December 14, 2007
By: S.R. Shearer

"... in this particular epoch a conjunction of historical circumstances has led to the rise of an elite of power ... The men of the circles composing this elite, severally and collectively, now make such key decisions as are made; and that, given the enlargement and the centralization of the means of power now available, the decisions that they make and fail to make carry more consequences for more people than has ever been the case in the world history of mankind."

Taken from The Power Elite by:
Professor C. Wright Mills
Columbia University


President Franklin D. Roosevelt once warned the American people about "a simple truth concerning the liberty of a democratic people;" he remarked that -

"… the liberty of a democracy is not safe if the people tolerate the growth of a private power to a point where it becomes stronger than the democratic state itself. That, in its essence, is FASCISM - ownership of government … by a group, or by any other controlling private power."

When Roosevelt made this remark he had in mind Germany and the Nazi / industrialist (e.g., Siemens, I.G. Farben, Bayer, Thyssen, Krupp, Daimler-Benz, etc.) alliance that combined to seize power in Germany in 1933. Today, 72 years later, it's his own country - America - that has fallen victim to this kind of elite, an elite that Pulitzer prize-winning New York Times reporter David Cay Johnston, in his newly released book, How the Wealthiest Americans Enrich Themselves, describes as a -

"CORPORATE CRIMINAL CLASS … that can be distinguished from bandits only because they wield pens instead of pistols."

Johnson estimates that no more than 300,000 people (including the wives and children of these economic "worthies") comprise this elite - an aristocracy of wealth not of millionaires, but of Billionaires.

According to Johnson, this tiny group of multi-Billionaires, a group that constitutes no more than one tenth of one percent of the American population, earns more money in one year than the bottom one-half of the American population - 150 million people!


The domination of the United States by this small economic elite has, according to Johnson, resulted in a rapidly shrinking middle class where one in seven people have been forced to seek refuge from the elite's predatory economic policies in Federal Bankruptcy Court. [Please see our article, "Making Men Cogs in a Machine; the Reformation of the Bankruptcy Laws."]

Think about that! ONE IN SEVEN PEOPLE! Plainly, the rich are getting richer, while more and more "average Americans" are slipping into poverty, which is exactly the situation anticipated by the Bible insofar as the "End of Days" are concerned; specifically, by the Third Rider of the Apocalypse - a terrible personage riding a coal, black horse and carrying a pair of balances in his hand while growling out the mysterious maxim,

"A measure of wheat for a penny [literally - denarius, a Greek coin which represented a WHOLE DAY'S wages in the Ancient World], and three measures of barley for a penny; and see thou hurt not the oil and the wine." (Revelation 6:6)

NOTE: The meaning of this is that the condition of man during this era will be reduced to such that he will have to labor a whole day simply to buy a loaf of bread or three measures of barley. But the second part of the saying ["... and see thou hurt not the oil and the wine ..."] means that the economic hardship of these days will not extend to what might be called a "global elite of worthies" who have evidently allied themselves to the anti-Christ's policy of conquest - only the rich in the ancient world could afford oil and wine.


And one should make no mistake about it: the elite that is pictured by Revelation 6:6 is a miserly, self-absorbed one that cares only for itself and its own pecuniary interests; one about which I said ten years ago in an article entitled "The Elite, Money, and the End of Days:"

"For this elite, money-making and the accumulation of wealth has become the raison d'être of life. These people have no real sense of 'right' and 'wrong.' 'Right' to such people is simply that which advances their own selfish pecuniary ends; 'wrong' is that which hinders them; these words possess no other meaning beyond this. Their loyalty is to themselves and to their personal enrichment, and hang all those who get in their way - and it's only when one begins to grasp this fact that it becomes at last possible to 'identify' the American elite and 'track' its activities. 'Tracking' the elite using any other 'marker' than money is an exercise in abject futility.

"The lust for wealth; the lust for money - this is the common denominator for all members of the elite; the terms 'liberal,' 'conservative,' 'secular,' 'religious,' 'Christian,' 'humanist' are all useless in 'identifying' and 'tracking' the elite. Depending on the historical circumstance and the exigencies of the moment, the elite co-opts this or that label to 'identify' itself; but the label is meaningless; it's merely a temporary mask or a momentary contrivance. For example, in the America of the first half of the twentieth century, the elite co-opted for itself the label of 'conservative' and 'Christian.' However, when - during the Vietnam War and the Civil Rights Movement - the left was in the ascendancy, it shed its 'conservative' and 'Christian' labels and took on the labels of 'secular-humanism' and 'diversity.' Now it's swinging back the other way. But in the end, it's all the same: these are merely masquerades and artifices which serve to ingratiate the elite to that portion of the population which at the time it feels it must 'pacify' in order to maintain itself in power and, ipso facto, hold on to its wealth and prerogatives.

"Wealth makes beasts out of us all; it has surely made a beast out of the elite. Dom Helder Camara of Brazil has been much maligned because of his connection with Liberation Theology - a theology which attempts to involve Christians in left-wing (as opposed to right-wing) political causes. But Camara was right at least on one point when he wrote:

'"I used to think, when I was a child, that Christ might have been exaggerating when He warned about the dangers of wealth. Today I know better. I know how ... (impossible) it is to be rich and still keep the milk of human kindness. Money (or the desire for money) has a dangerous way of putting scales on one's eyes, a dangerous way of freezing people's hands, eyes, lips and hearts." [Please see our article, 'Liberation Theology, the Vatican, and the CIA: Ghosts and Phantoms' for a discussion of the rather remarkable concept of Liberation Theology.]

"Paul cautioned,

'"... they that will be rich fall into temptation and a snare, and into many foolish and hurtful lusts, which drown men in destruction and perdition." (I Tim. 6:9)

"And Peter said of those who desire wealth (i.e., who are covetous),

'"These are wells without water, clouds that are carried (about) with a tempest; to whom the mist of darkness is reserved for ever." (2 Pet. 2:17)

"The plain fact of the matter is, the people who comprise the American elite are selfish, small-minded and amazingly petty individuals whose lives revolve around only one thing: the pursuit of wealth. These are people like David H. Koch of Wichita, Kansas - he is chairman of Koch Industries; David Friess, an investment banker who claims that the most important thing in his life is his belief in Christ as his savior - and this despite the fact that much of his wealth was acquired through ruthless business practices which contradict the teachings of the Bible: he is the current president of the Council on National Policy (please see our article, 'Council On National Policy'); Charles Schwab of Charles Schwab and Company; Jerome V. Ansel of Boca Raton, President of St. Andrews Reality; Stanley Druckenmiller of New York, Managing Director of the Soros Fund (which specializes in a high stakes and risky stock activity called 'hedge betting'), etc., etc.

