[A Report on "Dr." John Coleman and a New Form of
Christian Anti-Semitism Made Popular by the DaVinci Code]


By: S.R. Shearer
September 1, 2009

The Myth of Jewish Power: Then and Now.

"A new specter haunts America. It enters the well-protected boardrooms of newspapers and banks, shakes the deep foundations of its towers. It is the specter of ... Jewish [banking] power. Just recently it was 'third rail', touch-and-die, deadly dangerous to mention, certain end to a career. Just recently, Joe Public snapped his TV from an eminence with an Israeli passport to a member of a Jewish think-tank, and muttered to himself: Surely it is just a coincidence that so many important and largely unelected people in our country happen to belong to this small minority group. Surely it is just a coincidence that they belong to different parties but reach the same conclusions. Surely it is just a coincidence that ninety per cent of American foreign aid goes to their cousins in prosperous Tel Aviv. Surely it is just a coincidence that they run our newspapers, television, cinema, universities. Anyway, we are not allowed to notice this elephant in our sitting room."

June, 2009


Whenever things "tank" economically, the Jews inevitably get the blame. This is what happened in the Great Depression, and this is what is happening today. The Great Depression had its Father Coughlin; today we have RENSE.COM, Alex Jones, Texe Marrs, "Dr." John Coleman [who FALLACIOUSLY advertises himself as a former high-ranking intelligence officer assigned to British MI6 (British intelligence) - sometimes MI5 (British counter-intelligence) - both of which today stand in the shade of the enormous shadow cast by the CIA], Pat Robertson, David Bay (Cutting Edge Ministries), David Meyer ("Last Trumpet Newsletter)," ad nauseum, ad infinitum - AND THESE PEOPLE ARE SPREADING THE SAME LIES ABOUT THE JEWS THAT FATHER COUGHLIN DID IN THE 1930s.

Eustace Mullins


Eustace Mullins, a man whom Coleman (see above) claims is a close associate and who is a contributing editor of Coleman's World Economic Review, says that Coleman "... claims to have mysterious connections to British intelligence, but for the last ten years all he's done is copy Lyndon LaRouche's stuff." [Mullens goes on to say that Coleman's claims to have been a high-ranking British intelligence agent are BOGUS.] Mullins is a member of the Southeast Bureau editorial staff of Willis Carto's anti-Semitic American Free Press. He is also a contributing editor to the far-right Barnes Review.

At the height of his radio career Coughlin had an audience of over 30 million people; it was by far the largest radio audience in the country. Coughlin blamed the Depression on an "international conspiracy of Jewish bankers;" he also claimed that Jewish bankers were behind the Russian Revolution. Indeed, on November 27, 1938, he said:

Coughlin on the cover of
Time Magazine, 1938

"There can be no doubt that the Russian Revolution ... was launched and fomented by distinctively Jewish influence."

As an antidote to Bolshevism, Coughlin expressed sympathy for the fascist policies of Hitler and Mussolini.

On November 20, 1938, two weeks after Kristallnacht, when Jews across Germany were attacked and killed, and Jewish businesses, homes and synagogues burned, Coughlin said:

"Jewish persecution only followed after Christians were first persecuted by the Jews."


Part 1

Part 2

Naturally enough, Coughlin wasn't alone in believing that the Jews caused the Great Depression: There was also Rev. L.K. Smith, a conservative Christian (a Presbyterian) who once gave a lecture entitled "Hitler: A Christian Bulwark Against Atheistic Socialism." There were at the time many other well-known Christian leaders such as Arno Gaebelein, R.A. Torrey (Church of the Open Door and head of the Bible Institute of Los Angeles - BIOLA), James Gray (President of Moody Bible Institute in Chicago), ad nauseum who promulgated the same anti-Semitic poison. [Please see our article, "Henry Ford and Gerald L.K. Smith: Big Business and the Religious Right."]

Willis Carto

NOTE: Just how much these men - especially Coleman and Mullens - can be adjudged as anti-Semitic is made plain by their relationship to Willis Carto (see above). Willis Carto is a virulent hate-monger and conspiracist who also helped launch the Institute for Historical Review (IHR). The IHR, which is located in Costa Mesa, California, denies the Nazi Holocaust against the Jews and other targeted groups ever took place; it is known to have sponsored conferences where notorious anti-Semitic and racists were the featured speakers. Carto produces a weekly magazine, the Spotlight, a newspaper that celebrates neo-Nazis, skinheads, the Waffen SS, armed anti-Semites, and other anti-democratic forces. Carto's links to Nazi sympathizers and collaborationists is inextricably bound up with Francis Parker Yockey. Yockey was an unabashed admirer of Adolf Hitler. In 1948, just three years after the end of the Second World War, Yockey published a ponderous 600-page book, Imperium, which was a rephrasing of Nazi dogma and which warned of a dire threat to Western Civilization by the Jews. Carto's Noontide Press published Yockey's Imperium with a dedication to Adolf Hitler. Carto also made the "Proclamation of London" available through his distribution network that included Noontide Press, American Mercury, the Spotlight, and Washington Observer Newsletter. Under oath during court proceedings connected with a Liberty Lobby lawsuit in the late 1970s, Carto stated that he was an unabashed follower of Yockey and ipso facto a Nazi sympathizer. [Please see our articles, "The Right Wing Panics" and "Racism and Right Wing Christianity."]

NOW - AS AMERICA AND THE WORLD SINK DEEPER AND DEEPER INTO A NEW GREAT DEPRESSION - THE SCOURGE OF ANTI-SEMITISM IS STARTING ALL OVER AGAIN! What follows is a three part series on this growing phenomenon; it's a disease that cannot help but contaminate anyone it touches; one that shapes and re-shapes itself from generation to generation, like some deadly virus.

It isn't so much the fact that a great deal of what Coleman, Marrs, Jones, etc say isn't true -- especially insofar as their contention that America's Middle-Class is being "taken for a ride" by the elites, that "free trade" is an elite invention designed to enrich those who already are rich, that AIDs, Ebola, etc. are inventions developed by America's intelligence agencies, and so forth -- IT'S WHO THEY ULTIMATELY BLAME FOR THESE THINGS: THE JEWS. In doing so, they blame an innocent group of people and take Christians off on the wrong track; here they are clearly acting as agents of the devil. [Please see our article, "The Drug Epidemic, Viruses, Ebola and AIDS."]

The article that follows - i.e., "Anti-Semitism and the Economic Crisis: the Two Go Hand-in-Hand" - examines one of the most virulent strains of this virus today. It's a virus that is being "sourced" by the likes of "Dr." John Coleman and Pierre Plantard; a BLOODLINE thesis based on the Merovingian dynasty of France and the existence of a secret religious order known as the "Priory of Sion" (Prieure de Sion); it has found its most popular expression in Dan Brown's The DaVinci Code, and the movie based on that book starring Tom Hanks; also a second book by Brown entitled Angels & Demons, and a second movie, also starring Tom Hanks.

