A self-serving theory promulgated by the leaders of today's American church and financed by America's neo-conservative community and FOX NEWS

by: SR Shearer
February 23, 2011

Top: Joel Richardson Bottom: Walid Shoebat


On February 17, 2011, World Net Daily trumpeted the appearance of author Joel Richardson on the Glenn Beck Show (Fox News); Richardson had come up with a "new theory" concerning the Antichrist, and Beck as well as his corporate sponsors thought Richardson's "new discovery" so important that it deserved "air time:"

"Christians throughout history have been warned about the coming of the Antichrist, a world leader who will deceive those seeking the true God, but author Joel Richardson is suggesting they watch Islam for signs of that character — and the end times.

"It's all documented in The Islamic Antichrist ...

"Richardson breaks new ground with his devastating analysis that suggests a possible connect between the Antichrist — the evil leader who denies salvation to people — and the Quran-predicted leader who will rise up to usher in an era of worldwide peace."

"The Quran calls him the Mahdi, and Islam expects him to return to earth for the ultimate conquest. Richardson's research and analysis suggest that the two characters [i.e., the Mahdi and the Antichrist] are one and the same. His work exposes Western readers to the traditions of Islam and predicts that the end times may not be that far away."

NOTE: WorldNetDaily (WND) is an ultra conservative website founded by Joseph Farah who is inextricably linked to Richard Mellon Scaife, one of the most scurrilous, foul-mouthed "money men" extant on the American political scene today. [We URGE you to see our article on Scaife, "Richard Mellon Scaife: The Evil That Money Can Do."]

Farah is among those who have questioned Barack Obama's status as a natural born citizen of the United States and consequently, his eligibility to serve as U.S. President. Among those who write for WND are such conservative luminaries as Ann Coultier, David Limbaugh, Bill O'Reilly and others of their ilk.

WND is a nexus where ideas from the neo-conservative community and today's American evangelical church are conveniently blended together to serve the political and economic interests of America's oil elites and the religious interests of the American evangelical community. [Please see our twin articles, "The Enemies of God, Part 1" and "The Enemies of God, Part 2."]

Joseph Farah with his mentor, Richard Mellon Scaife

Bob Unruh, one of WND's slavish mouthpieces, describes what happened:

The Mahdi

"Fox News talk show host Glenn Beck today said Americans should be alarmed over the revelations of a WND Books product, The Islamic Antichrist, in which author Joel Richardson documents the similarities between the "bad guy" of the Bible, the Antichrist, and the "good guy" of the Quran, the Mahdi.

"The author contends they are, in fact, the same ...

"Richardson's book discusses his analysis of the Bible's account of the end times and that of the Quran, including his conclusions about the "Antichrist," who is described by the Bible as the ultimate enemy of God and His people, the Jews and Christians. The Mahdi, meanwhile, in Islam is forecast to be someone who comes to establish a worldwide Islamic caliphate.

"Beck cited a number of similarities between the prophecies, that of Jesus from the Bible and of the Mahdi in the Islamic tradition.

"'You have the bad guy of the Bible, he primarily persecutes God's people, Jews and Christians', Richardson said. Meanwhile the '12th imam', or Islam's Mahdi, 'causes Jews and Christians to submit to Islam or be killed'.

"Richardson continued,

'The Mahdi is Islam's primary messiah figure Muslims believe will come at the end of the age to lead Islam to global dominance. Much popular discussion of Mahdism in recent years has inaccurately expressed that belief in the Mahdi is merely a Shia phenomenon. While variances in the details do exist between Sunni and Shia Muslims on this issue, belief in the Mahdi is nevertheless not reserved to one group or the other. Numerous renowned Muslim scholars, Sunni, Sufi and Shia affirm the orthodoxy of belief in the coming of the Mahdi'.

"Beck noted that the similarities between the Mahdi in the Quran and the Antichrist of the Bible are striking; that they are mirror images of one another."

Richardson's "new discovery" is being embraced with great enthusiasm by leaders of today's Christian evangelical community; to be sure, it is not necessarily being swallowed whole by them, but in "drips and drabs;" and the reason for that is the obviously convoluted nature of Richardson's eschatology — an eschatology that breaks down completely when examined too closely.


For example, as Dr. David R. Reagan points out, Richardson's torturous "end times" scenario pictures the realm over which Antichrist will rule as a regional one and not a realm that is worldwide as is claimed in biblical prophecy.

Dr. Reagan

NOTE: Dr. Reagan is a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of the University of Texas in Austin where he majored in Government and History. His graduate degrees (M.A., M.A.L.D., and Ph.D.)were earned in the field of International Relations from the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, a graduate school of international relations owned and operated jointly by Tufts and Harvard Universities. He serves as the Senior Evangelist for Lamb & Lion Ministries, an inter-denominational, evangelical ministry that is devoted to the proclamation of the soon return of Jesus.

In order to sustain this totally revisionist interpretation of end time prophecy, Richardson goes to great pains to deny the clear meaning of Revelation 13:7 which reads as follows:

"And it was given to him [the Antichrist] to make war with the saints and to overcome them, and authority over every tribe and people and tongue and nation was given to him."

