid. Police are routinely planting drugs and falsifying police reports to establish probable cause for cash seizures. Plea bargains are struck that commonly favor drug kingpins willing to surrender their assets and penalize "mules" with nothing to trade. As of early 1999, there was $2.7 billion in the federal government's "Asset Forfeiture Fund" alone.

  • The concept of equal access to legal remedy and justice is being invalidated every day after a decade of deep government cutbacks to the legal aid program, thus robbing the poor of what is often their sole defense against unscrupulous landlords, scam artists, battering spouses, home foreclosure, consumer fraud and many other legal predicaments.

  • A public official who questions the War on Drugs is paying an awful price, like former Surgeon General Jocelyn Elders whose son was sentenced to 10 years in prison for selling one-eighth of an ounce of cocaine to an undercover police officer. His arrest took place five months after the sale, on a warrant issued a week after his mother suggested that the government study the legalization of drugs.


The use of SWAT teams (para-military police forces) against the American population originated with Reagan's so-called "War on Drugs" which declared drug trafficking a threat to "national security," and as such, an appropriate "target" for the nation's military. From its inception, however, the "War on Drugs" was never anything but a thinly veiled subterfuge through which the government has been enabled to make war on its own citizens using the military [and military tactics (i.e., the use of SWAT teams, armored vehicles, and the implements of war)]. The purpose of the war has been to "crack down" on the "left outs" of the population and cower them into submission.


In instances like these, fighting crime is merely an excuse for insinuating an overwhelming police presence into "ENEMY TERRITORY" for purposes of population control. Intimidation is what these forces are aiming at in areas like south-central Los Angeles, Harlem in New York, and Annacostia in Washington D.C.; the police are not in these communities to "serve and protect," as their minions in the elite media would have you believe. They are there to DOMINATE and TERRORIZE, and to prevent these populations from crossing over the line from disorderly activity (i.e., crime) to rebellion and insurrection against the oppressive economic policies of the elites.

To demonstrate how these policies are being carried out in the neighborhoods of America's "THROW-AWAY" population, Christian Parenti investigated the use of SWAT teams in Fresno, California. He steered clear of big city underclass neighborhoods and chose instead to focus on a relatively small town in the Central Valley of California, believing that in doing so he could better illustrate how PERVASIVE this kind of policing has become and to illustrate how the police are policing the underclass neighborhoods of America's "THROW-AWAYS” population.

There, on the pocked streets in the town's sprawling southwest side among the stucco bungalows and dying rail yards, Parenti found what he was looking for: a massive para-military police presence, the primary purpose of which was to DOMINATE and TERRORIZE the "SURPLUS POPULATION" of the Central Valley's huge agricultural operations - people who had been deemed no longer necessary for the agri-business operations that were now engaging "illegal aliens" to do the "heavy lifting." "Illegals" are preferred to workers from Caesar Chavez's United Farmworkers Union because they have no "legal" rights, are not unionized (which the elites hate with a burning passion) and can, therefore be worked much more savagely than can the workers from the United Farmworkers Union.


Parenti describes an operation he witnessed personally one cold October evening. It was carried out by Fresno's Violent Crime Suppression Unit (VCSU): a special forces-type para-military team not unlike the kind of para-military forces Peru's military deploys in the streets of Lima or the Indonesian military deploys in the streets of Jarkata. Parenti writes,

"Since 1994 these soldier-cops have been conducting the criminal justice equivalent of 'search and destroy' missions in Fresno's 'gang-ridden' badlands. 'It's a war', explains one police spokesman."

The use of this kind of police force - the kind that employs the equipment, training, rhetoric, and group tactics of war - is typical today in "THROW-AWAY" neighborhoods throughout the country. In order to carry out this war, the Fresno Police Department (FPD) has established a plethora of new special units, and introduced new technology into every aspect of policing. Thanks to enormous amounts of federal funding the FPD now possesses the nation's latest "field automation system," complete with electronic notepads which, using cellular phone technology, can communicate with the brand new computers in each patrol car. The computers in turn can communicate with, and search, local, state, and federal databases, thus giving officers in the field nearly instant access to mountains of intelligence, ranging from outstanding warrants to DMV records.

Another gadget on the way is a portable, electronic, fingerprint reader. With this Dick Tracy dream come true, police can check prints in the field, then automatically and remotely search local, state, and federal databases for matching prints, outstanding warrants, mug shots, and other information. At the larger level of strategy, Fresno will soon be using its own version of the Pentagon-inspired "electronic battlefield" for state-of-the-art, real-time, computerized crime mapping and deployment. With this technology, Chief Winchester hopes to begin holding Comsat-style meetings. This hybrid between Pentagon whiz-bang tech and New York QOL policing is also being adopted by other departments around the country.


The Fresno VCSU is only one example of the more than 30,000 (that's THIRTY-THOUSAND!!) para-military Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) teams that America's elites have deployed around the country - again, not so much to "fight crime" (as they pretend to be doing), but rather to suppress and intimidate America's growing population of "THROW-AWAYS" the elites no longer have a use for as they ship the factory jobs these populations once depended on overseas to take advantage of even more disadvantaged and compliant populations.