"The only real concern of such people centers around their greedy, self-absorbed life-styles and their preoccupation with piling up ever greater amounts of material wealth and worldly treasure. And for what purpose? - there is none! Remarkably, that's it: the accumulation of money! - that's their goal! There is nothing beyond that except an eerie and frightening emptiness." [Please see our article, "The Elite, Money, and the End of Days."]


Very obviously, this kind of economic system - the kind where the nation's wealth is being gobbled up by a tiny minority of its citizenry - can only be held together through deceit and brute force; and now not even deceit and trickery seem to suffice in this effort.

The fact is, the elites are having to resort more and more to the use of BRUTE FORCE to keep the "plebes" in line. Historian Edward Crankshaw writes:

"Every government in the world relies in some degree on some kind of political police force to uncover conspiracy and protect the State from injury. The size and importance of such a force [and, ipso facto, the prison system under its control] varies with the nature of the government: the wider the popular support for the government, the more insignificant the political police [and the size of its prison system], AND VICE VERSA."

If this is true - and it certainly is - the astounding growth in the number of those the elites have imprisoned in their system of prisons and jails gives evidence as to how unpopular the elites have become in wide sections of the U.S. population. The fact is, the U.S. has more people imprisoned in its gulag of "penal colonies" than Russia, China, and the 25 nation European Community COMBINED!

Indeed, since 1980, the number of people jailed in America's system of prisons has almost quadrupled - AND ALL THIS IN A TIME WHEN THE COUNTRY'S OFFICIAL CRIME RATE HAS BEEN DECLINING. [See chart below; we also URGE you to see our article, "Measuring the Depravity of the Elites - Pacifying the Poor through Drug Addiction."]

Number of sentenced inmates incarcerated under State and Federal jurisdiction per 100,000 population





















































Source: Correctional Populations in the United States and Prisoners in 2005


Very obviously, the only way this phenomenon can be accounted for is that ever greater numbers of people are being locked up for political reasons rather than for outright acts of criminality, though this is a fact not readily admitted to by the elites. But a quick perusal of the many political prisoners that have been locked up by the authorities makes plain this point; for instance, take this small example:

Charles Liteky, 64, San Francisco, CA. Recipient of Congressional Medal of Honor in Vietnam. Stationed at Fort Benning from 1985 - 1967. Former Catholic chaplain in U.S. Army. Marge Eilerman, 60, Booneville, KY. Catholic nun with Sisters of Saint Francis Community of Tiffin, Ohio. Served the poor as missionary in Chiapas, Mexico for four years. Bill Bichsel, SJ, 69, Tacoma. WA. Catholic priest with Jesuit order. Has worked with the poor and homeless in the U.S. for decades.
Mary Trotochaud, 47, Atlanta, GA. U.S. citizen concerned about School of the Americas training dictators and human rights abusers with her tax money. Christopher Jones, 23, Portland, OR. Graduate of Hampshire College, MA. Worked with the poor of Central America after college and has been a member of the Catholic Worker community in Tacoma which serves the poor and homeless. Kathleen Rumpf, 46, Syracuse, NY, has been an activist in the Catholic Worker movement for over two decades and worked with the homeless in New York and Baltimore. Kathleen is a former plowshares prisoner of conscience.
Ed Kinane, 52, Syracuse, NY Educated at a Jesuit university and worked with Peace Brigades International in El Salvador, Haiti, Guatemala and Sri Lanka. Mary Earley, 67, N. Palm Beach, FL, MA Special Ed. - Fordham, a teacher & works with terminally ill children. Sara Cramer-Lucas, 54, Hilton Heap, NC, Director of Social Services
Bill McNulty, 62, Setauket, NY married - 41 yrs, six children, two grandchildren, teacher - 14 yrs, contractor - 20 yrs, Veteran Ali Khalid Abdullah #148130
Mound Correctional Facility
17601 Mound Rd
Detroit, MI 48212
Mumia Abu-Jamal # AM-8335
SCI Greene
175 Progress Drive
Waynesburg, PA 15370
Sundiata Acoli (s/n Clark Squire) # 39794-066
PO Box 3000
USP Allenwood
White Deer, PA 17887
Charles Sims Africa # AM-4975
SCI Graterford, Box 244
Graterford, PA 19426-0244
Debbie Sims Africa # 006307
SCI Cambridge Springs
451 Fullerton Ave
Cambridge Springs, PA 16403
Imam Jamil Al-Amin (s/n H. Rap Brown # 1104651
Georgia State Prison
100 Highway 147
Reidsville, GA 39499-9701
Kalima Aswad (s/n Robert Duren) # B24120
PO Box 2000
Vacaville, CA 95696-2000
Joseph "Jo-Jo" Bowen # AM 4272
SCI Coal Township
1 Kelley Drive
Coal Township, PA 17866
Ruben Campa (aka Fernando Gonzalez) # 58733-004
FCI Oxford
PO Box 1000
Oxford, WI 53952
Leonard Peltier # 89637-132
USP Terre Haute
U.S. Penitentiary
P.O. Box 12015
Terre Haute, IN 47801
Ed Poindexter # 110403
Minnesota Correctional Facility
7525 4th Avenue
Lino Lakes, MN 55014-1099
Brooks Anderson, 66, retired Lutheran Pastor, participated in Selma to Montgomery civil rights march, married, four children, nine grandchildren, Duluth, MN. Judy Bierbaum, 43, children’s sexual abuse therapist, Children’s Champion Award in 1997, Governor’s Outstanding Woman of New Mexico Award in 1998, Albuquerque, NM Thomas Bottolene, 50, Full-time, multi-issue nonviolent activist for peace and justice, father of 4, grandfather, graphic artist, organizer, St. Paul, MN
Charles Butler, 73, retired United Methodist pastor, missionary in Panama for 25 years, Army veteran stationed at Ft. Benning, married, 3 children, Rochester, MN Kathleen Fisher, environmental chemist, Quaker, worked four years in Zimbabwe and Swaziland for Mennonite Central Committee, on staff of U.S. Grail, a nonprofit women’s social justice and environmental organization, Portland, OR Gerhard Fischer, 71, retired pharmacist/business person, U.S. Navy veteran of Korea conflict, Lutheran, married, 5 daughters, 9 grandchildren, Brookfield, WI
John Honeck, 39, residence counselor for mentally retarded adults, tutor, married, three children, Hamlin, NY Margaret Knapke, 47, natural therapeutics practitioner, worked with war-traumatized people from El Salvador, Master of Philosophy, Dayton, OH Ruthy Woodring, 24, Chicago, IL, student - University of IL - Spanish major, Catholic Worker community
Megan Rice, SHCJ, 70 Catholic Sister of the Holy Child Jesus, worked as a missionary in Nigeria and Ghana for 34 years, served 6 months for previous SOA protest, Nigeria Judith Williams, 58, Waukesha, WI, three children, six grandchildren, Prof. of Music Therapy, founder Waukesha Catholic Worker Mary Trotochaud, 47, Wendell, MA, one of 11 children, 25 nieces and nephews, potter, activist, married to Rick McDowell in prison
Ann Tiffany, 62, Syracuse, NY, MA Counseling/Psychology, four children, 12 grandchildren, mental health nurse & supervisor Richard Streb, Ph.D., 72, Roanoke, VA, Ph.D. History & Ed. - Columbia, Teacher - 16 yrs, WWII Veteran, one child, two grandchildren Rita Steinhagen, CSJ, 70, Minneapolis, MN, Sr. of St. Joseph, medical technologist, works with homeless & victims of torture
Randy Serraglio, 34, Tucson, AZ, BA Latin American Studies, lobbyist - Central American issues, grassroots environmental activist Doris Sage, 68, Syracuse, NY married 51 yrs, Spec. Ed. Teacher -21 yrs, two children, three grandchildren, MS - Early Childhood, Storyteller Dan Sage, Ph.D., 70, Syracuse, NY married 51 yrs, Edylation - Prof. Emeritus Syracuse Univ. - 30 yrs, two children, three grandchildren
Carol Richardson, 53, Columbus, OH, two children, United Methodist Minister - nine yrs, former co-director of SOA Watch Megan Rice, 67, Nigeria, Sister of Holy Child, MS Cellular Biology, Missionary in Africa - 30 yrs, Inner City Ministry Rick McDowell, 42, Wendell, MA, carpenter, Iraq delegation leader
Rita Lucey, 63, Orlando, FL four children, six grandchildren, MA in Pastoral Studies - Loyola Univ., retired AT&T supervisor Dwight Lawton, 67, St. Petersburg, FL retired corporate executive, three children, National Farm Workers Ministry, Korea War Veteran Ed Kinane, 53, Syracuse, NY, MA Anthropology, Editor, Teacher, Peace Brigades International
Tom Joseph, 66, Fabor, VA, Builder Christopher Jones, 23, Portland, OR BA Latin American Studies, doctoral candidate - Cultural Anthropology & Mayan Studies Paddy Inman, 52, Mead, WA, MA Education, three children, teacher - 28 yrs, farmer, past Chairman - Spokane Catholic Services


