I don't have to do anything; I'm just trusting the Lord.

By: SR Shearer
February 1, 2014


Prophetically speaking, we are at a point in the "run up" to the Tribulation Period replete with shadows and images difficult to ascertain; it's a period where there are no specific ANCHOR VERSES to guide us - a relatively short "PERIOD OF SILENCE" from a scriptural standpoint (please see chart above).

However we are not left totally in darkness: over fourteen different ANCHOR VERSES have guided us to the point where we are now - ANCHOR VERSES that have all been fulfilled since 1948 (please see our most recent article, "Pressure Is Building Toward a Prophetic Breaking Point"); and we have the seventeenth chapter of the Book of Revelation to point us in the direction we are now heading – ie., toward a very autocratic form of government that derives its legitimacy not from the "will of the people," but rather from religion – an apostate form of Christianity. [Please see our articles, "Luciferic Christianity" and "The God-Men of the American New World Order System."]

Commenting on this passage of Scripture, Dwight Pentecost of Dallas Theological Seminary writes:

"Turning then to the seventeenth chapter of the Book of Revelation, we see the whole stage (ie., world) filled with two personalities only: a BEAST and a WOMAN ... these two ... picture ... the future prophetic earth ... there can be no argument or discussion as to this speaking of both the CIVIL [political, economic, and military] and ECCLESIASTICAL [religious] conditions that will rule and characterize that part of the earth that is within the limits or boundaries of Prophecy. The whole of it will be filled with what shall answer to this BEAST and this WOMAN. The two [the BEAST (which answers to the Civil Power) and the WOMAN (which answers to the Religious Power) ARE THUS INDISSOLUBLY CO-RELATED, AND TELL US TO WHAT END [PROPHECY IS] TRENDING; AND THAT IS THAT THERE WILL EVENTUALLY BE A ONE WORLD-EMPIRE AND A ONE WORLD-CHURCH that are indissolubly co-related that will rule over planet earth ..."

But how we get from the somewhat leftist, secular-minded culture that now dominates our nation and our society to a right-wing, autocratic government undergirded by a resort to religion – ie., a fake form of "Christianity" - is not vouchsafed to us. [Please see our article, "The New, Permanent Obama Coalition."]

As a result, we must be very careful as we delve into what's coming next.

The following article is our attempt to shed some light on this subject; and it's important that we do so because it seems inconceivable to us that we can exist too much longer between "HERE AND THERE" - too much pressure has built up. [Again, please see our article, "Pressure Is Building Toward a Prophetic Breaking Point."]

-- Antipas


Breaking Point

As we indicated in our last "main article," "Pressure Is Building Toward a Prophetic Breaking Point," the United States is moving ever more swiftly toward the establishment of a right-wing military dictatorship in the United States. Exactly how that will occur is left to conjecture; but that it will happen is a FACT assured to us by the Scriptures; in addition, the Scriptures similarly vouchsafe to us the nature of the coming dictatorship: Commenting on the character of the coming dictatorship, Dwight Pentecost of Dallas Theological Seminary writes:

"Turning then to the seventeenth chapter of the Book of Revelation, verses 1-6, we see the whole stage (ie., world) filled with two personalities only: a BEAST and a WOMAN ... these two ... picture ... the future prophetic earth ... there can be no argument or discussion as to this speaking of both the CIVIL [political, economic, and military] and ECCLESIASTICAL [religious] conditions that will rule and characterize that part of the earth that is within the limits or boundaries of Prophecy. The whole of it will be filled with what shall answer to this BEAST and this WOMAN. The two [the BEAST (which answers to the Civil Power) and the WOMAN (which answers to the Religious Power) ARE THUS INDISSOLUBLY CO-RELATED, AND TELL US TO WHAT END ALL [PROPHECY IS] TRENDING; AND THAT IS THAT THERE WILL EVENTUALLY BE A ONE WORLD-EMPIRE AND A ONE WORLD-CHURCH ..."