First developed by a young LAPD commander named Daryl Gates in 1966 to combat the kind of Civil Rights disorders that swept through the country in the 1960s and early '70s, SWAT teams - also known as "tactical" or para-military policing units - WERE CONCEIVED NOT AS CRIME-FIGHTING UNITS BUT RATHER AS COUNTER-INSURGENCY UNITS AIMED AT GROUPS LIKE THE BLACK PANTHERS, C.O.R.E., THE SYMBONESE LIBERATION ARMY, THE WEATHERMEN (or Weather Faction, as it later came to be called), ETC. And make no mistake about it, that's still what their job is today! As one early SWAT officer explained,

"Those people out there - the radical and the revolutionaries - are damned good at using shotguns, bombs or setting ambushes, so we've got to be better at what we do."

Parenti says,


Even the etymology of LA's initial tactical unit reveals a bellicose world view. Gates started with the acronym SWAT - which has both a violent and dehumanizing ring to it - and then filled it in with the name "Special Weapons Attack Team." His superiors saw this candid and robust name as a "bit too provocative," so they decided to change it to the more technical sounding "Special Weapons and Tactics."


Parenti continues with his description of Fresno's SWAT or VCSU operation,

"A helicopter clatters overhead, sweeping its lights across the shabby trees and flat homes. Nearby in the shadows, three squads of ten police officers in combat boots, black fatigues, and body armor lock and load their Heckler and Koch (H&K) MP-54 submachine guns (the same weapons used by the elite Navy SEALs) and fan out through the ghetto.

"Dressed in black fatigues, military helmets, bulletproof vests, ski masks, goggles, combat boots, and armed with AR-15s, MP-5s, attack dogs, 'flash-bang' stun grenades, smoke bombs, tear gas, pepper spray, metal clubs, and less-than-lethal 'blunt trauma ordinances', the SWAT team patrols the southwest almost every day ... Their immediate task was to round up a list of some 300 suspected ... offenders ... The enemy was to be tracked down, busted, and put away for as long as possible. The operation involved raiding homes, stopping cars, interrogating 'suspicious persons', and storming an archipelago of 'hot spot' corners."


Now, stop here for a moment and think about it - and be honest as you do so!! Can anyone possible imagine these kinds of tactics being used in the neighborhoods of the wealthy? - especially given the fact that these "sweeps" often have little to do with advanced intelligence directed at specific targets chosen in advance, despite what some of the propaganda emanating from programs like "Crime Stoppers," "America's Most Wanted," "Unsolved Mysteries," etc. - all of which glorify the tactics of America's SWAT teams and DEMONIZE the poor - would have you believe, or does anyone believe that the police officers who pumped 42 bullets into Diallo in New York City, or the roving bands of rogue police officers at the Ramparts division of the LAPD were out on the streets as the result of a well-thought-out plan involving advanced intelligence aimed at specific targets?

No! - for the most part, these units are deployed exactly as Parenti describes above - as roving units aimed at "TARGETS OF OPPORTUNITY!" - targets of opportunity picked out using a plethora of thinly veiled ways around the constitutional protection against illegal stops, such as stopping cars for "unsafe lane changes" and busting people for just standing around because of "suspicious behavior." Parenti continues,

"The street corner raids usually began with officers tossing 'flash-bang' grenades (designed to stun and disorient suspects), then swooping in with barking dogs and guns drawn as they bellowed orders to 'get the f--k down'. Civilian-owned pit bulls, Rottweilers and Dobermans were shot on sight, while EVERYONE in the targeted area was forced to the ground at gunpoint. As one team of ten VCSU officers established an armed perimeter, another team would train guns on prostrate 'bad guys', while a third team would take photos, conduct 'field interviews', run warrant checks, note tattoos, scars, clothing, distinguishing characteristics', addresses, and add new intelligence into local, state, and federal databases from the mobile computer terminals in each patrol car. Prisoners were carted out in a huge gray bus, with SWAT emblazoned on the side, that police likened to a rolling billboard.

"Lately VCSU foot sweeps have been less common. The unit now prefers to roam the south side in regular patrol cars, "like a wolf pack" looking for "contact." This is due in large part to declining narco-commerce in Fresno's hot spots. Police and local ethnographers credit the relative calm to the mass internment of a whole generation of Ogs (original gangsters) and mid-level players (i.e., all those who might possess leadership capabilities and who could form the nexus of an urban guerrilla warfare movement), who are now serving infinities of time in state prison on second and third-strike charges, or in federal joints under the federal government's mandatory minimum sentencing guidelines. And as [these people (i.e., those who possess leadership capabilities) are taken off the street and] ... buried in human landfills, the VCSU's attention necessarily turns to less and less threatening behavior.

