By: SR Shearer
November 28, 2011

UC-Davis students being pepper-sprayed by police.


Journalist Glenn Greenwald writes:

"The now-viral video of police officers in their Robocop costumes sadistically pepper-spraying peaceful, sitting protesters at UC-Davis shows a police state in its pure form. It's easy to be outraged by this incident as though it's some sort of shocking aberration, BUT THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT IT IS NOT. The Atlantic's Garance Franke-Ruta adeptly demonstrates with an assemblage of video how common such excessive police force has been in response to the Occupy protests." [Please see videos referenced by Franke-Ruta at - http://www.theatlantic.com.]

Greenwald explains:

"Despite all the rights of free speech and assembly flamboyantly guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution, the reality is that punishing the exercise of those rights with police force and state violence has been the reflexive response [of the elites] ... for quite some time ...

"The intent and effect of such abuse is that it renders those guaranteed freedoms meaningless. If a population becomes bullied or intimidated out of exercising rights offered on paper, those rights effectively cease to exist. Every time the citizenry watches peaceful protesters getting pepper-sprayed — or hears that an Occupy protester suffered brain damage and almost died after being shot in the skull with a rubber bullet — many become increasingly fearful of participating in this citizen movement, and also become fearful in general of exercising their rights in a way that is bothersome or threatening to those in power."

NOTE: This is EXACTLY the response such intimidation elicited in one of our readers, Gloria Cooper: She wrote us saying,

"I have ... felt that to participate in the protests is not like the old days and will get you profiled. I've been leery about getting involved in any kind of protests."

In making this statement - i.e., that we are in danger of being "profiled" by the authorities if we go to NYC - she inadvertently betrayed what she was really afraid of: The power of the American super-state to harm those who fight against it. [Please see our article, "Christians: Once Again on the Wrong Side of History."]

Greenwald continues,

"That's a natural response, and it's exactly what the climate of fear imposed by all abusive police-state actions is intended to achieve: TO COERCE CITIZENS TO 'DECIDE' ON THEIR OWN TO BE PASSIVE AND COMPLIANT - TO REFRAIN FROM EXERCISING THEIR RIGHTS - OUT OF FEAR OF WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO THEM IF THEY DON'T.

"The genius of this approach is how insidious its effects are: because the rights continue to be offered on paper, the citizenry continues to believe it is free. As Rosa Luxemburg so perfectly put it:

'Those who do not move, do not notice their chains'.

German revolutionary
Rosa Luxemburg - 1919.

"Someone who sits at home and never protests or effectively challenges power factions will not realize that their rights of speech and assembly have been effectively eroded because they never seek to exercise those rights; it's only when we see steadfast, courageous resistance from the likes of these UC-Davis students is this erosion of rights manifest."

NOTE: And this includes Christians who have a duty to Christ to speak out against the alliance the leaders of today's church have made with the American elites. [Please see our article, "The Rich Have Taken Control of the Church."]


The human trash of the American New World Order System that increasingly includes America's students who no longer can find the kind of meaningful work that's necessary to pay off their student loans. [Please see our article, "College: The Way to Succeed in America?"]

The very fact of the matter is, the real job of the police today is to KEEP THE NATIONS CITIZENRY BEATEN DOWN AND "IN LINE."

TO THIS END, THE KIND OF NAKED POLICE SAVAGERY THAT WAS VISITED ON THE STUDENTS AT UC-DAVIS IS ABSOLUTELY CRITICAL TO THE WAY THE ELITES DEAL WITH THE HUMAN TRASH THEY HAVE BEEN CREATING OVER THE YEARS AS THEY SHIFT JOBS TO OVERSEAS SWEAT SHOPS THAT PAY THEIR LABORERS PENNIES A DAY WHILE AT THE SAME TIME CREATING VAST POCKETS OF UNEMPLOYMENT IN THIS COUNTRY - unemployment that is not being honestly reported on by the government or the corporate media. [Please see our article, "Making Men Cogs in a Machine: The Reformation of the Bankruptcy Laws" for a discussion concerning the misleading way the government reports on unemployment.]

