[Murder and attempted murder by fast-acting cancer -
from Jack Ruby through Mae Brussell to Hugo Chavez]

By: S.R. Shearer
January 13, 2012


The great conceit of liberalism - of the Left - is its refusal to concede reality to powers that are greater than man. The effort by the Left to discount these powers is so absurd that it borders on the moronic. At best, it's crass naivety masquerading as "worldliness;" at worst, it's folly pretending to be wisdom. (Romans 1:22) The fact of the matter is, however, powers far greater than man control his destiny - and though unseen and little suspected by the rulers of the earth, there are "principalities," "powers," and "world-rulers of darkness" who are really in charge of this world and who direct the affairs of man and with whom, as Paul tells us, we have to wage a fearful warfare:

"For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high (i.e., heavenly) places." (Ephesians 6:12)

The Left, which fails to recognize this fact, but which - nonetheless - fancies itself an exposer of the "flesh and blood" wickedness in others, wields little more than a wooden sword against what are really only shadows.


The Left can speak only of "good" and "evil," but not of the dragons beyond those comfortable conceits. It battles against phantoms it cannot by any means see, and exposes nothing more than the secondhand sins of its flesh and blood adversaries, while never coming to grips with the real powers that stand behind that flesh and blood.

The words, "JURIS PRAECEPTA SUNT HAEC: HONESTE VIVERE ALTERUM NON LAEDERE SUM CUIQUE TRIBURE"("These are the precepts of law: to live honestly, to harm no one, and to give each his due")are the watchwords by which these left-wing agnostics attempt to order their lives and the lives of other men. They were written by the third-century Roman jurist Ulpian - like them, an agnostic - and their presence above the entrances of countless court buildings throughout the Western World attests to the attempt by such men to believe that they are in charge - that they control their own destiny; that they rule over the forces of "good" and "evil" in this world.

But the fate of Ulpian, who gave these words to Rome, speaks more to the reality: Ulpian was ultimately slain in the imperial palace beneath the light of day by the very unseen forces of evil he had denied in life - forces which proved far more evil, far more malignant, far more powerful, and much more deeply set in stone than his words could ever be.

Ulpian was ultimately slain in the imperial palace beneath the light of day by the very unseen forces of evil he had denied in life.

It is PRECISELY these unseen powers - the same powers that ultimately made a mockery of Ulpian's wisdom and slew him in the dank, shadowy corridors under the imperial palace in Rome - that control the CIA today AND THAT LAUGH AT THE EFFORTS BY SECULARISTS TO BATTLE THEIR INFLUENCE OVER THE AFFAIRS OF MAN WITHOUT ACKNOWLEDGING THEIR PRESENCE.

These spectral forces are at work in the world today, and one can see their influence everywhere; it is surely discernable in the way those who haunt the precincts of this bureaucracy of evil (i.e., the CIA) are transformed into MONSTERS whose consciences have been so seared that they think nothing of the horror they are inflicting on mankind; and it is equally discernable in the way the CIA deals with its enemies.

Consider now the malevolent spiritual forces that have to have been behind the unspeakably evil effort of the CIA to deal with the enemies of the American super-state: ASSASSINATION THROUGH THE USE OF FAST-ACTING CANCERS.

-- Antipas



On December 28th, 2011, The Bloomberg Press released a report saying that Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez had given a speech during which he hinted that the U.S. may be behind a "very strange" bout of cancer affecting several leaders aligned with him in South America.

Chavez before his cancer (left); after getting cancer (right).

Chavez, speaking a day after Argentine President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner was diagnosed with thyroid cancer, said the Central Intelligence Agency, which had been behind inhumane chemical experiments in Guatemala in the 1940s, is engaging in the same kind of malevolence today, and that it's possible that in years to come a plot will be uncovered that shows the U.S. spread cancer as a political weapon against its critics.

Shhh! Be quiet -
don't tell anyone

NOTE: From 1946 to 1948 U.S. researchers in Guatemala used prostitutes to infect prison inmates, insane asylum patients, and Guatemalan soldiers with syphilis and other sexually transmitted diseases in order to test the effectiveness of penicillin in treating sexually transmitted diseases. They later tried infecting people with "direct inoculations made from syphilis bacteria poured into the men's penises and on forearms and faces that were slightly abraded . . . or in a few cases through spinal punctures." Approximately 700 people were infected as part of the study (INCLUDING ORPHAN CHILDREN ). The study was sponsored by the Public Health Service, the National Institutes of Health and the Pan American Health Sanitary Bureau (now the World Health Organization's Pan American Health Organization) and the Guatemalan government. The team was led by John Charles Cutler, who later participated in the Tuskegee syphilis experiments. Cutler chose to do the study in Guatemala because he would not have been permitted to do it in the United States.

