[The emergence of Opus Dei on the American political scene]

By: SR Shearer
March 6, 2012

WARNING! There are pictures in this article
that are not appropriate for a younger audience

Opus Dei's massive headquarters in NYC

UPPER ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: entrance into Pontifical University of the Holy Cross - Opus Dei HQ in Rome; Opus Dei founder Josemaria Escrivá; Rick Santorum and Karen Santorum - reputed to be members of Opus Dei; BOTTOM ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Supreme Court Justices Samuel A. Alito, Clarence Thomas and Antonin Scalia - also reputed to be members of Opus Dei. In addition to these, Louis Freeh, former director of the FBI, as well as former GOP senators Chuck Hagel and Mel Martinez are reputed to be members, as is Senator Sam Brownback (R-KS), a former Methodist recruited into Opus Dei by Santorum. All those mentioned above obfuscate their membership in Opus Dei: that's because Opus Dei discourages its members from revealing their connection to the organization.


Something very important is occurring in the Republican nominating process: a titanic struggle is going on: a struggle between the Business and Political Right of the Republican Party (on the one hand) against the Republican Party's Religious Right (on the other hand). The Business and Political Right are supporting Mitt Romney who - despite his Mormonism, is one of theirs - against Rick Santorum, who - despite his background in Pennsylvania politics - is very much a part of the Religious Right.

It seems that it's okay insofar as the Business Right and the Political Right of the Republican Party are concerned for members of the Religious Right to be included at their fancy soirées and gatherings, but only on the periphery and only so long as they maintain a discreet silence at the table of the mighty.

Increasingly, however, the Religious Right has been demanding a greater and greater presence in these soirées, and they have actually begun to move their chairs up to the table from where they had been previously placed - not actually at the table of the mighty, but slightly to the rear and near the wall.

While, in the end, Romney may win the present struggle against Santorum (he certainly has all the money), the fact that the Religious Right has mounted such an effort against the choice of the Republican Party's business and political leaders - and that they have begun, if ever so slowly, to form a united front (Catholics with Protestants against Romney) means that if not now, then sometime in the relatively near future, the members of the Religious Right - all of whom hold very frightening DOMINIONIST views regarding the world, and most particularly against Islam and secular-humanism - will no longer be the "go-fer" in the relationship.

This is precisely what happened in Germany when the Nazi Party finally took over there and Germany's old political elites and their business partners were reduced to secondary status in the relationship.

-- Antipas



Ever since the election of George Bush II, a growing list of those who have been nominated for President by the Republican Party have been associated with DOMINIONIST forms of Christianity that have been ever more radical and appalling than those that had governed the mindsets of the candidates who had preceded them as Republican nominees.

NOTE: "DOMINIONISM," as we have indicated on other occasions on this website, is a militant post-millennial eschatology which pictures the seizure of earthly (temporal) power by the church as the only means through which the world can be rescued; only after the world has been thus "rescued" through the efforts of the church can Christ return to "rule and reign." [Please see our articles, "The Rise of Dominionism; Remaking America as a Christian Nation" and "The Despoiling of America."]

For example, George Bush II surrounded himself with members of the so-called "Promise Keepers" — people such as Tony Evans and others of his ilk. The "Promise Keepers" introduced Bush II to a completely new approach to politics - a RELIGIOUS one rather than an economic one; and they blatantly called for men to take a rather brutish "dominion" over their wives. [Please see our articles, "Phallus Worship and the New Charismatics" and "George Bush, the Promise Keepers and the Principles of Messianic Leadership."]

Then there was John McCain. Most Americans conceive of McCain as one of the few "reasonable" and "sensible" members of the GOP. But he is the one who invited Sarah Palin, an avowed "DOMINIONIST," to run with him on the same presidential ticket in 2008. Indeed, McCain was the first GOP candidate for the presidency who gathered about himself evangelical leaders who OPENLY embraced a "DOMINIONIST" mindset; for example, John Hagee, Rod Parsley, CUFI, etc. [We urge you to see our articles, "McCain and Palin: The Business Right Marries the Religious Right" and "Things Aren't Always What They Seem to Be."]

Finally, there was the by-now-failed candidacy of Rick Perry who was enthusiastically embraced by evangelicals who were closely linked to C. Peter Wagner's New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) and hold a "DOMINIONIST" mindset that is much more dreadful and frightening than the mindsets of those who had surrounded Bush II and McCain.

NOTE: Perry's bid for the Republican nomination for president failed because of his "debate debacles" in late summer and early fall of 2011 - debacles for which he alone was responsible and that revealed him as little more than a naïve buffoon. Nonetheless, the eager support Perry initially received from the Religious Right gives unmistakable evidence as to how far Christians are now willing to go in embracing DOMINIONISM as a religio-political philosophy. [Please see our article, "The Candidacy of Rick Perry and What It Portends."]

LEFT: Tom Schlueter "laying hands" on Texas Governor Rick Perry; MIDDLE: The logo for the "Texas Apostolic Prayer Network;" RIGHT: Tom Long. Both Schlueter and Long are members of NAR, and they head up the "Texas Apostolic Prayer Network."