The WOMAN and the BEAST (Rev. 17:1-6)

"And there came one of the seven angels which had the seven vials, and talked with me, saying unto me, Come hither; I will shew unto thee the judgment of the great WHORE that sitteth upon many waters:

"With whom the kings of the earth have committed fornication, and the inhabitants of the earth have been made drunk with the wine of her fornication.

"So he carried me away in the spirit into the wilderness: and I saw a woman sit upon a scarlet coloured beast, full of names of blasphemy, having seven heads and ten horns.

"And the woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet colour, and decked with gold and precious stones and pearls, having a golden cup in her hand full of abominations and filthiness of her fornication:


NOTE: Moreover, one should have no illusions about the ruthlessness and cruelty of the coming dictatorship: the various names of the antiChrist should set that matter to rest - "The Bloody and Deceitful Man" (Ps. 5:6), "The Wicked One" (Ps. 10:2-4), "The Nail" (Isa. 22:25), "The Profane & Wicked Prince" (Ezek. 21:25-27), etc. [Please see our article, "A Third Illusion Broken: That AntiChrist Will Be a Man of Peace."]

We can, however, get some idea as to the progression of events that will of necessity occur following the establishment of a military dictatorship; history is full of examples - the history of what happened in Germany between 1933 and 1939 being particularly instructive insofar as a modern nation-state such as the United States is concerned; also the history of what happened in Chile with the overthrow of the Allende government by Pinochet in 1973. Using these as examples, we can anticipate a number of separate phases through which the country will pass, phases that will become ever more menacing and autocratic as each phase is transited.

We urge the reader to bear in mind that, at best, what follows is only conjecture; but it is conjecture based on solid historical precedents, plus the reality that the appearance of such a dictatorship is certified, as it were, by the Scriptures. Still, a modicum of caution is warranted for what follows.

(Duration: only a few weeks or months)


  1. A 9-11-TYPE EVENT OCCURS – MOST LIKELY A CIA "MANUFACTURED" EVENT – which is exactly what 9-11 was. [Please see our article, "The Reichstag Fire of 1933 and The Twin Towers of 9-11; Portents of Things to Come."]

The history of the United States is replete with contrived ("manufactured") 9-11-type events designed to elicit the support of the American people in unpopular causes and wars:

  • The sinking of the American battleship Maine in Havana Harbor on February 15, 1898 which plunged America into the Spanish-American War.
  • The sinking of the Lusitania which plunged America into World War I.
  • Pearl Harbor which plunged America into World War II.
  • The Tonkin Gulf Affair which plunged America into the Vietnam conflict.
  • 9-11 itself.

All these events – including even Pearl Harbor – are thought today to have been contrived events that were either -

(a)    Purposely allowed to occur (as in the case of Pearl Harbor), or

(b)   "Manufactured" (as in the case of the Tonkin Gulf affair).

Sadly, however, most American Christians are simply not prepared to admit to these facts – ie., that there exists people at the helm of our nation and its elite business establishments capable of engineering such iniquitous, cold-blooded acts. Nonetheless, such people exist: C. Wright Mills of Columbia University describes them as follows:

"It is an elite [of power] that is composed of men and women who have transcended the ordinary environments of ordinary people; by their decisions they set up and break down the destinies of others - their daily lives, the places where they live, the security which is ultimately afforded them, etc. They are not 'confined' by their 'responsibilities' as are 'ordinary' people. They are not bound by their communities.

"They need not merely 'meet the demands of the day and hour'; in some part, they create these demands, and cause others to meet them. Whether or not they profess their power, they wield it in a manner that far transcends that of the underlying population. What Jacob Burckhardt said of great men, could be said of them: 'they are all that ordinary people are not'." [Please see our article, "Population Control" for an example of what we are talking about.]

The poison of asps is under their lips.

And he goes on to say:

"The pursuit of the moneyed-life is ... [the elite's] commanding value, in relation to which the influence of other values has declined, so ... [that they have] easily become MORALLY RUTHLESS in its pursuit ... [They have] narrowed the meaning of 'success' to big money and in these terms condemn [financial] failure as the chief vice, raising money to the plane of absolute value."