Dr. Reagan asks the obvious:

"What more would God have to say to convince us that the Antichrist will have a worldwide kingdom?"

NOTE: It is absolutely necessary for Richardson to posit the regional nature of the Caliphate over which the Mahdi (or Antichrist) will rule because he has to find a way in which to preserve the sovereignty of the US which he pictures will come to the rescue of Israel in the Battle of Armageddon at the end of the Tribulation Period. The fact that in his eschatology America is preserved as a champion of Israel comports very nicely with Pastor John Hagee and his CUFI followers which also see America as Israel's champion in the "end of days."

All this brings us to Richardson's convoluted explanation of Nebuchadnezzar's vision of Gentile kingdoms, recorded in Daniel 2:31-45. The traditional interpretation of that vision is that its succession of empires ends with the Roman, and that it is the Roman Empire that will be revived in the end times and that will provide the platform from which the Antichrist will arise. [Please see Chapter XII of the New Antipas Papers, "The Beast of Revelation 17."

According to Reagan, to accommodate his thesis, Richardson argues that the Roman Empire continued to exist in the form of the Byzantine Empire until 1453 when it fell to the Ottoman Empire. It is therefore the Ottoman Empire, which ceased to exist in 1923, that will be resurrected in the end times, and not the Roman Empire; and thus the Antichrist will arise out of the revived Ottoman Empire.

Nebuchadnezzar's dream does not provide for the insertion of the Ottoman Empire.

The first problem with this interpretation is that it denies the historical fact that the Roman Empire ceased to exist in 476 with the collapse of Rome. What was left of the empire in the East, which is referred to by modern historians as the Byzantine Empire, was Roman in name only - reminiscent of The Holy Roman Empire that existed in the Germanic areas of Europe from 800 to 1806, a political entity that Voltaire characterized as "neither holy, nor Roman, nor an empire."

Another problem is that Nebuchadnezzar's dream does not provide for the insertion of the Ottoman Empire. The head of gold stood for the Babylonian Empire; the chest of silver for the Medo-Persian Empire; the thighs of bronze for the Greek Empire; and the legs of iron for the Roman Empire. The feet of iron mixed with clay represent the final Gentile empire out of which the Antichrist will arise. The traditional interpretation has been that the feet stand for a revival of the Roman Empire.

But if the Ottoman Empire is to be inserted into the picture following the Roman, where is the symbol of it? Do the feet represent both the Ottoman Empire and its end time revival? There just are not enough body parts to provide symbols for both the Ottoman Empire and its revival.

The same problem occurs when you consider Revelation 17:10-11. In this passage the Apostle John is told that there are seven kings or empires to be considered in world history and that "five have fallen, one is, the other has not yet come; and when he comes, it must remain for a little while. And the beast which was and is not, is himself also an eighth, and is one of the seven, and he goes to destruction."

At that point in history, the five fallen would have been Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, Medo-Persia, and Greece. The one existing would have been the Roman. The one to come would be the revival of the Roman, out of which the eighth and final empire, the worldwide kingdom of the Antichrist would arise.

If you insert the Ottoman Empire into this list, where does it fit? If it is the seventh, then its revival would be the eighth, and there is no place left for the final worldwide empire of the Antichrist. Reagan writes:

"I suspect this is the reason that Richardson insists that the revival of the Ottoman Empire will be the final empire out of which the Antichrist will arise, and that it will not develop into a worldwide empire, as both Islamic and biblical prophesies specify. There just are not enough empires mentioned in Revelation 17 to include the Ottoman Empire, its resurrection, and its evolution into the final worldwide empire of the Antichrist."

Another problem with Richardson's Ottoman Empire thesis is that he completely ignores the prophecy in Daniel 9:26 that says the Antichrist will arise out of the people who will destroy the Jewish Temple. Reagan writes:

"It was the Romans who destroyed the Temple in 70 A.D. and it is from the Romans that the Antichrist must come. To me, it is just incredible that Richardson would totally ignore this prophecy ..."

LEFT: The Roman army burning Jerusalem in 70 A.D.
RIGHT: The Roman army carrying away the treasures of the Temple.

The Roman war against the Jews began in 66 A.D. Titus with his Roman legions arrived at the outermost northern Wall of Jerusalem, the Passover of 70 A.D. The Romans built embankments of earthen work, they placed battering rams and the siege began. The Roman army numbered 30,000; while the Jewish army numbered 24,000. According to Tacitus they were 600,000 visitors crowding the streets of Jerusalem for the Passover. After five months the walls were battered down, the great Temple was burned, and the city was left ruined and desolate, except for Herod's three great towers at the northwest corner of the city. These served as a memorial of the massive strength of Jerusalem's fortifications which Titus of Rome had brought to rubble.