Commenting back in the summer of 2011 on the extremism of those who initially endorsed the candidacy of Rick Perry, researcher Rachel Tabachnick wrote:


"Perry's endorsers are not just a random group of radical evangelists making outrageous statements. These are the 'apostles and prophets' of the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR), the biggest international religious movement you never heard of." [Please see our article, "The Invasion of Europe by America's Apostate Church;" please also see "Today's Church: Making Zombies out of Christians."]

Echoing Tabachnick, investigative reporter Forrest Wilder of the Texas Observer wrote in the same time period:

"The NAR's intellectual godfather, C. Peter Wagner, one of Perry's early endorsers, brags that NAR is the most significant change in how Christianity is practiced since the Protestant Reformation ... With hundreds of millions of followers worldwide, the NAR's stress on Godlike 'prophetic' and 'apostolic' powers, its revisions of end-time prophecies, its methodology of 'spiritual warfare,' and its agenda of theocratic dominion over all aspects of society are threatening to modern democracy."

NOTE: NAR is a composite of a myriad group of Christian churches and ministries such as the International Coalition of Apostles (ICR), Youth with a Mission (YWAM), Global Harvest Ministries, the Apostolic Council of Prophetic Elders (ACPE), the United States Global Apostolic Prayer Network (USGAPN), Hope for Europe, (HFE), etc.; it is linked to such other AMERICAN personalities as George Otis, Ed Silvoso, the now disgraced Ted Haggert, John Dawson, Chuck Pierce, John Kelly, Bill Hamon, Rick Joyner, ad nauseum. [We URGE you to inform yourself of the kind of twisted theology these organizations and personalities are purveying to the world: "The God-Men of America's New World Order System" and "Luciferic Christianity."]

The Seven Mountains of Culture: (1) business, (2) government, (3) media, (4) arts and entertainment, (5) education, (6) the family and (7) religion.

The "New Apostolic Reformation" (NAR) pushes a DOMINIONIST theology that, like the theology of similar "New Charismatic" groups, envisions a takeover of the world by a form of militant Christianity as a precursor to Christ's return to earth. The movement endorses a religious / political concept known as the "SEVEN MOUNTAINS OF CULTURE." These seven mountains are (1) business, (2) government, (3) media, (4) arts and entertainment, (5) education, (6) the family and (7) religion.

There is an ominous progression into extremism here - a progression that leads downward into the same kind of hell eventually embraced by the German people in the 1930s; one ignores this downward progression at his own peril — especially in light of the fact that the U.S. is now in the grip of the same kind of economic crisis that propelled the German people to take leave of their senses in 1933, and vote Hitler into power. [Please see our recent article, "The Background for the 'End of the Age': Rich verses Poor."]


Rick Santorum

And now it's Rick Santorum's turn; Alexander Cockburn, writing for CounterPunch, comments:

"Surely Rick Santorum is the most fanatical Christian to run for the Republican nomination in the modern era, maybe any era ... With Santorum - a conservative Roman Catholic AND MEMBER OF OPUS DEI - there's a truly manic edge to his religious pronouncements and activities."

And Cockburn is right here: Santorum is far and away the most radical Christian DOMINIONIST ever put forward by the Religious Right as a nominee for the Republican Party. [Please see our article, "The Church and the State" for a more thorough discussion of Catholic eschatology.]

Bishop Javier Echevarría (left) is the present head of Opus Dei. He is shown here in the company of Msgr. Fernando Ocariz, Vicar General of Opus Dei (center), and Matteo Fabbri (right, Vicar of Opus Dei in Italy.


Santorum's shadowy connection with Opus Dei cannot help but send a shiver up the spine of anyone willing to investigate the religious philosophy of this right-wing Catholic brotherhood and its connection to a plethora of fascist governments over the last almost 100 years. Juan Martin Velasco calls Opus Dei -


And no question about it, Opus Dei is indeed a sinister and very ominous Catholic "brotherhood;" the fact is, WHAT AL QAEDA AND HAMAS ARE TO ISLAM, OPUS DEI IS TO CHRISTIANITY.

Josemaria Escrivá

According to its own pronouncements, Opus Dei seeks to "favorably" influence society in the direction of a Catholic world-view (and a very radical, right-wing one at that) by inserting its own members into key positions in the government. To this end, each member is obliged to seek to advance the careers of other members at whatever cost and in whatever sphere of activity they are engaged in with the aim of placing as many members as possible in the highest reaches of government. Its world-view and eschatology ("doctrine of end times") is remarkably similar to the world-view and eschatology of C. Peter Wagner's "New Apostolic Reformation" (NAR). Both groups are RADICALLY "dominionist" in their thinking.

Opus Dei was founded in 1928 by Josemaria Escrivá who believed that the church was locked in a death-struggle with the "godless forces of socialism and communism," a struggle that Escrivá believed the church was losing - a perspective that was not without merit in the years following World War I. "Atheistic communism" was on the march everywhere. Russia had collapsed before the communist onslaught; Germany, Austria, and Hungary had all been threatened. And both Portugal and Spain had fallen under the influence of socialist-dominated governments - and wherever socialism and communism were in the ascendancy, the Church was in decline.