The Scriptures describe these men in even harsher terms:

"Their throat is an open sepulchre; with their tongues they have used deceit; the poison of asps is under their lips: 'Whose mouth is full of cursing and bitterness':

"THEIR FEET ARE SWIFT TO SHED BLOOD ..." (cf., Romans 3:11–18) [We urge you to see our article, "The Elite, Money and the End of Days."]

Nonetheless, most Christians stagger at the truth of this matter, largely because they have been led by their leaders to embrace the ethos of these men – an ethos that has been enshrined in today's so-called "Gospel of Prosperity." [Please see our article, "Capitalism and Christianity."]

Gospel of Prosperity: business ethos adopted by today's Christianity [Please see our article, "Capitalism: Is It Really God-Ordained."]

As a result, they will be pre-disposed to accept at face value the authenticity of the CIA "manufactured" crisis that occurs. [Please see our article, "Are American Presidents Afraid of the CIA."]

  1. THE US MILITARY IS DISTRAUGHT AND EXTREMELY ANGRY at what has happened. They lay the blame for the catastrophe on what they consider to be Obama's "make peace not war" policies, and his bias in favor of the Muslim Middle East. They undoubtedly believe that these policies have led DIRECTLY to the debacle. Today's military loathes the "political correct" policies Obama has imposed on the military, eg., women in combat units, homosexuals serving openly, etc. [Please see our article, "The Generals' Revolt against the Obama Presidency."]

Today's army possesses an almost medieval view of themselves as KNIGHT TEMPLARS in the service of a holy cause, and the makeup of today's military lends itself easily to this mythos.

  • Over 90% of the officers identify themselves as conservative Christians.
  • Most enlisted personal come from rural and southern states, which disposes them towards a Christian mindset unaffected by the secularism of the liberals that surround Obama.
  • The military has become further radicalized in their core principles by continued tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, and they feel the government isn't supporting them.
  • They are trained (and willing) to do what they are told without question.
  • The top brass including the Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) have a contemptuous dislike for Obama. [Again, please see our article, "Seven Days in May."]

Knight Templars in the service of a holy cause.

BUT, it's not just the army that thinks of itself as Knight-Templars in the service of a holy cause; the entire country shares this view of the military to one extent or another.

Indeed, according to a recent Gallup Poll, Americans express greater confidence in the military than in 15 other national institutions, with 78% saying they have a "great deal" or "quite a lot" of confidence in it. In contrast, Congress ranks last among these institutions, behind big business and health maintenance organizations.

% Great deal/
Quite a lot
% Some
% Very little/None
The military 78 16 3
Small business 64 26 8
The police 56 30 13
The church or organized religion 48 29 22
The medical system 39 35 26
The U.S. Supreme Court 37 41 20
The presidency 35 28 36
The public schools 34 38 27
The criminal justice system 28 42 29
Newspapers 28 40 31
Television news 27 40 32
Banks 23 40 36
Organized labor 21 39 37
Big business 19 41 39
Health maintenance organization (HMOs) 19 39 39
Congress 12 40 48
Results for this Gallup poll are based on telephone interviews
conducted in a random sample of 1,020 adults, aged 18 and older,
living in all 50 U.S. states and the District of Columbia.

Given this reality – ie., the overwhelming respect Americans have for the military – any anger displayed by the military toward those they would hold responsible for the 9-11-type debacle – ie., the Obama government - would undoubtedly be picked up by the general public, adding to the perilous condition in which Obama would find himself. In addition, there could be no doubt that this kind of 9-11-type debacle would fuel that much more the loathing the military already has for not just Obama, but for what they consider to be the effete liberals of the Democratic Party.  The truth is, the military has never forgiven the Democrats for what happened in Vietnam - and for some time now they have sensed the growing possibility of a repeat of what happened in Vietnam in the policies the Obama government is following now in the Middle East - THE SAME KIND OF DISASTER (AND EVEN DISGRACE) THE DEMOCRATS INFLICTED ON THE ARMY FORTY YEARS AGO WHEN - AFTER THE ARMY HAD FINALLY PACIFIED THE COUNTRYSIDE IN SOUTH VIETNAM AT A COST OF 57,000 LIVES - IT SAW ALL ITS GAINS THROWN AWAY BY DEMOCRATIC PARTY "PEACENIKS" WHO - FUELED BY THE WATERGATE FIASCO - WERE EMBOLDENED TO VOTE AGAINST ANY FURTHER AID TO THE SOUTH. Since then, the army has borne an undying HATRED towards the Democratic Party - a hatred that burns in the heart of just about every member of the officer corps.