If once one grasps this fact, it is easy to see that the brutality the police were inflicting on the students at UC Davis was no anomaly; it wasn't an aberration or a deviation from their normal way of doing things. It was "standard operating procedure" (SOP).

Make no mistake about it: Criminalizing dissent of necessity means criminalizing the right of Christians to speak out against the alliance the leaders of their church have made with the elites.

SWO reports:

"The attack on peaceful student protesters at UC Davis is part of a coordinated effort by mayors of major US cities—both Democrats and Republicans—to shut down Occupy protests through police violence. Police have used truncheons against peaceful students at UC Berkeley and tear gas and rubber bullets against demonstrators in Oakland. Last week, police cleared out Occupy Wall Street in a military-style operation. Throughout the country, nearly 4,000 people have been arrested for seeking to exercise their basic democratic rights."

The report by SWO goes on to say:

"Increasingly, dissent is criminalized in the United States. This is in a country that regularly uses "democratic" pretenses to invade countries and kill thousands of civilians. Had these events occurred overseas, in Iran or Syria, they would have been denounced by the media and both parties.

"The American elites are once again demonstrating that they will not tolerate any opposition to their interests. The attack on the Occupy protests makes clear that the defense of democratic rights is incompatible with the enormous levels of social inequality that sparked the Occupy movement itself."


"It always makes it easier to fight a war if you demonize people so that you're not killing human beings, you're killing the devil." Retired Army Col. Harry Summer

Still, one would think that there would be some who would dare to speak out - after all, the brutality of the police is so "out in the open" that it is difficult for even the most naïve to miss it; all things being equal, one would think that this kind of blatant, "in-your-face" police cruelty would shock ordinary Americans

Plainly, however, it doesn't shock them, and it doesn't do so because the elites have been extraordinarily successful over the years in DEMONIZING those who protest against them as lazy ner-do-wells, drug addicts, socialists, communists, etc., who - to hear the elites tell it - possess an insatiable propensity for violence (in contrast, I suppose, to the elites' presumed inclination toward gentleness).

Unfortunately, MOST EVANGELICAL CHRISTIANS enthusiastically "buy into" this fallacious mindset. For example, my friend Gloria Cooper gives evidence to this fact when she demeans protesters as socialists, rich hippies and union organizers (although what's wrong with being a union organizer is difficult for me to fathom).

It is precisely because so many Americans - especially Christians - believe these lies, that the elites have been given license to expand their savagery against those who protest against their greed and avarice, and to cower them with ever increasing doses of brutality into accepting their status in life as the castoffs of the American New World Order System. [Please see our article, "Dealing with the Human Trash of America's New World Order System."]

AS A RESULT, ONE CAN EXPECT THAT THE KIND OF VIOLENCE THAT THE POLICE EXERCISED AGAINST THE PROTESTERS AT UC-DAVIS WILL ONLY INCREASE, and as it does, the protesters will be increasingly labeled as hippie "ner-do-wells," socialists, communists and drug addicts to justify the police-violence being used against them.


But YOU, dear brothers and sisters in Christ - YOU of all people - should understand (that is, if you read your Bible and believe it) that the epithets being hurled against the so-called sinful propensity of the poor are nothing more than a studied distraction; sin, after all, is not the exclusive domain of the poor. The Bible says that we -

"... are ALL gone out of the way ... there is NONE that doeth good, no, not one." (Rom. 3:12)

OR do you think that's not really the case? - that the elite's possession of money somehow or other insulates them from the penchant toward sin. If you do, then you're not being biblical! - and you have NO right to call yourself an evangelical Christian! Indeed, the Bible suggests the exact opposite: That the possession of wealth increases one's appetite for sin; the Scriptures say -

"... they that will be rich fall into temptation and a snare, and into many foolish and hurtful lusts, which drown men in destruction and perdition.