"It's almost midnight and the Central Valley is getting cold. A typical VCSU operation is underway. The target is a brightly lit gas station, known for dealing and surrounded by barren waste ground just outside a rundown suburban ghetto called 'the Dog Pound'. As the first cruiser approaches, six young African American men on the corner start moving away: that's suspicious behavior, probable cause for a stop. Half the group slips into the dark, three are stopped. More cruisers pull up at high speed, cops pile out and surround the scene, a K-9 team unloads its barking Alsatian. The young men stiffen with fear, hands on their heads, facing the high beams of the police cruisers. Then it's down on the ground, legs out in front, crossed. The field interviews and frisking begin, scars are noted. IDs checked. From a patrol car terminal an officer runs warrant searches through the local Fresno PD database, the California Law Enforcement Teletype System (CLETS), and the FBI's all-encompassing NCIC.

"'Bingo', says a crew-cut trooper. One of the youths is wanted; he is cuffed, placed under arrest, his pager and keys taken, and he is stuffed into the back of a squad car. Next call. A unit has 'contact' on the far end of the Dog Pound, and on foot an individual has fled the scene of a traffic stop, entering a nearby house; VCSU cars surge towards the action. While the occupants of the car are dealt with, the VCSU officers with AR-15s and H&K MP-54s surround the area and 'holding the perimeter', some look at the house, others look out at the community. A line of five officers rush the door. Technically they are not in hot pursuit and have no right to storm the building, but they look angry and their guns make it seem serious, so the elderly woman behind the black metal security gate quickly consents to a search. Five big, white cops move into the blue-cathode-ray lit room and grab a black man named David. 'What? Man, I didn't do anything!' he protests. His voice breaks and a tearful grimace momentarily clouds his face.

"As police begin searching the small home, with consent from a trembling grandmother, it appears as if the past has suddenly lurched forward and collided with a high-tech future. More than anything else the VCSU robocops resemble the 'patrollers' of the old South, the white, slave-catcher militias that spent their nights rousting Black people's shacks in search of contraband, weapons, and signs of escape.

"'Are you on parole, probation? What? Huh? Let's go outside, David'. The man is cuffed, searched, interrogated, forced to the ground, warrants checked, flashlights continually shone in his face. No drugs found. But David lied, said he wasn't on parole and he is. 'That's a violation of parole, David'. Another black man arrested and packed off to jail.

"More 'contacts' produce three ounces of crack - a huge bust. 'He didn't signal, had an air freshener hanging from his rear-view mirror, so we pulled him over. He didn't have ID. So we searched'. Boom - the white cops take another black man to jail. Then the radios crackle: 'Code three at 621 South ...' An officer needs help. The VCSU's fleet of Crown Victorias race towards the action.

"A youth reportedly brandished a gun (not a crime unless there is a victim being threatened) and has sped off to his mother's house. The radios crackle again: '1010, deploy units in the alley'. The house is surrounded by the whole VCSU. From behind cars, officers train AR-15s, MP-5s, and the larger MP-54s on the front door and in the windows. Overhead a chopper beats the air, flooding the house with light and scanning the area with Forward Looking Infrared (FLIR). Gathering neighbors are kept at bay by detachments of regular Fresno PD officers. A CHP officer and several armed DA investigators arrive on the scene, guns drawn, and crouch dramatically behind vehicles. Because the person who reported the crime was not themselves threatened by the gun, the VCSU has no probable cause to enter the house, and so the stand-off continues.

"The FPD helicopter overhead runs short on fuel and sweeps back to gas-up, as a bigger, louder CHP chopper takes its place pouring down an even brighter klieg light. (In a few months the choppers will have the capacity to send live video and FLIR feed or freeze-frame maps from the air directly to the eleven-inch screens of the VSCU's brand-new in-car 'mobile data terminals'.)

"From the door emerges a Latino teenager, hands in the air, tears streaming down his face. He walks slowly toward the bristling mot of white cops and into the blinding lights. Behind him comes a young woman and two small children. After them an older woman in slippers and curlers. But the suspect, Juan, stays inside, phone off the hook. Desk jockeys from probation - until a few years ago, unarmed bureaucrats - are now hovering at the elbow of the VCSU commanding officer.

“The probation wannabes are eager for action, wearing jeans, bulletproof vests, and blue windbreakers and toting radios, cuffs, and Smith and Wesson .44 automatics. Juan is on their list so they have the right to storm his home without permission, probable cause, or a warrant."


Every now and then a single, isolated event occurs that illuminates in a sudden, brilliant flash the "course of our age" - and it does so in a way that filters out the cacophony of ancillary sounds and images that attend our daily lives and are apt to obscure our view of where we as a society are really headed.

Such an event occurred when Mitchell Crooks - who was on vacation during the weekend of July 4th 2002 in Inglewood near downtown Los Angeles - heard a woman scream, "Don't resist." Crooks, who is white, grabbed his camera and ran outside his motel in time to catch on video tape the now infamous beating of Donovan Jackson, a black youth, by a GANG of Inglewood cops. His videotape clearly shows how the cops took the 16-year old Donovan and beat him mercilessly, and then brutally slammed the half-conscious young man onto the hood of a car and beat him some more.