NOTE: The Christian Right in America shares this mindset. They embrace the Military's belief that the war in Vietnam was a holy cause, and they support the belief that the army was "stabbed in the back." As a result, they would be disposed to support whatever undertaking the army may deem necessary to "save the republic;" hence, they would no doubt support a coup against the Left.

  1. THE RIGHT-WING MEDIA LAUNCHES A VITRIOLIC ATTACK WITHOUT PRECEDENT AGAINST NOT ONLY OBAMA, BUT ALSO HIS LEFT-WING SUPPORTERS. No doubt, FOX News and other Right-Wing media will lead the way – and their vitriolic language regarding Obama will not be something new for them.

Murdoch's media empire - which consists of the Star (a supermarket tabloid), the New York Post, the Wall Street Journal, Twentieth Century Fox, Metromedia, Fox Broadcasting Company, etc. - will drag out the old "Conspiracy" theories that the ultra-rich used to defame their opponents during the McCarthy era.

Rush Limbaugh

Under pressure of the contrived 9-11-type event, the "mainline media" will surely succumb to the popular mindset and begin to parrot FOX News and others of FOX's ilk.

The fact is, the press in most countries – and that includes the US – are a rather cowardly group, and while today the mainline media seems to dance to the tune of the liberal elites, there can be very little doubt that they will succumb to the pressure of the moment. [Please see our article, "The Corporate State and the Mass Media;" for information as to other measures the dictatorship will probably take, please see, "Controlling the Population through Calming Agents."]

Christians, most of whom are followers of the right-wing media and hold such people as Rush Limbaugh in high esteem, are prepared to accept the right-wing's take on what is occurring – ie., that the US has suffered a massive attack by radical Muslims. [Please see our article, "Radical Islam."]

  1. OBAMA IS BLAMED. Feelings against Obama rise to a crescendo of disgust.

The country is shocked and frightened by the 9-11-type event that has overtaken the country; OBAMA IS BLAMED.


Joint Chiefs of Staff

THE JOINT CHIEFS OF STAFF DEMAND MARSHALL LAW to protect America. The JCS will move to enact an "Enabling Act" allowing them to govern "during the emergency" outside of civil authority. The leaders of the putsch will then appoint a leader for the duration of the so-called "emergency." This is exactly what the Nazis did in early 1933.

The "Enabling Act" (German – Ermächtigungsgesetz) was supposed to last for only four years, but of course, once in, the Nazis never relinquished power.

The "Enabling Act" allowed Hitler to introduce legislation without it first going through the Reichstag; it legalized the Hitler dictatorship. This is the kind of "legalese" that the Putsch leaders will use. [Please see our article, "The Stench of a Police State."]


1967 black riots in Detroit.

BUT, one can be very sure that the military will move very carefully in overthrowing the Obama government. Indeed, one of the great worries that the military will have to face in its "showdown" with Obama will be the very real possibility of rioting in black communities throughout the country if blacks perceive that the removal of Obama was engineered by a white-racist cabal.

If Obama is treated in the same clumsy, inept manner that, for example, Allende was treated in Chile in 1973 – ie., shot at his desk in the presidential palace – then there will be chaos in the streets; and if the killing of Martin Luther King unleashed a string of bloody riots in 1967 against the so-called "white establishment," one can only imagine the extent of black indignation that would follow the assassination of the nation's first black president. It goes without saying, then, that the military will do its very best to present the coup in non-racial terms: ie., that the coup has nothing to do with race per se, and everything to do with the so-called "Islamic Menace." [Again, please see our article, "Radical Islam."]