Communism was in the ascendancy, and wherever it was, the Church was in decline. THE REASON FOR THIS, HOWEVER, IS NOT THAT DIFFICULT TO ASCERTAIN: IT'S BECAUSE THE MEAN-SPIRITED, GREEDY ELITES THAT THE COMMUNISTS OPPOSED HAD ALL BEEN SUPPORTED BY THE CHURCH. Marx was once heard to remark, "I deeply admire Jesus Christ, but I despise His church because it has historically oppressed the poor."

Escrivá threw himself into the struggle against socialism and communism in his native Spain and was soon working hand-in-glove with the fascist Francisco Franco to overthrow the socialist ("republican") government of Spain. To this end, Opus Dei was influential in gaining support for Franco from the fascist governments of Germany and Italy.

After the collapse of the republican government in Spain in 1936, Opus Dei (which had done so much to bring that collapse about) began expanding its reach beyond the Iberian Peninsula, and was soon operating in Latin America - and so much so that it can safely be said that no right-wing dictatorship in Central and South America since the end of World War II has been free of Opus Dei influence. Indeed, one of its latest paladins was the corrupt Peruvian president Alberto Fujimora. In this connection, it goes without saying that - like NAR - Opus Dei is not very much given to democratic proclivities.

Both Alberto Fujimora of Peru and Augusto Pinochet were reputed to be members of Opus Dei.

NOTE: It was in Latin America and the struggle against socialism and Liberation Theology that the paths of Opus Dei and the various Protestant missionary groups that were active in that area [such as the Wycliffe Bible Translators (SIL), New Tribes, etc.] first intersected - largely as a result of the machinations and invidious stratagems of the CIA. The partnership they (i.e., the Catholics and evangelicals) formed there eventually spread to the United States, and since that time, both groups have been acting pretty much in consort with one another. [Please see our articles, "The Catholic / Evangelical Rapprochement" and "Liberation Theology, the Vatican and the CIA: Ghosts and Phantoms."]

This, of course, is not what is commonly portrayed by the many "boosters" of Catholic and evangelical ecumenicism, particularly charismatics such as Harald Bredesen, Paul Crouch, David and Justin Du Plessis, Jack Hayford, Cardinal Krol, John Wimber, Father Dene Braun, Father Tom Forrest, Dr. Kevin Ranaghan, Ken Metz, etc. The fact is, however, the genesis of the new Catholic / evangelical partnership doesn't lie so much in the hands of these men and women as it does in the hands of the CIA and men such as Oliver North, Elliot Abrams, Vernon Walters, and Joseph McChristian. The reality of the matter is, the present-day Catholic and evangelical rapprochement was not forged in the "quiet and peace" of a prayer meeting or the joyous praise of a worship service, but in the murderous and bloody struggle against communism and socialism that has been raging for decades in the rain forests of Central and South America - AND THAT'S THE TRUTH!

THIS CORRUPT AND DEPRAVED RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN THE RIGHT-WING ELEMENTS OF THE CATHOLIC AND EVANGELICAL CHURCHES HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH GOD, AND EVERYTHING TO DO WITH WORLDLY POWER - AND BY THAT I MEAN, THE KIND OF POWER THAT FLOWS OUT OF THE BARREL OF A GUN. It is precisely those people that promote such power - i.e., those people who today form the core-constituencies of the Promise Keepers movement, NAR and Opus Dei - that are now at the center of what's going on in Republican Party circles in Washington D.C. [We urge you to see our articles on these matters, "The Evil in Our Midst" (which explores the so-called "Christian roots" of America's intelligence agencies), as well as "The Horror of John Dimitri Negroponte" and "The Death Squads: Bringing in the Kingdom of God through Terror, Torture and Death" which explore the hideous nature of what this Catholic / Evangelical alliance is up to.]

The work of CIA-sponsored, right-wing death squads in Latin America.


Like its counterparts in Protestantism - e.g., NAR, the Promise Keepers, etc. - Opus Dei believes that the Christian West is under siege by the forces of secular-humanism - hedonistic, self-indulgent forces that are bent on destroying Christianity and driving God out of the public sphere; this, of course, is exactly the thinking of Rick Santorum. Cockburn writes:

"In 2008 he [Santorum] gave a speech in which he ventured that 'Satan has his sights on the United States of America. Satan is attacking the great institutions of America, using those vices of pride, vanity and sensuality as the means to attack all of the strong plants that have been so deeply rooted in the American tradition'."

  • We URGE you to see APPENDIX 1 - "CHRISTENDOM UNDER SIEGE: THE GENESIS OF WESTERN PARANOIA OR ANGST" - a siege paranoia that presently grips Christians such as Rick Santorum and his cohorts in Opus Dei.


Ostensibly, the opening shots of this war against Christianity were fired at WOODSTOCK on Max Yasgur's 600-acre dairy farm in the Catskills near the town of Bethel, New York on August 15 to August 18, 1969. Cockburn writes:

"Santorum was two when the Sixties began. But like so many cultural conservatives he believes to the bottom of his soul that EVERYTHING WENT TO HELL WHEN THE 'LOVE GENERATION' CAME OF AGE."

Woodstock Music & Art Fair was a music festival, billed as "An Aquarian Exposition: 3 Days of Peace & Music". It was held at Max Yasgur's 600-acre dairy farm in the Catskills near the town of Bethel, New York, from August 15 to August 18, 1969. It is reported that over half-a-million people attended the event.