After Crooks realized that the cops had seen him videotaping the event, you can hear him say on the tape, "They're gonna come up and come after me now." Worried about turning the video over to the police, Crooks took the precaution of separating the tape from his camera and giving it to some other guests. Within minutes, SEVENTEEN armed sheriff deputies were combing through the motel looking for Crooks. And for what? - committing a crime? No! - for simply videotaping the police in the "routine course of their duties" in downtown Los Angeles. Obviously, the police didn't want the "general public" to know what those duties consisted of.

Crooks said, "Ninety percent of the people there knew I'd taped it, but no one said a word. We all knew that if they got it, it would be the end of it, it would disappear." Think about that! - that's quite an indictment against the crude methodologies of the L.A. police by average people in Inglewood - or maybe they're all wrong and the police (and the elites who protect them) are all right.

Is that what you think? - if you do, then you are a victim (like almost everyone else in the United States) of the pervasive and very wicked propaganda of the corporate media against the poor in this country as purveyed to average Americans in such TV programs as "Cops," "Most Wanted," "FBI Files;" etc. - the kind of propaganda that predisposes middle-class Americans to take the word of the few (the cops) against the many (the poor). This isn't a ringing endorsement for the assumptions that are supposed to underpin a democracy.

The cops didn't find the tape. And - much to the horror of the Los Angeles law enforcement and judicial communities - Crooks, with the help of other eyewitnesses to the event, made sure that the media got copies of it the next day. His footage was aired on all the major L.A. news broadcasts, and it was picked up nationally and even internationally. But in making sure that the media got a hold of his tape, Crooks of necessity was forced out of the shadows and into the open where the law enforcement community could at last "draw a bead on him."


The next day, while Crooks was being interviewed live on the radio, the Chief Deputy District Attorney of Los Angeles phoned in and said threateningly, "Mitchell, there's a grand jury subpoena out on you; I suggest you honor it? Show up at the Criminal Courts Building." Crooks, however, was under no obligation - absent a subpoena that had been PERSONALLY served on him (and absent a criminal indictment) - to volunteer to be interviewed by the grand jury. Crooks knew that by delivering himself up to the grand jury he would at the same time be delivering himself up to the "tender mercies" of the D.A. who controlled the grand jury. And then what?

Crooks didn't want to find out. He told his interviewer, "They're coming after me because I shot the video. I fear for my life." That kind of statement would, of course, sound like an absurd exaggeration to most white, middle-class Americans, but to the denizens of the underclass, it isn't - as the recent exposes of the TERROR TACTICS of the Ramparts Division of the L.A. Police Department clearly indicate.

Obviously, the subpoena "ruse" wasn't working, and the cops had to find another way of stopping Crooks; so - as Crooks made his way around Los Angeles being interviewed by the media - the cops busied themselves in a painstaking "warrants search" and found an old traffic violation (can you imagine, an old, very routine traffic violation?) and a BOGUS petty theft charge (alleging that Crooks was guilty of theft of his grandmother's property - charges that she repudiated) that they felt they could arrest him on and get him off the streets and away from the media. And that's exactly what they did. When Crooks arrived at CNN the next day for a nationwide interview that the network had arranged with him in advance, undercover cops jumped out of unmarked cars and arrested him when he tried to enter the station.


As they spirited him away in a SUV, Crooks' screams, "They're gonna kill me," could be clearly heard. Later that night he was treated for unspecified injuries at a hospital (he had plainly been beaten up by the cops), and the next day he was extradited to a remote, rural county in northern California (far from all the "action" in L.A.) to face the "trumped up" charges against him.

He was kept in custody for SIX MONTHS, locked down 23 HOURS A DAY, and allowed no mail and no contact with the outside. By the time he finally got out, the incident had largely "blown over." Later, in an interview on radio station KPFK after he had finally been released, Crooks said, "It's really scary to challenge the SYSTEM, and I knew that's what I was doing."


Really scary to challenge the system? You bet it is! - which is exactly what we in Antipas are doing. Make no mistake about it, when you challenge the system, you risk being treated by the "establishment" in precisely the same way that Crooks was treated.

Your past will be searched and scrutinized, and if there is anything there - and I mean anything - it will be used against you! And who doesn't have something he would prefer the public didn't know about? Only a fool would say that he doesn't, so you can be sure that by challenging the system, you will be attacked on a personal basis in a way that you never thought possible, and if there is nothing to dig up on you, it will be "manufactured."


Evidence that's been "manufactured?" The police "manufacture" evidence? You doubt this happens in the real world? Well, for the sake of those who think that doesn't happen, it's perhaps necessary to digress a little to point out the facts of the matter, because it happens a lot, especially when the poor challenge the rich.

Take, for example, what happened to Bobby Seale and the Black Panther Party back in the 1960s; and remember here that what happened then is beginning to happen all over again - only this time in SPADES! As they say, "Same tune, second verse, should get better, but it only gets worse."