The list is endless, and goes on, and on, and on. Whether members of black activist groups protesting the living conditions of poor blacks throughout the country, peace activists protesting the murderous foreign policy of the United States, economic activists protesting against the WTO, the IMF, and the World Bank, etc., all these activists are sitting in (or have sat in) jail not so much because they engaged in criminal activities as such, but because they proved to be too much of a political nuisance to the elites.

To be sure, most are imprisoned under color of the criminal code; but for the most part, the criminal charges against them are nothing more than trumped up lies - charges that have no real bearing as to why they are actually in prison.


This phenomenon - the growing penchant of the elites to lock up their opponents behind prison doors - while a relatively new phenomenon insofar as the American homeland is concerned, is one that the American elites have been using against their opponents throughout the American Imperial System for many years now - a proclivity that has resulted in the creation of an offshore archipelago of torture and imprisonment. [Please see our article, "The Horror of John Dimitri Negroponte and Everything He Represents" for an insight as to how this system has been working in the slave-states of the American New World Order System; please also see "The Death Squads: Bringing in the Kingdom of God through Terror, Torture and Death."]


Moreover, this is a proclivity that is not necessarily confined to the lowest tier of America's slave-states, but is one that can be found increasingly in the first ranks of those states - for example, Japan, Germany, Canada, England, etc. One can begin to get an idea of just how widespread this phenomenon is by examining a list of those states that have participated in America's new scheme of "EXTRAORDINARY RENDITION" (so-called "First World" states are set off in bold lettering):

      • Afghanistan
      • Algeria
      • Azerbaijan
      • Bahrain
      • Belgium
      • Canada
      • Croatia
      • Cyprus
      • Czech Republic
      • Djibouti
      • Egypt
      • Estonia
      • Ethiopia
      • Fiji
      • Finland
      • France
      • Gambia
      • Germany
      • Greece
      • Iceland
      • Iraq
      • Ireland
      • Israel
      • Italy
      • Japan
      • Jordan
      • Kuwait
      • Libya
      • Malaysia
      • Morocco
      • Netherlands
      • Japan
      • Pakistan
      • Poland
      • Portugal
      • Qatar
      • Romania
      • Russia (Yes - Russia)
      • Saudi Arabia
      • Spain
      • Sweden
      • Switzerland
      • Thailand
      • Turkey
      • United Arab Emirates
      • United Kingdom
      • Uzbekistan
      • Yemen

All these countries - EVERYONE OF THEM - have either openly or covertly participated with the United States in its villainous and wicked (Yes! "wicked") activity of "EXTRAORDINARY RENDITION;" they have done so by providing transit facilities through their country for "rendition," or by "hosting" actual "rendition" facilities or "BLACK SITES" - a fact that plainly exposes them for what they really are: nothing more than "SLAVE-STATES" in the American Imperial System.


Naturally enough, most of these countries - ESPECIALLY CANADA AND THE EUROPEAN COUNTRIES NAMED ABOVE - DENY THAT THEY HAVE PARTICIPATED IN AMERICA'S PRACTICE OF "EXTRAORDINARY RENDITION." But evidence that these countries are participants with America in "rendition" has come from many sources, none better placed than the current and former US Secretaries of State.

For example, in December 2005 former Secretary of State Colin Powell suggested that the outrage expressed by some European leaders has been, at best, hypocritical. Speaking to the BBC, Colin Powell said:

"Well, most of our European friends cannot be shocked that this kind of thing takes place...The fact is that we have, over the years, had procedures in place that would deal with people who are responsible for terrorist activities, or suspected of terrorist activities, and so the thing that is called rendition is not something that is new or unknown to my European friends."

Two weeks earlier, embarking on a visit to some European capitals, current Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said that "extraordinary rendition" was used when a state could not detain or prosecute a suspect, and traditional extradition was not an option. In such cases, she said, the state could choose to cooperate in a "rendition," adding that "the United States has fully respected the sovereignty of other countries that cooperate in these matters." She further noted that -

"Some governments choose to cooperate with the United States in intelligence, law enforcement, or military matters. That cooperation is a two-way street. We share intelligence that has helped protect European countries from attack, helping save European lives."

Her remarks have been taken to mean that European states approved, or were at least aware, of the use of their airspace and airports by planes carrying out "rendition" missions, all their protests to the contrary notwithstanding.