Santorum writes:

"WOODSTOCK IS THE GREAT AMERICAN ORGY. This is who the Democratic Party has become. They have become the party of WOODSTOCK. They prey upon our most basic primal lusts, and that's sex. And the whole abortion culture, it's not about life. It's about sexual freedom. That's what it's about. Homosexuality. It's about sexual freedom."

According to many conservative Christians, Obama is "... the public face of a secular conspiracy intent on altering their country beyond recognition."

According to Santorum and those of his ilk, WOODSTOCK IS AMERICA'S NEW RELIGION - and President Barack Hussein Obama is the leader of this religion. Santorum says that Obama's actions are motivated by the theology of this new religion; but it is -

"... not a theology based on the Bible..."

- it is a theology that stands in utter opposition to the Bible.

Millions of so-called Bible-believing Christians seem to agree. John Cassidy writes:

"Many ... Evangelical Christians ... take it as an article of faith that President Obama is merely the public face of a secular conspiracy intent on altering their country beyond recognition."

According to Santorum, Obama never seems to miss an opportunity to advance the cause of his new religion by attacking the essential institutions of Christianity. Indeed, in his recent instructions directing that Catholic hospitals and other institutions offer contraceptive services to their employees, Santorum says,

"The president has reached a new low in this country's history of oppressing religious freedom [meaning Christianity] that we have never seen before."


Plainly, a MASSIVE Christian counter-attack is in order if Christianity is to be saved. It is, however, the fervent belief of Opus Dei and those who support it that before the hedonistic forces of secular-humanism can be successfully fought, those who would do the fighting must themselves conquer these forces in themselves. THE FLESH MUST BE BROUGHT INTO SUJUGATION.

And how is this to be accomplished? - by subjecting one's flesh to the discipline of flagellation (i.e., self-mortification), a practice that most people think no longer exists within the precincts of the Catholic Church; BUT it does continue to exist; and it exists on a rather widespread basis in the murky passageways and the shadowy quarters haunted by right-wing Catholics.

Robert Hutchison reports in his book, Their Kingdom Come: Inside the World of Opus Dei:

"Corporal mortification [i.e., flagellation] is regularly practiced in Opus Dei. It is perhaps one of the most startling aspects of Opus Dei life for people outside the group."

It is believed by those who practice self-mortification that such acts are essential in checking the desires of the flesh. Andrew Soane of Opus Dei says that self-mortification helps those who practice it to -

"... reconnect with their bodies ..."

and -

"... overcome such unhealthy developments as drug use, sexual addictions, etc."


And be sure here - these practices (e.g., flagellation, etc.) are not confined merely to the "nut-circuit" of the Catholic Church: The late Pope John Paul II, Ronald Reagan's partner in collapsing the Communist world in the 1980s and early 1990s, regularly practiced self-flagellation; he would whip himself on a regular and routine basis, according to a nun who helped to look after him.

Sister Tobiana Sobodka, who was in the next room to Pope John Paul II at his summer residence in Castel Gandolfo near Rome, remembers,

"We would hear the sound of the blows."


The use of two devices - the cilice and the whip (called the "discipline") - are considered essential in the effort by the adherents of Opus Dei to keep the lusts of their bodies in check. They are the -

  • Cilice: [Photo of cilice] a spiked chain worn around the upper thigh for two hours each day, except for Church feast days, Sundays, and certain times of the year. Most Opus Dei members are extremely hesitant to admit that they use this device. It is a painful mortification which leaves small prick holes in the flesh, and makes the Opus Dei members tentative about wearing swim suits wherever non-Opus Dei members may be.

  • Discipline: [Photo of discipline] a cord-like whip which resembles macrame, used on the buttocks or back. The story is often told in Opus Dei that the Founder was so zealous in using the discipline, he splattered the bathroom walls with streaks of blood.

The use of these two devices is considered necessary practice for those who wish to live fully in the "Spirit of Opus Dei."


The box above is made exclusive for Opus Dei. It is inscribed with the words, "Miserére mei, Deus, secúndum magnam misericórdiam tuam", Latin for "Have mercy upon me, O God, according to thy great mercy". According to its maker, the box will comfortably & discreetly store a Discipline (whip) and Cilice (spiked chain).

"Blessed be pain. Loved be pain. Sanctified be pain. . . Glorified be pain!"

Under the umbrella of the "Spirit of Opus Dei" members of Opus Dei are encouraged to hide, or at least to "downplay, these practices - practices that most of the adherents of Opus Dei know would be considered abnormal and frowned upon by "outsiders."

But, again, what outsiders might call abnormal, the founder of Opus Dei - Josemaria Escrivá - considered vital to one's spiritual growth. Escrivá wrote in his book, The Way:

"Blessed be pain. Loved be pain. Sanctified be pain ... Glorified be pain!" (The Way, 208)

"If you realize that your body is your enemy, and an enemy of God's glory since it is an enemy of your sanctification, why do you treat it so softly?" (The Way, 227)


It is no accident that the devices used by Opus Dei to excoriate the desires of the flesh are the very same devices used by the sadistic adherents of BONDAGE & DISCIPLINE to EXCITE the desires of the flesh.

It is no accident that the devices used by Opus Dei to excoriate the desires of the flesh are the very same devices used by the adherents of BONDAGE & DISCIPLINE to EXCITE the desires of the flesh.