The articles that will follow this one examine the anti-Semitism that (1) is being unleashed today in the black community, (2) a new kind of anti-Semitism that has taken root in many mainline evangelical Christian churches based on the tenets of "Latter Rain" and Dominionism, and finally (3) the kind of anti-Semitism that is being unleashed in Europe.



A recent article from Dollars & Sense reports that -

"From December 2007, when the recession began, to July of this year, app. 7 million U.S. workers lost their jobs. The big three U.S. automakers are closing plants and letting white-collar workers go too. Chrysler, the worst off of the three, will lay off one-quarter of its workforce even if it survives. Heavy equipment manufacturer Caterpillar and giant banking conglomerate Citigroup have both laid off thousands of workers. Alcoa, the aluminum maker, has let workers go. Computer maker Dell and express shipper DHL have both canned many of their workers. Circuit City, the leading electronics retailer, went out of business, costing its 40,000 workers their jobs. Lawyers in large national firms are getting the ax. Even on Sesame Street, workers are losing their jobs. The current downturn has pushed up unemployment rates by more than any previous postwar recession ..." [Please see our articles, "Unemployment Is Much Higher Than Is Being Reported" and "The Housing Crash;" please also see "Making a Crime out of Being Poor and Homeless."]

The report continues:

"[When one accounts] for the large number of ... those working part-time [because they can't find full-time work] ... the count of unemployed increases to 24.0 million workers. Those numbers push up the U-6 unemployment rate to a seasonally adjusted rate of 16.4% ..."

But even that's not the end of it; the report goes on:

"As bad as [these figures] are, ... they [continue to] dramatically understate the true extent of unemployment. First, they exclude anyone without a job who is ready to work but has not actively looked for a job in the previous four weeks."

Signs of the time: classified ads and unemployment lines.

These include people who are so discouraged they have given up looking for jobs and have returned to school (but who really want to work), men and women who have been pushed out of the labor force and have reluctantly accepted their place as "stay-at-home-dads" or "stay-at-home-moms," people who are doing any kind of "volunteer work" while they are waiting to find a job, people who take on ad hoc part-time work (like occasionally mowing lawns, etc.), and so forth. When these people are taken into account, the unemployment rate pushes 25%. THAT'S ONE OUT OF EVERY FOUR WORKERS IN THE COUNTRY. THAT'S THE FIGURE REACHED BY THE GREAT DEPRESSION - and still the unemployment rate continues to climb.

Mike Whitney, a well respected freelance writer living in Washington state, writes:

"By nearly every objective standard, the present downturn is worse than the Great Depression. Manufacturing, industrial production, foreign trade, capital flows, consumer confidence, housing, and even stocks are falling faster today than after the crash of 1929 ... THE ECONOMY CONTINUES ITS DOWNHILL SLIDE AND IT LOOKS LIKE THERE'S NOTHING TO STOP IT FROM FALLING FURTHER STILL."

Since stocks bottomed out on March 9, the Standard & Poor's 500 index has now risen more than 25 percent; but this run-up appears to be a classic BRAR MARKET RALLY. Some stock market rallies are reassuring. Others provide at least temporary respite. And a third kind, more commonly seen in emerging markets, actually expose deeper underlying problems and contribute to a further downturn. Simon Johnson, a professor at the M.I.T. Sloan School of Management, says, "We seem to be experiencing this third kind of rally in the U.S. right now. Equity prices are up sharply, but the debt market continues to indicate a high probability of default. In particular, the level and recent trajectory of credit default swap spreads suggest that, as the financial system as a whole stabilizes, market participants expect increasing odds of failure (and failed bailout attempts) for the very largest banks" - all of which will eventually end the bull market and lead to further collapse - possibly below 5000

Whitney goes on to report:

"Two leading economic historians, Barry Eichengreen and Kevin H. Rourke, have written an article 'A Tale of Two Depressions' which has been widely circulated on the Internet. It illustrates (with graphs) how the global economy is plummeting faster now than during the 1930s."

Barry Eichengreen (left): Professor of Economics and Political Science at the University of California, Berkeley; and formerly Senior Policy Advisor at the International Monetary Fund. CEPR Research Fellow. Kevin H. O'Rourke (right): Professor of Economics at Trinity College Dublin and CEPR Research Fellow


The report by Eichengreen and Rourke states that, on a world basis, the -

"... decline in industrial production in the last nine months has been at least as severe as in the nine months following 1929. (All graphs in this column track behavior after the peaks in world industrial production, which occurred in June 1929 and April 2008.) Here, then, is a first illustration of how the global picture provides a very ... disturbing [picture] ... (Figure 1 - below).

"Similarly, while the fall in US stock market has tracked 1929, global stock markets are falling even faster now than in the Great Depression (Figure 2 - below).

"Another area where we are "surpassing" our forbearers is in destroying trade. World trade is falling much faster now than in 1929-30. This is highly alarming given the prominence attached in the historical literature to trade destruction as a factor compounding the Great Depression (Figure 3 - below)."

Eichengreen and Rourke conclude:

"To sum up, GLOBALLY, WE ARE TRACKING OR DOING WORSE THAN THE GREAT DEPRESSION, whether the metric is industrial production, exports or equity valuations ... The 'Great Recession' label may turn out to be too optimistic. THIS IS A DEPRESSION-SIZED EVENT." [Please see our article, "A Revolt Against Elite Power Is in the Air."]

Whitney continues:

"The current recession is a severe credit bust of Depression-era magnitude. The financial system has effectively melted down. The wholesale credit system (securitization) is frozen, the banking system is dysfunctional and insolvent, and consumer spending has tanked. The Fed's multi-trillion dollar lending facilities and monetary stimulus have kept the financial system from grinding to a halt, but the problems have not been resolved. Fed chairman Ben Bernanke has chosen to avoid the hard decisions and keep the price of toxic assets artificially high with the help of a $12.8 trillion liquidity backstop. That's why stocks have rallied for the last 4 months WHILE CONDITIONS IN THE REAL ECONOMY HAVE CONTINUED TO DETERIORATE. Bernanke is using all the tools at the Fed's disposal to keep the market from clearing and to prevent the mountain of debt that has built up from decades of credit expansion to be purged from the system.

"The surging stock market has made it harder to see that the economy is resetting at a lower rate of economic activity. Deflation is setting in across all sectors. Housing prices are leading the retreat, falling 18.1 percent year-over-year [or 42 % since the beginning of the housing crash] according to the new Case-Schiller report. Vanishing home equity is forcing households to slash spending which is weakening demand and triggering more layoffs. It's a vicious circle which ends in slower growth."