The question now might fairly be asked, What is "EXTRAORDINARY RENDITION?" Amnesty International uses the term "EXTRAORDINARY RENDITION" to refer to the growing practice by the United States to secretly "disappear" its political opponents in a system of "offshore" prisons where they are isolated, interrogated and tortured. Some victims of "rendition" have later turned up in official US detention centers, such as Guantánamo Bay. Others have permanently "disappeared."

American authorities maintain that only al Qaida suspects and other "terrorists" are subjected to "EXTRAORDINARY RENDITION," and that less than a hundred individuals have been subjected to this horrible practice; but there is a growing body of evidence that suggests that the number of those subjected to "rendition" may reach into the thousands and thousands, and that those subjected to "rendition" encompass ALL opponents of the American regime, and not just those who have been involved in "Islamic terrorist activity." [Please see our article, "Radical Islam," for an account of the CIA's involvement in the development of this phenomenon."]


Those subjected to the practice of "EXTRAORDINARY RENDITION" are outside the protection of the law, cut off from the outside world and completely in the power of their captors. They have no access to lawyers, families or doctors. They are often kept in prolonged arbitrary detention without charge or trial. They are unable to challenge their arrest or detention, the lawfulness of which is not assessed by any judge or similar authority. Their treatment and conditions are not monitored by any independent body, national or international. The secrecy of their detention allows the concealment of any further human rights violations they suffer, including torture or ill-treatment, and allows the government to evade accountability.


It's this fact - their concealment behind a veil of "Nacht und Nebel" - that brings to mind the veil of fog and darkness that hid Germany's system of concentration camps from the German people, though not so completely that average Germans could not from time to time catch a glimpse of these camps and draw the "appropriate" conclusions regarding any thought they might have in challenging the authorities of the Reich.

An examination of three "off-shore" "BLACK SITES," one in Poland, one in Israel, and one in Ethiopia, sheds light on America's overseas archipelago of terror - at least enough light for Americans, like their German counterparts seventy years ago, to draw the appropriate conclusions about mounting any real challenge to the American system.


The "BLACK SITE" in Poland is operated by the CIA in conjunction with British and Polish intelligence officials. The facility is located at a Polish intelligence training school just outside the northern Polish village of Stare Kiejkuty.

The complex at Stare Kiejkuty, a Soviet-era compound, is best known as having been the only Russian intelligence training school to operate outside the Soviet Union. Its prominence in the Soviet era suggests that it may have been the facility first identified – but never named – when the Washington Post’s Dana Priest revealed the existence of the CIA’s secret, offshore prison network in November 2005. Zbigniew Siemiatkowski, the former head of Polish intelligence, told a Polish news agency in 2005 that the CIA had access to two "internal zones" in the Stare Kiejkuty compound.

The CIA began using Stare Kiejkuty shortly after the beginning of 2002 when it was decided that the Bagram base near Kabul in Afghanistan could not operate successfully a “no holds barred” policy towards suspected terrorists and other enemies of America's New World Order System: The world press was "crawling" all over Kabul.

As a result, many "high value enemies of the state" (meaning the American Imperium) were secreted away to Stare Kiejkuty and subjected to "intense interrogation" (meaning torture) there. They were "transported" to Stare Kiejkuty by the CIA on a fleet of Gulfstream aircraft. The CIA-operated flights passed through the air space of a number of countries – among them Britain, Germany, Spain and Poland.

The airport that was used to facilitate these flights was a remote and infrequently used airfield in the northern Polish town of Szymany. The airport at Szczytno-Szymany had been a Soviet military airfield, one of many such airstrips that could accept the large Soviet-made military planes of the Warsaw Pact. In 1996, seven years after Poland’s communist government fell, the airfield was turned over to a private company: “Mazury-Szczytno,” which was a CIA operated "front" organization.

While the Polish civilians operating the airport were kept "out of the know," dark rumors, nonetheless, began spreading among them and those living in the remote countryside surrounding the airfield about the strange "goings-on" there when American planes began arriving at the airport from all over the world in 2002. Szymany civilian airport manager Mariola Przewlocka later told European Union investigators that he had suspected that the flights were linked to the intelligence complex at Stare Kiejkuty, about 12 miles away from the airport. He was right.

Przewlocka told investigators that whenever a suspected CIA flight was scheduled to land -

"… orders were given by Polish intelligence officials that no one should approach the aircraft, and that military staff and services alone would handle the landings. Money for the services was paid in cash, sometimes as much as four times the normal charge. Handling of the passengers aboard was carried out in a remote corner of the Szymany airstrip. American intelligence officers came in and out of the airport in four-wheel drive cars with shaded windows. The cars were seen traveling to and from the Stare Kiejkuty intelligence facility where rumor had it that CIA interrogators were conducting "intense interrogation."

Again, the Polish "rumor mill" was right!


A second "BLACK SITE" used by the CIA for "intense interrogation" is located at "Facility 1391" in Israel. As described by journalist Jonathan Cook in an article that appeared in Le Monde Diplomatique, Facility 1391 is a concrete fortress located in the center of the country on a rise overlooking a kibbutz. It is obscured by high walls and fir trees. Two watchtowers give armed guards extensive views of the surrounding fields. From the outside it looks like many other police stations built by the British in the 1930s across the "Mandate of Palestine." Today many of these old facilities serve as military bases, their location revealed by signposts showing only a number.

But Facility 1391, which is close to the Green Line - the pre-1967 border between Israel and the West Bank - is different. It is not marked on maps; it has been erased from aerial photographs; its numbered signpost has been removed; and Israeli military censors have excised all mention of its location from the Israeli media. Moreover, according to those "in the know" in Israel, foreign journalists trying to find out about the "goings-on" there risk being expelled from Israel.

Nonetheless, despite government attempts to impose a news blackout insofar as Facility 1391 is concerned, information about the horrific "happenings" there have been leaking out for some time now. Indeed, one Israeli newspaper has begun describing, Facility 1391 as "Israel's Guantanamo." But it appears to be more than that: it's reputed to be an American "black hole" that is much deeper and blacker than Guantanamo, and one which has NEVER been inspected by the International Red Cross.

What little information is available suggests that interrogation methods using torture are routine at the facility. A high-profile detainee, Mustafa Dirani of the now defunct Lebanese Shia militia Amal, has alleged that he was raped by his interrogators. Israel recently admitted that he had been moved to Facility 1391 after he was kidnapped from Lebanon by Israeli agents in 1994.

The first chinks in the secrecy about the prison were prised open by Tsemel after the Israeli army's reinvasion of West Bank cities in Operation Defensive Shield. Until then it seems to have been used almost exclusively for captive foreign nationals, mainly Jordanians, Lebanese, Syrians, Egyptians and Iranians. It is not known how many of them have been held there.