Also, as you read the following material, you should bear in mind that if you stay with Antipas, you must steel yourself for it to happen to you. It will happen! Believe me, you will be attacked! - and the attacks will come from both the RELIGIOUS establishment, as well as the POLITICAL establishment. It's not without reason that the Bible warns us:

"But take heed to yourselves: for they shall deliver you up to councils; and in the ... (churches) ye shall be beaten: and ye shall be brought before rulers and kings for my sake, for a testimony against them." (Mark 13:9)

In the late 1960s the Black Panther Party started a Free Breakfast program for children in Oakland, California. Concerned that the program would spread "anti-establishment" propaganda, the elites sicced the FBI on them. The FBI decided on a "preemptive strike," as George Bush and his cronies would call it today. The bureau produced a 24-page coloring book, making it appear as if it had been created by the Panthers. Intending to gut public support for the group, the book contained inflammatory pictures, some of which featured young black kids shooting pigs dressed up as policemen.

The FBI sent copies of the coloring book to the Panthers' white contributors and to businesses that supported the free breakfast program, such as Safeway and Jack-in-the-Box. When copies of the forgery reached the Panthers' national leadership, Bobby Seale destroyed it, saying it "did not correctly reflect the ideology of the Black Panther Party."

Nonetheless, the FBI ruse worked, and the Panther's sponsors withdrew from the program. For years and years afterwards copies of the "Black Panther Coloring Book" circulated in conservative circles and was accepted as "Gospel" - despite the heated denials from leaders in the Black Panther Party that the coloring book "was none of theirs." It wasn't until years later that the "Senate Committee on Intelligence Activities" chaired by the late Senator Frank Church of Idaho discovered that the coloring book had been a ruse invented by the FBI to discredit the Black Panther Party - but by then the ruse had done its "dirty work:" the coloring book had ignited a firestorm against the Black Panthers resulting in a spate of "cooked up" criminal prosecutions against the leaders of the party that landed most of them in jail. After the Church Committee revelations, many of the leaders of the Panthers were freed "on appeal," but only after they had spent years and years in prison and their reputations forever FIXED in the American public's mind as "cop killers."


Then, of course, there's what the FBI did to Martin Luther King. In the late 1950s the government began spying on MLK because the elites had become convinced that King was a "frontman" for the Communist Party and his Civil Rights Crusade was nothing more than an instrument of communist subversion. Indeed, in a 1963 internal memo, counterintelligence specialist Charles D. Brennan stated that civil rights agitation represented a clear threat to "the established order" of the United States, and that "King is growing in stature daily as the leader among leaders of the Negro movement." COINTELPRO head William C. Sullivan responded in a letter,

"We must mark [King] now, if we have not before, as the most dangerous Negro in the future of the nation from the standpoint of communism, the Negro, and national security ... it may be unrealistic to limit [our actions against King] to legalistic proofs that would stand up in court or before Congressional Committees."

So, instead of sticking within the constraints of the law, THE FBI AIMED TO DISCREDIT KING BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY. Agents tapped his phone, bugged his rooms, trumpeted his supposed commie connections, and his sexual proclivities, and sicced the Internal Revenue Service on him.

When it was announced in 1964 that King would receive the Nobel Peace Prize, the FBI grew desperate. Hoping to prevent King from accepting the award, the Bureau mailed him an anonymous package containing an audio tape of King's alleged extra-marital affairs and a threatening letter. And what was the threat? In barely concealed language, King was told to commit suicide before the award ceremony or risk seeing his "filthy, abnormal fraudulent self" exposed to the nation.

Think about that for a minute! The absolute HORROR of it all. An official agency of the U.S. government - the FBI - suggesting to King that he should commit suicide! Fortunately, King ignored the FBI's advice. He accepted the award and lived for four more years until the elites finally had him gunned down in Memphis. [Again, we urge you to please read our article, "Now Is The Time To Do Something; It May Be Too Late Tomorrow" for the story of how and why the elites made war on Martin Luther King; please also see our articles, "MK-ULTRA: The Search for the Manchurian Candidate; A Study of the Mindset Behind Today's New World Order," and "Conspiracy Theories;" please also see our follow-up report on MK-Ultra entitled, MK-Ultra and the Assassination of John F. Kennedy - More Evidence."]


IN CONTRAST TO WHAT HAPPENED TO CROOKS, THE COPS WHO BRUTALIZED JACKSON DID NOT SPEND A SINGLE DAY IN JAIL and have by now all "beaten" a very half-hearted, lackadaisical attempt to punish them - an attempt that seems to have been specifically designed by the L.A. District Attorney to fail.


If once one grasps this fact, it is easy to see that the brutality that the police were inflicting on Donovan Jackson on the weekend of July 4, 2002 was no anomaly; it wasn't an aberration or a deviation from their normal way of doing things. It was "standard operating procedure" (SOP).


Today's Christian leaders think that if a man dresses up in an expensive three-piece business suit that he is "okay with God," as if the clothes make the man; as a result, they think nothing of identifying themselves with the elite's social, economic and police polices - policies THAT TREAT THE POOR WITH LESS RESPECT THAN ANIMALS WHO HAVE RUN AMUCK. And that's exactly what they do: treat the poor like animals.

