[Part 4: Disappearing and Imprisoning
"Enemies of the State"]

May 6, 2006
by: S.R. Shearer

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This is S.R. Shearer of Antipas ministries, and this is the fourth in a series of articles and broadcasts designed to acquaint you with the realities of the developing NATIONAL SECURITY STATE in the United States, and to warn you to get out of the country while there is still time. Believe me when I tell you, you should not think, even for a minute, that you will be able to sustain the pressure that will soon befall you in the United States, and that is precisely why the Lord instructs ALL of His followers to get out of the U.S.:

"And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, COME OUT OF HER, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues." (Re 18:4)

Again I say, make these broadcasts a week-by-week event in your home. There will be one broadcast on this subject per week, and each broadcast will be about an hour in duration. The "neat thing" about these broadcasts is that you can turn them into a kind of social affair - and to that end, we URGE you to invite your friends, neighbors and people of like mind into your home to listen to these broadcasts with you. Afterwards, you can have some refreshments and discuss with each other what all this means to you. It will give you something to pray about, and - hopefully - to begin taking action on. These are very serious matters - and they are matters that will shortly begin to impact your life in very personal ways.

In our first article/broadcast, we covered what the government has been doing to restrict the right of ordinary citizens to travel about - especially those it has deemed to be inimical to its “New World Order” goals. In our second article/broadcast, we covered the development of the United States into a Surveillance State in which the lives of ordinary citizens have been opened up to the all-seeing eye of the government; where there are no secrets, and citizens are encouraged to spy on other citizens. In our third article/broadcast, we covered what the government has been doing to make sure that it does not lose control of the streets to the those who oppose the agenda of the American New World Order System as it did during the Vietnam War. In this article/broadcast – our fourth - we will discuss the growing effort by the government to “disappear” its opponents and drop them into a “Super-Max” prison never to be heard of again. You should know that this has already happened to more than 10,000 people in the United States, and the incidents of “disappeared” people in American society is growing. All this is “blowback” from what the CIA and its associated intelligence agencies have been doing for years in America's “slave-state” system around the globe.


In this connection, I somberly warn you, Beware of those so-called Christian brothers and sisters who make silly statements to the effect that they are not frightened at the prospect of going to prison for their faith. The very real fact of the matter is, it is NOT necessarily the will of God that you end up in prison – at least in the United States. If you do so, it's because you failed to OBEY God insofar as Revelation 18:4 is concerned:

"And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, COME OUT OF HER, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues." (Re 18:4)

Believe me when I tell you, before YOU make such an asinine and brainless statement (i.e., that you are not afraid of going to prison for your faith), you need to examine your motives carefully about why you are making it - for example, is it because you really don't believe that you are in danger of going to prison for your faith? If that's the case, then God help you! The only person you're kidding is yourself.


Most people simply have no idea how horrible a place prison is, and that is especially true when talking about American prisons where the horrible and humiliating prospect of RAPE (which is to say, “sodomy”) is purposefully and methodically used as a means of coercion and control.

Pretty horrible, but it is the truth; take, for example, what Joanne Mariner of Human Rights Watch discovered in her study of male rape in American prisons, a study she entitled, "No Escape: Male Rape in U.S. Prisons." One particular prisoner ("A.H." from Indiana) recounted his experience of rape to her; he reported:

"I'd been sentenced for a D.U.I. Offense ... When I first came to prison, I had no idea what to expect. [Now I know: RAPE.] I have been raped by up to seven men at a time. I've had knifes at my head and throat. I had fought and been beat so hard that I didn't ever think I'd see straight again.

"One time when I refused to enter a cell (with a prisoner who was a known rapist), I was brutally attacked by staff and taken to segregation, though I had only wanted to prevent the same and worse by not being locked up with my new 'cell mate'. There is no supervision after lockdown.

"I was given a bad conduct report. I explained to the hearing officer what the issue was. He told me off the record that I should find a man with whom I would/could willingly have sex with to prevent these things from happening. I've requested protective custody only to be denied. It is not available here. He also said there was no where to run to, and it would be best for me to accept things ...

"I have AIDS now. I have great difficulty raising food to my mouth from shaking after nightmares or thinking too hard on all this ... I've laid down without physical fight to be sodomized. To prevent so much damage in struggles, ripping and tearing. Though in not fighting, it causes my heart and spirit to be raped as well. Something I don't know if I'll ever forgive myself for."


And one should understand something here, rape is not a "happenchance" or "coincidental" affair in American prisons; it is a deliberate practice used by jailers to break down the will of their prisoners - especially the country's "political prisoners." [And for those of you who think that the U.S. doesn't have political prisoners "hidden away" in the bowels of its wretched torso, YOU ARE BEING AN UTTER FOOL!]

Take another example of how rape in prison is used to cower people considered inimical to the elite establishment in this country; the case of "E.D.," a 120-pound, 23-year-old prisoner at California's SuperMax facility at Pelican Bay. The Ramparts Division of the Los Angeles Police Department had tagged "E.D." as a potentially very troublesome "leader" of the black community in South-Central L.A., and they wanted him off the streets, so they arrested him on "trumped up" charges and shipped him off to Pelican Bay. After arriving at the prison, "E.D." was "celled up" with Wayne Robertson, a giant of a man known throughout the prison as the "Booty Bandit." Robertson beat and raped prisoners as a "service" for prison authorities. Robertson said he got extra food and tennis shoes in payment. Roscoe Pondexter, a former guard at Pelican Bay, told the Los Angeles Times that using Robertson -

"... was just one of the tools ... that we used to break prisoners."