Only one prisoner, Bashar Jadallah, 50, a businessman from Nablus, has ever emerged from Facility 1391. He was arrested with his cousin, Mohammed Jadallah, 23, at the Allenby bridge crossing between Jordan and Israel on 22 November 2002. Jadallah has provided an affidavit saying he confessed to being a member of Hamas under torture. Jadallah describes months of severe isolation, held by captors he never saw, who terrorized him. His tiny cell, 2 meters square, was windowless and painted black, with a bulb providing a dim light 24 hours a day. He was refused access to a lawyer, not allowed to meet other inmates and told he was "on the moon" when he asked where he was. He was not allowed to see anything outside his cell. "They made me wear a pair of blacked-out goggles that covered the whole of my eyes before allowing me out," he said. "I had to wear them if they took me to another room, such as the interrogation room or the medical clinic. Only once inside could I take the goggles off."

Dr Yehuakim Stein, a Jerusalem psychiatrist, has reported on the effects of detention in such conditions. Dr Stein says that the treatment of Jadallah, who provided affidavits, is mental torture that creates what he calls "DDD syndrome:" dread, dependency and debility.

Lack of food, sleep, movement and mental stimulation, as well as exclusion from human contact - whether lawyers, family members, other prisoners or guards - is designed to lower resistance to questioning and force inmates to be entirely dependent on interrogators. Combined with the pain of torture, with threats of torture, with the fear of being killed and the sense of being forgotten, inmates are likely to be consumed by what Dr Stein has called psychologically damaging "DREAD." Jadallah says: "Not knowing where I was or even seeing the faces of the jailers made me extremely frightened. The worst thing was feeling like I might disappear and my family would never find out what had happened to me."

Jadallah's written account of his living conditions in his cell at Facility 1391 describes a damp, foul-smelling mattress, rarely-emptied buckets used as toilets and a single tap in the room under the control of invisible guards. Loud noises prevented inmates from sleeping and air-conditioning could be turned on to chill them.

In addition, Jadallah's describes numerous acts of overt violence, including beatings, kicking, shaking, being forced into painful positions and having handcuffs intentionally tightened. He was tied in painful positions to a chair and not allowed to go to the toilet. He was prevented from sleeping, with water thrown on him if he nodded off. The interrogators showed him pictures of family members and threatened to harm them. "They brought me a picture of my father in prison clothes and played a cassette of him as a detainee. They threatened to torture him."

It is precisely the intense secrecy that surrounds Facility 1391 and its shameless proclivity towards torture that has made it a "crown jewel" in America's gulag of "BLACK SITES" throughout the world - a "black hole" of misery that the Israelis - like the "good toadies" they are in America's system of slave states throughout the world - have offered to the Americans as tribute to their masters. [Please see our article, "Israel: In that Day There Shall Stand up a Root of Jesse that Shall Be an Ensign for the People;" please also see "The Wall; The Israeli Palestinian Accords, and Israel's Agreement with Death and Hell," as well as "The Superman Theology of the International Feast of Tabernacles."]


Finally, there is the matter of Ethiopia; the "BLACK SITE" in Ethiopia is not a single site, but rather a series of "black holes" scattered around the country in three different locations: Addis Ababa, the capital; an Ethiopian air base 37 miles east of the capital; and the far eastern desert close to the Somali border. Anthony Mitchell of the Associated Press (AP) labels these sites as a kind of "out-sourced, decentralized Guantanamo Bay." Mitchell reports that Ethiopia is infamous on the continent of Africa for torture and abuse in its jails, and the horror that goes on in the "black sites" the U.S. is running there can only be guessed at.

It's into these hell-holes in Ethiopia that the CIA has been transferring most of its opponents on the continent of Africa - and not just its so-called al Qaida opponents, but all those (Muslim, Christian, secular, or otherwise) who in any way have had the audacity to speak out against America's murderous New World Order System there. [Please see our article, "Christians in Africa Awake: America and the American Church Are Not Your Friends;" please also see, "The Congo and American Greed" and "The Third World as a Model for the New World Order;" finally, we urge you to see our article, "Algeria: A Study of the Dreadful Two-Tiered Economic System the U.S. Is Promoting among Its Muslim Client States."]

The United States, of course, denies that it has any relationship with these hell-holes, but John Sifton of Human Rights Watch says that is an out-right lie; that in fact, the United States is the "ringleader" for what's happening there. Sifton's contention about the United States was confirmed by a Western diplomat in Nairobi, who agreed to speak to the Associated Press only if not quoted to avoid angering U.S. officials; he says the United States is playing "the guiding role at these BLACK SITES."

Mitchell says that at present individuals from at least 19 different African countries are being held in these sites, and that hundreds and hundreds more, including many women and children, have been transferred secretly and illegally there in recent months where they are being kept without charge or access to lawyers and families. The detainees include at least one U.S. citizen and some from Canada, Sweden and France, according to a list compiled by a Kenyan civil rights group and flight manifests obtained by AP.

Details of these arrests, transfers and interrogations have slowly been emerging as AP and human rights groups from all over Africa began investigating the growing phenomenon of "disappeared" citizens in their countries, most of whom were connected to organizations and groups opposed to the American New World Order System. According to Kenyan Human Rights Groups, Ethiopian citizens who have witnessed the arrival of the flights carrying these prisoners into Addis Ababa report seeing U.S. special forces advisers accompanying the prisoners.

When contacted by AP, Ethiopian officials denied that they held secret prisoners, or that any detainees were questioned by U.S. officials. "No such kind of secret prisons exist in Ethiopia," said Bereket Simon, special adviser to Prime Minister Meles Zenawi. He declined to comment further. However, a former prisoner and the families of current and former captives tell a different story.

"It was a nightmare from start to finish," Kamilya Tuweni, a 42-year-old mother of three who told AP about her imprisonment after her release in Addis Ababa on March 24 from what she said was 2 1/2 months in detention without charge. She is the only released prisoner from the American gulag in Ethiopia who has spoken publicly.

She was freed a month after being interviewed, fingerprinted and photographed by a U.S. agent, she said. She was first arrested in Kenya, then transferred to a U.S. base in Somalia; she was beaten and forced to sleep on a stone floor while being held in Somalia; she was held there in a single room with 22 other women and children for 10 days before being flown to Ethiopia on a military plane. She was blindfolded and taken from the plane to a private villa in the Ethiopian capital. There, she said, she was interrogated with other women by a male U.S. intelligence agent. "We cried the whole time because we did not know what would happen. The whole thing was very scary," said Tuweni.

Tuweni's version of her transfer out of Kenya is corroborated by the manifest of the African Express Airways flight 5Y AXF. It shows she was taken to Mogadishu, Somalia, with 31 other people on an unscheduled flight chartered by the Kenyan government.