Finally, Richardson says that the seven year treaty that the Antichrist will make with Israel will be one that is concluded between the revived Ottoman Empire and Israel; but come on, now! — it is ABSOLUTELY impossible for one to imagine that the Muslims of the Middle East and North Africa will ever sign such a treaty with Israel guaranteeing Israel's right to the Holy Land and the Temple Mount. [Please see our recent article, "Egyptian Anti-Semitism: It's Much Worse Than Most People Can Possibly Imagine."]

And these examples represent only a tiny fraction of Richardson's idiotic and misleading conclusions.

15th century illumination of Pope Urban II at the Council of Clermont, where he preached an impassioned sermon to take back the Holy Land.


Nonetheless, despite all these objections, Christians are drawn to Richardson's idea of an ISLAMIC ANTICHRIST because it justifies a WAR OF HATRED against Christianity's ancient enemy (i.e., the Muslims) who "stole the Holy Land from them" twelve hundred years ago and are once again "breathing fire" against the Christian world; it pinpoints an ENEMY that is much more visible than the ethereal "secular-humanists" that Christian leaders have been railing against for so many years. And more than that, it has the possibility of completing what Christians were unable to do more than a thousand years ago during the crusades (1095 — 1272).

Naturally enough, the American church's allies - i.e., the neo-conservatives and the oil elites - are delighted with this turn of events; it helps to mask the war of greed for the oil wealth of the Middle East that they have been planning to wage against the inhabitants of the Muslim world behind the mask of a RELIGIOUS CRUSADE; and not just any religious crusade, but a crusade against the actual person of the Antichrist; a war of annihilation that could justify the extermination of the peoples of the Middle East AS DEMONS. [Please see our article, "The Neo-Conservatives."]


The god of today's financial elites

But make no mistake about it, in this malignant partnership between America's financial elites and the evangelical Christian community, the Christians are the junior partners. America's financial elites have no REAL interest in the Christian religion — or any religion for that matter. Their god is MONEY. Their only interest in Christianity is to use it as a means of instigating a RELIGIOUS war against the Muslim world, thereby opening the way for them to pillage the oil wealth of the of the Middle East, Central Asia and North Africa.

In this respect, the leaders of today's evangelical church serve as slave auctioneers; the slaves they are selling are their own followers (and the votes that go with them at election time); and the buyers are the "worthies" of the various economic elites. Do the elites need support for "Welfare Reform" so that there is more "corporate welfare" for them and less welfare for the needy? Do they require support for their incessant war against the poor in the jungles of Colombia and Venezuela? The pastors whip up their parishioners in support of these agendas. Do the elites need "warm bodies" to demonstrate for selfish "right-wing economic causes" - the pastors deliver. Whatever the elites want, the pastors see that they get - and more often than not, what the elites want runs counter to the REAL interests of their parishioners.

NATURALLY ENOUGH, WHAT THE ELITES WANT MOST OF ALL TODAY IS CONTROL OF THE MUSLIM WORLD'S OIL WEALTH, and to this end America's Christian leaders have been commanded by their partners in the economic right to whip their congregations up for a WAR OF EXTERMINATION against the inhabitants of the Middle East and Northern Africa. [Again, we urge you to read our twin articles, "The Enemies of God, Part 1" and "The Enemies of God, Part 2."]

America's Christians: Slaves to be sold off by their
leaders to America's oil elites for filthy lucre.

And there are thousands and thousands of pastors prepared to slavishly do the bidding of America's oil elites; for example, John Hagee and his cohorts in CUFI — i.e., George Morrison, pastor of the 8,000-member Faith Bible Chapel in Arvada, Colorado (and chairman of the board of Promise Keepers) and Rod Parsley, the Ohio televangelist and pastor of the giant World Harvest Church in Columbus, Ohio, are prominent SLAVE AUCTIONEERS; but, then, so are such other Christian "luminaries" as Charles Stanley, the late D. James Kennedy, Tim LaHaye, the late John Wimber, Juan Carlos Ortiz, C. Peter Wagner, Beverley LaHaye, Ern Baxter, Kenneth Copeland, Kenneth Hagin, Oral Roberts, Richard Roberts, Pat Robertson, the late Jerry Falwell, Chuck Colson, Jack Hayford, David Yonggi Cho [yes, even Cho who isn't an American, but a Korean], Robert Stearns, Mike Bickle, Reuven Doron, Che Ahn, Frank Hammond, Cindy Jacobs, Bill Hamon, John Eckhardt, Bobbie Byerly, Dutch Sheets, Jim Goll, John Paul Jackson, James Ryle, Frank Damazio, Ed Silvoso, Carlos Annacondia, Claudio Freidzon, Roger Mitchell, Ted Haggart, Paul Cain, Chuck Pierce, Rick Joyner, Kingsley Fletcher, Jim Laffoon, Barbara Wentroble, ad infinitum. [Please see our article, "Remembering Dachau while Pondering the Fate of the CIA's Prisoners Scattered around the World."]