Well-known black leaders will undoubtedly be trotted out by the military to assure blacks that the removal of Obama has nothing to do with race and everything to do with securing the nation following the catastrophe. But one would make a grave mistake here in thinking that the new dictatorship has any love for the black community. [Please see our article, "Measuring the Depravity of the Elites."]

Moreover, one should not be surprised if the military finds it "convenient" to create a Muslim "Manchurian Candidate" to assassinate Obama like Lee Harvey Oswald (JFK), and Sirhan-Sirhan (RFK), and lay the blame on the Muslims – thus aiming black rage away from themselves and toward the Muslim community. [Please see out article, "MK-ULTRA and the Search for the Manchurian Candidate;" please also see "The Evil in our Midst."]

JFK Assassination

RFK Assassination


[Please see our article, "An Unyielding Theology."]

National Guard called-up to patrol streets in "trouble areas."


No doubt, one of the first actions that the military will take will be the federalization of the National Guard, which will be placed under federal command. This will be much more than a state "call-up" of the National Guard where the state retains power. The National Guard will be made a part of the so-called "standing army" and placed under the DIRECT control of the Washington-based military dictatorship. They will be deployed wherever the military might think could become a problem area – but it will be done under the cover of the so-called "MUSLIM THREAT."


Check points everywhere

Immediately after the implementation of Marshall Law, travel will become a privilege rather than a right. Government check points will be established at all bridges, tunnels, expressway toll booths, airports, bus terminals, railway stations, etc.  Those who are unable to secure "pass-through" (electronic) passes will have to stop and submit to a search.

Once this system is fully implemented - and if you possess a "no-go" or so-called "red rating" - you might as well push your car over a cliff and start "hoofing" it. So much for those Christians who think they can wait around until the last moment to flee. How are they going to get out of the United States, or even travel from city to city? Walk? - all the way to the Canadian border from Memphis, Sacramento, St. Louis, Columbus, etc.?


In addition to greatly heightened forms of electronic surveillance (please see our article, "The National Security Agency"), the government will move immediately to embark on a MASSIVE effort to turn regular Americans into government MONITORS who, pressed by constant urgings for vigilance and suspicion, will be asked to report to the authorities anything they think is "unusual or suspicious."

Reporting anything suspicious

Unlike "wanted" posters and other traditional public appeals, this effort will be based not on crimes that have already been committed, but on the prospect or suspicion that an individual might be planning something bad. The government's constant exhortations to micro-vigilance will create an atmosphere of CONFORMISM and mistrust that encourages abuse and divides Americans from one another.

The program would most likely be patterned after the infamous Phoenix Program the U.S. ran in Vietnam during the Vietnam War. Phoenix was run essentially by a cadre of "secret police" advised by the CIA and American military intelligence officers. [Please see our article, "The Development of a New National Security Apparatus and What It Will Mean to You, Part 2."]

Informants wanting to prove themselves loyal to the government are everywhere

Informants were recruited in every district, village, and hamlet in Vietnam. On the basis of an accusation made by a single anonymous informant, a VC suspect or sympathizer could be arrested and detained indefinitely. They were held until they confessed (often under torture); and then they were sent to Stalinist internal security camps where they were "disappeared" permanently.

What would make such a system especially dangerous is that the government will refuse to spell out exactly the criteria to be used that will land someone on the "suspected citizen" list.


American Muslim Community

Internment camps will be established. Those initially slated to be interned will most likely be members of the U.S. Muslim community BECAUSE IT IS EXACTLY THIS COMMUNITY THAT THE MILITARY WILL BLAME FOR THE "MANUFACTURED" EMERGENCY.

Interned Muslims will probably be treated much like the Japanese were treated after Pearl Harbor, despite the fact that none had ever shown disloyalty to the nation. More than two thirds of the Japanese interned were American citizens, and half of them were children.

The US justified its action by claiming that there was a danger of those of Japanese descent spying for the Japanese.


The Muslim community will be treated much as the Japanese were treated following Pearl Harbor.



(Duration: several years – into Tribulation Period)


Rounding up the real enemies of the state: those who oppose the economic policies of the elites; people the elites feel want to confiscate their wealth.