A description of the inner circle of Dante's Inferno would probably not do justice to the hell that is occurring in these "BLACK SITES," but the experiences of three Yemeni men and one Canadian who were "disappeared" into this netherworld of pain and horror are instructive as to the actual living conditions there.

NOTE: Some might ask why the CIA - which runs these sites - does not silence those very few prisoners who from time to time are released and who dare to speak out afterwards. The answer is a simple one: The CIA wants these stories circulated - if only as "unsubstantiated" rumors. The truth is, much of the value of these sites lie in the fact that as rumors are spread about them, they serve as a somber warning to those who might dare to follow in the footsteps of those who have been "disappeared" into the system. In Germany, for example, the Nazis would, from time to time, release prisoners from their concentrations camps - particularly German prisoners from Dachau and Buchenwald - for that very purpose: to tell the story of what was going on there. Indeed, by 1936, the whispered name of "Dachau" was enough to send shivers up and down the spines of ordinary Germans everywhere - and the very mystery surrounding the "goings-on" there only lent to the horror of Dachau.

This is exactly why prisoners from America's "BLACK SITES" are released from time to time and not "disappeared" permanently. And one can be sure that this is exactly why information regarding Muhammad Abdullah Salah al-Assad, Salah Nasser Salim ‘Ali, and Muhammad Faraj Ahmed Bashmilah (see below) has been released; and why Canadian citizen Maher Arar was released (again, see below); it certainly wasn't because the CIA had any regard for the outcry in Canada against Arar's imprisonment; nor was it because Canadian officials had been "blind-sided" by the CIA's detention of Arar. Canadian officials knew perfectly well what was going on, their protests to the contrary notwithstanding,, and they approved.

According to Amnesty International, the four men were moved several times, but were always held in complete isolation, always in cells with blank walls, no floor coverings, no windows, no natural light. They spoke to no one but their interrogators and no one spoke to them. In their cells there was a constant low-level hum of "white noise" (indistinct, non-musical sounds), sometimes replaced by loud "rock" music. For over a year the men did not know what part of the world they were in, whether it was night or day, hot or cold, raining or sunny. They spent nearly every waking hour staring at the four blank walls of their cells, leaving only to go to interrogation. None of the men ever saw each other, or any other detainee.

The detention regime imposed on these men was aimed at inducing maximum disorientation, dependence and stress. Hooding, cuffing and shackling were common practices. Their experiences, as described by Amnesty International, are as follows:

  • Muhammad Abdullah Salah al-Assad, a Yemeni national, was arrested in December 2003 at his home in Tanzania by Tanzanian officers. He was taken to a waiting airplane and turned over to US custody. After about two weeks in an unknown detention facility, he was flown to a second detention facility, where he stayed for about two weeks, and was then taken by car to a third place, where he stayed about three months. His last secret transfer probably took place in April 2004. He was held in isolation in the last facility until May 2005, when he was returned to Yemen on the same plane that took Salah Nasser Salim ‘Ali and Muhammad Faraj Ahmed Bashmilah. In January 2006 he was still detained in Yemen.

  • Salah Nasser Salim ‘Ali, a Yemeni national, was arrested in August 2003 in Indonesia, where he was living. Indonesian officials told him he was being deported to Yemen, via Jordan, but when he landed in Jordan he was arrested, detained by U.S. officials and taken into custody. He says he was beaten by Jordanian officials, including by being subjected to the torture technique known as falaqa (beatings with sticks on the soles of the feet).

  • Muhammad Faraj Ahmed Bashmilah, another Yemeni national living in Indonesia, was arrested in Jordan in October 2003 and says he was tortured during his four days of detention in Jordan. He was then taken onto a small plane and transferred to a secret location, where he stayed for the next six months and interrogated by US officials. He was then transferred to a second secret place of detention, run by US officials, where he was kept in a cell for over a year in solitary confinement. He was transferred back to Yemen in May 2005, where he was still detained in January 2006.

  • Maher Arar, a Canadian national, was changing planes in New York City on his way home from a family holiday in Tunisia. He was taken into custody by the US Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) and was then held in incommunicado detention in New York for 13 days before being told he would be deported to Syria. He was taken, in chains, to a small private jet, which flew him to Jordan, where he was interrogated and beaten before being taken overland to Syria. In Syria, he says he was severely beaten with electrical cable during six days of interrogation, and threatened with electric shocks. He says he was held alone in a tiny, basement cell without light, which he called "the grave" for more than 10 months. He was finally released without charge one year later, in October 2003. In February 2004, Canadian authorities established a "Commission of Inquiry into the Actions of Canadian Officials in Relation to Maher Arar." Professor Stephen Toope was appointed "fact finder" by the Commission. In his October 2005 report, Professor Toope noted: "...as the beatings became less intense, it was the daily horror of living in the tiny, dark and damp cell all alone and with no reading material that came to be the most disturbing aspect of the detention. Whereas at first the cell was a refuge from the infliction of physical pain, later it became a 'torture’ in its own right. … He remained in this cell for ten months and ten days, and saw almost no sunlight except for when he was transferred for consular visits… Mr. Arar describes the cell as ‘a grave’ and as a ‘slow death’."

NOTE: The dual way the Americans are "playing" the Syrians should be noted here: One should ask himself, How is it possible that - on the one hand - America can list Syria as a "terrorist state," and - on the other hand - it can have such good relations with Syria's intelligence apparatus that it is able to "secret" its opponents in Syrian jails? Something to think about, isn't it? All this gives rise to the Orwellian saying that truth in the American New World Order System is what America says it is; and that in the world America has established, black is white, left is right, and up is down. Moreover, one should bear in mind that what the Americans are doing with regard to the Syrians, it is most likely doing with all the other nations of the Middle East, including the Iranians - again, BLACK IS WHITE, UP IS DOWN, AND LEFT IS RIGHT."


Very obviously, America's overseas empire of prisons, jails, cells, cages, and hell-holes is unprecedented in its brutality and the manner in which it has - as Nick Turse has said -

"… floated free from all national boundaries … and in this way brings to mind the unprecedented possibility of a prison planet."

It should also be noted in this connection that Americans are making a big mistake in taking any comfort from the fact that this system of horror is an "off-shore" phenomenon. Indeed, there are very ominous signs that many of THE WORST ELEMENTS OF THIS SYSTEM ARE BEING IMPORTED WHOLESALE FROM THE PERIPHERY OF THE EMPIRE TO THE "HOMELAND" ITSELF.