"For the love of money is the root of ALL evil ..." (1 Tim. 6:9-10)

All this is, apparently, difficult for most evangelical Christians to believe - Christians who have "bought into" the Gospel of Prosperity. They believe that money does in fact protect one against sin; that safety from sin can be found in the precincts of the middle class; but the fact of the matter is, there is as much cheating, stealing, drug-dealing, etc. that goes on in the precincts of the middle class as there is in the neighborhoods of the poor; but it's dealt with differently; when middle-class white kids are caught using or dealing drugs, the "powers that be" allow their parents to pretty much deal with it "under the table;" it rarely results in police involvement. Kids are shipped off to private clinics and treatment programs rather than to jail as poor kids are. It's the same thing when cars are stolen for "joy rides" in middle-class neighborhoods. And insofar as "broken homes" are concerned, there is certainly as much divorce in the families of the middle-class as there is in the families of the poor - but money covers it all up in these neighborhoods, while the poor lack the means to cover their failings and misdeeds.


Now stop for a moment and think about what we have been saying: If it's the job of the police to uncover crime wherever it exists - if that's their real job - then one's ability to hide his crimes by using money shouldn't make any difference. Crime is crime - whether it's hidden or in the open. So why is it that crime (so-called) is pursued so relentlessly against the poor and those who - because of their poverty and exclusion from the so-called "American Dream" - exercise their right of free speech to protest their miserable conditions? Why is it that the neighborhoods of those who have been systematically excluded from meaningful work are subjected to random road blocks, and warrantless searches and seizures? Why is there so much police BRUTALITY in these neighborhoods rather than in the neighborhoods of the middle-class and the rich?

Eugène Delacroix:
"Liberty Leading the People."

The reason, of course, is that the BRUTALITY the police routinely employ against such people (for example, those students at UC-Davis) has NOTHING TO DO WITH A LEGITIMATE LAW-ENFORCEMENT FUNCTION OF THE STATE, AND EVERYTHING TO DO WITH CLAMPING DOWN ON A RESTLESS POPULATION THAT IS SYSTEMATICALLY BEING EXCUDED FROM MEANINGFUL WORK, AND ONE THAT THE ELITES FEAR IS ON THE VERGE OF A "REVOLUTION" AGAINST THEM. Plainly, the tactics being used by the police against such people are designed to intimidate them, and "keep them groveling in their place" - i.e., to accept their lot in life as "human refuse."

Concerning the police violence at UC-Davis, Greenwald writes:

"The aim of such brutality is to instill in the population a reflexive support for authority, contempt for those who challenge that authority, and a blind faith in the government's unilateral, unchecked decisions regarding who is Bad and deserves state-issued punishment."


Moreover, the fact that the movement by the oppressed against the greed and avarice of the elites is gaining traction throughout the world is creating a PANIC in the precincts of the elites - A PANIC THAT CANNOT HELP BUT ELICIT A MASSIVE POLICE CRACK-DOWN ON THOSE WHO ARE PROTESTING AGAINST ELITE POWER - A CRACK-DOWN THAT WILL UNDOUBTEDLY PAVE THE WAY FOR THE EMERGENCE OF THE ANTI-CHRIST ON THE SIDE OF THE ELITES.

One of the most common misrepresentations of the Antichrist is that He will present himself to the world as a "Man of Peace" - a kind of "New Age Guru." BUT THE SCRIPTURES IN NO INSTANCE INDICATE THAT SUCH IS THE CASE. Take, for example, the many names and titles that are given to this individual in the Scriptures - none of which indicate that he will masquerade as a "Man of Peace." Arthur W. Pink lists the various names the Scriptures give to him: "The Bloody and Deceitful Man" (Ps. 5:6), "The Wicked One" (Ps. 10:2-4), "The Enemy" (Ps 10:18), "The Adversary" (Ps. 74:8-10), "The Head of Many Countries" (Ps.111:6), "The Violent One" (Ps. 140:1), "The King of Babylon" (Isa. 14:2), "The Sun of the Morning" (Isa. 14:12), "The Spoiler" (Isa. 16:4; Jer. 4:26), "The Nail" (Isa. 22:25), "The Profane Wicked Prince" (Ezek. 21:25-27), "The Little Horn" (Dan. 7:8), "The Prince That Shall Come" (Dan. 9:26), "The Vile Person" (Dan. 11:21), "The Willful King" (Dan. 11:36), "The Idol Shepherd" (Zech. 11:16-17), "The Man of Sin" (2 Thess. 2:3), "The Son of Perdition" (2 Thess. 2:3), "The Lawless One" (2 Thess. 2:8), "The Antichrist" (1 John 2:22), "The Angel of the Bottomless Pit" (Rev. 9:11), "The Beast" (Rev. 11:7); in addition, Dwight Pentecost includes the following names to the list: "The One Coming in His Own Name" (John 5:43), "The King of Fierce Countenance" (Dan. 8:23), "The Abomination of Desolation" (Matt. 24:15), and "The Desolator" (Dan 9:27).