The Fed's Beige Book states:

"Reports from the twelve Federal Reserve District Banks indicate that economic conditions remained weak or deteriorated further during the period from mid-April through May ... Manufacturing activity declined or remained at a low level across most Districts ... Demand for nonfinancial services contracted across Districts reporting on this segment. Retail spending remained soft as consumers focused on purchasing less expensive necessities and shied away from buying luxury goods. Travel and tourism activity also declined ... Vacancy rates for commercial properties were rising in many parts of the country... Credit conditions remained stringent or tightened further. Energy activity continued to weaken across most Districts, and demand for natural resources remained depressed ... Labor market conditions continued to be weak across the country, with wages generally remaining flat or falling ...

Anthony Solis looks over job postings inside the Riverside Workforce Development Centre in Riverside, California. Picture: Bloomberg

"Districts reporting on nonfinancial services indicated that for the most part activity continued to decline ... Activity continued to weaken or remain soft for providers of professional services such as accounting, architecture, business consulting, and legal services ... Consumer spending remained soft as households focused on purchasing less expensive necessities ... Travel and tourism activity declined, and vacationers are tending to spend less ...

"Commercial real estate markets continued to weaken across all Districts ... With few exceptions, the District Banks reported that prices at all stages of production were generally flat or falling ... Reports from a number of Districts indicated that pricing at retail remains very soft ..."

Whitney goes on to report:

"The financial meltdown has left homeowners with the worst debt-to-income ratio in history ... HOUSEHOLD WEALTH HAS SLIPPED $14 TRILLION SINCE THE CRISIS BEGAN. This includes sizable losses in real estate, investments and retirement funds. Home equity has dropped to 42 per cent (a new low) ... When credit was easy, borrowing increased, assets prices rose and the economy grew. Now the process has shifted into reverse. Credit has dried up, collateral values have plunged, GDP is negative, and consumers are buried under a mountain of debt. Personal bankruptcies, defaults and foreclosures are all way up ... The consumer is running on empty AND THE CHANCES OF A ... RECOVERY ARE NIL."


Concerning the housing market, Whitney wonders out loud why the media is misleading the public:

"Why is the media misleading the public about housing? THE HOUSING MARKET IS CRASHING. THERE ARE NO 'GREEN SHOOTS' OR 'GLIMMERS OF HOPE'; the market is worn to a stump, it's kaput. Still, whenever new housing figures are released, they're crunched and tweaked and spin-dried until they tell a totally different story; a hopeful story about an elusive "light in the tunnel". But there is no light in the tunnel; it's a myth. The truth is, there's no sign of a turnaround or a "bottom" in housing at all ... The real estate market is freefalling and it looks like its got a long way to go [down] ... Housing will continue to deteriorate no matter what the Fed does; the downward momentum is too great to resist. And although the refi-business is booming, new home sales are still flat. Buyers are just too scared or too broke to take advantage of the ultra-low interest rates. (4.80% 30-year fixed) And now that Obama's foreclosure moratorium is over, delinquencies are stacking up faster than ever before auguring another wave of foreclosures ..."


And it's not just home owners who are being evicted, but renters as well; the North County Times in San Diego reports on what's happening to renters in San Diego County - and what's happening there is emblematic of what's happening everywhere:

Sheriff's Deputies Pat Morrisey, right, and Grant Erbe inform a pregnant woman that she and her family are being evicted from their foreclosed home in Poway.

"Two San Diego County sheriff's deputies escorted the pregnant woman out of her Poway home. It didn't matter that she had no car to drive and nowhere to go. It didn't matter that her baby was due the next day. The uniformed men had no choice. Ordering the expectant mother and the little girl at her knee to leave the four-bedroom house was part of their job, just the final stop on an otherwise average day that saw them handle 21 evictions.

"Record foreclosure numbers, layoffs, an ailing economy all have beaten down struggling homeowners and renters. The deputies have no power to give the homeowner or renters an extra day, hour, even 15 minutes. Once they knock on the door, time's up. 'They think we have the final say', Erbe said. 'We don't. We are working for the courts. I don't have the authority to do anything'. So when the distraught pregnant woman pleaded with Deputy Erbe to take her cell phone, to talk with her husband, it was fruitless. Her daughter tugged at her, crawling under the table and peering up at the armed deputies. 'We don't have nowhere to go," the woman told them. She called a friend to come get her'. Moments later, Deputy Morrissey helped the woman carry a few bags and boxes out to the curb. Tears leaking from her eyes, the woman followed him to the sidewalk, the little girl in tow. Behind them, a locksmith installed a new door lock under Erbe's watchful eye."

LEFT: Hotel property manager Paul Martinez kicks in a tenant's door after no one answered the knock during an eviction February 26, 2009 in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The tenant said that he was laid off from his job in a retail store two months ago and had fallen behind on his rent payments at the low-budget hotel. RIGHT: Sheriff's Deputy Bill Ewell searches an apartment before an eviction team removed the remaining furniture February 26, 2009 in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The tenants, who had not paid the rent the previous month, had already left the apartment ahead of the eviction.

The report in the North County Times continues:

"With the economy in a tailspin, many more evictions are coming, officials say. On this warm winter Thursday, Erbe had 21 evictions to enforce: 20 families and one business. The tight schedule is pretty standard, but there is no standard day. Most of the time, the residents have cleared out before deputies arrive. When people are still in the house, the scene is emotional ... Morrissey said that last year he walked into an Encinitas place and found the body of a man who had committed suicide. Morrissey also found a note, in which the man had written that he had no place to go."


Americans everywhere are being sucked into a whirlpool of economic misery WITH NO END IN SIGHT. Arthur MacEwan, professor emeritus of economics at the University of Massachusetts, Boston, writes:

"When demand weakens ... people buy fewer cars, candy, cardigans, and computers ... The firms that make these products cut back on production and lay off workers. So demand falls further because the unemployed have no money to buy these products. In this situation, things get worse and worse ... A further problem ... is that people's buying decisions are based on expectations about the future ... If auto dealers try to get me to buy a new car by lowering the price, I am not likely to respond positively if I think I may well lose my job soon and be unable to make the monthly payments. And if my main use for a car is to get to and from work, my expectation of lack of work will make me even less likely to buy a new car regardless of the price. Firms behave similarly. Why should a firm hire more labor or invest in new plants and equipment if the firm expects that people will be cutting back on demand for the firm's products? Even if interest rates and the prices of labor and raw materials are all falling, firms are unlikely to expand operations if they do not think the demand will be there. Indeed, it is precisely the falling prices that signal to firms that a recession is developing-which means that demand will not be there.