And that's not all: there are indications that some of America's most prominent military commanders are "buying into" Richardson's thesis --- i.e., that Antichrist will be a Muslim; for example, Generals Boykin, Petraeus and McChrystal —-- WHICH IS A PRETTY SCARY THING GIVEN THE POWER OF THE AMERICAN MILITARY. [Please see our articles, "The Generals' Revolt against the Obama Presidency," "A Time Comes When Silence Is Betrayal" and "Whether Obama Will Live or Die May Be Determined by What He Does."]

Generals Boykin, Petraeus and McChrystal


Growing exponentially

In all of this, it's not too much to say that the number of Christian leaders now preaching war against the Muslim community - including the 6 million who live in the U.S. - is growing exponentially.

At the forefront of those fanning the flames of a war of EXTERMINATION against the world-wide Muslim community are three self-described Muslim terrorists - Walid Shoebat, Kamal Saleem and Zachariah Anani.

They are all regularly being trotted out in Christian Right circles to spew racist invective about Islam on behalf of groups such as Focus on the Family.

All three claim to be "born-again" Christians. They tell their audiences that the only way to deal with one-fifth of the world's population is by converting or - if that doesn't work - ERADICATING all Muslims. Their cant is broadcast regularly on FOX NEWS, including the Bill O'Reilly and Neil Cavuto shows, as well as on numerous Christian radio and television programs. Shoebat has even written a book called Why We Want to Kill You.


Bank Leumi in Bethlehem

But the problem with Shoebat and his two companions is the same one that haunts Richardson: his claims to have been a Palestinian terrorist are simply bogus: Shoebat says that he was recruited by a PLO operative by the name of Mahmoud al-Mughrabi to carry out an attack on a branch of Bank Leumi in Bethlehem: At six in the evening he was supposed to detonate a bomb in the doorway of the bank. But he says that when he saw a group of Arab children playing nearby, his conscience was pricked and he threw the bomb onto the roof of the bank instead, where it exploded causing no fatalities.

However, Shoebat's claim to have bombed the Bank of Leumi in Bethlehem is rejected by members of his family who still live in the area, and Bank Leumi says it has no record of such an attack ever taking place.

Shoebat told The Jerusalem Post that this could be because the bank building was robustly protected with steel and that the attack may have caused little damage. Asked whether word of the bombing made the news at the time, he said,

"I don't know. I didn't read the papers because I was in hiding for the next three days."

Beit Sahur - Shoebat's home on the West Bank

But in 2004, he had told Britain's Sunday Telegraph:

"I was terribly relieved when I heard on the news later that evening that no one had been hurt or killed by my bomb."

Shoebat's uncle and his wife, both of whom still live in Beit Sahur near Bethlehem, said firmly that there was no attack on Bank Leumi. When questioned on this discrepancy, Shoebat was adamant that he did carry out such a bombing, and that his relatives deny it to cover up for another cousin who was with him during the attack and who still lives in Bethlehem.

Britain's Sunday Telegraph reports that Shoebat says he was a man who "for much of his life -

"... was eager to commit acts of terrorism for the sake of his soul and the Palestinian cause."

In that interview he described how he and his peers were indoctrinated as children -

"to believe that the fires of hell were an ever-present reality. We were all terrified of burning in hell when we died ... The teachers told us that the only way we could certainly avoid that fate was to die in a martyrdom operation - to die for Islam."

But another uncle who still lives in Beit Sahur where Shoebat grew up, said that Shoebat's education was rather mild ideologically, and that religion did not play a dominant role.


While these and countless other "fantastic" tales by Shoebat cannot be verified, what can be verified is that Shoebat is a former member of the Christian Phangist (Phalangist) Party and fought on the side of Israel to protect Israel's enclave in Southern Lebanon known popularly as "Free Lebanon." The enclave was established by Israel in 1982 and abandoned in 2000.

Thus, while none of Shoebat's pro-Palestinian background can be verified, his connection with the Christian Phalangist Party can — AND ALL THIS IN THE YEARS THAT SHOEBAT WAS SUPPOSEDLY WORKING AS A PLO TERRORIST.

Map of "Free Lebanon" (shown in blue) where Shoebat worked with the Christian Phalangists and was closely linked to George Otis' "Voice of Hope" that broadcast from "Free Lebanon" during that time. Shoebat remains a close friend of the Otis family and is a frequent guest on the "Voice of Hope" which continues to broadcast out of studios in Florida. The Otis family is closely linked to C. Peter Wagner's "New Apostolic Reformation." [Please see our article on NAR, "The Invasion of Europe by America's Apostate Church."]

Shoebat has spoken out in countless venues in the United States including Pastor John Hagee's church in San Antonio, Texas, and the Air Force Academy where, according to the New York Times, Shoebat' stories bordered on the fantastic, like his account of how, as a child, he infiltrated Israel to plant bombs via a network of tunnels underneath the Golan Heights. Like the so-called bombing of Bank Leumi, no such incident has ever been reported.