The fact is, according to the Bible, the more we attempt to "mortify the flesh" the more we excite the flesh to evil:

"For I know that in me (that is, in my flesh,) dwelleth no good thing: for to will is present with me; but how to perform that which is good I find not.

"For the good that I would I do not: but the evil which I would not, that I do." (Romans 7:18-19)

Plainly, what the Bible is saying here is that the more we attempt to tame the desires of the flesh by gaining mastery over them in the manner being urged by Opus Dei, the more we will be brought into bondage to these desires.

[We URGE you to take the time to read the first four chapters of the New Antipas Papers,

  • We Urge you with all of
    our heart to take the time
    to read this material

    Chapter I: "The Nature of Man"

Despite all this information (see above) - all of which is easily obtained - 150 of the most prominent leaders in evangelical Christianity agreed on January 14 of this year to endorse Santorum for president, including Tony Perkins, the president of the Family Research Council, James Dobson of Focus on the Family, Rev. Jim Garlow, pastor of the giant Skyline Wesleyan Church in San Diego and leader of California's anti-gay campaign, Richard Land, past president of the largest Protestant domination in the country, the Southern Baptist Convention, etc. WHAT THIS CLEARLY INDICATES - ESPECIALLY IN LIGHT OF JAMES DOBSON'S AND RICHARD LAND'S PARTICIPATION - IS JUST HOW FAR THE LEADERS OF TODAY'S EVANGELICAL CHURCH HAVE STRAYED FROM THE PLAIN TEACHINGS OF THE SCRIPTURE IN THEIR PURSUIT TO "SAVE AMERICA FOR CHRIST."


Believe me when I tell you, the pathway down which Rick Santorum and his co-religionists in Opus Dei would like to take us is a very dark path indeed.


Believe me when I tell you, the pathway down which Rick Santorum and his co-religionists in Opus Dei would like to take us is a very dark path indeed. Alexander Cockburn wasn't just "blowing smoke" when he said:

"Surely Rick Santorum is the most fanatical Christian to run for the Republican nomination in the modern era, maybe any era ... With Santorum - a conservative Roman Catholic AND MEMBER OF OPUS DEI - there's a truly manic edge to his religious pronouncements and activities."



God bless you all!

S.R. Shearer
Antipas Ministries







Then make copies and take these copies out to the campuses where you live; pass them out; OR if that seems too "daring" for you right now, post them on telephone poles, the sides of buildings, on campus bulletin boards; post them in union halls, in the neighborhoods of the poor and downtrodden, near employment offices, wherever you can.

Once again, we URGE you to read (or re-read):




Twilight of the Gods:
"Ride of the Valkyries"

There is within the Western tradition a recurring theme which portrays Christendom under relentless pressure from godless forces that have surrounded it and are seeking its destruction, and it is this tradition that manifests itself in many of the millenarian belief systems that are currently in vogue throughout Western Christianity - belief systems which go far beyond Biblical Christianity and produce within their adherents a paranoiac negativism that is more reminiscent of Valhalla's "Twilight of the Gods" than it is of a confident looking forward to Christ's return. And when such thinking goes beyond pre-millennialism to post-millennialism - in other words, when it manifests itself in a paranoiac drive "to set things right" not only in the "sweet bye and bye" but in the present "here and now" - "Political Christianity" is the result: The drive by Christians to confront the threat through the political process and/or the force of arms.

This tradition, however, was not created in a vacuum; it is not without some basis in historical fact. Since 600 A.D., Europe has suffered under the harsh press of Islamic expansion and Asian assaults.

In 711 the Muslims crossed Gibraltar and conquered Spain, driving the Christians into the mountainous north of the Iberian Peninsula. Next the Muslims transversed the Pyrenees and threatened Burgundy, Aquitaine, and much of southern France. They were finally stopped at Tours by a Crusader army led by Charles Martel. In the middle of the thirteenth century the Mongols invaded Russia, Poland, Lithuania, and Hungary - defeating three great Crusader armies before mysteriously pulling back just as it seemed all of Europe lay open to them. In 1453 Constantinople fell to the Turks, and the Balkans fell shortly thereafter. By the late 1400s, the Turks had reached the gates of Vienna, one of Europe's greatest cities; they were finally repulsed after great loss of life and the destruction of two more Crusader armies.

These three great invasions - two by the Muslims and one by the Mongols, liberally interspersed by marauding bands of pagan Vikings from the north, pirates from the Mediterranean, roving criminal bands which regularly descended on Europe's farms and villages from their forest and mountain sanctuaries - all bent on murder, rape and pillage - threw a fright into Christian Europe from which it has never really recovered. The fear produced by these invasions worked deeply into the European psyche, producing a siege mentality - an Angst - that is never free of menace and disaster, and an Angst that is being re-awakened by what Europeans perceive as a never ending flow of migrants from the Islamic countries of North Africa and the Middle East.