You don't think so? Well, consider how the police treated Nathaniel "Skip" Jones who recently ran afoul of the police in a poor neighborhood in Cincinnati (and bear in mind that what happened to Jones - like what happened to Donovan Jackson - was no anomaly). He was brutally beaten to death by the police on November 30, 2003.

Nathaniel was killed in a White Castle parking lot where he was set upon while he was sleeping by police and mercilessly bludgeoned to death. The police claim to have a video showing that Jones attacked them, but 96 seconds of the video were stripped from the video tape, and police say they don't know what happened to it. EYE WITNESSES claim that the missing video shows that the police assaulted Jones without provocation and / or warning, and Jones did nothing more than fight back.

Monica Williams from the Coalition for a Just Cincinnati, which has led a boycott of downtown businesses since the killing a year earlier of another police murder victim, Timothy Thomas, said:

"HAD NATHANIEL BEEN A BLACK BEAR INSTEAD OF A BLACK MAN, HE'D BE ALIVE TODAY. They would have contained him, they would have tranquilized him, they would have taken him someplace safe. Being a black man in this city, in the eyes of the police, Nathaniel had zero value whatsoever.

"Case in point, we had a cow a year ago that was running amuck in this city. She charged police officers, she crossed highways, she placed lives in danger. They didn't shoot her one time ... We have a young man who was doing absolutely nothing wrong, and he lost his life. And now Police Chief Streicher said yesterday the video will be used within 10 years as a training video to train officers to take down suspects."

Again, as in the case of Donovan Jackson, after promising to "investigate" the incident, Cincinnati authorities did nothing and put the six officers responsible for the beating (and the killing) back on duty ("tit-for-tat," remember). A black resident who witnessed the incident said,

"After the fact, they going to put the cops back on the street to show us, 'YOU ALL ARE NOTHING, YOU DON'T HAVE A VOICE, NO ONE GOING TO LISTEN TO YOU ALL. WE WILL DO IT AGAIN."


Tiffany, a friend of Nathaniel, said,

"I am the mother of a 24-year-old black man - and I am afraid for his life whenever he goes out. And that's serious. If he is ever in a situation where the police are around or called - it could be an innocent situation - it could escalate to where it would cost him his life. And that's what I am afraid of. When he leaves, I pray that he never has an encounter with the Cincinnati police. Not even to ask for directions. We tell our kids to speak respectfully, keep your hands out in the open. But it doesn't matter. It doesn't matter."

Natasha says,

"Terrorism happens in Cincinnati against black people every single day. There is more black people in jail than anyone else, more arrests done. For simple misdemeanors. On any single day there are 25 to 30 black men arrested for ... jaywalking."


And so it goes all over the country: for instance, in Chicago's ghettos, police pound on poor people's doors in the middle of the night. If you open it a crack they push their way in. There is no search warrant. They pull the poor out of their houses and interrogate them. When the poor speak up for themselves or ask what is happening, the police tell them to shut up. The cops threaten jail or even worse. Poor people are routinely picked up off the street by the police and charged with petty offenses. Records are kept; many are thrown into jail with little recourse. One-strike evictions from public housing hang over the people's heads. One wrong move, be in the wrong place at the wrong time, and you and your family are out on the streets. This is what's happening all over America in the neighborhoods of the underclass. The name of the game here is not legitimate law-enforcement, but INTIMIDATION! As Natasha said in Cincinnati,

"Terrorism happens ... against black people EVERY single day. There is more black people in jail than anyone else, more arrests done. For simple misdemeanors. On any single day there are 25 to 30 black men arrested for ... jaywalking."

And as Natasha's friend said:

"After the fact, they going to put the cops back on the street to show us, 'YOU ALL ARE NOTHING, YOU DON'T HAVE A VOICE, NO ONE GOING TO LISTEN TO YOU ALL. WE WILL DO IT AGAIN."

The question that fairly begs to be asked here is, WHAT'S THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN WHAT'S GOING ON HERE AND WHAT'S HAPPENING IN BAGHDAD WHEN THE MAN-HUNTERS OF TASK FORCE 121 GO LOOKING FOR VICTIMS? The answer is, there isn't much difference.


And now we come to a very important matter: elite control of the streets through police violence and the use of SWAT tactics – the effort by the elites to curtail the people's "right of assembly" and to demonstrate against the harsh economic policies of America's plutocracy. Indeed, the police and the FBI are flooding demonstrations with "agents" taking pictures of demonstrators and ADDING THEM TO THEIR DATA BASES - THE SAME DATA BASES THAT THE GOVERNMENT IS INTENDING TO USE TO ESTABLISH WHO AMONG THE POPULATION WILL BE ISSUED "GREEN RATINGS" FOR THE PRIVILEGE OF TRAVEL, AND WHO WILL BE ISSUED "RED RATINGS."