"Worse: as prices fall, both consumers and firms are likely to delay purchases, expecting that things will be even cheaper if they wait. But by waiting (i.e., by not spending) they create even more downward pressure. So falling prices (deflation) can make things worse, not better. And even worse still: because consumers and firms act quite rationally in this manner - cutting back expenditures because they expect things to get worse - things do get worse! When each firm and consumer acts rationally in response to negative expectations, as a group they tend to insure that those negative expectations will become reality."

This is exactly what is happening today; AND THIS DOWNWARD SPIRAL SEEMS ENDLESS: Layoffs mean more people out of work; more people out of work means less purchases; less purchases mean even more people out of work, which in turn means more people who are unable to pay rent or make mortgage payments, which means more foreclosed homes and empty rentals, which means more people on the streets. All this, of course, means tax revenues plunge, and public assistance gets cut back at a time when it is needed the most. And if governments raise taxes in order to provide more services, it means that consumers will have even less money to spend which in turn will inevitably generate more layoffs, which will mean ever more people on the street and an even greater increase in demands for public services which a depleted tax base will no longer be able to support. AND SO IT GOES - SUCKING EVERYTHING INTO ITS GAPING MAW: BANKS, HOMES, JOBS, CAREERS, COMMODITIES, ETC.

This is what a depression (as opposed to a recession) is all about - and when it gets as large as it did in the 1930s, there is very little that the government can do - WHICH IS PRECISELY WHAT IS HAPPENING TODAY, and if it hasn't caught up with you yet, it probably soon will in one way or another.


Anti-Semitic cartoons depicting Jews as "money-grubbers."


It's in light of the economic crisis described above that RENSE.COM writes:

"The silence in America concerning Jews is simply deafening, isn't it? The old adage has it that, when visiting a foreign country, to ascertain who really runs things, one need determine only who is spoken about in whispers, if at all. Judged by this measure, the Jews rule supreme."

Nazi cartoon from Der Sturmer: The caricature suggests the Jews are sucking the economic life from Gentiles. Coleman gets many of his ideas from the Nazis.

And, of course, it's not just Rense; it's people like Alex Jones, Texe Marrs, Dr. John Coleman (who - again - FALLACIOUSLY advertises himself as a former high-ranking intelligence officer assigned to British MI6), Pat Robertson, David Bay (Cutting Edge Ministries), David Meyer ("Last Trumpet Newsletter)," ad nauseum, ad infinitum are saying as well. Take what Coleman is peddling to an ever-increasing audience of dullards and dolts who are desperate to find a scapegoat to blame for their economic misery. Coleman attributes what's happening today to a cabal of Jewish bankers he calls the BLACK NOBILITY. He writes,

"These people earned the title of 'Black' nobility from their ruthless lack of scruple. They employed murder, rape, kidnapping, assassination, robbery, and all manner of deceit on a grand scale, brooking no opposition to attaining their objectives. These all have immense wealth. And money is power."

Coleman says that this group (also known as the "Committee of 300") is headquartered in London and - like some kind of giant SPIDER - controls the whole world including the United States through an organization called the Royal Institute of International Affairs (the RIIA) located in Chatham House. The RIIA controls the U.S. government through the House of Morgan, which anti-Semites everywhere label as a "Jewish front organization."

NOTE: While J.P. Morgan was formally a member of the Episcopal Church, he was essentially an agnostic; THERE WAS NOT A DROP OF JEWISH BLOOD IN HIS VEINS; he was, in fact, a well-known anti-Semite. Nonetheless, anti-Semites view Morgan as an agent of the "House of Rothschild" which was seeking to use the financial crisis of 1896 to gain control of the United States.


Left: J.P. Morgan. Right: The "House of Rothschild" (depicted as a "money-grubbing Jew") killing American democracy using the "House of Morgan" to do so.
(Rothschild is shown behind Morgan.)


Coleman says that while "... documentary proof as to the existence of the Committee of 300 is not forthcoming," socialist politician and financial adviser to the Rothschilds, Walter Rathenau (who, supposedly, was a spokesman for the "Committee of 300"), described them as, "300 men, each of whom knows all others and who govern the fate of Europe [and the world]. They select their successors from their own entourage."

NOTE: Walther Rathenau (September 29, 1867 - June 24, 1922) was a German industrialist, politician, writer, and statesman who served as Foreign Minister of Germany during the Weimar Republic (1918 - 1932). Rathenau was born in Berlin, the son of Emil Rathenau, a prominent Jewish businessman and founder of the Allgemeine Elektrizitäts-Gesellschaft (AEG), an electrical-engineering company. In 1921, Rathenau was appointed Minister of Reconstruction, and in 1922 he became Foreign Minister. The leaders of the then still obscure Nazi Party and other right-wing groups claimed he was part of a "Jewish-Communist conspiracy." Rathenau was a leading proponent of a policy of assimilation for German Jews: he argued that Jews should oppose both Zionism and socialism and fully integrate themselves into mainstream German society. This, he said, would lead to the eventual disappearance of anti-Semitism. As a powerful, affluent and highly visible Jewish politician, Rathenau was disdained by Germany's extreme right (which charged him with advocating the pollution of German blood with Jewish blood). This hatred finally culminated in his 1922 assassination by elements associated with the Freikorps. Rathenau's prescription for ending anti-Semitism in Germany - specifically, the intermarriage of Jews with Germans - is precisely the charge that Coleman uses to damn the English aristocracy - i.e., that it has been polluted with Jewish blood. Albert Einstein later commented that he was "greatly disturbed" by Rathenau's assassination, since he saw it as early proof of an immense anti-Semitic presence in Germany. [Please see our article, "The Jews, the Minorities and the Multicultural Imperative."]

The theme that Coleman is peddling - i.e., that the United States is a puppet of the English aristocracy - is, of course, nothing new. The Nazis popularized this theory. In Mein Kampf, Hitler complained that the Jews in England exert an "almost unlimited dictatorship" over the world through their manipulation of money and their intermarriage with the English aristocracy. Heinrich Himmler speculated in his unpublished notebooks on the "Jewish blood" of the English and Scots. Alfred Rosenberg's book, Myths of the Twentieth Century, discussed the alleged identity of the policies of "Jewish high finance" with those of Great Britain and claimed that the British government had "handed over control of all financial transactions to Jewish bankers such as the Rothschilds, the Montagues, the Cassells, the Lazards, etc." These are themes that Lyndon LaRouche repeats as well.

NOTE: Coleman also repeats the charge that Jews (i.e., the "Committee of 300," which Coleman says are descendants of the French Merovingian kings, and which he claims are secret Jews) control the U.S. Federal Reserve System, and in effect control the world's money. This is a charge that anti-Semites have historically made. "Most of the owners of the largest banks in America," wrote the late Sheldon Emry, an early leader of the racist and anti-Semitic 'Identity" church movement, "are of Jewish ancestry and connected with the Rothschild bank." In the literature of such bigots, the name Rothschild is a trigger for the most explosive of anti-Semitic tremors, and it usually sets off a litany of other Jewish names.