And why not? - given the fact that as the elites gobble up ever greater amounts of America's wealth for themselves, protests against their greed are bound to mount in the homeland itself. The fact is, their greed and avarice has produced a crisis in the housing industry, and AS HOMES ARE FORECLOSED ON IN NUMBERS NOT SEEN SINCE THE WORST DAYS OF THE "GREAT DEPRESSION," THERE IS GROWING EVIDENCE OF A PLEBIAN REVOLT THAT IS DEVELOPING AGAINST THE ELITES; ONE THAT THE ELITES WILL BE ABLE TO CONTROL ONLY BY THREATENING TO IMPRISON THOSE WHO PARTICIPATE. Indeed, the stinging rhetoric being spewed out against the elites by people such as Lou Dobbs on CNN gives evidence as to the unrest of the "unwashed masses." Dobbs has, in recent years, become a lightening rod for such dissent, and the futile effort by the mainline press (e.g., The New York Times, the Washington Post, the Los Angeles Times, NBC, CBS, ABC, etc.) to shut him up has only served to enhance his popularity among those who are being crushed economically by the economic "worthies" who run the country.


Charles Mackay, the 19th century Scottish journalist once remarked that men go mad in herds, and if that's so, the elites are going to have to do everything in their power to keep the "plebes" from forming into a herd against them - and they had better act fast if they are going to do so. The developing mortgage crisis that could easily incite a full-blown revolt by the plebes against them, a fact that is acknowledged even by members of the elite itself. For example, Steven Pearlstein of the Washington Post writes:

"Everyone seems to acknowledge now that there will be lots of mortgage foreclosures and that house prices will fall nationally for the first time since the Depression. Some lenders and hedge funds have failed, while some banks have taken painful write-offs and fired executives. There's even a growing recognition that a recession is over the horizon. BUT LET ME ASSURE YOU, YOU AIN'T SEEN NOTHING YET … What's important to understand is that, contrary to what you heard from President Bush last week, this isn't just a mortgage or housing crisis, it's a crisis that affects the whole economy. If it sounds like the economy is a house of cards, that's because it is. AND IT IS ABOUT TO COME CRASHING DOWN."


GIVEN TIME, THE ELITES WILL NO DOUBT BE ABLE TO "FIX" THIS CRISIS INSOFAR AS AMERICAN CONSUMERS ARE CONCERNED BY SQUEEZING EVER MORE "TRIBUTE MONEY" OUT OF ITS SLAVE-STATES IN THE AMERICAN EMPIRE just as the Mafia solves its cash-flow problems by squeezing out more "protection money" from those small shopkeepers it is supposedly "protecting." [Please see our last article, "Ninnies, Know-Nothings, and the Falling Dollar;" please also see "Part 3: U.S. Economic Supremacy" of Chapter XII in the NEW ANTIPAS PAPERS as well as "Part 2: U.S. Military Supremacy," also in Chapter XII.]

Still, there will be a cost to be paid, and not only by the slave states in the American New World Order System, but by thousands and thousands (indeed, millions and millions) of "average Americans" whom the elites will not be able (or willing) to "save."

Given the avarice and greed of the elites, there's just not enough money to go around to save every American consumer, and those consumers who fall through the cracks (as it were) will no doubt plunge permanently into the "underclass" with little or no chance of escape. THE ELITES WILL SAVE ONLY ENOUGH AMERICANS TO "PUT OUT THE FIRES OF REVOLT," AND NO MORE.



AND THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT THE ELITES ARE PLANNING TO DO. For example, Justin Raimondo notes that the Military Commissions Act of 2007, as well as a disturbing number of other recent Congressional acts, indicate that the American elites -

"… are now moving to consolidate their gains to imprison their worldwide opponents not only abroad, but in America in a most ominous manner."

Raimondo continues by saying that this is made clear in the wording of the Military Commissions Act itself, and that this new wording is very prescient insofar as American citizens living in the "homeland" are concerned; specifically, the act states:

"Whenever the president considers it necessary to use the militia or the armed forces under this chapter, he shall, by proclamation, immediately order the insurgents OR THOSE OBSTRUCTING THE ENFORCEMENT OF LAW TO DISPERSE AND RETIRE PEACEABLY TO THEIR ABODES WITHIN A LIMITED TIME."

Raimondo goes on to note:

"Why insert the bolded phrase [see above] - UNLESS YOUR OBJECTIVE IS TO WIDEN THE CATEGORY OF THOSE ONE WISHES TO IMPRISON BEYOND THOSE WHO ARE ENGAGED IN ACTUAL ACTS OF TERRORISM TO INCLUDE THOSE [MERELY] EXERCISING THEIR FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHTS? No one expects an insurgency to be launched in this day and age in America; yet peaceably assembling to protest government policies can easily be interpreted to include 'obstructionists' who might be 'dispersed'. As José Padilla discovered, any American [in the American homeland] can [now] be kidnapped and held without trial - or even formal charges."

NOTE: It should be noted here that Padilla was not shipped off to a "BLACK SITE" outside the United States, but was held incommunicado on board a navy prison brig in Charleston harbor without any legal recourse, all of which arguers ill for any expectation that "BLACK SITES" will not eventually be established on American soil; indeed, there is a growing body of evidence which suggests that "BLACK SITES" have already been established in the United States.

Matthew Rothschild writes ominously:

"With all the attention on U.S. torture and abuse of prisoners overseas, we’ve been neglecting to pay attention to one haunting fact: Our country is beginning to treat some prisoners here at home in a similar way."


One of the most inhumane methods imported from the periphery of the empire to the homeland in recent years is the use of isolation cells which are used against prisoners deemed to be a threat to the "good order of the prison;" in other words, anyone who possesses a modicum of leadership ability, especially those of a religious or political bent. And one should not think that only Muslims are tareted here, but Christians as well. THE PURPOSE HERE IS NOT NECESSARILY TO ADMINISTER PUNISHMENT TO RECALCITRANT PRISONERS, BUT TO RENDER THEM PERMANENTLY INTO INCHOATE ANIMALS INCAPABLE OF OPPOSING THE "SYSTEM" OR RE-ENTERING SOCIETY TO TAKE UP WHERE THEY LEFT OFF AS "ENEMIES OF THE STATE."

The cells into which these prisoners are placed are very similar to the ones the CIA uses in Facility 1391 in Israel: they are tiny cells usually no larger than six by eight feet; they are usually windowless and painted white; the doors to the cells are solid ones with a small hole through which food can be passed to the prisoner. The hole is shut after the food is passed through.

Like Facility 1391, food, sleep, movement and mental stimulation are kept to a bare minimum. Prisoners are excluded from all human contact - whether lawyers, family members, other prisoners or guards; this treatment is designed to force inmates to be entirely dependent on prison authorities; as in Facility 1391 in Israel, it produces in the prisoner the "DDD SYNDROME" - a syndrome of "dread, dependency and debility."