And believe me, the government is clamping down on demonstrators and protesters with great violence and brutality. It's like nothing experienced by protesters in the past - not even during the 1960s. Jeremy Scahill, a producer and correspondent for the nationally syndicated radio and TV program "Democracy Now!" describes the police violence in Miami:

"We were loading our video equipment into the trunk of our car when a fleet of ... cops sped up and formed a semi-circle around us. The lead cop was Miami police chief John Timoney, the former police commissioner of Philadelphia. Timoney has a reputation for BRUTALITY and HATRED of protesters of any kind. He calls them 'punks', 'knuckleheads', and a whole slew of expletives. He coordinated the brutal police response to the mass protests at the Republican National Convention. [And Antipas was there complete with our sign, 'THE CHRISTIAN RIGHT AND THE BUSINESS RIGHT: AN ALLIANCE MADE IN HELL'] ..."

Scahill said that Timoney continued to harass them for some time, and then with a flurry left with his gang of paramilitaries. Scahill continued:

"... on the news (that night), Chief Timoney spoke (to the TV audience) in sober tones about the tear gas that demonstrators fired at his officers. No that is not a typo. Timoney said the protesters were the ones launching the tear gas ..."

What a bold-faced liar Timoney is! How casually he lies here! - and that very casualness gives evidence as to how pervasive lying has become in America's police forces. Stop and think about what Timoney said here! The protesters had fired tear gas at the police? That's nonsense! The police are the only ones who had tear gas. What does Timoney take the citizens of Miami for? - Fools? Yes! - that's EXACTLY what he takes them for!

Sadly, the very culture that the police are a part of in the United States - like the police forces in America's client-states - encourages lying and dishonesty at a very fundamental level. One becomes inured to it: charged as the police are to uphold the rule of law and help citizens on the one hand, and brutalize the poor on the other, they lie to themselves about what they are doing in order to bridge the two contradictory worlds they bestride, and that lying manifests itself in how they conduct their "official" lives. This may shock most middle-class Americans, but it certainly doesn't shock the denizens of the underclass. They are lied to and lied about by the police all the time.

That's what happened with Donovan Jackson and that's what happened with Nathaniel Jones: THINK OF ALL THE MASSIVE AMOUNT OF LYING THAT MUST HAVE GONE ON TO COVER UP WHAT BOTH THE L.A. POLICE AND THE CINCINNATI POLICE HAD DONE. More than seventeen cops were involved in L.A. - cops who had plainly seen what had happened, but who lied about it; and the same thing is true for Cincinnati. All these cops knew they were lying. But they did so anyway, and probably justified it in their minds by believing that they were "SERVING THE GREATER GOOD" - kind of the way the SS did at Auschwitz. And this happens over and over and over again in the neighborhoods of the poor, and this is why the police are so disliked in those neighborhoods - not because the poor are animals, as the mainline media portrays the situation on TV shows like "Cops."


Scahill continues,

"... After the Miami protests, no one should call what Timoney runs in Miami a police force. IT'S A PARAMILITARY GROUP (like the kind one would expect to find in Colombia) - thousands of soldiers, dressed in Khaki uniforms with full black body armor and gas masks, marching in unison through the streets, banging batons against their shields, chanting, 'back ... back ... back'. There were armored personnel carriers and helicopters.

"The forces fired indiscriminately into crowds of unarmed protesters. Scores of people were hit with skin-piercing rubber bullets; thousands were gassed with an array of chemicals. On several occasions, police fired loud concussion grenades into the crowds. Police shocked people with electric tazers. Demonstrators were shot in the back as they retreated. One young person's apparent crime was holding his fingers in a peace sign in front of the troops. They shot him multiple times, including once in the stomach at point blank range.

"My colleagues and I spent several days in the streets, going from conflict to conflict. We saw no attempts by any protesters to attack a business or a corporation ... Even the Black Bloc youth, who have a reputation for wanting to smash everything up, were incredibly restrained and focused ..."

This is incredible! These are the kind of police tactics one would expect to see in a dictatorship - and it has made MONSTERS out of those charged with carrying out these tactics: that's what one of our readers - a former police officer in the New York Police Department (NYPD) - wrote to us before resigning from that force. He knew what he was becoming, and he found that he couldn't reconcile his Christianity with what he was really charged to do: INTIMIDATE and BRUTALIZE the poor in the interests of the elites - people like Alan Greenberg, Richard Grasso, Kenneth Langone, etc. INTIMIDATE and BRUTALIZE - this certainly is what was happening in Miami.


Scahill goes on, describing one of many episodes of police violence:

"The police methodically marched in a long column directly at the ... protesters who believed they had a right to protest. They fired indiscriminately at the crowds. One person had a part of her ear blown off. Another was shot in the forehead. I got shot twice, once in the back, another time in the leg. John Hamilton from the Workers Independent News Service, was hit in the neck by a pepper-spray pellet - a small ball that explodes into a white powder. After a few moments, he began complaining that his neck was burning from the powder. We doused him in water, but the burning continued. When I tried to ask the police what the powder was, they told me to 'mind myself'.

"Eventually, the police forced the dissipating group of protesters into one of the poorest sections of Miami, surrounding them on all sides. We stood there in the streets with the eerie feeling of a high-noon showdown. Except that there were hundreds of them with guns and dozens of us with cameras and banners. They fired gas and rubber bullets at us as they moved in. All of us realized we had nothing to do but run. We scattered down side streets and alleys, ducking as we fled. Eventually, we made it out.