In 1983, the charge that Rothschild banks and other international banking concerns, mostly with Jewish names, controlled the Federal Reserve was published in the newsletter of a local Pennsylvania chapter of the National Association of Retired Federal Employees (NARFE) - not an extremist group. The article stated that the Federal Reserve System "is not a Federal entity but a private corporation owned in part by the following: Rothschild banks of London and Berlin, Lazard Brothers bank of Paris, Israel Moses Seif banks of Italy, Warburg bank of Hamburg and Amsterdam, Lehman Bros. bank of New York, Chase Manhattan bank of New York, Kuhn, Loeb bank of New York, Goldman Sachs bank of New York." In fact, however, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York - the largest and most significant of the Fed's 12 banks - lists the banks in the Second Federal Reserve District that are members and stockholders in the New York Federal Reserve Bank. With the exception of the Chase Manhattan Bank, the institutions cited by the NARFE newsletter (above) as allegedly owning and controlling the Federal Reserve system ("Rothschild ... Lazard Brothers ... Israel Moses Seif ... Warburg ... Lehman Brothers ... Kuhn, Loeb ... Goldman, Sachs") were not members of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York; THE BANKS THAT WERE MEMBERS WERE ALL CONTROLLED BY LILLY WHITE, ANGLO-SAXONS.


Mullens writes of Coleman's naked plagiarism of LaRouche - and he is right (see "Preface" above): Coleman essentially copies LaRouche's ideas concerning the Jews and the British Empire - which LaRouche himself plagiarized from the Nazis. Coleman regurgitates LaRouche's (and the Nazis') RIDICULOUS claim that the British aristocracy has been "tainted" with Jewish blood. He quotes Belloc as saying -

"[W]ith the opening of the twentieth century those of the great territorial English families in which there was no Jewish blood were the exception. In nearly all of them was the strain more or less marked; in some of them so strong that though the name was still an English name ... the physique and character had become wholly Jewish and the members of the family were taken for Jews whenever they traveled ..."


Hilaire Belloc

Coleman also claims that the British (meaning, the Jews) are plotting to starve "billions" of people to death in the Third World and that -

"The starvation of men, women and children has been the most approved English method of warfare since the Jews became dominant there ..."

Coleman goes on to accuse Henry Kissinger and Ariel Sharon of being "British agents;" he quotes the British anti-Semitic author Hilaire Belloc as saying -

"The Jew might almost be called a British agent upon the Continent of Europe and still more in the Near and Far East."

Both LaRouche and Coleman call the British philosopher Bertrand Russell the most evil man of the twentieth century. Cincinnatus [a LaRouche pseudonym] devoted several pages to Russell as the alleged purveyor of "Jewish" immorality. He claims that the British-Rothschild establishment (and Queen Elizabeth) controls the international drug traffic. Cincinnatus [LaRouche] devoted a chapter to "The Chinese Opium Wars and British-Jews." These are all claims that Coleman repeats.


It is precisely this kind of thinking - the kind that Coleman is purveying in his book on the so-called "Committee of 300" - that forms the basis for Dan Brown's book, The DaVinci Code, a book that, as we have already stated, was later made into a movie staring Tom Hanks as Robert Langdon and Audrey Tautou as Sophie Neveu.

"Race Shame" - sexual contact with "Non-Aryans" - was in Nazi view a serious crime! - This is the charge that Coleman makes with regard to the Jews of England.

In the book, it is revealed that Sophie is a descendant of Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene, and that the progeny of this union forms the basis of the Merovingian dynasty. A super-secret organization known as the "Priory of Sion" is responsible for hiding her identity in order to protect her from possible threats to her life.

The book opens with the claim by Dan Brown that the "Priory of Sion" - supposedly a European secret society founded in 1099 - is a real organization;" but that's not true! - The so-called "Priory of Sion" is nothing more than a hoax created in 1956 by Pierre Plantard who "fabricated" the so-called "secret society" out of "facts" that are disputed by almost all scholars in the academic fields the book discusses. Plantard manufactured his "evidence" to "substantiate" his claim that he was a Merovingian dynast - which is the precise European Dynasty that Coleman claims is the BLOODLINE of the so-called "Committee of 300."


Needless to say, one is left breathless by the back-and-forth claims made by both Brown and Coleman. If the Merovingians are the progeny of Christ and Mary Magdalena, is that a good thing or not? Brown is ambivalent. Coleman, however does not necessarily "buy into" the Christ / Magdalena marriage theme, but instead traces the Merovingian line to an "illegitimate Jewish bloodline" which makes of those who claim to be Jews today "illegitimate Jews," and Anglo-Saxons, "legitimate Jews." It's a "dualistic theme" that is common in the "Identity Movement;" it is precisely this that incenses Coleman; he sees British blood being polluted by Jewish blood, and he does so because he sees this as the blood of "illegitimate Jews" (those people "commonly" called Jews today) polluting the blood of "legitimate Jews" (Anglo-Saxons, Celts, Aryans, etc.) and, ipso facto, ruining the British race.


"When studying Biblical history and prophecy, you mustn't confuse the House of Israel with the House of Judah. When you see the 'House of Israel' written of in the scriptures, it refers to the Ten Northern Tribes of Israel (now referred to as the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel). But when you see the 'House of Judah' spoken of, it refers to the Southern Kingdom consisting of peoples of the Tribes of Judah and Benjamin. Originally, when the Houses were still joined together, there were twelve Tribes. These Twelve Tribes became split into two Houses, one called the Northern Kingdom with it's Capitol at Samaria, and the other called the Southern Kingdom with it's Capitol at Jerusalem. To this very day they are split, with the Ten Northern tribes having lost all knowledge of their identity, as was prophesied of to happen in Scripture. But what ever became of Israel (the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel)? After a three years siege and the final fall of Samaria with it's becoming of an Assyrian Province in 611 B.C. (722 B.C. by profane history), Israel ceased to be and dropped out of history. But Israel (the Ten Lost Tribes) were never lost to God, they migrated North over the Caucasus Mountains (where we get our word 'Caucasian' from) and settled Europe, eventually populating Scotland, Ireland, Britain, Iceland, and ultimately crossing westward over the seas and established the Americas. Yes we are the descendants of the lost Northern Ten Tribes of Israel. We are the chosen people of God." (Watchmen Bible Study Group. Home: [Please see our article, "The Rutherford Institute & R.J. Rushdoony" for an accurate account of the so-called "Ten Lost Tribes."]