It's precisely these kinds of inconsistencies that have caused many otherwise conservative journalists to begin to distance themselves from Shoebat and his two friends. Take, for example, Debbie Schlussel, a right-wing Jewish journalist who says:

"Years ago, when I first heard of Walid Shoebat—the man who claims to have been a Palestinian Islamic terrorist—I liked his story even though he was unable to provide even a shred of proof about what he said he had done in his former life. I didn't find Shoebat credible. Still, I kept my doubts to myself; that was a mistake. Since then a number of very reputable newspapers have shown that he is a fraud, one of them being the Jerusalem Post.

"I should have trusted my instincts, and my instincts told me this man who oozed arrogance, bravado, swagger, and not much else was a fraud. His behavior is that of an unstable, insecure man who is upset that his shaky claims are being doubted."

While it's doubtful that Shoebat will ever again get an audience at the Air Force Academy because of the revelations about him in the Jerusalem Post and other like-minded newspapers and journals, he still is given access to countless numbers of evangelical churches throughout the country and he continues to be trotted out by the likes of G. Gordon Liddy and Sean Hannity — ALL OF WHICH CANNOT HELP BUT LEND FUEL TO THE FIRE OF HATRED THAT IS BUILDING UP AGAINST THE WORLD-WIDE MUSLIM COMMUNITY.


The horror of war

There is, however, something else: The great danger that Richardson and Shoebat represent to the Jews — a danger that cannot help but kindle a SECOND HOLOCAUST against them; that's because the overall eschatology that they "buy into" is one that DEMANDS the conversion of the Jews immediately after the up-coming Gog / Magog War.

But what happens if the Jews do not convert AFTER this great war? — and they won't. IT IS EXACTLY HERE THAT IT BECOMES SO IMPORTANT TO UNDERSTAND THE GRAVITY OF THE ERROR THAT JOEL RICHARDSON AND OTHERS OF HIS ILK - including John Hagee, Rod Parsley, etc. — ARE MAKING WHEN THEY FAIL TO DIFFERENTIATE BETWEEN THE GOG / MAGOG WAR (which occurs at the beginning of the Tribulation Period) AND ARMAGEDDON (which occurs at the end of the Tribulation Period). [We URGE you to see Appendix 1 to this article, "Differentiating between the Gog / Magog War and Armageddon."]

Remember, according to all these men, there is only ONE great war during the Tribulation Period — the Gog / Magog War and Armageddon being one and the same thing; and that war happens at the END of the Tribulation Period, at which time Israel is supposed to convert, the Lord returns, and the Millennium begins.


  1. The world is plunged into a time of political and spiritual crisis, one which threatens the world with chaos and the church with destruction.

  2. The Lord brings revival to the church.

  3. This revival results in the end of the church's divisions and the rule of the "apostles and prophets."

  4. The "Gospel of the Kingdom" is preached in America first; America is "revived" as the "Redeemer Nation," which leads ultimately to the conversion and eventual conquest by the "Redeemer Nation" (i.e., America) of the world.


  6. The Lord returns.

According to this model — which is essentially the model that Richardson is promulgating - Israel has to CONVERT for the Lord to come back. That's what people like Derick Prince, Reuven Doren and countless others like them posit; that's what John Hagee and his cohorts at CUFI believe.


But, remember, the Scriptures teach that NATIONAL salvation for Israel will not come to the Jewish people until - "THEY SHALL LOOK UPON HIM WHOM THEY HAVE PIERCED" (Zech 12:10), and that won't happen until Christ's Second Coming - approximately seven years after the Gog/Magog War.

Until then, the Jews AS A NATION will remain in unbelief. THIS DOESN'T MEAN, OF COURSE, THAT MANY JEWS AS INDIVIDUALS WON'T BE SAVED (as they have been doing for centuries) DURING THE TRIBULATION PERIOD - i.e., that seven year period of time following the Gog/Magog War. Many, no doubt, will! But the conversion of Israel AS A NATION will have to wait for the end of the Tribulation period - when Christ returns! At which time, the Bible says:

"And I will pour upon the house of David, and upon the inhabitants of Jerusalem, the SPIRIT OF GRACE (i.e., UNMERITED FAVOR) and of supplications: and THEY SHALL LOOK UPON ME WHOM THEY HAVE PIERCED (very obviously the Lord), and they shall mourn for him (i.e., Jesus), as one mourneth for his only son, and shall be in bitterness (i.e., great sorrow) for him (i.e., Christ, whom they rejected), as one that is in bitterness (i.e., great sorrow) for his firstborn.

"In that day there shall be a fountain opened to the house of David and to the inhabitants of Jerusalem for sin and for uncleanness.

"And one shall say unto him, WHAT ARE THESE WOUNDS IN THINE HANDS? Then he shall answer, THOSE WITH WHICH I WAS WOUNDED IN THE HOUSE OF MY FRIENDS." (Please see Zech. 12:8-14, 13:1, 6)


But, again, this will only happen at the moment of Christ's Second Coming - and if that's the case, it does violence to the eschatology that Hagee, Richardson, Wagner, et. al. are promoting - which, of course, implies that the church must not only unite and subdue the earth BEFORE the Lord returns, but also THAT ISRAEL MUST BE CONVERTED.