The Guatemalan study, which was never published, came to light in 2010 after Wellesley College Professor Susan Reverby stumbled upon archived documents outlining the experiments.

LEFT: Dr. John Charles Cutler; RIGHT: The deformed skulls of those who had been infected with syphilis as a result of Cutler's experiment.


Chavez went on to say:

"It's very difficult to explain, even with the law of probabilities, what has been happening to some of us in Latin America. Would it be so strange that they've invented technology to spread cancer?"

Chavez, who was diagnosed with an undisclosed form of cancer in June and had a baseball-sized tumor removed in Cuba, has called for a regional summit of leaders who have battled cancer including Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff, her predecessor Luiz Inacio Lula Da Silva and Paraguay's Fernando Lugo.

FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Dilma Rousseff, Luiz Inacio Lula Da Silva and Fernando Lugo

Chavez continued:

"I'm just sharing my thoughts, but it's very, very, very strange."

Chavez warned:

"Evo take care of yourself, Correa, be careful, we just don't know."

He was referring to Evo Morales and Rafael Correa, the leftist leaders of Bolivia and Ecuador.

FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Evo Morales and Rafael Correa

Chavez, a former tank commander who has led South America's largest oil producer (i.e., Venezuela since 1999 says that the U.S. was involved in a coup against him in 2002 that briefly ousted the socialist leader before he was reinstated by the military and supporters. [For information on the attempt by the CIA to overthrow Chavez, please see our article, "Obrador's Parallel Leftist Government in Mexico City & the Spread of Chavezism throughout Latin America."]

The 57-year-old leader also accuses the U.S. of plotting an invasion of Venezuela to capture its oil reserves.

Chavez said that former Cuban leader Fidel Castro has warned him about assassination attempts after surviving what he has claimed are hundreds of plots by the U.S. since he took power in 1959:

"Fidel always tells me, 'Chavez be careful, they've developed technology, be careful with what you eat, they could stick you with a small needle'."

Fidel Castro is the person who has been the subject to the greatest number of assassination attempts, according to the Guinness Book of World Records and, surely, the archives of the US Central Intelligence Agency, the principal promoter of these frustrated homicide attempts. The count of assassination attempts against him stands at 638, almost all of them perpetrated by the CIA.

The methods aimed at killing him have been many, though all of them failed: from snipers, explosives hidden in his shoes, poison injected in a cigar, to a small explosive charge inside a baseball, among others. From the very moment in which he headed the triumphant Cuban Revolution in 1959, the CIA began to plot his murder.

FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Hugo Chavez, Fidel Castro and Evo Morales - all left-wing opponents of the American New World Order System.


Naturally enough, the comments by Chavez were attacked immediately by the Western media as the ramblings of a "mad man." However, one would be terribly naïve to believe that there was not a good deal of truth in what Chaves was saying; and there are a number of victims scattered all over the earth that silently attest to that truth - from (1) Jack Ruby, who may have been one of the first victims of such a murder through (2) Mae Brussell, who had been exploring pedophilia in the stratospheric heights of American society (especially in the Republican Party), (3) Dr. Karla Turner, PhD, who had been investigating the CIA and Area 51 to (4) Hugo Chavez today. [For information on pedophilia among Republican Party elites, please see our article, "The Supernatural, America's Intelligence Agencies, the Republican Elites, Drugs and Pedophilia."]

LEFT TO RIGHT: Jack Ruby, Mae Brussell, Karla Turner, Hugo Chavez


Dr. Cornelius Rhoads

Can you give a person cancer? Very obviously so - after all, if cancer in animals can be caused by injecting them with cancer viruses and bacteria, it is certainly possible to do the same with human beings! For example, in 1931, Cornelius Rhoads, a pathologist from the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research, purposely infected human test subjects in Puerto Rico with cancer cells; 13 of them died. Obviously, the trick in using cancer as a tool for assassination is to hide that fact.

NOTE: Interestingly, Rhodes later went on to establish the U.S. Army Biological Warfare facilities in Fort Detrick Maryland (where researchers now believe the HIV/AIDS virus, the Avian Flu virus and the Swine Flu / A-H1N1 virus were concocted). [Again, we urge you to see our article, "The Drug Epidemic, Viruses, Ebola and AIDS: it's not what you think ."]