But while Coleman and Brown differ regarding whether or not Christ married Mary Magdalena or not, they both "buy into" the myth surrounding the Merovingian dynasty, which Brown sees, it seems, as a "good thing" (though it sometimes is difficult to say) and Coleman sees as something evil.

If all this sounds confusing and bewildering, IT IS; and this kind of confusion is endemic in all anti-Semitic literature - whether it deals with the Protocol of the Learned Elders of Zion, the Illuminati, the Bilderbergers, the CFR, the Club of Rome, Biarritz, In the Jewish Cemetery in Prague, The International Jew, and on and on and on. [We URGE you to see our articles, "The Origins of the Illuminist Myth" and "Pat Robertson, Illuminism, and the New World Order" to get some idea of what a confusing mish-mash anti-Semitic literature really is.]

There is NOTHING systematic about this literature; there is no coherence; it is a jumbled mess - and that's true not only between and among the different "theories" that are out there, but WITHIN each theory itself. Truths and falsehoods are mingled together in a tangle that is impossible to unravel. THE ONE THING THAT REMAINS CONSTANT IS THE JEW; HE IS EVERYONE'S TARGET.


Getting back to Coleman, he took the "facts" (again, so-called) created by Plantard (see above) and - together with "facts" from other "sources" - developed his theories concerning the Merovingian BLOODLINE.

Picture of Clovis I, and Palais de la Cit in Paris -
the home of the Merovingian until 1358.

Picture of Palais de la Cit

Prieuré de Sion emblem

According to Coleman, the Merovingian kings were granted the title of "New Constantine" and given the "right" by the Roman Catholic Church (which Plantard sees as a "Rogue Church" that is in alliance with the Merovingians) to administer a "New World Order" in perpetuity.

When the Merovingian dynasty was supplanted by the Carolingian dynasty, the "Priory of Sion" (Prieure de Sion) was supposedly created to maintain the Merovingian BLOODLINE, which - according to Coleman - has continued to function through the centuries, acting in the shadows, and has orchestrated certain critical events in Western history. The "Priory of Sion" is dedicated to the objective of restoring the Merovingian dynasty and bloodline to the throne not only of France, but of other European nations as well - and, indeed, the world, including the United States.



Watch CBS Videos Online


What the DaVinci Code has essentially done is popularize a hitherto OBSCURE myth created out of thin air by an OBSURE Frenchman and made it the central myth undergirding today's anti-Semitism; in the process, it has relegated other anti-Semitic myths to secondary status - as mere props to the FANTASY produced by Plantard. Even the Illuminist Myth has been relegated to a secondary status by Plantard's (and Dan Brown's) imaginings - and it seems that Tex Marrs, Alex Jones, ad nauseum, ad infinitum are having to rush mightily in order to keep their myths concerning the Illuminati from becoming nothing than props to Plantard's, Coleman's and Brown's inventions.



We have often said that much can be gleaned about a person's character by examining the associations he keeps, the friendships he makes, and the institutional relationships he sustains - especially his religious and political ones. The fact is, these relationships go a long way in defining us as persons. As a result - and more often than people care to admit - these relationships imply endorsement, endorsement not only of the people with whom people associate, but more often than not, of their ideas as well. IF THIS IS TRUE, THEN THE RELATIONSHIP THAT COLEMAN HAS NURTURED OVER THE YEARS WITH THE CHRISTIAN DEFENSE LEAGUE SHOULD GIVE ONE PAUSE AS TO ANYTHING COLEMAN IS PURVEYING IN HIS SO-CALLED "RESEARCH" - which says a lot about the anti-Semitic and racist origins of the myths he and others (Eustace Mullens, Lyndon LaRouche, Texe Marrs, Alex Jones, Dan Brown, etc.) are peddling.

Coleman has been active in the Christian Defense League (CDL) for a number of years. The CDL is a virulently racist and anti-Semitic group that is now based out of Louisiana and is associated with DAVID DUKE.

Picture of David Duke
in Klan regalia.

NOTE: Duke is a virulent anti-Semite with a long history of "Jew-Hating." Duke recently addressed the "Review of the Holocaust: Global Vision" conference hosted by Iran's president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in Tehran. At the Tehran conference, Duke's institutional affiliation was given as MAUP, a private Ukrainian university with close links to the Iranian regime and the main publisher of anti-Semitic material in Ukraine. In his remarks, listed on the event program as "A Holocaust Enquiry," Duke reiterated his view that Jews control and manipulate governments, politics and media in the Western world. He stated, "I know that Jewish extremists lead my country to catastrophe in the Mideast and elsewhere around the world. I know that the Palestinian people, the Lebanese people, even the American people have been sacrificed on the altar of the Holocaust." As proof that the US State Department is "under thorough control of International Jewry" Duke cited the agency's statement that the Tehran conference was a "disgrace." He also maintained that repeated media references to the event as a "Holocaust denial conference" further demonstrates "Jewish control" of the media. In the course of his comments, Duke covered a wide range of topics, most connected with politics and few having to do with the Holocaust. Topics discussed included the war in Iraq "being fought on behalf of Israel" and the imprisonment in Europe of Holocaust deniers, referred to by Duke as "scholars and researchers."

Please see the following video:

It is about ten minutes long - and at the end, a reference is made about the conference that David Duke attended in Tehran (see above). AND THIS IS THE KIND OF PERSON WITH WHOM COLEMAN ASSOCIATES HIMSELF? - GOD HELP THE JEWS!

The true Israelites according to "Identity"
adherents: the Aryans of Northern Europe

The driving forces behind the CDL were Reverend Wesley A. Swift and Colonel William Potter Gale who had come up with an updated version of Christian Identity that postulated that the Celtics, Anglo-Saxons, and the Nordics are the true Israelites, and Jews were "the sons of Satan" - WHICH, OF COURSE, IS PRETTY MUCH WHAT COLEMAN POSTULATES IN HIS THESIS CONCERNING THE MEROVINGIAN DYNASTY.

Swift - like Duke after him - had previously been a "Ku Klux Klan organizer." In 1946, Swift formed the Church of Jesus Christ-Christian whose fundamental ideology was that Christians - i.e., "Aryans" - "were the lost children of Israel." By 1953, Swift had become Reverend Gerald L. K. Smith's West Coast representative of the Christian Nationalist Crusade. Smith, a former member of William Pelley's Silver Shirts and friend of Henry Ford, was a "godfather" to many on the far right. By the early 1960s, Swift's string of "Identity" churches spread throughout California. [Please see our article on Smith, "Henry Ford and Gerald L.K. Smith: Big Business and the Religious Right."]

Entrance to the exclusive Oviatt Clothing Store at 615 S. Olive Street in Los Angeles. Please note the fact that the offices for the Christian Defense League were right next door at 617 S. Olive Street.