The first night, just after "E.D." had been placed in Robertson's cell and the lights had been turned off, Robertson grabbed "E.D." and stripped him naked. They struggled; "E.D." pounded on the cell door, but no one came. Eventually, Robertson overpowered and raped him. Guards walked by two hours later, but just laughed at him. Over the next two days, "E.D." was raped again, and again, and again by Robertson - till he was covered by rectal blood and feces. Still, no guard came to his aid.

"E.D." finally got the picture! - and from that time on, whatever the prison staff wanted from him, he gave; whatever they wanted him to say, he said; whoever they wanted him to "rat-out" in the "outside world," he rated-out. There was no "manhood" left in him, no dignity, no humanity, no honor! He was nothing more than a slinking, broken, cowering caged animal, and he did what his tormentors wanted him to do.

Now I ask you in the light of all this, Can your faith handle this kind of abuse? - and please don't say that God would never let it happen to you. The fact is, Christians up through the years have had to suffer even worse things than this - especially those Christians who - for whatever reason - were deemed "turncoats" or "traitors" to their faith, which is EXACTLY how you will be viewed by today's Christian establishment and their allies in the American New World Order System.


And it's not "just" the humiliation of rape; take the beatings! - for example, the beatings that prisoners routinely receive when they arrive at California's Corcoran State Prison, another one of California's SuperMax prisons. When the prisoners arrive (usually after a 14 hour ride chained to a seat on the prison bus (during which most of them urinate and defecate in their pants) they're greeted by SuperMax guards standing in full riot gear. As described by a prisoner (and reported in the Los Angeles Times),

"They (i.e., the guards) ran through marching drills before taking us off the bus. One by one, they grabbed us and tossed us from the bus. The guards screamed, 'Don't look at us! Look straight up at the sun! We'll KILL you if you look at us! This is Corcoran SHU (Special Housing Unit)'!

"The guards separated and surrounded us. One jerked my head back, another leaned menacingly toward me, and another screamed into my face showering me with his spittle ... I was hoping to make it to a cell alive, so when they peppered my kidneys and solar plexus with blows, I struggled to keep looking up (at the sun).

"It was dark before I got to a cell. I spent a few hours standing naked in a telephone booth-size holding cage, hands cuffed behind my back. The cells were concrete, save for the stainless steel toilet/sink combination. There was no mirror, locker, or electrical outlet. Two concrete slabs for bunks lay side-by-side. No more than 18 inches separated them. Crude spaces carved out of the side of the concrete bunks served as shelves.

"Corcoran was a place of extremes. It was either extremely hot, extremely cold, or extremely wet. When the cold came, a thin layer of ice formed on the cell floors, and the toilet water froze."


Obviously, these are not the kind of facilities depicted in the movies (even movies like Shawshank Redemption) - facilities which most prisoners in today's SuperMax prisons would think "they'd died and gone to heaven" if they were housed in.

The very real fact of the matter is, American prisons today are very much like the infamous Abu Ghraib prison in Baghdad - and that's no accident! Indeed, in a January interview with Lane McCotter, who was appointed by the Pentagon to administer Abu Ghraib Prison, McCotter recalled that of all the prisons in Iraq, Abu Ghraib -

"... is the only place we agreed as a team was truly closest to an American prison."

All this to say nothing about the abuses that are currently taking place in secret, hidden away places both in this country and abroad – prisons under the control of America's intelligence agencies or military authorities; prisons not under the direct control of America's formal prison system; prisons where torture and inhumanity take place that make what's happening at Pelican Bay and Corcoran look like child's play. THESE ARE PLACES WHERE - UNBEKNOWNST TO MOST AMERICANS - THE U.S. "DISAPPEARS" THE WORST OF ITS POLITICAL PRISONERS, consigning them to a HELL worse than death. 


Herbert Bix, a professor of history and sociology at Binghamton University and the author of the Pulitzer prize-winning Hirohito and the Making of Modern Japan, lists the kinds of torture that are now “common place” in those American prisons that lie outside America's formal system of prisons – again, THOSE PLACES WHERE - UNBEKNOWNST TO MOST AMERICANS - THE U.S. "DISAPPEARS" THE WORST OF ITS POLITICAL PRISONERS.

  • Beating, kicking, and stomping on bodies.
  • Sleep deprivation and forced injection of drugs.
  • Rape and sodomy.
  • Water torture, a traditional U.S. Army practice since at least the Indian wars and the Philippines insurrection at the end of the 19th century.
  • Hanging prisoners whose arms are bound behind their back by shackles or handcuffs until their limbs pop from their sockets – a new U.S. form of lynching.
  • Tight handcuffing, close-shackling, and blindfolding or “hooding” for extended periods; sometimes the hoods are marked in order to alert the U.S. torturers to the particular crime that the prisoner is suspected of having committed.
  • Forced stripping of prisoners and keeping them naked for long periods.
  • Religious humiliation.
  • Sexual humiliation, insult, and debasement, including smearing with feces, urine, and what appears to be menstrual blood.
  • Screaming racial insults before, during, and after unleashing violence against captives.
  • Shocking with electrical instruments, another method of torture commonly used by U.S. troops in Vietnam.
  • Exposure for prolonged periods to extremes of light and dark, heat and cold, and noise so deafening as to rupture the eardrums.
  • Extraction of nails, burning skin with cigarettes, stabbing or cutting the bodies of prisoners.
  • Threatening prisoners or their relatives with death or by having them watch other victims being tortured.
  • Threatening with dogs or allowing dogs to actually assault prisoners during or before interrogation.
  • Forcing prisoners to stand or to remain in painful positions for extended periods.
  • Isolation in cells, cages, wooden boxes, and barbed wire-enclosed trailers for prolonged periods.
  • Depriving prisoners of food, water, drink, and toilet facilities.