In addition, dogs are used on them; they are often shocked with tasers and stun guns (often while harnessed in a "Restraint Chair"); many of them are kept permanentely naked; they are forced to sleep on a concrete floor or slab; fed nothing but "nutri-loaf;" and given just a modicum of toilet paper - four squares at a time.



Now, while all this may come as a shock to you, it probably does so because you have never personally run afoul of the American New World Order System; but just ask those who have done so who live on the periphery of the empire, or just ask the growing numbers of America's underclass - blacks, Hispanics and what the elites call "poor white trash." They know, but those of their "kind" do not control the press and they have no access to the "public at large." They're locked away in the miserable ghettos of America's inner cities with no real chance of emerging from them and in coming in contact with you.

So long as you don't "fall through the cracks" into the hell-hole America's underclass inhabits, you're safe - that is, PROVIDED YOU DON'T RAISE YOUR VOICE AGAINST WHAT'S HAPPENING.


But you should understand something here: God is watching what you're doing; He is making a note of your silence - YOUR FAILURE TO SPEAK OUT AGAINST A POLITICAL SYSTEM WHICH CLAIMS THAT WHAT IT IS DOING, IT IS DOING IN THE NAME OF GOD!

It's precisely here that you must come to grips with certain facts: IT'S MAINLY THE POOR WHO ARE LOCKED UP IN THESE PRISONS, and that's no accident. They are, of course, being locked up under the color of the criminal code, but in reality, they are being locked up and subjected to the HORROR of the American Gulag in order to "break" them; to intimidate them into silence and the acceptance of their unjust lot in the American New World Order System.

The message to the poor is this: You think things are bad for you now because you're poor; but just wait until we throw your ass into prison! Then you'll find out how much worse things can get for you. And if you possess any leadership potential, wait until we throw you into a supermax prison where you will be turned into an animal - AND ALL IN THE NAME OF GOD."

In the name of God? They throw the poor into prison in the name of God? Yes! - that's exactly what they're doing.

But God's wrath has been kindled against them, because it is precisely for the poor and those who languish today in the prisons of America's brutal system of jails and prison that Jesus came. Jesus said:

"The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, BECAUSE HE HATH ANOINTED ME TO PREACH THE GOSPEL TO THE POOR; he hath sent me to heal the brokenhearted, TO PREACH DELIVERANCE TO THE CAPTIVES, and recovering of sight to the blind, TO SET AT LIBERTY them that are bruised." (Luke 4:18) [Please see our article, "The Kingdom of God Is at Hand."]

Clearly, Jesus anticipated that at the "End of the Age" the poor would be found in prison; that's where the American New World Order System and the church that justifies that system has consigned them. It's precisely for this reason that Jesus warned those who claimed to follow Him but who had contempt for those in prison:

"When the Son of man shall come in his glory, and all the holy angels with him, then shall he sit upon the throne of his glory:

"And before him shall be gathered all nations: and he shall separate them one from another, as a shepherd divideth his sheep from the goats:

"And he shall set the sheep on his right hand, but the goats on the left.

"Then shall the King say unto them on his right hand, Come, ye blessed of my Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world:

"For I was an hungred, and ye gave me meat: I was thirsty, and ye gave me drink: I was a stranger, and ye took me in:

"Naked, and ye clothed me: I was sick, and ye visited me: I WAS IN PRISON, AND YE CAME UNTO ME.

"Then shall the righteous answer him, saying, Lord, when saw we thee an hungred, and fed thee? or thirsty, and gave thee drink?

"When saw we thee a stranger, and took thee in? or naked, and clothed thee?

"Or when saw we thee sick, or in prison, and came unto thee?

"And the King shall answer and say unto them, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.

"Then shall he say also unto them on the left hand, Depart from me, ye cursed, into everlasting fire, prepared for the devil and his angels:

"For I was an hungred, and ye gave me no meat: I was thirsty, and ye gave me no drink:

"I was a stranger, and ye took me not in: naked, and ye clothed me not: sick, AND IN PRISON, AND YE VISITED ME NOT.

"Then shall they also answer him, saying, Lord, when saw we thee an hungred, or athirst, or a stranger, or naked, or sick, or in prison, and did not minister unto thee?

"Then shall he answer them, saying, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye did it not to one of the least of these, ye did it not to me. (Matthew 25:31-45)

Very obviously, JESUS IDENTIFIED HIMSELF WITH THOSE IN PRISON. Is that what you are doing? - or are you one of those who have "bought off" on the elite's propaganda that all those in prison are nothing more than criminals who deserve to be there? That you - as a "card-carrying member" of America's so-called "middle class" are better than they are. That you possess a proclivity towards "righteous living" that the poor do not possess. Is that what you think? God help you if you do, for you are running the very grave risk of being told by Christ on THAT DAY:

"I know you not … depart from me, all ye workers of iniquity.

"There shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth, when ye shall see Abraham, and Isaac, and Jacob, and all the prophets, in the kingdom of God, and you yourselves thrust out." (Luke 13:27-28)


Listen to me, dear brothers and sisters in the Lord: It is incumbent upon us as Christians to IDENTIFY ourselves with those who are in prison rather than with the system that put these people there. It is incumbent upon us to speak out against it. We dare not remain silent about what's going on. By remaining silent, we acquiesce in the system's claim that it represents God's kingdom on earth - and it is precisely for that reason that the poor of the world - both in this country and abroad - cannot be blamed if they turn away from the message of salvation and embrace an atheistic form of communism or religions that deny Christ as savior.

When we IDENTIFY ourselves with the poor and those the American New World Order System has consigned to prison, when we speak out against it, we EMBRACE THE "GOSPEL OF THE KINGSOM" - a gospel that points like a dagger at the heart of the American New World Order System and the church that justifies that system. It's for this reason that Jesus warns us:

"The time will come, that whosoever killeth you will think that he doeth God service." (Matthew 16:2)


But it's precisely this very, very dangerous Gospel that has been vouchsafed to us in these "Last Days." Jesus said:

"This gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come." (Matthew 24:14)

This gospel MUST be preached for the end to come; to that end Jesus continued:

"Be not afraid of them that kill the body, and after that have no more that they can do." (Luke 12:4)

And Jesus promised to be with us as we enter into this work, a work that will shower us with glory and honor in the ages to come:

"And when they bring you unto the … [church], and unto magistrates, and powers [for speaking out against the U.S. Imperial System and the church that supports it], take ye no thought how or what thing ye shall answer, or what ye shall say:

"For the Holy Ghost shall teach you in the same hour what ye ought to say." (12:11-12)

Now that's something to look forward to. So I say unto you, Speak out, dear brothers and sisters; speak out!

God bless you all,

S.R. Shearer
Antipas Ministries



Finally, Remember the Word of God:



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