In contrast to the somewhat uneducated Swift was the more impressive William Potter Gale. Under General MacArthur, Gale became the youngest Lt. Col. in the U. S. Army, where he trained Filipino guerrillas to fight the Japanese. After retiring from the Army in June of 1950, Gale, like many retired military officers, found employment in the aircraft industry, specifically Hughes Aircraft. Gale managed to land the CDL a financial "angel" in the person of James Oviatt. Oviatt was the owner of Oviatt Clothiers; he donated money and office space at 617 S. Olive St. in Los Angeles for the CDL headquarters.

Over the Years the CDL involved itself in almost all the anti-Semitic and racial activity of the era including involvement with such well-known racists and anti-Semites as Howard Rand, William Cameron, Bertrand Comparet, Sheldon Emry, Dave Barley, Pete Peters and Richard Butler; in addition, it suffered a great amount of internal strife and finally became inactive in the early 1970s.

NOTE: All the men listed above are well-known, virulent anti-Semites and racists.

George Lincoln Rockwell -
American Nazi Party and
a close associate of
James K. Warner.


In early 1977, James K. Warner reactivated and reformed the Christian Defense League. Warner was a former member of GEORGE LINCOLN ROCKWELL'S American Nazi Party, the National States Rights Party and the Sons of Liberty; he is also the current publisher of Christian Vanguard, an extremely racist and virulently anti-Semitic group. He moved the CDL from California to Metarie, Louisiana in the middle 1970s and linked the organization up with David Duke (see above) who was then a member of the Klan. Duke became an unsuccessful presidential candidate in 1988.

In 1983, COLEMAN - once again, peddling his fallacious "intelligence" credentials - formerly joined the CDL as its "INTELLIGENCE EXPERT" after a long period of activity on the fringes of that organization and similar groups throughout the country.


The presence of the CDL in St. Benard Parish [a wealthy, white middle-class parish (county) just outside New Orleans] as a Nazi HATE group linked to both Coleman and Warner was made public in a very bizarre way when on July 31, 2003, Steve Cannizaro, Karen Bazile and Aaron Kuriloff of the St. Benard / Plaquemines News Bureau in Louisiana reported:

"A man who lost control of his car Wednesday afternoon smashed into a building owned by a white supremacist church that apparently distributes hate literature behind the facade of a former Chalmette home improvement center. Anti-Jewish and anti-African-American paperback books were strewn about the floor of the building at 209 E. Judge Perez Drive after a car crossed four lanes of the Chalmette highway about 2 pm and crashed into the side of the building. Francis Dardis, 59, of 2305 Gallo Drive, Chalmette, driver of the 1996 Mercury Grand Marquis that ended up inside the building, suffered minor abrasions and was treated at Chalmette Medical Center. No one inside the building was injured ..."

Racism! It's still there in Louisiana - BIG TIME; it has just gone underground.

The report continues:

"A man from the building who didn't identify himself said the business should be referred to as the Southern Home Improvement Center, the name on the sign in front. But the building has not been used to sell home improvement supplies since 1990. The property is owned by the NEW CHRISTIAN CRUSADE CHURCH and is the headquarters of the CHRISTIAN DEFENSE LEAGUE, two shadowy white-supremacist groups operated by JAMES K. WARNER of Chalmette. Warner said although the building bears a sign saying Southern Home Improvement Center, it is used as an administrative building where New Christian Crusade Church meetings are held. 'I'm not going to pay to take every sign down', Warner said. When asked about the literature sold from the building, he told a reporter, 'Go back to Israel where you belong. What we sell is our own business'.

"Warner has been a leading figure in underground HATE circles since making a name for himself in the early 1960s as a founding member of the American Nazi Party [with George Lincoln Rockwell]. Warner next moved to California, starting the group Sons of Liberty and selling racist and anti-Semitic literature by mail before founding the New Christian Crusade Church in 1971, said Cathy Glaser, regional director of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL). Warner moved to Louisiana in 1976, Glaser said, and served as an officer in the Ku Klux Klan with longtime ally David Duke, the former Klansman and state representative who lost a runoff to Edwin Edwards in 1991.

"The Anti-Defamation League says the Christian Defense League is the activist arm of Warner's operation and that the Sons of Liberty is the publishing wing. Duke signed as a witness to Warner's 1977 marriage to Debra COLEMAN Warner, who successfully ran for a seat on the St. Bernard Parish Council in 1995 after sending a letter to a St. Bernard public school teacher protesting her son's class trip to the Holocaust Museum in Washington D.C.

"In September 1991, the New Christian Crusade Church, with James Warner as its president, bought the property at 209 E. Judge Perez Drive for $70,000 from Peoples Bank and Trust Co. of St. Bernard Parish after it had been sold at a sheriff's sale, public records show. Warner owns his home at 8401 Maine Drive in Chalmette in Buccaneer Villa South subdivision under the church's name, which grants him tax-exempt status ..."

NOTE: We are informed that Debra COLEMAN Warner is John Coleman's daughter, and that it was at her insistence that John Coleman moved to Louisiana to link up with her husband, James Warner. PLEASE SEE INFORMATIONAL NOTE AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS ARTICLE FOR MORE INFORMATION ON DEBRA COLEMAN WARNER.


This, then, is the putrid swamp and fetid slough out from which today's most popular form of anti-Semitism has emerged.

It seems that every generation creates its own form of anti-Semitism, and this is today's version - A VERSION MADE POPULAR BY DAN BROWN'S DAVINCI CODE. Most people who buy into this myth have little or no idea of its anti-Semitic origins - which Brown attempts to some degree to hide. Nonetheless, when one - out of an interest generated by Brown's book and / or the movie - inquires more deeply into its origins, the anti-Semitism implicit in the myth becomes very clear. UNFORTUNATELY, BY THAT TIME, MANY HAVE BEEN CAPTURED BY ITS SEDUCTION.


God bless you all,

S.R. Shearer,
Antipas Ministries

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More information on Debra Coleman
Warner - daughter of John Coleman

From the Times-Picayune Newspaper (New Orleans, LA)
November 14, 1995, Tuesday


By JOANNA WEISS and KAREN TURNI St. Bernard/Plaquemines bureau

Debra Coleman Warner, a candidate in a tight race for the St. Bernard Parish Council, was an officer of the New Christian Crusade Church, a white supremacist group known for promoting racist and anti-Semitic views, and still lives in a tax-exempt home owned by the church, records and documents show.

Warner, who won 45 percent of the vote, faces a runoff for an at-large seat against District B Councilman Clay Cosse. In 1993, Warner listed herself as secretary of the New Christian Crusade Church, which believes "Adam is the father of the white race only" and that Jews are "the natural enemy" of white people.