Moreover, you should believe me when I tell you that this horrible system of things touches more Americans than you can possibly imagine while sipping soft drinks with your friends in the sanctuary of your middle-class home. The fact is, America presides today over the largest criminal justice system in the world – larger not only in relative terms, but in absolute numbers. The fact is, as Christian Parenti says:

"An estimated 6.6 MILLION AMERICANS live under the control of the American criminal justice system: either in jail, in prison, or on parole or probation."

Think about that! - 6.6 MILLION AMERICANS. That's more people in absolute numbers that are being controlled by the criminal justice system in America than are controlled by parallel institutions in Canada, all of Europe, China, Russia and Latin America COMBINED. That's simply astounding! - THAT'S ONE PERSON IN EVERY 35 PEOPLE!

But even these figures don't tell the whole story of how INTRUSIVE and CONTROLLING the criminal justice system has become in the United States. If one discounts for children and teenagers (about 35 percent of the population), that brings the rate of incarceration and/or parole and probation to ONE PERSON IN EVERY 23 ADULTS.

And it gets worse still! When these people are released from jail on parole, or are given probation and return to their families, the homes of those families (girlfriends, wives, children, mothers and fathers, etc.) to which they return automatically become liable to unannounced "searches and seizures" by criminal justice officials since, as Parenti puts it,

"... the already gossamer-thin Fourth Amendment protections against unreasonable search and seizure are suspended for all parolees and probationers."

Parenti continues:

"... agents routinely drop in on parolees and probationers to TOSS their homes for contraband, just as prison guards routinely search convicts' cells."


Naturally enough, this puts all those who share a home with such people in jeopardy. To say otherwise - i.e., to suggest that when police and/or parole agents intrude into these homes in their officially sanctioned "home invasions," the "papers and effects" of those who are not on parole or probation remain inviolable during the "search" - is disingenuous at best.

The name of the game here is to instill the "fear of God" into "this CLASS of people" - and as far as most criminal justice officials are concerned, that includes all those associated with the parolees and probationers. "I want these people to think that I'm always there, that I'm always watchin," says a parole agent in Texas.

Obviously, in this kind of an atmosphere, EVERYONE in the home comes under suspicion. EVERYONE becomes a "target" for a ride "downtown" because EVERYONE'S "space," "space" which ordinarily should be sacrosanct, becomes subject indirectly to a search. And more often than not, the army of parole agents and police officers who are stalking these parolees and probationers are just looking for an excuse to "lock up" other members of the family.

What this policy effectively does is bring into the orbit of the criminal justice system another large (otherwise innocent) chunk of the American population, bringing the rate of adults whose homes are susceptible to unannounced "searches and seizures" to ONE PERSON IN EVERY 15 PEOPLE.



Moreover, the list of things that can get a parolee or a probationer thrown back into the "slammer" is enormous - from possession of a small pocket knife, to missing or even being late for an appointment with a parole or probation agent, to "dirty urine," to being fired from a job and becoming unemployed, to drinking a beer, to being late for curfew, ad nauseum - the list is endless.

Furthermore, unlike "regular cops," parole and probation officers can act as JUDGES IN THE FIELD, sending their "prey" back to prison without recourse on the most "technical" of "technical violations." For example, take what happened to Joseph Bostic who - as recounted by Kelly Virella in an article entitled, "Trapped by the System" - accidentally overdrew his checking account.

How many of you have done that before? But that was enough for Bostic to be sent back to prison for another three years. These are the kind of "parole violations" that I'm talking about here; and it is PRECISELY these kinds of violations, NOT the kind of violent acts most often reported in the press, that get by far the great majority of parolees and probationers sent back "up the river" to prison.


Now you must understand something here! There is a purpose in "mandating" these kinds of diminutive, minuscule violations as valid reasons (so-called) to send a parolee and/or a probationer back to jail. It gives the parole agents virtually unlimited power over their charges since almost anyone who is being watched closely is bound to make a mistake now and then. All this to say nothing of the gray area that exists between what constitutes an infraction and what doesn't.

The scheme here approximates the same one used "in the field" by police against motorists in poor, black neighborhoods where the police use the tiniest infractions (broken tail light, broken side mirror, "driving erratically" (that's always a good one! - after all, how can anyone prove otherwise?), etc. to pull vehicles over and harass poor people and "people of color" and run a "warrants check" on them! And one must remember here, in most cases, the kind of warrants that come up are - contrary to what most middle-class Americans think - NOT for violent felonies, but warrants that attach themselves to people BECAUSE THEY ARE POOR. For example, unpaid parking tickets, smog violations, unregistered cars, driving without insurance, etc. But it's enough usually for a ride "downtown" and a couple of weeks in jail - or more probation.

It's all so scary that huge numbers of the poor don't drive anymore; they don't even come out of their homes except to sneak off to their minimum wage jobs and back again - WHICH IS EXACTLY WHAT THE ELITES WANT.


The whole corrupt (and even immoral) process here is used to INTIMIDATE and FRIGHTEN those against whom it is directed (i.e., the poor), and in the process it turns the probation and parole agents into god-like figures in the eyes of those over whom they have charge; "little gods" who have the power to cage a person up like some kind of wild beast or let him go at their whim. It all depends on how they are feeling that day, and whether or not their "prey" has shown them enough deference and "respect." After all, everyone loves being a god! - it's in our "fallen nature."