Certainly NONE of these names gives any kind of credence to the thought that the Antichrist will be a "Man of Peace" - indeed, many of them imply just the opposite:

  • The Violent One

  • The Desolator

  • The Bloody and Deceitful Man

  • The Wicked One

  • The Adversary

  • The Spoiler

  • The Nail

  • The Vile Person

  • The Son of Perdition

  • The Abomination of Desolation

So much for the fallacious idea that the Antichrist will side with the poor against the rich.


Writing on the implications of what's happening not only in the United States but throughout the world and what it portends insofar as the elites are concerned, Garance Franke-Ruta reports that -

"... a movement that is shaking governments around the world has taken hold ... It started with Tunisia and the Arab Spring, then spread to Spain and the Indignados movement, to Chile with the massive student mobilization for an end to education for profit, to England with the urban riots, to Athens with the massive demonstrations against the tyranny of the Euro and the financial markets, and then to New York with the Occupy Wall Street movement."

Christ depicted as the "King of the Indignados" (the "Indignant Ones) - a movement in Spain that is similar to the Occupy Wall Street Movement in the United States.

Franke-Ruta goes on to say,

"Two comparable uprisings have rocked the course of history: The revolutions of 1848 in Europe—known as the Spring Time of the Peoples—challenged monarchs, aristocrats and autocrats alike as Karl Marx and Frederick Engels penned the Communist Manifesto. Disturbances and revolutions occurred in more than 50 countries and thousands died with untold numbers fleeing abroad.

"Then, exactly one century and two decades later (i.e., 1968), a broad anti-elitist movement roiled the globe once again on many fronts: the Tet offensive in Vietnam, the global anti-war movement, the student and worker uprising in Paris, the Prague Spring in Czechoslovakia, the riots in Chicago at the Democratic convention and the Mexican student protests that led to the massacre at Tlateloco Plaza.

"Both these events changed the world in profound ways, just as the great revolt of 2011 is doing."

Franke-Ruta continues:

"As in 1968, today's uprising ... is calling for fundamental changes in the world's political and economic order. The youthful demonstrators of Tahrir Square in Cairo and the young people camped out in Zuccotti Park in New York see no future in the current governments that control their countries ... As Nobel economics laureate Joseph Stiglitz writes,

'Social protest has found fertile ground everywhere: a sense that the 'system' has failed and the conviction that even in a democracy, the electoral process will not set things right—at least not without strong pressure from the street'."

1968 student uprising in Paris. [Please see our article, "Thank God for France."]

Confirming the worst fears of the elites that the current unrest is a worldwide phenomenon, Franke-Ruta says:

"A strong sense of solidarity and communication exists among these movements. The initial squatters in New York City openly acknowledged that they were inspired by the revolts in Tunisia and Egypt."

NOTE: Naturally enough, most Christians will jump to the conclusion that these protesters are, of necessity, anti-Semitic (because they are linked to the "Arab Spring") and that their protests against the American New World System should be written off as nothing more than the ranting of anti-Semites.

But the truth is, Israel has in fact been reduced to the status of a household slave in the home of the American elites. As a result, when people all over the world see Israel, they see the American New World Order System; it's this more than the controversy between the Arab world (the sons of Ishmael) and the state of Israel (the sons of Isaac) over Palestine that reveals why so much of the world has turned against Israel. [We URGE you to see our recent article, "Israel: Prostituting itself out to the American New World Order System."]

ISRAEL: tied up and groveling at the feet of its American "Dominatrix." [We URGE you to see our article, "Israel: In that Day There Shall Stand up a Root of Jesse that Shall Be an Ensign for the People."]