Interestingly, Senator Church succumbed to a fast-acting cancer; Church was hospitalized for a pancreatic tumor on January 12, 1984. Less than three months later, he died at his home in Bethesda, Maryland, on April 7, 1984, at the age of 59.

The fact that the CIA found a way became apparent in the famous Church Committee Hearings in 1975: during these hearings the existence of the CIA's secret assassination program (and the "weapons" and techniques involved in that program) came to light including the existence of "fast-acting cancers" that only a very skilled pathologist, who knew exactly what to look for could recognize. The CIA had developed these cancers as a means of "killing-off" high profile leaders and enemies of the government before they could "cause trouble."

The truth is, as investigative journalist Philip H. Melanson (High Tech Mysterious Deaths) reports,

"During the 1950s the CIA developed [fast-acting] cancers for use in political assassinations - drugs that would produce what appeared to be 'natural' death. For example, a 1952 CIA memo reports on the cancer-inducing uses of beryllium: 'This is certainly the most toxic inorganic element and it produces a peculiar fibrotic tumor at the site of local application. The amount necessary to produce these tumors is a few micrograms'. The same CIA memo talks of the possibility of developing techniques for getting beryllium into the victim's lungs by having it inhaled in small doses."

Beryllium (atomic #4) and a beryllium pellet that is only a few micrograms in size and capable of being injected (either in food, in a spray, or by injection) without detection by any normal means.


Researcher Edward Haslam expands on what Melanson has reported on; he traces the development of fast-acting cancers by the CIA for the purpose of political assassinations to a series of experiments that occurred in New Orleans in the late 1950s and early 1960s - a series of experiments which were brusquely covered up by the CIA shortly after the assassination of JFK in Dallas in 1963.

The cover-up involved the assassination of Mary Sherman, a nationally prominent cancer researcher who was brutally and savagely murdered in 1964. Sherman had been instrumental in developing fast-acting cancers for the CIA, but her conscience had evidently gotten the best of her when she learned that her work had played a prominent part in the cover-up of the JFK murder: The CIA was frightened that Sherman would "spill the beans" to the Warren Commission.


Mary Stults, the daughter of a voice teacher, was born in Evanston, Illinois in 1913. A highly intelligent student, at the age of sixteen she went to France to study at the L'Ecole de M. Collnot before working on a masters at the University of Illinois. At this time she married Thomas Sherman. She was trained at the University of Chicago, then the headquarters of nuclear, bio-chemical, and genetic research in America. During this period Sherman did ground-breaking research into botanical viruses which lived in soil. Sherman's career prospered and she was elected to the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons (AAOS). Soon afterwards she was appointed as chairman of the Pathology Committee of the AAOS.


Sherman's experiments with fact-acting cancers occurred in the Infectious Disease Laboratory at the Public Health Service Hospital in New Orleans. The experiments themselves took place in a clandestine laboratory in the basement of the facility under the control of David Ferrie - the same David Ferrie that New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison implicated in the assassination of JFK in Dallas in 1963.

Garrison had become convinced that a group of right-wing activists, including Ferrie, Guy Bannister, Carlos Bringuier and Clay Shaw, were involved in a conspiracy with the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) to kill John F. Kennedy. Garrison claimed this was in retaliation for Kennedy's attempts to obtain a peace settlement in both Cuba and Vietnam. It was Ferrie's relationship with Sherman at the Infectious Disease lab in New Orleans that led Garrison to Sherman and from there to Dr. Alton Ochsner who was ultimately in charge of the research. From Ochsner the path led directly to the CIA and other right-wing, anti-communist crusaders.

Garrison had become convinced that a group of right-wing activists, including Ferrie, Guy Bannister, Carlos Bringuier and Clay Shaw, were involved in a conspiracy with the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) to kill John F. Kennedy. Garrison claimed this was in retaliation for his attempts to obtain a peace settlement in both Cuba and Vietnam. Ferrie died of a "cerebral hemorrhage on the 22nd of February. Garrison and others believe that he was murdered by the CIA to silence him regarding the JFK assassination.

The Infectious Disease Laboratory at the Public Health Service Hospital in New Orleans.


The laboratory - both the "public" aspects of the lab's work as well as its secret research component that dealt with fast-acting cancers - fell under the ultimate authority of Dr. Alton Ochsner; the secret aspect of the lab's research was, according to Haslam -

"... one of 159 covert research centers which the CIA has admitted to setting up."