The power here! The ABSOLUTE power! - AND THIS KIND OF WICKED, WICKED POWER NOW HAS HOLD ON ALMOST ONE IN EVERY 15 PEOPLE IN THE UNITED STATES - making one wonder if people in America don't need the Iranian army to liberate them rather than the other way around.

Don't laugh! It's PRECISELY for this reason that so many people in black communities have embraced Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam, and why so many others throughout the world reject Christianity and embrace the Muslim faith (so-called). Christianity is seen by the poor and oppressed of the world as the religion of their oppressors! It's a rich man's religion; it has NOTHING to do with the poor. It's not without reason that God has said,

"... my name is profaned among the heathen (i.e., unbelievers) because of YOU." (Ezek 36:21)

Add to all this the fact that the government is keeping up to date lists of what it calls "radicals" and other undesirables who will be rounded up and detained without benefit of a hearing in times of "national emergency" then one is left breathless as to what the ultimate ratio of those who in any way could fall victim – again, directly or indirectly – to the tender mercies of this ruthless system: one in every twelve citizens? One in every 10? - it's anyone's guess.


The name of the game insofar as to whether or not one falls victim to this ruthless system is “guilt by association.” That's what the USA Patriot Act and other such similar legislation and / or executive fiats suggest; A KIND OF POLITICAL RICO ACT AIMED AT POLITICAL GROUPS INSTEAD OF ORGANIZED CRIME SYNDICATES.

As with RICO, the primary purpose of the USA Patriot Act and other such similar acts and fiats is to facilitate the prosecution of suspected “terrorists” without having to produce direct or even much indirect evidence; one must only show that the target of the investigation is "associated" with a known terrorist group OR A GROUP THAT THE ATTORNEY GENERAL HAS LABELED A "TERRORIST GROUP." That means that under the impress of fighting domestic terrorism, the Attorney General can label a political or religious group that dares to criticize the government a "terrorist group," and then round up all those associated with the group and jail them on the basis of that association only, without ever having to show their direct or even indirect participation in a particular crime.

Think about that for a minute: People can be rounded up for merely associating themselves with someone who is associated with someone else who criticizes the government.  No longer is it necessary to connect a “suspected citizen” to a crime or a direct act of “terror;” all that's necessary now is to brand someone or some organization close to him a "terrorist" or a "terrorist organization," and then connect him "associationally" to that person or organization; after that, it's a simple thing to just arrest him and (in the parlance of the "Mothers of the Disappeared Ones" in Argentina,) "DISAPPEAR" him.


Now stop and think about what this would mean if this system were suddenly turned against you. What it would mean is that you would have to SHUN all of your Christian friends and comrades who might from time to time be released from prison on parole or whom you suspect are being watched by the government. No "hospitality" for them in YOUR home lest the agents of the government break in and "TOSS" it.

Succoring and giving aid to those who have been released from prison, or associating with anyone who has drawn the “interest” of the government to himself could result in a trip "up the river" for YOU! That would never do! What would happen to your family then?

No! - consorting with parolees and probationers, even Christian comrades-in-arms in the war against the American New World Order System, would have to be avoided at all cost. In this new system of things, "Guilt by Association" is in the "nature of things," and "association" of any sort with the wrong kind of people could result in the loss of one's job, the loss of one's credit, the loss of one's ability to travel, etc. Pretty heavy! That's moving out of the realm of playing “end-time-games in the safety of your own living rooms and into the realm of reality. That will never do!


Still, most Christians naively continue to believe that this will never happen to them. That's what Mazen Al-Naijar thought when he was “disappeared” as a result of "secret-evidence" against him. For three and a half years Al-Naijar was jailed on secret-evidence alleging his "association" with unnamed terrorist groups. He was never told what this evidence was, and was never charged with having participated in a terrorist act or even planning or advocating such an act - only with "associating" with unnamed individuals who allegedly were connected to a terrorist group.

Al Naijar stayed locked up until a no-nonsense federal judge declared his detention unconstitutional. The judge in the case, R. Kevin McHugh, said that the government's case was "devoid of ANY direct or indirect evidence to support the continued imprisonment of Al-Naijar." But shortly after he was released, he was again "DISAPPEARED." The “disappearance” occurred shortly after he left his apartment near the University of South Florida where he worked to get quarters for the Laundromat. His wife was at work, his three daughters still in bed. It seems that the federal government had re-arrested him on the same charges that judge McHugh had said were TOTALLY without merit.

Al-Naijar is one of many thousands of people in the United States who have been secretly “disappeared.” A spokesman of the Justice Department, Douglas Ginsburg  suggested at a court hearing on Al-Naijar's case that what the government was doing in Al-Naijar's case (as well as countless other similar cases throughout the country) was establishing a blank-check policy for so-called secret-evidence prosecutions and secret detentions of “suspected citizens” the government has deemed inimical to its New World Order goals.

Ginsburg argued that even though Al-Naijar had no connection to any specific terrorist act, the September 11th attacks on the nation should convince the court to keep Al-Naijar locked up indefinitely. Bruce Shapiro, co-author of the book, Legal Lynching, says that what the government wants is secret-evidence authority, to lock up people who have never before been indicted or convicted of a crime and consign them to “imprisonment without end." AND THIS IS PRECISELY THE KIND OF AUTHORITY THE GOVERNMENT HAS ACQUIRED IN RECENT YEARS.


Then there's the case of  SHERMAN AUSTIN, a webmaster for a so-called "anti-government" website connected to anti-WTO and anti-World Bank demonstrations. Austin operated an Internet "server" that provided free space to anti-globalist activists looking for places to store their websites, and those taking Austin up on his offer could alter the contents of their websites independently of Austin. The offending material that ultimately sent Austin to prison contained amateurish bomb-making instructions authored by a teenage boy, who admitted to the FBI that he had assembled and uploaded the material - but whom the agency and prosecutors never arrested or charged.