Frederick II of Germany

When the first rumors of the Mongol invasion of Russia and Hungary reached Europe early in the thirteenth century, Frederick II of Germany wrote letters to his brother monarchs describing the imminent peril to the West. The king wrote:

"Bursting forth from the abodes of Tartarus, the Horde is even now battering like a sudden tempest at Germany, the 'door of Christendom'. Yet the day will come when Christendom will rise victorious against all her enemies, when Germany, rising with rage and zeal to battle, and France, that mother and nurse of chivalry; the warlike and bold Spain, with fertile England, valorous in its men, and protected by its fleet; Almaine, full of impetuous warriors, the maritime Dacia; untamable Italy; Burgundy, that never knows peace; restless Apulia, with the piratical and unconquered islands of the Grecian, Adriatic and Tyrrhene seas ... when bloody Ireland, with active Wales; Scotland, abounding in lakes, icy Norway, and every noble and renowned country lying under the royal star of the West, shall send forth their chosen ornaments preceded by the symbol of the life-giving cross ..."

One sees in this letter of a thousand years ago the manifestation of the same paranoia that even today grips the Political and Religious Right; and not only that, but the urge to "set things right" through unified Christian military and political action. But one finds it difficult to conceive of the gentle Carpenter of Nazareth confronting his enemies in such a fashion; however, the emperor of Germany was apparently under no such restraint; and neither, so it seems, is the Religious Right (both Catholics and Protestants) today.





[The growing belief by many Christians - both Catholics
and Protestants - that women are a contaminating influence


Tristan and Isolde

When the paranoia described above in Appendix 1 was combined with the concepts of the Grail Quest, a psychotic dimension was added to the Western World that haunts it still, and this is especially true when combined with certain elements inherent in the Grail Quest that implied that disaster and failure were the results of sin - SEXUAL SIN. It is the lesson of Perceval, Lancelot, and Tristan applied to an entire civilization - and it is this kind of thinking which so intrigued Richard Wagner in Lohengrin, and Tristan and Isolde.

Moreover, this kind of thinking, the kind that links "civilization success" to individual purity within a community of believers - what Carolly Erickson calls "the miraculous power of sanctity," a situation which approximates Camelot - is re-awakening in the Christian World, phoenix-like from the ashes of Valhalla. For example, take Rouses John (R.J.) Rushdoony. Rushdoony makes the same linkage between "civilization failure" and sin that Wagner makes in Parsifal - and even Gotterdammerung and Die Walkure. Rushdoony believes that it is the primary responsibility of government to maintain godly purity within a society; because Christians have allowed their government to be usurped by atheists and humanists, the role of government and the institutions of Western Christendom have been perverted and will, as a result, experience God's judgment if the situation is not quickly rectified. Moreover, not only will the atheists and humanists be judged, but believers who have allowed this to happen will likewise experience God's wrath. The penalty will fall on unbelievers and believers alike. It is the Church's responsibility, therefore, to place itself in the forefront of political and social action to take back the reins of government from out of the hands of the ungodly. [Please see our article, "The Rutherford Institute & R.J. Rushdoony."]

To be sure, Rushdoony is applying "Old Testament Law" or theology here - and what he is saying cannot be said to have been necessarily derived from Germanic mythology as such. But very few people are as steeped in this kind of theology as he is, and it's not too difficult to believe that most people who seize upon Rushdoony's teachings will be doing so more out of mythological motivations than any kind of theological motivation - and Christians who believe otherwise are only kidding themselves. Indeed, this is already happening in charismatic and "Latter Rain" circles where many people are simply seizing upon anything that sounds scholarly to justify their activity, whether they understand it or not. The fact is that within Latter Rain and charismatic circles, it is not so much the whispering of angels one hears as it is the shriek of Wagner's Valkyries bestirring themselves and preparing to take flight again, this time in the service of "Political Christianity."

Moreover, whether the motivation behind political Christianity is theological or mythological, the goal is the same, and has little if anything to do with Biblical Christianity, a Christianity which by its very nature cannot be tied to political power.



At the very root of Western mythology lie the Excaliber legends which revolve around the theme of the "Grail Quest;" they form the basis of much of our story-telling and the way we view ourselves as a culture, EVEN TODAY: for example, the "Star Wars" trilogy, the "Highlander" series, the "Super Hero" comic books, "Angel," "Buffey the Vampire Slayer," "Star Trek," etc. And while many so-called devotees of these stories and myths would be hard-pressed to explain their origins, they all stem from the same source: the Grail Quest.

According to L'Enchanteur by French author Rene Barjavel the Grail was originally a cup made by Eve to receive the blood flowing from Adam's side; after the Fall, an angel broke the Grail, which was later repaired and became the cup of the Last Supper and the vessel used by Mary to catch Christ's blood when his side was pierced by the "Lance of Longenius" (which is today housed in the Hofburg in Vienna); this, supposedly, was the vessel carried by Joseph of Arimathea to England and that later became the object of the "Grail Quest" in Tristan and Isolde, Parsifal, and the Excaliber legends. Of course, all this is non-biblical and has nothing to do with the Bible!!


The Holy Grail as the central pivot around which flowed the whole history of Western Civilization.

Richard Wagner (whose operas did so much to inspire Hitler) used the Holy Grail as the central pivot around which flowed the whole history of Western Civilization. Grail Christianity (as opposed to Biblical Christianity) teaches that divinity is transcendent: that man has the potential to become divine - to be joined in intrinsic oneness to his Creator. ["Grail" means "step-by-step" or "by degrees" - i.e., to achieve divinity by achieving "inner perfection" by degrees and by the work of man; to ascend by steps up a pyramid or a mountain towards "godhood" or "holiness."] [We urge you to see our articles, "Luciferic Christianity" and "The God-Men of the American new World Order System."]