Ochsner is the one who recruited Mary Sherman to run the secret research operation on fast-acting cancers; the operation itself was hidden behind the altruistic façade of developing a vaccine to prevent a feared future epidemic of soft tissue cancers in children.

Haslam believes the development of a fast-acting cancer the CIA could use against America's enemies ultimately became a kind of medical Manhattan Project for the agency (the name of the top secret project that created the atomic bomb).

Dr Alton Ochsner


The fact that Ochsner was closely connected to the FBI and the CIA is impossible to deny; it was confirmed from a Freedom of Information report that Haslam obtained: The records refer to a "Sensitive Position" Haslam held with the FBI between 1957-59, and indicate the FBI released him in 1959 (the year Castro's revolutionaries overthrew the totalitarian dictator Batista) to take another "Sensitive Position" with an "undisclosed agency" [i.e., the CIA].

Ochsner's passionate involvement with the CIA stemmed from his concern regarding the so-called "growing menace of communism in the Western Hemisphere" and "stopping Castro whatever it took."


Ochsner was founder and president of the Information Council of the Americas (INCA), which produced and distributed anticommunist radio programming aimed at Latin America. The initial financing for INCA came from Ochsner himself and other New Orleans doctors and business people, including the CIA contractor Clay Shaw, who ran the New Orleans International Trade Mart and who district attorney Jim Garrison prosecuted as a JFK assassination co-conspirator in 1967.

NOTE: INCA was also supported by a number of rabid anti-communist California businessmen, among whom were Dudley Swim, chairman of National Airlines and Patrick J. Frawley, Jr., then an executive of Eversharp, Schick Electric, and Technicolor. Frawley was partial to rightist groups and causes. Among others Frawley lavished large sums upon were Frederick Schwartz's anti-Semitic Christian Anti-Communism Crusade and Young Americans for Freedom. He was also a generous supporter of Ronald Reagan's early political career . Frawley often added prominent conservatives to his corporate boards; for example, Ochsner was made an Eversharp director. These elite patrons were drawn to INCA because it offered a way to strike at the Cuban Revolution. INCA vowed to use its propagandistic skills to help prevent that revolution's spread elsewhere in Latin America. It devoted its first couple of years to producing and distributing Truth Tapes--anti-Castro recordings designed to be broadcast on Latin American radio stations and to sway the Latin American masses. To convey strong emotion on the tapes, INCA often enlisted Cuban refugees. By mid-1964, it claimed over 120 cooperating stations in sixteen Latin American nations.

H.L. Hunt

One of Ochsner's anti-communist collaborators was Clint Murchison, the Texas oil millionaire in whose Dallas home many Kennedy-haters who were later connected to the assassination of JFK met the evening prior to the president's murder, among whom was another Texas oil millionaire, H.L. Hunt, who had been heard to say in early 1963,

"... there was no way to get those traitors [i.e., the Kennedy brothers] out of government except by shooting them out." [Please see our article, "The Men Who Gathered Themselves together at Clint Murchison's Dallas Home Forty-Five Years Ago."]

Interestingly, William F. Pepper, author of An Act of State: The Execution of Martin Luther King (a book that Ramsey Clark, United States Attorney General in the Johnson

Madeline Brown and LBJ

Administration, calls one of the best books he has ever read on the subject of King's assassination), says that Madeline Brown, LBJ's beautiful mistress with whom LBJ had a son, was at Murchison's party that night too. Pepper says that Brown told him that near the end of the party, all the "big shots" disappeared behind the closed doors of Murchison's study. After a while, the meeting broke up, and Johnson - anxious and red-faced - emerged from the meeting and went up to Brown, embraced her and whispered in her ear something she would never forget:



Ochsner's right-wing connections returned to haunt him on March 1, 1967 when Garrison arrested Ochsner's friend, Clay Shaw. Garrison charged that in September 1963 Shaw, David William Ferrie, Lee Harvey Oswald, and others met in New Orleans and conspired to kill President Kennedy.

Previous to Garrison's arrest of Shaw, the American media had done its best to blame JFK's assassination on communism - see picture to the left.

But Garrison pointed to a conspiracy from the right.