They weren't interested in him; they wanted to get Austin - and they wanted to get Austin not because of the boy's amateurish prattling insofar as bombs were concerned, but because he (i.e., Austin) was a central figure in the anti-globalist movement. Interestingly, the bomb-making information itself was legal and was easily available on any number of other websites on the Internet or in any number of Right Wing publications or scientific journals throughout the country. So how could the information have been a concern to authorities? It wasn't a concern; it was simply used as an EXCUSE to take down his "left-wing," "anti-government" website.


On January 24, 2002, Austin's home was surrounded by approximately 25 heavily armed FBI and Secret Service agents. He was interrogated for several hours while agents ransacked his house and seized the computers he used to run his server. During the whole process, Austin was repeatedly told that he was not going to be arrested - and he wasn't, at least not then. But he was told to "watch it." Plainly, Austin was being INTIMIDATED.

Nonetheless, Austin went ahead with plans he had already made to attend the demonstration against the World Economic Forum in New York City. THAT WAS EVIDENTLY A MISTAKE! - AUSTIN HAD REFUSED TO TAKE THE FBI'S "ADVISE" AND "FADE INTO THE WOODWORK" - which is what the government wanted him to do.

At the demonstration against the World Economic Forum, the police repeatedly swarmed over the demonstrators and harassed them, despite promises that they would let them demonstrate peacefully. They did demonstrate peacefully, but still the police refused to leave them alone - after all, the mere fact that one would have the nerve to demonstrate against the "richy riches" of the world and disrupt them in their deliberations on how to squeeze more money out of the poor and downtrodden of the world was reason enough for the police (the elite's flunkies) to make life miserable for the demonstrators.


Austin was arrested in a police "sweep" and taken to the Brooklyn Navy Yard Jail and held there incommunicado for 30 hours. Finally, he was taken out of his cell and put into a backroom in handcuffs and leg irons where he was interrogated by the FBI and the Secret Service. Then he was driven to the Federal Court House and released. As he was waiting for someone to come and pick him up, five FBI agents entered the courthouse and re-arrested him for "distribution of information related to explosives over the Internet" - a charge that the FBI had dropped against him the month previous. AUSTIN HAD REFUSED TO TAKE THE HINT! - TO "SHUT UP" AND BACK AWAY FROM HIS ANTI-GOVERNMENT ACTIVITIES. And now he was going to pay the price.

He was hurried out of the courthouse into a black SUV and driven to a federal building. At Austin's bail hearing, the FBI claimed that Austin was a "man on a mission" and that he had driven 3,000 miles from California to the east coast to carry out his "mission." The "mission" that he was supposedly on was not specified by the government. The judge denied Austin bail and after eleven days he was shackled and taken to an air force base where federal inmates are bordered onto planes surrounded by guards with M16s and shot guns and flown to a federal jail "hub" in Oklahoma where he was finally released after a thirteen-day imprisonment.

Now, again, what was the purpose in all this: the purpose was, as it was in the beginning, to INTIMIDATE Austin; to shut him up - and the FBI was accelerating the INTIMIDATION: first, there was the initial arrest; then the re-arrest (after they found out who he was when he was "netted" in the police "sweep" in New York - i.e. that he had already been "warned" back in California to cease his "anti-government" activities, and that he had refused to "knuckle under"). Now the INTIMIDATION was being broadened: moving him from jail to jail, interrogating him for hours on end, arresting and re-arresting him, and finally letting him go free out in the middle of nowhere in Oklahoma - with no money and no way to get back home. This is what the government can do now to a "dissenter" - all without any FORMAL charges ever being leveled against him.


Six months later, after Austin finally made his way back to California, prosecutors contacted his lawyer and said they had found nothing with which to prosecute him, BUT THEY DIDN'T WANT TO "LET HIM OFF THE HOOK."

Insofar as the FBI was concerned, that would never do; what kind of an example would that be to other "dissenters" throughout the country. No, they had to make an example out of him. They would "hound" him to death. Make life miserable for him; grind him into the dirt, and bury him in legal fees. The government can do that, you know! What chance does a poor person or someone of modest means have in confronting the government? - regardless of the question of guilt or innocence. Not much! - about the same kind of chance a poor black man has when he is arrested: None! Sure, there is the "public defender" - who is so buried in work that she has about five minutes in toto to spend with you before you come to trial. And then there is always the matter of "manufactured evidence." White, suburban Christians, of course, would deny that that ever happens; but the "denizens of the underclass" know better!

The subsequent conduct of the FBI in Austin's case bears all the hallmarks of the nefarious activities of a "Gestapo" or "National Security State." For example, the affidavits that Agent Pi, the FBI agent in charge of Austin's case, used to "shop" for a judge to authorize the FBI raid on Austin's home - and then, a week later, for the arrest of Austin - contained numerous and very blatant factual errors (and even FABRICATIONS), including the claim (i.e., the fabrication) that Austin authored the bomb-making instructions (which the FBI knew to be untrue at the time they made the request).

The FBI even enlisted the help of a right-wing militia member who, in e-mails to Austin, attempted unsuccessfully to provoke him into writing self-incriminating replies. That's called "entrapment," and it's illegal; but, then, this kind of illegality has never stopped the FBI in the past.  The FBI was determined to arrest and "put away" Austin (and in the process, make an example of him), and they were not going to let the facts stand in their way.