According to Grail Christianity, the Old Testament holds that God had concluded a Covenant (and consequently, a relationship) with a certain people (i.e., the Jews). None others enjoyed this privilege; it was unique. As a result, a relationship to God was possible only through membership in this group.

In the New Testament the church comes to replace Israel as the vessel through which man may be joined to divinity - and only through baptism (spiritual birth) into membership in Christ's church is it possible for man to attain this divinity [i.e., only through social identification with the church (extra ecclesiam nulla salus)].

But the church has now been splintered into a thousand pieces (just as the Grail Cup was splintered after Adam's fall) and is, thus, no longer able to fulfill its divine mission. As a result, it awaits someone [or some super, magical, spiritual group of "Grail Seekers" (i.e., the Templars, the "bondage breakers" of "Latter-Rain," the "Apostles & Prophets," Opus Dei, etc.)] to piece it back together - just as the angels pieced the cup together after the Fall. Only when this has been accomplished can man resume his ascension towards the divine.


The problem, then, is for this magical, mystical group of "bondage-breakers" (e.g., Opus Dei) to rise up and piece the church back together; but this can only occur when enough men (no women need apply) achieve the necessary "inner perfection" required for a "Vision of the Grail" - which vision alone brings true spirituality; spirituality, then, leads to the "magic" necessary to piece the church back together. Once the church is pieced back together, the world will be united and peace achieved.


NOTE: it is precisely this - i.e., their perceived need to achieve "inner purity" in order to stimulate the movement toward church unity - that accounts for the growing emphasis on "moral perfection" in those churches that are a part of today's ecumenical movement - and it is exactly in these churches that ACCOUNTABILITY has taken on such an inordinate importance - i.e., the submission by individuals to others in a small group for the purpose of enforcing rules of behavior designed to cause "perfection" in the conduct of one's daily life. The dynamic involved in such groups resembles the "dialectic" that is implicit in small communist cell groups where each member is constantly subjected to tests of one sort or another designed to examine one's "reliability" and to enforce "GROUP-THINK" - much like what occurred during Communist China's "Cultural Revolution." And it is EXACTLY here that women fall prey to the dynamic. Why? - because nothing causes men so much grief and turmoil than the temptation of sexual sin!! - and so much so that men who are aiming at "moral perfection" find it easy to come to the view that women are the enemy insofar as their ability to achieve that perfection. THUS, WOMEN BECOME THE ADVERSARY!! - and this is easily discernible in the literature of groups that are involved in this dynamic (again, groups such as Opus Dei and NAR).

Wagner portrayed this dilemma in Parzival through the medium of the "Grail King:" the Grail King, Anforta, had been appointed to his sacred office as a mere boy - having done nothing to achieve it. Wolfram von Eschenback explains, "He reached the years when his beard began to grow, the age when Love turns her malice upon youth ..." She (i.e., Love) then urges the king to turn aside from his divinely appointed duties to pursue female companionship, and "... in riding in quest of adventure (i.e., sexual fulfillment) ... he is pierced, wounded in a joust, by a poisoned spear through his testicles, so severely he could not be healed." As a result, the kingdom is thrown into confusion and desolation - becoming a wasteland. Anforta's moral collapse (and, hence, the collapse of his kingdom) is caused by sexual sin.


In the unfinished Perceval by the Frenchman, Chretien de Troyes (born @1160), Perceval observes the Grail procession: a youth enters a hall with a bleeding spear or lance and is followed by youths carrying candelabra. Then "a beautiful maiden entered, holding a grail in her hands ... The grail was worked with fine gold and was encrusted with many precious stones, which were among the richest and most expensive in the world." The procession excites Perceval's curiosity, but having earlier been instructed not to talk excessively, he refuses to ask about the Grail. He later learns that, had he inquired, his question would have cured the maimed Grail King. Importantly, he learns that his failure to ask was due to an earlier sexual sin.

SEXUAL SIN, THEN, IS THE BESETTING HINDRANCE WHICH ALL GRAIL SEEKERS MUST OVERCOME IN THEIR QUEST FOR THE "VISION OF GOD." Sexual sin beclouds Perceval's moral vision and ruins his quest. Lancelot and Tristan also fail in their quests because of sexual sin - their adulterous love for women (Guinevere and Isolde) who belong to other men. The destruction of Grail Searchers through sexual sin is a never ending theme running through the entire fabric of the Grail Quest. The massive, even colossal, gravity of sexual sin in the mythology of the Grail Quest has no parallel in the Bible. So great does the fear of sexual sin loom in the eyes of the Grail Seekers, that strict forms of chastity come to encompass all those who enter the quest - a chastity under which the Templars, the Hospitalers, the Teutons, etc. all labored - and, again, it's interesting to note in this connection that one of the hallmarks of the coming "anti-messiah" is his hatred and loathing (one might even say, fear) of women. (Dan. 11:37)

It's no accident, therefore, that the same chastity - THE KIND THAT LEADS TO THE ACTUAL FEAR OF WOMEN AS A CONTAMINATING INFLUENCE - has come to encompass many Christian sects; but again, the fear so generated has nothing to do with the Bible and everything to do with the Grail Quest - and the extensive degree to which this kind of thinking has trickled into Christianity gives some indication as to the influence that Grail thinking has had on Western Christianity.