Jack Ruby shooting Oswald

Ochsner even feared his own arrest - and he had reason to: in the summer of 1967, William Gurvich, who had just resigned as one of Garrison's investigators, claimed the district attorney was preparing a number of additional arrests, including that of a doctor. "I wondered whether he might mean me," Ochsner wrote to one of his anti-Castro friends, but he did not really believe it "... until Bill Helis, a good friend of mine, who knows Gurvich very well, called me and told him it was I, and he was going to have me arrested."


Garrison had unearthed information that Ochsner was an "accessory after the fact" in the assassination of President Kennedy because he had been responsible for inducing Jack Ruby to murder Oswald two days after Oswald's arrest while he (Oswald) was being transferred from Dallas police headquarters to the Dallas County jail.

It seems that the real conspirators (i.e., the CIA, rogue elements of the US military and various right-wing businessmen - see NOTE below on "The Real Conspirators") were in a frenzy to shut Oswald up who, it appeared, was emerging from the "altered state of consciousness" that he had been placed under - an "altered state of consciousness" that had been developed by a CIA program (MK-ULTRA) the purpose of which was to develop a "Manchurian Candidates" - someone who has been brainwashed into performing assassinations or performing as a "patsy" for such an assassination with no ability to retain in his mind who had done the programming or why.

For information as to the efficacy of programming an "altered state of consciousness" into an individual, we URGE you to see the Discovery Channel's documentary "Deception" with Keith Barry . You should bear in mind that Barry proves that even "UNWILLING" individuals can be programmed - something that most people have been led not to believe. Moreover, one should also bear in mind that the "altered state of consciousness" that MK-ULTRA develops in a person is much more severe and acute than the one induced by Barry. You may order this video through Netflix.[Please see our article, "MK-ULTRA: The Search for a Manchurian Candidate."]

There could be little doubt that Oswald was somehow or other "coming out" of his "altered state of consciousness;" and that this was so was attested to by a remark that Oswald made when he encountered reporters in a hallway at Dallas police headquarters shortly after his arrest, where he declared -

"... I didn't shoot anyone, I'm just a patsy!"


Needless to say, this turn of events terrified Kennedy's real killers, and Ochsner was enlistedto inject Jack Ruby (without Ruby's knowledge) with one of his cancer concoctions. Ochsner did so and then convinced Ruby that he was dying of cancer and that Ruby had nothing to lose in murdering Oswald to protect his anti-Castro friends and -

"... save the country from communism."

NOTE: The list of those in Texas and around the country who hated Kennedy enough to want him dead and who were connected in one way or another to Dr. Ochsner was very large and included Texas oil magnates Sid Richardson and H.L. Hunt; FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover and his right-hand man at the agency, Clyde Tolson; John J. McCloy, past president of the World Bank; Richard Nixon, Vice President under President Eisenhower (later to become America's thirty-seventh president); Robert L. Thornton, who made his fortune as an insurance magnate; Lyndon Johnson (who was to become president the next day, immediately following Kennedy's assassination); and various members of the so-called "Suite 8F Group," a network of right-wing businessmen such as George and Herman Brown of Brown and Root - a company closely tied to the Bush family and reputed to have had close ties with the Nazis during World War II; Jesse H. Jones, an investor affiliated with the Reconstruction Finance Corporation; Gus Wortham of the American General Insurance Company; James Abercrombie of the Cameron Iron Works; Hugh Roy Cullen of Quintana Petroleum; Texas Governor William Hobby; William Vinson, Great Southern Life Insurance; James Elkins, American General Insurance and Pure Oil Pipe Line; Morgan J. Davis of Humble Oil; Albert Thomas, chairman of the House Appropriations Committee, Subcommittee on Defense; John Connally, later to become Secretary of the Treasury; as well as Alvin Wirtz, Thomas Corcoran, Homer Thornberry and Edward Aubrey Clark - four lawyers who worked closely with the "Suite 8F Group."

The name (i.e., "Suite 8F Group") comes from the room in the Lamar Hotel in Houston where the group held its meetings. Others associated closely with the "Suite 8F Group" included Robert Anderson, president of the Texas Mid-Continent Oil and Gas Association and later Secretary of the Navy and Secretary of the Treasury; Robert Kerr of Kerr-McGee Oil Industries; Billie Sol Estes, an entrepreneur in the cotton industry; Glenn McCarthy of McCarthy Oil and Gas Company; Earl E. T. Smith, of U.S. Sugar Corporation; Fred Korth, Continental National Bank and Navy Secretary; Ross Sterling of Humble Oil; Eugene B. Germany, Mustang Oil Company; David Harold Byrd, chairman of Byrd Oil Corporation; Lawrence D. Bell, of Bell Helicopter; William D. Pawley (business interests in Cuba); Gordon McLendon of KLIF; Senators George Smathers, Richard Russell, James Eastland, Benjamin Everett Jordan; and lobbyists Fred Black and Bobby Baker, also affiliated with the Serve-U Corporation. In this connection, almost all those listed above were invitees to Clint Murchisan's home in Dallas on the eve of Kennedy's assassination. There can be little doubt that those who prevailed on Dr. Ochsner to manipulate Jack Ruby to Kill Oswald were members of this group of rabid anti-communists, "anti-Castroites" and Kennedy-haters.