Reuven Doron explains:

"The very nation (Israel) that once gave birth (to the church) now is in need to be birthed by another. Who will provide it? (i.e., Israel's rebirth) ... This premise of spiritual revival still hinges upon the rising and completion of the ministry of the prophetic 'Son of Man' company (i.e., the united, glorified church under the leadership of the 'prophets and Apostles') ... Today the Lord is calling forth a Son of Man Company to corporately prophecy and speak to Israel's lifeless, hopeless white bones until the vision is completed ... THE CHURCH IS BIRTHING ISRAEL."

Expanding on what Doron says, Rick Joyner continues,

"The Jews have historically represented the greatest test for the gospel ... In a sense, Jews are the 'ACID TEST' of our message. UNTIL THE CHURCH COMES TO THE SPIRITUAL STATURE (MATURITY) WHERE SHE PROVOKES THE JEW TO JEALOUSY, WE HAVE NOT YET ATTAINED TO WHAT WE HAVE BEEN CALLED."

Reuven Doron and Rick Joyner


This statement - "until the church comes to the spiritual stature (maturity) where she provokes the Jew to jealousy, we have not yet attained to what we have been called" - says a lot about the mindset of people such as Joel Richardson, C. Peter Wagner, John Eckhardt, Derrick Prince, Dutch Sheets, Jim Goll, John Paul Jackson, James Ryle, Frank Damazio, Ed Silvoso, Carlos Annacondia, etc. What it says is that the CONVERSION OF THE JEWS is the church's "PROOF POSITIVE" (presumably to Christ) that she has made herself ready, AND THE LORD CAN NOW RETURN - kind of like passing a driver's examination to prove to the state that one has at last obtained the skills and knowledge to drive a car.

The Jews were hardened

Think about that: THE CONVERSION OF THE JEWS IS THE "ACID TEST" THAT THE CHURCH HAS BEEN "PERFECTED." That's pretty heavy! - and it indicates the importance that all these men attach to the Jews' conversion. Joyner continues:

"The Jews were 'hardened' TO MAKE THEM THE HARDEST TO REACH. In this way, they have become the barometer of humanity, reflecting the overall condition of the state of man. When the gospel is preached that grafts the 'natural branches' back into the tree, the church and Israel will then be able to reach the whole world. This is why Paul said that the gospel should be preached 'to the Jew first'. This was not just out of favoritism, but because the Jew represents the greatest challenge of the gospel, and one which we must have ... Even so, our relationship to the Jews is not meant to be a stumbling block, but a stepping stone ... The final joining together of both 'into one new man' ... resulting in the healing of all spiritual and cultural wounds. WHEN THE CHURCH AND ISRAEL HAVE BEEN GRAFTED TOGETHER ... THE TIME OF "THE RESTORATION OF ALL THINGS" (i.e., THE LORD'S SECOND COMING) MAY BEGIN."


In other words, "the time of the restoration of all things" can't begin until Israel is saved. But once again I must remind you that the prophet Zechariah says that won't occur until Christ returns, not before. (Zech. 12:10 - 13:1) Nevertheless, most Christians today are expecting the Jews to convert BEFORE the Second Coming of Christ!


All this brings us once again back to the question, What will happen when these hopes are dashed, as they most certainly will be. (cf. Zech. 12:10 - 13:1) WOW! - THE WRATH THAT WILL FALL ON ISRAEL AS A RESULT WILL BE HORRIBLE! THERE IS, AFTER ALL, NOTHING SO HATEFUL AND MEAN-SPIRITED AS A JILTED LOVER.

And more than that, what will evangelical Christians such as Hagee, Joyner, Doron, Wagner, et. al. think when Israel refuses not only to convert, but rebuilds the temple, excludes any Christian participation in its rebuilding and in the subsequent revived Temple service, and then - as if to add insult to injury - CLAIMS THAT SHE (i.e., ISRAEL) - AND NOT THE CHURCH - IS GOD'S REPRESENTATIVE ON EARTH? What will happen then? Think of the wrath that this will provoke among Christians!

The gloves will come off, the smiles will disappear, and the knives will surely be unsheathed then. THIS IS WHAT HAPPENED TO LUTHER - and you can be sure that it will happen again!


"Therefore the blind Jews are truly stupid fools..."


"Now just behold these miserable, blind, and senseless people."


"... their blindness and arrogance are as solid as an iron mountain."


"Learn from this, dear Christian, what you are doing if you permit the blind Jews to mislead you. Then the saying will truly apply, "When a blind man leads a blind man, both will fall into the pit" [cf. Luke 6:39]. You cannot learn anything from them except how to misunderstand the divine commandments..."


"Therefore be on your guard against the Jews, knowing that wherever they have their synagogues, nothing is found but a den of devils in which sheer selfglory, conceit, lies, blasphemy, and defaming of God and men are practiced most maliciously and veheming his eyes on them."


"Moreover, they are nothing but thieves and robbers who daily eat no morsel and wear no thread of clothing which they have not stolen and pilfered from us by means of their accursed usury. Thus they live from day to day, together with wife and child, by theft and robbery, as archthieves and robbers, in the most impenitent security."