Naturally enough, the elites have been using the fact that a connection has been made between the Occupy Wall Street Movement in the United States and what is happening in Egypt and the rest of the Arab world as a means of rallying the support of American Christians against the Occupy Movement. It's a ruse that countless numbers of American Christians are falling for.


Franke-Ruta elaborates on the connection between Cairo and the Occupy Movement in the United States:

"When the police crackdown occurred against Occupy Oakland, Egyptians sent communiques of support and marched to the U.S. embassy in Cairo calling for an end to police violence in Oakland. Weeks later a group of media and political activists in Cairo sent out a call for international support against the growing military repression in their country:

'We are still fighting for our revolution. We are marching, occupying, striking, shutting things down. And you, too, are marching, occupying, striking, shutting things down. We know from the outpouring of support we received in January that the world was watching us closely and even inspired by our revolution. We felt closer to you than ever before. And now, it's your turn to inspire us as we watch the struggles of your movements. ... If they stifle our resistance, the 1% will win - in Cairo, New York, London, Rome - everywhere. But while the revolution lives our imaginations knows no bounds. We can still create a world worth living in'."

Franke-Ruta continues:

"Oct. 15 marked an international upsurge in the movement. The headline of the Guardian newspaper of London proclaimed: 'Occupy Anti-Capitalism Protests Spread Around the World'. Tens of thousands rallied and marched in London, Frankfurt, Madrid, Rome, Sydney, Hong Kong, Toronto, Santiago and Rio de Janeiro and scores of other cities around the globe. Although the demonstrators were largely peaceful, the police cracked down in many cities and clashes in Rome became particularly violent. A banner in Rome read, 'People of Europe Rise Up'. In Berlin banners called for an end to capitalism and in Frankfurt protestors fought with police in front of the European Central Bank.

"These were the largest global protests since the international mobilization in February 2003 tried to stop the Bush administration from going to war in Iraq. But the protest movement today—driven by the Great Recession that threw the global economy into crisis—runs deeper and is far more resilient than that of 2003. At the heart of the crisis are international banks that got bailed out as millions of people lose their jobs, their life's savings, their homes and their daily bread. As Naomi Wolf proclaimed, the -

'... enemy is a global 'corporatocracy' that has purchased governments and legislatures, created its own armed enforcers, engaged in systemic economic fraud, and plundered treasuries and ecosystems'.

"Meanwhile, the 'corporatocracy' is determined to maintain its power and privileges as it comes under increasing scrutiny. In Europe, draconian austerity policies are being imposed to rescue the Euro, policies that will condemn Europe and much of the world to stagnant economic growth for years to come. In Greece and Italy, democracy is shunted aside as elections are avoided and technocrats beholden to the big banks are put in charge."



And who exactly are some of the leaders who constitute America's corporatocracy? Well, one can get some idea as to who they are by scrutinizing the "goings on" at the 2007 meeting of the Kappa Beta Phi (not Phi Beta Kappa) "fraternity" at the St. Regis Hotel in New York City. Alan Greenberg, former chief executive of the now defunct Bear Stearns was there; as was Richard Grasso, former head of the New York Stock Exchange; Kenneth G. Langone, chairman of the exchange's compensation committee; Martin Lipton, a founding partner of Wachtell Lipton Rosen & Katz, the powerful Wall Street law firm; David H. Komansky, the former chairman and chief executive officer of Merrill Lynch (which is now a division of Bank of America); Sanford I. Weill, the chairman of Citigroup; Laurence D. Fink, the chief executive of Black Rock, the investment management company; Thomas G. Maheras, the head of the fixed income group at Citigroup; Leslie Goldwasser, a top bonds executive at the now defunct Bear Stearns; J. Ira Harris, a former senior partner and mergers and acquisitions banker at Lazard Freres; Lawrence Zicklin, the retired chief executive of Neuberger Berman, the asset management company and so forth and so on.

Many of those depicted above were heavily involved in the banking disaster of 2008; but all escaped with reputations and fortunes intact.