Jack Ruby himself died of cancer a few weeks after his conviction for murder had been overruled in appeals court and he was ordered to stand trial outside of Dallas - thus allowing him to speak freely if he so desired. Ruby succumbed to a pulmonary embolism, secondary to bronchogenic carcinoma (lung cancer), on January 3, 1967 at Parkland Hospital, where Oswald had died and where President Kennedy had been pronounced dead after his assassination. He was buried beside his parents in the Westlawn Cemetery in Norridge, Illinois.

Jack Ruby was an ardent anti-communist with links to the same anti-Castro underground to which Dr. Ochsner belonged (see above). He is also reputed to have had links to "the mob" through his activities at the Carousel Club, a nightclub he owned in Dallas.

For the seamy details of Ruby's activities in connection with the JFK assassination, please see the following video:


The CIA as the real "Murder, Inc."

As we have already indicated, the murder of Mary Sherman was plainly part of the CIA's effort to (1) hide the connection between Ochsner and the murder of Oswald, (2) the use of Ruby as Oswald's murderer and (3) the utilization by Ochsner of one of his (and Sherman's) cancer concoctions as part and parcel of the scheme. Sherman's belated tinge of conscience with regard to the use of her work in these horrible crimes had become very worrisome to the CIA.

Sherman's death occurred on the 21st of July, 1964 - the day the Warren Commission came to her city (New Orleans) to obtain testimony from her and others regarding the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

Sherman was BRUTALLY and SAVAGELY hacked to death with a knife. She was stabbed in the heart, arm, leg and stomach. Her mattress had been set on fire and her body had been horribly burned and mutilated. Her car was found several blocks away with the keys thrown on a neighboring lawn. The crime has never been solved.

There can be little doubt that the assassination of Sherman was an "out-front," brutal homicide that was designed to send a message - the same kind of message the CIA sent when it assassinated Gary Webb, a reporter for the San Jose Mercury News, who had done so much in exposing the CIA's part in introducing drugs into the United States. The message was directed at the CIA's enemies, and it read: "KEEP YOUR 'F...KING' MOUTHS SHUT OR THE SAME THING THAT HAPPENED TO SHERMAN WILL HAPPEN TO YOU." [Please see our article, "The Death of Gary Webb; Is the government Sending Us a Message?"]


Since the death of Jack Ruby - which may have been the first instance that cancer was used as tool of assassination - countless "enemies of the American Empire" have been silenced in this fashion; indeed, so many people have been "done in" by cancer at a "convenient time in history" that many like Hugo Chaves are openly - and with much justification - asking the question,

"Who is assassinating people by giving them cancer? Who ordered the hits and why?"

The same answer that ultimately surfaces is THE CIA.

Among those have been eliminated by fast-acting cancers (and, sometimes by the use of an induced heart attack or stroke) are: Clay Shaw, Earlene Roberts (Oswald's land-lady), Marilyn Monroe, Slobodan Milosevic, Kenneth Lay (former CEO of ENRON - the largest political campaign contributor of Gorge W Bush and Dick Cheney), Matt Simmons, Mark Pittman (a reporter who predicted the financial crisis and exposed Federal Reserve misdoings, Elizabeth Edwards (suddenly diagnosed with cancer while her husband was campaigning for the presidency). Edwards had had the temerity to call the War on Terrorism a slogan that was created for political reasons and that it wasn't a plan to make the United States safe.

NOTE: Edwards made this charge in a meeting of the Council on Foreign Relations in May 2007. He couldn't have chosen a more "unreceptive" and prejudiced audience to make such a charge, since the Council's members form the cream of the crop of America's business and foreign relations coterie. Soon after that occasion, Edward's wife was diagnosed with inoperable cancer; and it seems that the elites were unwilling to stop even there: they then went on to expose Edwards philandering by enticing one of his closest aides to "blow the whistle" on Edwards. This is precisely the way that the elites silenced Eliot Spitzer who had done so much to expose fraudulent Wall Street trading practices, and who helped expose Richard Grasso's obscene $151 million compensation package (from a semi-public agency, which - after all - is what the New York Stock Exchange is) that led to Grasso's resignation.