"The next day, we went to a midday rally outside the Dade County Jail where more than 150 people were being held prisoner. It was a peaceful assembly of about 300 people. The crowd sang 'We all live in a failed democracy' to the tune of 'We all live in a yellow Submarine'. They chanted, 'Free the Prisoners, Not Free trade' and 'Take off your riot gear, there ain't no riot here'.

"Representatives of the protesters met with the police officials at the scene. The activists said they would agree to remain in a parking lot across the street from the jail if the police would call off the swelling presence of the riot police. They reached an agreement, or so the police said. As the demonstration continued, the numbers of fully armed troops grew. They announced that people had three minutes to disperse from the 'unlawful assembly'. Even though the police violated their agreement, the protesters complied. A group of five activists led by Puppetista David Solnit informed the police they would not leave. The police began arresting them. But that was not enough. The police then attacked the dispersing crowd, chasing about 30 people into a corner. They shoved them to the ground and beat them. They gassed them at close range ..."


Scahill concludes:


And that's exactly what the government's campaign against "Reclaim the Streets" (RTS), an activist group in New York City, is all about - using 9-11 as a ruse against an organization that opposes the elite's "New World Order System" and its economic globalization policies. RTS is currently listed on the FBI website as an example of a "left-wing TERRORIST" organization. A TERRORIST organization? Wow! And what exactly has RTS done to be listed as a TERRORIST" group? It has thrown impromptu street parties, blocking off parts of the Lower East Side and literally dancing in the streets. [RTS was formed to protest the austere and brusque anti-assembly laws in New York which tend to make illegal (except under the most draconian police supervision) the "assembly" of all organizations and groups which oppose the political and economic policies of the elites.] RTS "assemblies" and "dances" have NEVER resulted in any broken windows, in any violence, and in any brutality; it has resulted merely in very "savvy" civil disobedience.

Moreover, it's not just RTS that the FBI has been "disrupting" and "discrediting" across the country; there are many, many others - especially groups that are in any way connected to the anti-globalization protests of recent years.


Scahill says,

"This is what democracy looks like today (in the United States)."

Historian Edward S. Herman agrees; he writes:

"Just as the United States trained Latin American military and police in methods of fighting against 'populism' (citizen protest) in their countries ... so a large, well-trained, and ruthless police is needed in the home country as it pushes a (ruinous economic) ... agenda that is contrary to the interests of the vast majority."

Again, what's happening here is - as growing numbers of American workers are DISGORGED from the economy as "human trash" - serious, internal dissent is beginning to materialize against the elites, and not just in the neighborhoods of the poor, but in white, middle-class neighborhoods as well and on college campuses across the country.

Unfortunately, what this swelling dissent is doing is prodding the elites to HURRY ALONG their construction of an internal Police-State in order to cower into submission those the economy has DISGORGED, and force them to accept their lot as "human trash."

And the tactics that the elites are using here in this country are EXACTLY the same Police-State tactics the elites use to force the poor in their client states to accept a similar fate. If it works in Lagos, in Buenos Aires, in Mexico City, in Bogotá, etc., why not in Los Angeles, New York, Miami, Houston, etc.

In other words, what the elites are doing is imposing on the citizens of this country the same kind of ruthless dictatorship that they have imposed on America's client-state populations abroad in order to force, as Herman puts it -



The listing by the Bush administration of RTS in New York as an example of a "TERRORIST organization" is proof positive that anyone who opposes for ANY reason ANY aspect of America's "New World Order System" (i.e., free trade, the WTO, the IMF, the World Bank, NAFTA, etc.) will eventually be listed as an “enemy of the state.”  SO BEWARE! This is no idle warning: The government of George Bush and his so-called “Christian followers” means business here. One is crazy not to take these people very, very seriously – and just as seriously as people living in Spain during the era of the Inquisition three centuries ago should have taken the statements of Cardinal Torquemada. There is nothing so dangerous and menacing as a Christian "true believer" (so-called) in charge of a country's security apparatus. As Alexander Solzhenitsyn says,

"To do evil a human being must first of all believe that what he's doing is good ...

"Ideology (or theology) - that is what gives devildoing its long-sought justification and gives the evildoer the necessary steadfastness and determination. That is the social (and religious) theory which helps to make his acts seem good instead of bad in his own and others' eyes, so that he won't hear reproaches and curses but will receive praise and honors."

[While Solzhenitsyn no doubt had in mind the Communist elite of the old Soviet Union when he made these comments, these comments could just as well have been directed at the activity of the Bush Administration as it seeks to install the frightening "security instrumentalities" of its new "National Security State."]


Brothers and sisters, there is a very grave and somber reason behind the warning of the Lord in Revelation 18:4”

"And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, COME OUT OF HER, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues." (Re 18:4)

You are making a very grave mistake if you refuse to take these words seriously.

God bless you all.

S.R. Shearer
Antipas Ministries

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