"However, they have not acquired a perfect mastery of the art of lying; they lie so clumsily and ineptly that anyone who is just a little observant can easily detect it. But for us Christians they stand as a terrifying example of God's wrath."


A festering sore

The very real fact of the matter is, the continued existence of the Jewish people as a separate, distinct and UNBELIEVING entity OUTSIDE the church will have to be explained somehow - this isn't the way things are supposed to happen according to the "model" being pushed by today's evangelical church. The presence of unconverted Jews in the Holy Land could not help but be a festering sore to the eschatology of Reuven Doren, C. Peter Wagner, Cindy Jacobs and the like.

Maybe if the Jews could just remain quiet and crawl away into some obscure corner of the world and stay there, perhaps that would be enough. But their continued presence in the Holy Land - where the church of James Ryle, Barbara Wentroble, Jack Hayford, Texe Marrs, etc. is busy "setting up shop" - is too much, especially in light of their REFUSAL to recognize the church's primacy!! It will directly challenge the eschatological undergirding of the Apostate Church, and ipso facto, the authority of America's "New World Order System" which now - in the religious fervor and hype of the moment - has come to be undergirded by this theology. What to do?


The devil is animating the Jews!

What to do? The answer is simple enough! - picture those Jews in the Holy Land who refuse to convert after the Gog / Magog War as agents of the Devil (after all, the church has been doing that for centuries and centuries). There certainly exists a large enough body of literature in the countless CONSPIRACY THEORIES about the Jews that abound in Christian circles to accommodate such thinking.

THE DEVIL IS ANIMATING THE JEWS! - that must be the answer! The Jewish people's reluctance to surrender their Old Testament promises to the church is of the devil. That's it! And their refusal to accord the AntiChrist (who is by now ensconced in the Holy Land passing himself off as their "savior") the deference and respect he thinks is due him for supposedly rescuing them from the "Islamic Horror," gives evidence to the fact of their hard-hearted and insensitive nature. [We urge you to see Chapter VI of the New Antipas Papers, "The Distinction between Israel and the Church."]

Very obviously, it would appear that the conspiracy theories like the famous Simonini fabrication, Biarritz, The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, The International Jew, etc., and conspiracy-theorists like Nesta Webster, the Abbe Barruel, Herman Goedsche, Gougenot des Mousseaux, Sergey Alexandrovich Nilus, Henry Ford, etc. were right about the Jews all along - the Jews MUST be a tribe of witches. [Please see our articles, "The Origins of the Illuminist Myth."]

Certainly the "Prophets and Apostles" like John Eckhardt and James Ryles would have very little trouble in believing such a thing - after all, by Eckhardt's own testimony, those who refuse to recognize the authority of the church (so-called) are motivated by a spirit of WITCHCRAFT. That's what he says:

"... false teachers (meaning those who oppose "The New Apostolic Reformation") carry a spirit of WITCHCRAFT."

Eckhardt continues:

"Among the dark spirits we must contend with today is a spirit of WITCHCRAFT... they relate to the Church's opposition today ... WITCHCRAFT is a major spirit that will challenge and attempt to stop the progress of the Church ..."


Bloodlust against the Jews!

And so now, it begins all over again - a new BLOODLUST against the Jews aggressively pushed by the APOSTATE CHURCH - which, together with the AntiChrist, is ALSO now ensconced in the Holy Land - begins, and Christians (especially Jewish Christians) in Israel will be forced to take sides. Who are they going to side with? - the Apostate Church, or Israel? [Please see our article, "The Messianic Jews: What Will They Do?"]

And believe me here, the Reuven Dorens and the James Ryles of this world will claim that Christians who refuse to participate in this blood-lust against unconverted Jews in the Holy Land have abandoned their Christianity; that they have abandoned Christ!

What will the Messianic Jews do then? - that's the question for them!

But this isn't just a question for the Messianic Jews, it's a question for Christians everywhere. This is where the "rubber will meet the road" for many Christians. This is where they will have to choose between joining in the general tumult against the unconverted Jews after the Gog / Magog War, or whether they will oppose this persecution and resulting BLOOD-LUST.

God bless you all!

S.R. Shearer,
Antipas Ministries






Then make copies and take these copies out to the campuses where you live; pass them out; OR if that seems too "daring" for you right now, post them on telephone poles, the sides of buildings, on campus bulletin boards; post them in union halls, in the neighborhoods of the poor and downtrodden, near employment offices, wherever you can.

Once again, we URGE you to read (or re-read):



That there exists a clear distinction between the Gog/Magog War and Armageddon there can be no doubt! As J. Dwight Pentecost has pointed out, there are a number of considerations which make it very plain that we are dealing with two great wars rather than one during the Tribulation.

  • In the Gog/Magog War, definite allies of Gog are mentioned as opposing Israel - "Magog," "Mescheck," "Tubal," "Gomer" (TURKEY), Ethiopia, Libya, (see Ezekiel 38) and EGYPT (see Daniel 11:42], while at Armageddon all nations are engaged against Jerusalem (Joel 3:2; Zeph. 3:8; Zech. 12:3; and 14:2).