From top left hand corner: Alan Greenberg, Richard Grasso, Kenneth G. Langone, Martin Lipton, David H. Komansky, Sanford I. Weill, Laurence D. Fink, Thomas G. Maheras, Leslie Goldwasser, J. Ira Harris, Lawrence Zicklin.

And what were they all doing at the St. Regis? - making fun of Eliot Spitzer, the then courageous New York Attorney General who had begun a series of investigations into fraudulent Wall Street trading practices, and who helped expose Richard Grasso's obscene $151 million compensation package (from a semi-public agency, which - after all - is what the New York Stock Exchange is) that led to Grasso's resignation.

Grasso with the FARC

NOTE #1: Grasso is an especially invidious individual; please see more on Grasso - particularly his half-crazed effort to "buy-off" the FARC in Colombia in the interests of Wall Street - in our article, "Colombia: America's New Vietnam - & Your Sons and Daughters Will Be the Ones to Fight It - All in the Name of Christ." Indeed, Grasso is so PAST ALL FEELING and so jaded toward average people that he thinks anybody can be "bought off" - even the FARC.

Spitzer and his $5,000-a-night "call girl."

NOTE #2: It is commonly reported that it was one of these people (see above) who "blew the whistle on Spitzer's affair with a $5,000-a-night New York "call girl" that culminated in his resignation as governor of New York. The elites play for keeps, and if one "exposes" their "goings-on," one can expect to be dealt with in a similar fashion. Moreover, if there is nothing in one's background that can be attacked, the elites are not beyond making it up - as Ross Perot found out to his horror in his 1992 run for the presidency against George Bush 1.

One of the highlights of the evening at the St. Regis was when Diana L. Taylor, who was accompanied to the party by Mayor Bloomberg, a former hot-shot salesman at Soloman Brothers - THE SAME MAYOR BLOOMBERG THAT MOVED SO RUTHLESSLY TO SHUT DOWN THE PROTESTERS AT ZUCCOTTI PARK - donned mock prison garb and ran through a series of songs and skits lampooning Wall Street's many scandals - scandals that have cheated millions and millions of ordinary Americans out of their life savings. It was all just a laugh to them.

Bloomberg and Taylor
at the St. Regis

Interestingly enough, Taylor is the New York banking superintendent. Her presence there made a joke out of what she is supposed to be charged with doing: watching out for the welfare of average people. It's all such a lark to the elites, and gives credence to the notion that ordinary people possess their money ONLY at the elite's sufferance.

C. Wright Mills of Columbia University writes of them:

"These are men and women who have transcended the ordinary environments of ordinary people; by their decisions they set up and break down the destinies of others ..."

What do they care about average people; they don't! As Mills says, they "break down the destinies of others" without even bating an eye. Whole communities - sometimes even whole nations - live or die at their whim; they are selfish, mean-spirited wretches whose souls are twisted and gnarled with GREED, and who worship money as a god -

"Having ... [their] understanding darkened, being alienated from the life of God through the ignorance that is in them, because of the blindness of their heart:

"Who being PAST FEELING have given themselves over unto lasciviousness, to work all uncleanness with GREEDINESS." (Eph. 4:18-19)


What an insolent, vicious little group these people are - parading around as they did at the St. Regis in such an open and bold display of their wealth while making a mockery of average people. Truly, as Mills says,

"The American elite is NOT composed of ... men [and women] whose conduct and character [should] constitute models for American imitation and aspiration ..."

Hideous REPROBATES - ALL OF THEM. There is no humanity left in any of them. These are the people about whom the Bible says run around like banshees -

"Professing themselves to be wise, they [have] become FOOLS,

"And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a REPROBATE mind ...

"Being filled with all unrighteousness ... wickedness, covetousness, maliciousness; full of envy, murder, debate, deceit, malignity; whisperers,

"Backbiters, haters of God, despiteful, proud, boasters, inventors of evil things ...

"... implacable, unmerciful:

"Who knowing the judgment of God, that they which commit such things are worthy of death, not only do the same, but have pleasure in them that do them." (Rom. 1:22, 28-32)

Yes! - as Mills says, these people are not

"... men [and women] with whom members of the ... public can rightfully and gladly IDENTIFY ..."