Now that a precedent has been set by the internment of the US Muslim community, the military junta will begin to move against their REAL ENEMIES, specifically those who oppose the gluttonous economic policies of the American New Order System. The fact is, there is nothing America's business establishment fears more than socialism – an economic system that threatens to confiscate their wealth. [Please see our article, "Remembering Dachau".]

These groups include -

  • Anarchists and leaders of the so-called "Black Bloc"),
  • Socialists and communists,
  • Leaders of the "Occupy Wall Street Movement,"
  • And all those other enemies of Wall Street,
  • Out-spoken leftist leaders in the country's universities and colleges,
  • Union Leaders.
  • Leaders of the anti-war movement.

Salvador Allende

We take as an example of what to expect by taking note of what happened in the overthrow of the popularly elected socialist government of Salvador Allende of Chile on Sept. 11, 1973.  The violent coup was engineered by the Army Commander in Chief Augusto Pinochet Ugarte with the assistance of the CIA. Allende died during the fighting in the presidential palace, and the military junta assumed power, led by Pinochet. [Please see our article, "Assassination Nation;" also our very grim article, "The Horror of John Dimitri Negroponte and Everything for Which He Stands."]

The coup ended Chile's long tradition of constitutional government and ushered in 17 years of ruthless, bloody military rule.

Dissidents arrested, imprisoned and "disappeared" in Chile.

Allende had headed a coalition government of Popular Unity that included Socialists, Radicals, and dissident Christian Democrats. As the first avowedly socialist elected chief of state in the Western Hemisphere, his election set off alarms in Washington. His socialist government made drastic changes in economic policy, including agrarian reform and nationalization of banks and copper mines.

The Chilean military, aided by training and financing from the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency, gained absolute control of the country IN LESS THAN A WEEK.

Missing is a 1982 American film directed by Costa-Gavras, and starring Jack Lemmon, Sissy Spacek, Melanie Mayron, John Shea and Charles Cioffi. It is based on the true story of American journalist Charles Horman, who disappeared in the bloody aftermath of the US-backed Chilean coup of 1973 that deposed the democratically elected socialist President Salvador Allende. The film was banned in Chile during Augusto Pinochet's dictatorship.

The new regime waged raids, executions, "disappearances" and torture of thousands of Chilean citizens - establishing a climate of fear and intimidation that would remain for years to come.

The victims of the persecution spanned the population: indigenous peoples, the Catholic Church (dominated by clerics who subscribed to the tenets of Liberation Theology), the rural community with labor unions, former government officials and leftist political parties facing the fiercest repression. More people were killed in the four months following the coup (through December 1973) than in any other year of the dictatorship. According to Amnesty International and the U.N. Human Rights Commission, 250,000 people were "disappeared" during this period in a population at the time of just over 9 million. That's an astounding 3% of the population. That would be the equivalent of 9 million people in the U.S. [Again, please see our very grim article, "The Horror of John Dimitri Negroponte and Everything for which He Stands."]

What happened in Chile is a template of what will occur in the United States.  THE ROUND-UP OF CHILEAN DISSIDENTS OCCURRED SO QUICKLY THAT THEY DID NOT HAVE TIME TO ORGANIZE THEMSELVES.

One may expect this kind of "thoroughness" by the new military dictatorship in Washington. The names of millions of individuals are already on various so-called "watch lists" administered by the government. It can be expected that they will be targeted and "rounded-up."

NOTE: In 2008 (six years ago), the American Civil Liberties Union claimed that an Inspector General of the Department of Justice report found at least 700,000 individual names on a single database maintained by the Terrorist Screening Center. According to the ACLU that number has now increased to more than a million individuals. This list includes left-leaning college professors, students, union leaders, members and former members of the "Occupy Wall Street Movement," anti-war activists and other varied and assorted members of the so-called "progressive movement" – and this is only one so-called "Watch List." One can be sure that there are many more such lists, and the names of those listed in them have grown exponentially since then. [Please see our article, "Sie Vorsichtig."]