What inevitably happens in this kind of a situation is the government "persuades" the defendant to "cop" a plea under the threat that if he refuses to do so, the government will "go after him" with everything it has, including a maximum prison term in the company of sodomites (which situation the government could "clean up" if it wanted to: it doesn't want to) and the unspoken threat of "manufactured evidence." No one wants that! And that's what happened to Austin. The government offered Austin the chance to “cop” a plea.

At first, Austin rejected the plea - he was guilty of nothing. But the thought of being "cast down into the pit with the sodomites" for twenty years is enough to make almost anyone "re-think" his position - which is exactly the threat the government held over his head: his lawyer informed him that the government would seek a "terrorism enhancement" on his charge which would make him eligible for an added 20 years on his sentence.


Austin had intended to fight the charges, but eventually he pleaded guilty on the advice of his federal public defender, Ronald Kaye, who feared that new "terrorism enhancements" in the federal sentencing guidelines could earn Austin another 20 years in prison. "Over charging" people has become a powerful tactic in the elite's war against those who oppose them, usually people of little means who must rely on over-worked public defenders who sometimes have less than just a few hours (sometimes barely minutes in the hallway of the court building immediately before the trial) to spend on one's case. Indeed, in an article entitled, "Absolute Power, Absolute Corruption," Robert Owen writes:

"Another pernicious and commonplace variety of prosecutorial overreaching is overcharging, a tactic that can assume a number of different forms depending on the case and the jurisdiction. One type of overcharging occurs when prosecutors routinely frame charges at the highest degree of seriousness ..."

The tactic here is to charge the maximum and "scare the hell" out of a defendant who - even if he is innocent - doesn't want to risk the HORROR of a long prison term. Owen continues:

"Even if he (i.e., the defendant) is represented by competent counsel who will vigorously challenge the prosecution's case, there is a substantial risk that the jury may convict him of the greater charge anyway. The risk is particularly great when the accused cannot hire his own counsel and so must rely on a court-appointed lawyer carrying an impossibly heavy caseload and armed with too few investigative resources to give ... the case the serious scrutiny it deserves. Such bleak prospects tend to coerce the overcharged defendant into giving up his right to trial (that is, pleading innocent) in return for a reduced charge."

This kind of thing (i.e., overcharging) is ROUTINE in today's criminal justice system insofar as the poor are concerned, making the belief that "a defendant has nothing to fear if he is innocent" so much empty, meaningless rhetoric. THIS WAS EXACTLY THE CASE WITH AUSTIN.

As a result, Austin took what he thought was a binding pre-indictment plea agreement - which was initially one month in jail, and five months in a "community corrections facility," but the government reneged on the plea - after getting Austin to "admit" "guilt" insofar as the charge was concerned. Now the government had him by the proverbial "you know what." He had pled guilty to a felony, and he was sentenced to one year in federal prison and three years of supervised release with the stipulation that he would cease and desist from all his "anti-government" activities.

Austin last words to all of us were these:

"I think Bush made it clear when he said, 'you're either with me or against me'. Remember, fascism and a police state doesn't come all at once, it comes piece by piece. How far will we allow it to go until we are all locked up in concentration camps."

Austin received a one year prison sentence - three times what he had originally been told he would receive - and now faces three additional years of "supervised" release. During that time, his computer access will be monitored, and his equipment subject to unannounced inspection. Technically, he is allowed to associate with activists and political groups except those that, in the words of the probation department -

"... espouse violence or physical force as a means of intimidation or achieving economic, social, or political change."

Of course, what that effectively means is that Austin cannot associate with any activist groups because the parole agent in charge decides who does and who does not constitute a group that "espouses violence or physical force as a means of intimidation or achieving economic, social, or political change" - AND THIS AGENT HAS THE POWER, AS WE HAVE ALREADY DISCUSSED, TO BE AUSTIN'S "JUDGE AND JURY" IN THE FIELD IN SUCH INSTANCES, all without prior warning as to what he is going to do (or not do) or how he is going to rule on this or that group. In effect, he will be Austin's "god" for three years, and Austin had better bow down and grovel if he knows what's good for him.


Finally, if the authorities deem it necessary, Austin may be required to wear an electronic shackle. Electronic shackles have become a very popular means of controlling parolees and/or probationers in recent years. Any infraction of the parolee's schedule of work, official interviews, and curfew, or association with the "wrong kind of people" means a year back in the pen. Such shackles use satellite-based GPS tracking. Parenti writes:

"It's Star Wars. 'You can literally watch where ... (people) go and you can set up parameters where they can't go', explained one New Jersey probation official. With GPS tags, the guardians of order can now supervise the real-time movements of their wards.

"If the parolee wanders into 'forbidden hot zones' (in the case of Austin, into areas where political demonstrations are being held, in homes where his activist friends meet, etc.), alarms sound on a central computer, a digital record of the transgression is logged, and if necessary an immediate response can be made."

One parole officer, commenting on the efficacy of such shackles, said:

"They're so accurate that a parole agent can see that an offender is traveling 67 mph on Interstate 80."


The cases of both Mazen Al-Naijar and Sherman Austin are only the tip of the iceberg of what's going on today in the United States insofar as the government's efforts to “disappear” its opponents. Both Austin and Al-Naijar had friends and associates who persisted in their efforts to find out what had happened to them, and then to free them – but at best, they were only partially successful. After all, both men ended up spending a lot of time licked up in prison, and now have been cowered into silence. Moreover, both cases occurred several years ago, at a time when the government was just getting started setting up the requisite machinery to disappear their opponents.