Leaving aside the obvious example of the Roman Catholic Church, with its refusal to let its priests marry (which is by far the most obvious example of the belief that women are a contaminating influence on one's journey to "inner perfection"), take William Branham, Branham's influence on American Pentecostalism cannot be over estimated. C. Douglas Weaver has written, "Branham's ministry must ... be considered ... as (the) precursor of the Faith/Confession movement (to say nothing of Latter Rain) ... Kenneth Hagin ... is the founder, and is the acknowledged 'prophet' of the movement. Other prominent voices - all of whom consider Hagin their spiritual father - include Kenneth Copeland, Fred Price, John Osteen, Kenneth Hagin, Jr., and Charles Capps."


Women as the "Serpent's Seed."

Throughout his entire career as a minister and as a faith-healer, Branham - like all Grail Seekers - exhibited a paranoid fear of women; it was woven into his entire ministry and was the main topic of one of his most repeated sermons, "The Serpent's Seed," a sermon in which he wove a truly lurid tale of female treachery, impurity, and seduction - and a sermon which paralleled in its conceptual form almost every aspect of Wagner's Parsifal. All of these men - i.e., Hagin, Copeland, etc. - exert powerful influences on today's charismatic movement, and most are at the forefront of the Christian Unity movement which today is encompassing both conservative Catholics and evangelicals.

Now there is a very earnest and somber reason that we have taken the time here to dwell on this subject. As Catholics and evangelicals move ever more closely together, this kind of thinking will come ever more to the forefront in the "Organized Church." One sees its subtle influence everywhere - in the literature of James Dobson (carefully hidden behind "Christian-speak" and "Psycho-babble"), the Promise Keepers (where it's cleverly concealed behind a rather vacuous "praise" of women, etc., etc.

In the end, however, all this leads to domination of women in the worst sense of that word - a domination that is both cruel (because it is ultimately based on a fear of women as a "contaminating influence") and ruthless (because such passions must be ruthlessly suppressed, meaning - ipso facto - that women must be mercilessly bridled and constrained. Needless to say, this kind of thinking does not lend itself to a good marriage - despite the pretense of people such as Rick and Karen Santorum and others of their ilk.

Such thinking is UTTERLY unbiblical and extremely heartless and unfeeling; it inevitably destroys families and turns the relationship of a man with a woman into a connection that resembles more the relationship of a cruel master to a lowly servant than anything else.


LOVE IS NOT CRUEL! It is not unkind; it is not fierce and severe; brutal and inexorable; devilish and heartless. Love is kind and gentle; good-hearted and compassionate; generous and sympathetic.

The Bible says, however, that such "master / servant" relationships are an abomination to God and have no place in the church. Jesus said:

"... Ye know that the princes of the Gentiles exercise dominion over them, and they that are great exercise authority upon them. But it shall not be so among you: but whosoever will be great among you, let him be your minister; and whosoever will be chief among you, let him be your servant: even as the Son of man came not to be ministered unto, but to minister, and to give his life a ransom for many." (Matt. 20:25-28)

And Jesus went on to say,


- and He continued by saying,


Some would retort that these verses are in contradiction to Ephesians 5:22-25. Much is made of that portion of these Scriptures which calls upon wives to submit to their husbands, but very little attention is paid to the admonition that husbands are to love their wives even as Christ loved the church and gave Himself for it.

LOVE IS NOT CRUEL! It is not unkind; it is not fierce and severe; brutal and inexorable; devilish and heartless. Love is kind and gentle; good-hearted and compassionate; generous and sympathetic. Believe me when I say, "moral perfection" - when it leads to the kind of cruelty that is inherent in the Grail Quest - is not of God, but TOTALLY of the EVIL ONE - and people that become involved in such a quest have truly been deceived!!

I have been blessed far beyond the imaginings of my youth and far beyond what most men ever touch in this life by my wife of almost fifty years, my beloved Lucy. It has been a wonderful life that we have shared together, and although there has been much poverty and physical stress, I wouldn't change even one iota of it now that I am old. I have loved and been loved by her more than any man could ever hope - both in my youth when she was young and beautiful and I was a soldier, and now that I am old and youth has faded away. It has been a PARTNERSHIP of love and mutual respect - and in all those many years I don't think that I have ever once ORDERED my wife to do anything. I have never LORDED it over her, and I have never taken DOMINION over her. We have just never operated on that plain. I believe that men who operate at that level don't understand the first thing about human relationships.


Nonetheless, there is a current flowing in the church which says that men should take dominion over their wives as a master would take dominion over his servant; and the clear implication here is that they (i.e., women) are a contaminating influence. It's still half-hidden and obscured behind a great deal of "love-speak" and "psycho-babble," but it's there, and most of you who are reading this article know what I mean. Moreover, the Bible indicates that this will grow even to the extent that there will come a time when those who want to "live holy lives" will be encouraged not to marry (I Tim. 4:3) and to avoid women all together - and all this under the illusion that they are doing God a service.

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