She is the ex-wife of James K. Warner, a well-known white supremacist and a former officer of the American Nazi Party who heads the church. James Warner also is a longtime ally of David Duke, the former Klansman and state representative who lost a runoff to Gov. Edwards in 1991. Duke appeared with Debra Coleman Warner at a District 1 State Senate campaign forum Monday in St. Bernard.

Later that afternoon, Duke dropped Warner, her ex-husband and two political supporters at the Warners' Chalmette home.

"I hope I can do the same thing for her that I did for Mike Foster," Duke said before driving off.

Duke endorsed Foster in September, when Foster trailed badly in polls. Duke has credited himself for the surge that placed Foster in Saturday's runoff. Foster has said he does not share Duke's racial views.

While Warner says she divorced her husband 11 years ago partly because she does not share his political views, she continues to live with him in a church-owned home in Chalmette's Buccaneer Villa South subdivision.

On Monday, Warner said she and her ex-husband are not a couple. The arrangement simply gives her a rent-free home while she completes a master's degree in political science at the University of New Orleans, she said.

"He's still a dad to my son," she said. "If he hadn't offered to let me stay in this house . . . I could have never continued my education."

She denied any involvement in the white supremacist organizations James Warner runs out of their house. "I am not a racist," she said. "I do not share his views in any way."

While Warner has publicly distanced herself from her ex-husband's views during the campaign, as recently as 1993 she served on the board of directors of the New Christian Crusade Church, and James Warner held an office in his ex-wife's travel business.

Documents also show both Warners were founding members in 1977 of a group closely tied to the church, the Christian Defense League, also known by watchdog groups for disseminating virulent hate material.

James Warner heads the New Christian Crusade Church that owns the home. Because the home is classified as a church, it is exempt from property taxes. It was purchased by the church for $116,000 in 1985, according to court records.

State documents show that James Warner is an officer of the Christian Defense League and the New Christian Crusade Church. According to the Anti-Defamation League, a national watchdog group, the league and church espouse the teachings of the white supremacist Identity Christian Church movement, which began in Louisiana in the 1930s.

Identity's core teaching is that Jews are the embodiment of evil and that their central plan is to destroy Western Christian civilization by race mixing, economic manipulations, control of the news media and domination of political offices, according to a 1991 report in The Chicago Tribune.

According to the Anti-Defamation League, the Identity church classifies non-black people of color - such as Latin Americans, American Indians and Asians - as "mud people" who exist on the same spiritual level as animals. Black people, the church teaches, are subhuman.

James Warner is well-known to watchdog groups nationwide. A one-time lieutenant in Duke's political campaigns, he is considered "one of the most virulently gutter-level anti-Semites of the present generation. He's been associated with virtually every hardcore Nazi group of the past 30 years," said Daniel Levitas, a national expert on right-wing hate groups.

James Warner's relationship with Duke dates back to their days in the Ku Klux Klan, when Warner rose to Grand Dragon, a high-ranking officer.

Duke is listed as a witness on the Warners' 1977 marriage certificate.

The Warners have maintained other ties besides sharing a home.

When the New Christian Crusade Church bought property on Judge Perez Drive in 1991, Warner signed a document on behalf of the church's board of directors, listing herself as its secretary. James Warner is the church's director, according to documents filed with the secretary of state's office.

On secretary of state's records from 1993, James Warner is listed as a director of Warner's travel business, Seminars at Sea Inc.

When the Warners were married, Warner worked for her husband's causes, records and letters show. Anti-Defamation League documents refer to a 1978 letter on New Christian Crusade Church letterhead, signed by James K. Warner, saying Debra Coleman Warner attended the 1977 International Women's Year Conference in Houston.

"My wife Debra was able to obtain a press pass and because of this was able to infiltrate a number of left-wing groups," the letter reads, according to the ADL. "Needless to say, the Christian Defense League was the only organization to actively oppose the IWY (International Women's Year) reds."

Warner said she did not recall whether she attended the conference on the Christian Defense League's behalf. She said she opposed the fact that the conference received tax money but did not represent all women's views.

Debra Coleman Warner's name also is listed on the letterhead of 1978 Christian Defense League letters, urging television stations not to air a nine-hour movie on the Holocaust. One letter refers to the movie as "outright ZIONIST propaganda," and urges affiliate stations to ignore the requests of "the Zionists running NBC."

A 1978 Baton Rouge Morning Advocate article reports that "Deborah Warner," a spokeswoman for the CDL, said her group wanted three hours of prime-time television "to present their version of what happened to Jews in Europe during the period just before and during World War II."

Another Morning Advocate article lists "Debra Warner" among CDL members who opposed the East Baton Rouge Parish School Board's use of a study guide in connection with the movie. CDL members, the Advocate reports, wanted students to see material including "The Hoax of the Twentieth Century" and "The Six Million Swindle."

Warner denied promoting the Holocaust revisionist teachings, but said she was protesting because schools were teaching history based on a fictional movie. "Let's keep history that's fact," she said.

Besides, she said, "I don't think we should constantly be reflecting on things in the past."

Warner said she is "indifferent" to Jewish people. When asked whether she believed the Holocaust happened, she asked, "How is that relevant?"

Warner said she was involved in the Christian Defense League early in her marriage because she supported "traditional Christian values," such as "trying to get prayer back in the schools."

"I detest Nazis," Warner said. "I would never be in with the Nazis." Since her divorce, Warner has remained politically active. In the late 1980s and early '90s, she wrote letters to The Times-Picayune protesting the U.S. alliance with Israel.

Warner blamed criticism of her background and her ex-husband's politics on the ADL, which she said attacks people who oppose sending money to Israel. "Anyone who is in any way critical to the state of Israel gets this treatment in the press," she said.

Warner has won the support of many members of the St. Bernard political establishment. A campaign flier for incumbent Parish Councilman Henry "Junior" Rodriguez includes a plea to vote for Warner.

And St. Bernard Sheriff Jack Stephens wrote a letter of endorsement for Warner, saying she "has the education, experience and ability to move our Parish forward."

Rodriguez and Stephens said they didn't know of Warner's past but said it doesn't matter.

"Everybody has their beliefs and it doesn't bother me," Rodriguez said. "The future is more important than anybody's past. I think she's articulate and I think she's open-minded."

Stephens said he had heard rumors that James Warner "had some ties to the KKK," but didn't know any more about him or about Debra Coleman Warner's connection to him.

"If she had that kind of pedigree, it may have affected" his endorsement, Stephens said. "It's difficult for me to blame her for the actions of her husband."

But New Orleans civil rights lawyer Mary Howell, who attended a human-rights trip to Israeli-occupied territories in 1988, said she has questioned how Warner can truly say she's distanced herself from her ex-husband.

"If that is the case, why are you still living with him and why would you continue to accept financial support from him if his source of income is the sale of Nazi literature?" Howell said.

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