Since then, there have been rumors to the effect that the government has “disappeared” as many as 10,000 of its opponents in such secrecy that it has elicited little or no outcry from the public. The fact that these people have “disappeared” is not disputed; but the government has established “plausible deniability” as to what has happened to them.


Take, for example, what happened to Gary Webb. On December 10, 2004 former investigative reporter for the San Jose Mercury News Gary Webb - who had been on the CIA's "black list" ever since he broke the story of the agency's VILE involvement in flooding the poor black neighborhoods of L.A. with cocaine in the early 1980s - was found dead in his Sacramento area home, an apparent suicide according to the coroner. There was a gunshot wound through his head. No! - make that TWO (possibly three) gunshot wounds, apparently from his father's old .38 caliber revolver.

AMAZING! Absolutely AMAZING - two (or three) gun shot wounds in Webb's head? A suicide? Wow! - what did Webb do? Put a second (and possibly a third) round through his head after he was dead from the first one, just to make sure that he was - in fact - dead? That's what the Sacramento County Coroner's Office and the Sacramento Bee Newspaper - in addition to Michael Ruppert - think. For example, Ruppert writes:

"Gary's suicide was accomplished with two gunshot wounds to the head. In death Gary proved to be as determined and single-minded as he had been in life ... Here are the facts: Gary Webb fired two shots from a .38 caliber revolver into his own head. (A suicide) ... open and shut." [Some kind of "determination!" some kind of "single-mindedness!" - Antipas editor.]


Ruppert - after describing a .38 caliber revolver as a "relatively weak handgun" (which it is NOT, as anyone who has ever had any experience with one should know) - goes on to elaborate (really "pontificate") on the "ins and outs" of suicides, citing his experience as a former L.A. cop. His explanation is that the first shot (which entered Webb's head just behind and above his right ear) missed the brain, and blew out Webb's lower left jaw and the left side of his face. Ruppert then says that Webb still had the "presence of mind" - after half his face had been blown away - to shoot himself a second time through the brain, killing himself (Ruppert leaves unexplained how he might have gotten off the third round).

But come on now, Ruppert's tortured explanation as to what happened is - on the face of it - nonsensical. The angle is too extreme! Go ahead, try it yourself; get a ruler, measure out 8 to 12 inches (to allow for the length of the revolver (short or long barrel), put the "gun" (so to speak) above and behind your right ear, and at an angle that would allow the shot to pass through your lower left jaw, and then ask yourself, is that really possible? Surely Webb, again, whom Ruppert describes as a "determined and single-minded person" bent on suicide, would have known that that difficult-to-achieve and extremely contorted shot would not kill him - although the shock of the round would most likely have rendered him senseless.

There are alternative explanations, of course. One of them is that the second (and possibly the third) round can be accounted for as a "reflexive response." But that explanation would make sense only to someone who has never fired a .38, as I did on many occasions when I was attached to the 515th Counter Intelligence Group out of San Francisco in the early 1970s. The fact is, the trigger on a .38 is NOT that easy to pull back on (especially a trigger on an older .38), and since each discharged round requires a separate and distinct pull on the trigger, one is left perplexed as to how Webb might have gotten off his second (and possibly his third) round as a "reflexive response." And more than that, the recoil from the first shot would have knocked the barrel of the gun up and away from Webb's head; there would have been no second (or third) head wound; a shot into the ceiling of the house - maybe; possibly another one into the wall, but nothing more.


The fact is, none of the explanations offered by the Sacramento County Coroner's Office, the Sacramento Bee, or Michael Ruppert makes any sense. The most reasonable explanation - though the one no one wants to admit it - is that Webb was assassinated by someone standing over and behind him.

But Ruppert (and the Bee as well as the coroner) will have none of that, and to bolster his rather farcical story, Ruppert attacks the reporting of Alex Jones and John Hankey, both of whom claim that Webb was "hit" by the CIA. Ruppert writes:

"Jones has a large syndicated ... radio show for which he claims a listening audience of millions ... Jones conducted separate radio interviews with a former 'business partner' of convicted drug dealer Ricky Ross and a second guest, retired DEA Agent, Celerino Castillo. Later Jones injected second-hand source comments from an alleged documentary film maker which were attributed to Ross. ROSS' LIFE AND HIS SELLING OF LITERALLY TONS OF COCAINE IN LOS ANGELES HAD BEEN WEBB'S ENTREE INTO THE DARK WORLD OF COVERT OPERATIONS. Castillo apparently had no idea his remarks were being aired in context with these statements ... made by a drug dealer (i.e., Ricky Ross) ... Since no other sources are named - no family, no colleagues, no one who had spoken to Webb personally - then Jones' 'credible' sources who are two of the largest drug dealers in West Coast history, one of whom (Ross) has spent almost two decades in prison ... HEY ALEX, DRUG DEALERS LIE!"

Rupert continues, quoting Alex Jones:

"Credible sources who were close to Gary Webb have stated that he was receiving death threats, being regularly followed, and that he was concerned about strange individuals who were seen on multiple occasions breaking into and leaving his house before his suicide ...

"Ricky Ross, one of Gary Webb's primary sources ... had spoken to Gary in the days before his death. Gary told Ricky that he had seen men scaling down the pipes outside his home and that they were obviously not burglars, but 'government people'. Gary also told Ricky that he had been receiving death threats and was being regularly followed. It was also mentioned that Gary was working on a new story concerning the CIA and drug trafficking."