LEFT: Edwards and his mistress; RIGHT: Spitzer and his $5,000-a-night "call girl."

The elites play for keeps, and if one "exposes" their "goings-on," one can expect to be dealt with in a similar fashion. Moreover, if there is nothing in one's background that can be attacked, the elites are not beyond making it up - as Ross Perot found out to his horror in his 1992 run for the presidency against George Bush 1. And if all else fails, there is also fast-acting cancers and induced heart attacks.


Now one must understand something here: The kind of iniquity we have been discussing here - the kind that thinks nothing of developing "fast-acting cancers" with which to assassinate its victims - is far beyond what has passed for human iniquity in the past, and IT CAN ONLY BE ACCOUNTED FOR BY REFERENCE TO CHRIST'S WARNING,

"... as it was in the days of Noe [Noah], so shall it be also in the days of the [coming of the] Son of man ..." (Luke 17:26)

- which is to say, that once again earth shall be invaded by the same evil spirits that assailed the earth prior to the Flood, and (as a result) "... iniquity shall abound [greatly increase]" (Mathew 24:12) [Please see Part 5 of Chapter IX of the New Antipas Papers, "The Seven Trumpets - The Second Half of the Seventieth Week."]

And this will be so much the case that it will even surpass the iniquity that predominated on earth in the days of Noah, and led God to destroy the earth with a great Flood; that the human race has not succumbed in the interim - i.e., between the Flood and now - to the same vicious state of wickedness, violence and depravity that predominated on the earth before the Flood is only because of the gulf - perhaps the better word is the secular term "dimension" - that God saw fit to fix between these spirits and mankind after the deluge.

... and these malignant spirits - like a flood that has burst its boundaries - are beginning to inundate the earth again ...

But, as alluded to above, that dimension is once again being pierced, and the gulf that God placed between man and these evil spirits is once again being bridged; the bands broken; and these malignant spirits - like a flood that has burst its boundaries - are beginning to inundate the earth again.

Moreover, it is in the environs of Babylon that this breach has occurred; and so we have the terrible warning of Scripture:

"BABYLON ... HAS BECOME THE HABITATION OF DEVILS, AND THE HOLD [PRISON] OF EVERY FOUL SPIRIT, AND A CAGE OF EVERY UNCLEAN AND HATEFUL BIRD [SPIRIT]." (Revelation 18:2) [Please see Chapter XII of the New Antipas Papers, "The Beast of Revelation 17."]

It is precisely here that one cannot help but wonder what's "going on" in Area 51 in the Nevada desert.

Area 51 in the Nevada desert.

Indeed, The appearance of "extraterrestrials" that seems to haunt the world today appears to be inextricably bound up with Area 51 and the "development" (so to speak) of a new hyper-secret spacecraft called the Aurora which means "GODDESS OF DAWN."

Rare picture of the Aurora in flight (left); picture of UFOs seen by thousands of people over Phoenix (right) - probably the Aurora.

According to the Russian newspaper Pravda, the Russian military has reported that -

"The Aurora plane possesses fantastic supersonic speeds. Here, we are talking about totally NEW kind of aircraft: spy planes, fighter planes, transport planes, etc. They will be able to fly from the atmosphere into space and then return to Earth. The Americans have been working on this kind of aircraft for years already, developing several "star wars" projects. In effect, what the U.S. has been doing is working on the first ever SPACE ARMY, which would provide the United States with complete domination in near-Earth orbit. It will not be possible for any antimissile defense complexes to hit such planes, as they will be completely out of reach. The American space army will be able to hit any target on planet Earth at any moment." [Interestingly, it was Pravda that blew the whistle on what the CIA was doing in Africa regarding Ebola and AIDS - please see our article, "The Drug Epidemic, Viruses, Ebola and AIDS."]

Evidently, the Aurora is capable of flying at thousands and thousands of miles per hour, stopping on a dime, and making right angle turns; obviously, that kind of physics does not fit into the "world of man;" it seems to be akin to what Ezekiel saw thousands of years ago in the deserts of ancient Babylon:

The disc (i.e., the "wheel within a wheel") that Ezekiel saw in the Babylonian desert.