  • Gog comes from the North (Ezek. 38:6, 15), while at Armageddon, the armies come from out of the whole earth.

  • Gog is the head of the armies at his invasion (Ezek. 38:15), but at Armageddon, the Beast is at the head of the invasion (Rev. 19:19).

  • There is a protest against Gog's invasion (Ezek. 38:13), but at Armageddon there is no such protest because all the nations of the earth have joined themselves with the Beast in his attack against Jerusalem.

  • Gog is overthrown by divine intervention through the convolutions of nature (Ezek. 38:22), but the armies at Armageddon are destroyed by the sword which goes out of Christ's mouth (Rev. 19:15).

  • Gog's armies array themselves in the open fields (Ezek. 39:5), while at Armageddon they are seen in the city of Jerusalem.

  • Gog's armies are destroyed outside of Jerusalem on the mountains and in the valleys (Ezek. 39:2-4), while the Beast and his armies are destroyed in the city of Jerusalem itself (Zech. 12:2; 14:2).

  • The Lord calls for assistance in executing judgment on Gog (Ezek. 38:21), while at Armageddon He is viewed as treading the winepress alone (Rev. 19:15; Isaiah 63:3-6).

  • The invasion by Gog will be sudden and will come with relatively little warning (Ezek. 38:11), while Armageddon will be no sudden and unexpected event.

Thus, as Dwight Pentecost has suggested,

"Two diverse movements (wars) must be acknowledged."


Moreover, to suggest, as some NINCOMPOOPS do, that the Scriptures that reference the Gog/Magog War refer to some sort of event that occurred in antiquity is pure nonsense. The truth is, NO prior invasion of the land of Israel is sufficient to be the fulfillment of this prophecy. There have been invasions in the past which have wrought hardship on the land and the people of Israel, but NONE answer to the details given here. The destruction of the Temple in AD 70, for example, was accomplished by the Romans who came from the west. But the invasion described here comes from the direction of TURKEY and Persia to the north, and EGYPT, Ethiopia and Libya from the south.

This fact is attested to by almost all Orthodox Jewish scholars (who themselves consider these prophesies to be as yet unfulfilled). These passages, then, can only refer to some as yet future event in Israel's history - and this is clearly indicated by the phrase, "... in the latter years" (Ezek. 38:8). Dwight Pentecost, Robert Duncan Culver, and David L. Cooper agree with the Orthodox Jews. For example, Cooper writes,

"... it is utterly impossible to locate the fulfillment of this prediction (i.e., the Gog/Magog War) after the Millennial Age. It cannot be placed at the beginning of the Millennium, nor at the end of the Tribulation. It must, therefore, be located (at the beginning) of the Tribulation, because there is no other logical place for it to occur since the three other dates are impossible ... There will (thus) be a time between now and the beginning of the Tribulation when [this war will occur which will initiate the seven years of the Tribulation Period]."

This thesis is substantiated in a somewhat backhanded way by Ezekiel 39 when the prophet reveals that a full SEVEN years will be needed to clear away the wreckage of the Gog/Magog War:

"And they that dwell in the cities of Israel shall go forth, and shall set on fire and burn the weapons ... and they shall burn them with fire SEVEN years ..." (Ezek. 39:9)

The seven years referred to here by Ezekiel could be none other than the seven years of the Tribulation Period - since no such seven years will follow Armageddon; after Armageddon, the beasts of the field and the fouls of the air will clear away the wreckage - and that by divine direction and in a short period of time. Then the Millennium will begin - there is no seven year interval here. Thus, the Gog/Magog War will immediately precede the events of the Tribulation period. There is, as Cooper suggests, simply no other place to put it which will conform to the pertinent Scriptures; and it (i.e., the Gog/Magog War) will initiate the great happenings of that era (i.e., the Tribulation Period).

NOTE: It should be noted in reference to the Gog/Magog War described above that this great conflict has nothing to do with the conflict described in Revelation 20:8; the war that is described there takes place AFTER the Millennium (Rev. 20:7), while the conflict which is described in the passages above and later in Daniel clearly takes place BEFORE the Millennium. "Gog" is obviously a reference to an evil, angelic prince who possesses Satanic dominion over those nations which have arrayed themselves against Israel - much in the same way that the "Prince of Persia" and the "Prince of Grecia" (Greece) [described in Daniel (i.e., Daniel 10:13-20) with whom Michael, the archangel of God, fought] possess. Evidently, Gog will be loosed with the devil one final time after the Millennium (please see Revelation 20:7-8).

The Gog/Magog War, then, will precede the Tribulation and will act as a catalyst for the great events of that period, while Armageddon will bring to a conclusion the events of the Tribulation Period. A FAIR READING OF THE PASSAGES IN SCRIPTURE THAT DEAL WITH THESE GREAT WARS WILL YIELD NO OTHER RESULT.

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