However, Ruppert discounts all this; he claims that nothing that Ricky Ross says can be relied upon. But that's strange - it was Ross who essentially gave Webb entree (as Ruppert puts it) into what was going on in Los Angeles regarding the CIA's involvement in the drug trade there, and it was precisely this story that Ruppert rode to fame - essentially piggy-backing off Webb to do so. How is it that Ross is credible insofar as what he had to say to Webb about the CIA's involvement with the drug trade in L.A. (which was later certified to be true by the CIA's own Inspector General), and not credible when he gives evidence as to what Webb had to say about a CIA "contract" that had been put out on him? Ruppert can't have it both ways.

Ruppert is nothing more than a silly ass who has been trying to parlay his experience as a DUMB L.A. cop into a writing career. He implies that he has experience in "covert intelligence operations" - but, in fact, he has none. He was just a DUMB cop. Nothing more! 


Moreover, Ruppert is a follower of George Soros, which should give anyone pause as to Ruppert's credibility. Ruppert slavishly repeats Soros's ridiculous world-view everywhere he goes; indeed, it wouldn't be "too much" to describe Ruppert as a "MOUTHPIECE" for Soros. As for Soros, he is a man who plays both sides against the middle, a person who has over the years taken untold amounts of money from the CIA, and who pushes incessantly for the legalization of hard drugs all over the world. Anything that Soros says should be discounted as nothing more than CIA "disinformation."

Soros's operations - which include the Center of American Progress (a think tank for elite Democrats modeled on the Heritage Foundation); Americans Coming Together (a voter mobilization funding mechanism); and (an Internet gathering place for pseudo-radicals) - are, like the Democratic Leadership Council which spawned them, a clever means to "cut out" real radicals from the market place of ideas.

Soros has been using his ill-gotten billions to cast himself as the "savior of the Western World," claiming to be in a fight to stop the expansion of George Bush's American New World Order System; but what he has really been doing is buying up the Democratic Party and turning it into a toothless tool of the "Billionaires Club" which postures as an "anti-Empire" party, but which in reality is nothing more than a mechanism designed to render impotent those radicals who truly oppose the Empire by denying them any institutional support for their activities. And it's not just that: The fact is, Soros shares an intimacy with many proponents of the American New World Order System which is simply inexplicable given his ostensible opposition to George Bush. For example, take Soros's close friendship with George Schultz, who - as the "godfather" of Paul Wolfowitz and Richard Perle and the one who did so much to launch Bush's bid for the presidency in 1999 - should be at the very forefront of Soros's "enemies list." Very strange. Very strange, indeed.

One cannot help but wonder what kind of a "game" Soros is up to, and why - whenever Bush "the younger" gets into financial trouble - there's Soros to "bail" him out the way he did when he rescued Bush's failing Spectrum 7 oil firm in 1985. No! - there's more to Soros than meets the eye, and - as a result - there is probably a lot more to Ruppert's opposition to the idea that Webb was "hit" by the CIA. As I have said so many times before, in today's America, up is down, black is white, and right is left. As for me, I wouldn't believe a thing that Ruppert has to say, if only because of his seeming devotion to the ideas that Soros is propagating throughout the world.


Nonetheless, what I say doesn't amount to much in the elite world that is pushing the story that Webb committed suicide. But still, the suicide theory is such a farce! - and it gives one an idea of just how stupid the elites think ordinary people are: Clods that - as Edward Bernays puts it - must be "MANIPULATED" by lies. The fact is, the story of Webb's suicide as concocted by the Sacramento Coroner's Office, the Sacramento Bee and Michael Ruppert is such an apparent sham that one would feel that on the face of it, it must be rejected. Notwithstanding, in a statement released to the press, the coroner has pressed exactly this ABSURDITY on the public, asking them to suspend "common sense" and believe that it's possible for a dead man to kill himself twice over. The coroner says:

"The cause of death was determined to be self-inflicted gunshot wounds to the head ..”

Still, there are protesters (and not just Jones and Hankey); in fact, the Bee says it has received what it describes as a "... barrage of (outraged) calls." However, the Bee is sticking to its story and dismissing the callers as a bunch of "kooks" and "conspiracy nuts" - but, then, that's "standing operating procedure" for the government and its toady press in today's world - an attempt to shame people into silence insofar as the obvious is concerned!

The coroner claims that a hand-written note by Webb was found at the scene "indicating" an "intention" to take his life - although we are left clueless as to what the coroner means by the words "indicating" and "intention." These are, of course, favorite government "fudge" words.

Some who don't know that much about how either the CIA or the FBI work might protest that Webb's murder couldn't possibly have been a "government job" because it was too messy, too untidy. But these kinds of "hits" are meant to be slipshod and somewhat cluttered (as it were). The elites are sending a message to those who would dare follow Webb and people like him down the dark, ill-lit corridor of the country's secrets to peek through that mysterious door at the end of the hallway. The message is, Beware of what you see - the same thing that happened to Webb can happen to you. If the "suicide" story is airtight, the message could not be sent; there has to be enough doubt for the message to get through to those who are intended to hear it.

Foucault was right! - "Tyranny inspires awe and terror precisely because it ALLIES ITSELF WITH DEATH." The fear of a midnight knock on the door, the disappearance of a friend or a co-worker who had challenged the government, an unexplained death that one thinks might be an assassination, but can't prove it - all this strikes TERROR and HORROR into people. The very real fact of the matter is, "Knowing that the ... (government) does not shrink from atrocities strikes FEAR into the hearts of the people."


Brothers and sisters, there is a very grave and somber reason behind the warning of the Lord in Revelation 18:4”

"And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, COME OUT OF HER, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues." (Re 18:4)

You are making a very grave mistake if you refuse to take these words seriously.

God bless you all.

S.R. Shearer
Antipas Ministries

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