"In the fifth day of the month, which was the fifth year of king Jehoiachin's captivity,

"The word of the LORD came expressly unto Ezekiel the priest, the son of Buzi, in the land of the Chaldeans [i.e., the Babylonians] by the river Chebar [a tributary to the Euphrates]; and the hand of the LORD was there upon him.

"And I looked, and, behold, a whirlwind came out of the north, a great cloud, and a fire infolding itself, and a brightness was about it ...

"And it's likenesss ... was like burning coals of fire, and like the appearance of lamps ... and the fire was bright, and out of the fire went forth lightning.

"Now as I beheld the living creatures, behold one WHEEL [disc] upon the earth by the living creatures, with his four faces.

"The appearance of the WHEELS and their work was like unto the colour of a beryl: and they four had one likeness: and their appearance and their work was as it were a WHEEL in the middle of a WHEEL. (Ezekiel 1:2-4, 13, 14-16)

Naturally enough, what Ezekiel saw was from God; but the "entities" the scientists at Area 51 are "fooling around with" are from Satan.

It is precisely because of what's happening in Area 51 that not only "conspiracy nuts," but scientists in some of America's most prestigious universities think that "contact" has been made with the kind of "other-world entities" discussed in Genesis 6. [Please see Part V of Chapter IX of the New Antipas Papers: "The Seven Trumpets - the Second Half of the Seventieth Week;" please also see, "As in the Days of Noah."]


And so now we begin to understand the phantom-like forces that have gathered themselves around those who inhabit the precincts of Babylon and most especially the corridors of the CIA ...

And so now we begin to understand the phantom-like forces that have gathered themselves around those who inhabit the precincts of Babylon and most especially the corridors of the CIA; spectral authorities ("principalities," "powers," and "rulers of the darkness" capable of morphing people into MONSTERS who think nothing of perverting science to achieve their ends - and if one is unable to perceive how HORRIBLE a crime it is to create a fast-acting cancer; if one is unable to grasp the magnitude of such a violation of science; to understand that this kind of misdeed is of a dimension never before seen in the history of man, it can only mean that such a person himself is a long way down the road to being "borged" into the same kind of malevolent fiend as those who participated with the CIA in the making of these cancer-causing concoctions. [Please see our articles, "Witchcraft and the Paranormal" and "The Evil among Us."]

All this gives evidence - if any more is really needed - as to how wide a breach has been made in the gulf between man and these malignant spirits; AND IT IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT THAT WE RECOGNIZE THIS FACT, for if all we do is try to battle these forces on a secular basis - hoping against hope that we can neutralize the danger we face today through the so-called "legislative process" - then all we are doing is wielding wooden swords against phantoms that cannot be touched by such weapons.

If we are to have any impact on what's happening today, then we must see beyond our flesh and blood adversaries to the dragon beyond that flesh and blood -

"For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

"Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand.

"Stand therefore, having your loins girt about with truth, and having on the breastplate of righteousness;

"And your feet shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace;

"Above all, taking the shield of faith, wherewith ye shall be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked.

"And take the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God:

"Praying always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit, and watching thereunto with all perseverance and supplication for ALL saints ..." (Ephesians 6:12-18) -

- ESPECIALLY FOR THOSE CHRISTIANS WHO TODAY POSSESS THE COURAGE TO TAKE THE GOSPEL OF THE KINGDOM TO A DYING WORLD THAT HAS LOST HOPE. This means doing what David Docherty is doing in Korea and in Turkey; what Fred Palmquist and Jim Nesbit did in New York, what Elizabeth Nebenfuhr and her friends and compatriots are doing in Seattle, what our dear sister "Ruthie" is doing in Spokane, and on and on.

Fred Palmquist and Jim Nesbit in NYC. [Please see Fred's reports on NYC, "Antipas/Fred & Jim in New York" and "New Report from New York."] David Docherty in Turkey [Please see David's report on Turkey, "Turkey Evangelism Report."]

These are the "saints of God" who can say with the Apostle Paul,

"... my earnest expectation and my hope, is that in nothing shall I be ashamed, but that with all boldness, as always ... Christ shall be magnified in my body, whether it be by life, or by death.

"FOR ME TO LIVE IS CHRIST, AND TO DIE IS GAIN." (Philippians 1:20-21)

Once again, we URGE you to read (or re-read):


God bless you all!

S.R. Shearer
Antipas Ministries







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