What an insolent, vicious little group these people are - parading around as they do in such an open and bold display of their wealth while making a mockery of average people.


"The only terrorist most Americans will ever encounter is a policeman with a badge ..."

If in fact these are the kind of people (see above) whose interests the police ultimately serve (as the recent police crack-downs of the Occupy Movement not only in New York, but elsewhere around the country so aptly demonstrate), can there be any real doubt as to the brutality the police will find it convenient to employ? The brutality of the masters is reflected in the brutality of their servants.

This is so much the case that Paul Craig Roberts, a conservative and Assistant Secretary of the Treasury in the Reagan administration, has felt compelled to report,

"The only terrorist most Americans will ever encounter is a policeman with a badge. A Google search for "police brutality videos" turns up 2,210,000 entries. Some entries are foreign and some are probably duplications, but the number is so large that a person could do nothing but watch police brutality videos for the rest of his life. A search on "You Tube" alone turned up 2,280 police brutality videos.

"Police brutality has crossed the line from using excessive force against a resisting Rodney King to unprovoked gratuitous violence against persons offering no resistance, such as the elderly, women, students, and elected officials. Americans are not safe anywhere from police. Police attack Americans in university libraries, in public meetings, and in their own homes."

Roberts continues:

"Police forces have always attracted bullies with authoritative personalities who desire to beat senseless anyone who does not quake in their presence. In the past police could get away with brutalizing blacks but not whites. Today white citizens are as likely as racial minorities to be victims of police brutality.

"The police are supreme. The militarization of the police, armed now with military weapons and trained to view the general public as the enemy against whom 'pain compliance' must be used, has placed every American at risk of personal injury and false arrest from our 'public protectors'."


And make no mistake about it: this kind of police brutality is necessary if the elites are to remain in power; they certainly can't rely on fair and free elections. POLICE BRUTALITY IS NEEDED MORE AND MORE TO CLAMP DOWN ON AN INCREASINGLY RESTLESS POPULATION.

The name of the game is INTIMIDATION! IT'S A GAME BORROWED FROM THE TACTICS THE ELITES HAVE BEEN USING FOR YEARS IN THE THIRD WORLD TO COWER THOSE POPULATIONS INTO SUBMISSION - populations that the elites view as nothing more than "commodities" to be used up and discarded; "throw-aways" to be worked to death in virtual "slave-labor" factories for pennies a day and then cast off as "human trash" the way the I.G. Farben Company in Nazi Germany did to the Jews in Auschwitz-Birkenau; the way the British elites did to indigenous workers in India, Kenya, Malaysia, etc.; and the way the old Planter Aristocracy did to black slaves in the ante-bellum South.


How you choose to react to this brutality will determine the kind of Christianity you have embraced.





The claim of ignorance won't wash here! - and those Christians who stand by and say nothing concerning the alliance the leaders of today's church have made with today's super-elite, claiming ignorance of what these elites have been up to, will suffer a terrible fate: They stood by and allowed Christ's name to be linked with these DEGENERATES - lending credence (as if any were needed) to Christ's words,

"My name is blasphemed among the heathen (i.e., unbelievers) because of you." (Romans 2:24)

One would do well to remember the words of Christ:

"Whosoever therefore shall be ashamed of me and of my words in this adulterous and sinful generation; of him also shall the Son of man be ashamed, when he cometh in the glory of his Father with the holy angels." (Mark 8:38)

Yes! - there can be little doubt that you will suffer police violence if you stand up against the alliance that the leaders of today's church have made with the super-elite, but then, Christians have been suffering this kind of violence for over 2,000 years. It's the same kind of STATE-SANCTIONED POLICE VIOLENCE that Christians suffered under during the times of the Caesars; it's the same kind of violence that Christians suffered under during the Dark Ages, during the Inquisition; the kind of violence that the Christian community in China has suffered under, ad infinitum.

Yes! - there can be little doubt that you will suffer police violence if you stand up against the alliance that the leaders of today's church have made with the super-elite

This is no game; it's not the "make-believe" of Tim LaHaye's fevered imagination in his Left Behind series of books; it's for REAL.


God bless you all!

S.R. Shearer
Antipas Ministries







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