After initiating the round-up of the enemies of the business community and the military, the military will move to satisfy the demands of its Christian allies. [Please also see our article, "The Rich Have Seized Control of the Church."]

One can expect that the military -  under the impress of the Christian Right – will move against –

  • The homosexual community.
  • Out-spoken feminists.
  • The Hollywood community.
  • The so-called "secular intelligentsia."
  • The arts community.

a holy order from which
all women are EXCLUDED.

[Again, we urge you to see our articles on the Apostate Church, "Luciferic Christianity" and "The God-Men of the American New World Order System."]

Two of these communities deserve special attention because both of them have proven to be enormous irritants not only to the Christian Right, but also to the military: we speak here of (a) the homosexual community and (b) the feminists. Both of these communities have impinged on the mindset of the army as KNIGHT-TEMPLARS a holy order from which all women are EXCLUDED.

It is a concept of a super-human brotherhood of warriors dedicated to the mythology of the Grail Quest. Inherent in this mythology is a virulent form of misogyny that lends credence to the warning in Daniel 11:37 that the antiChrist will "oppose the desire of women." [Please see our article, "The War on Women;" please also see our article, "Something Strange Is A foot."]

NOTE: While there are some who insist that this particular verse refers to the desire of women to "bring forth the Messiah," such an interpretation requires an inordinate amount of convolution and seems to imply that women are more desirous of this than men. The more likely interpretation is the "common sense" one - ie., that antiChrist will oppose the "modern-day" desire of women to seek "equality" with men in this world. This is the common view.

The Grail Quest.

In the Grail Quest, SEXUAL SIN IS THE BESETTING HINDRANCE THAT ALL GRAIL SEEKERS MUST OVERCOME IN THEIR QUEST FOR THE "VISION OF GOD." The destruction of Grail Searchers through sexual sin is a never-ending theme running through the entire fabric of the Grail Quest. The massive, even colossal, gravity of sexual sin in the mythology of the Grail Quest has no parallel in the Bible. So great does the fear of sexual sin loom in the eyes of the Grail Seekers, that strict forms of chastity come to encompass all those who enter the quest - a chastity under which the Templars, the Hospitalers, the Teutons, etc. (and even the clerics of today's Catholic Church) all labored.

It's no accident, therefore, that the same chastity - THE KIND THAT LEADS TO THE ACTUAL FEAR OF WOMEN AS A CONTAMINATING INFLUENCE (which, as we suggested above, dominates today's Catholic church) - has come to encompass many modern Christian organizations; but again, the fear so generated has nothing to do with the Bible, and everything to do with the Grail Quest - and the extensive degree to which this kind of thinking has trickled even into Protestant Christianity gives some indication as to the influence that Grail thinking has had on Western Christianity.


Needless to say, hatred of the homosexual community follows naturally on the heels of the "hatred of women"

Needless to say, hatred of the homosexual community follows naturally on the heels of the "hatred of women" which has by now permeated much of right-wing Christianity; homosexuality is considered a sin of unparalleled intensity, and not just because of certain passages in the Old Testament, but also because it strikes at the MACHO image that leaders of the military want instilled into their units. [Please see out article, "Gays and Lesbians in the Bloody Hands of Christian Evangelicals."]

So intense is this hatred that many in the Christian community consider this to be the one GREAT SIN that now besets the country and for which the judgment of God is called. Indeed, Dr. Paul Cameron, a psychologist held up as an "expert" on "homosexuals" in the "Christian" community has asserted that:

Dr. Paul Cameron


Now that's coming very, very close to labeling homosexuals - who are held up in the eyes of American Christians with the same kind of loathing the German people once reserved for the Jews - as an "ENEMY ABSOULTE." [Please see our article, "The Creation of an Enemy Absolute."]

Indeed, this is so much the case that Cameron goes on to tout AIDS as a gift from God to Christian Civilization because he believes that AIDS will eventually "kill off" the homosexual community. And if that doesn't work -

"... one of the options discussed [in dealing with the scourge of homosexuality and AIDS] WILL BE THE EXTERMINATION OF HOMOSEXUALS."

Lou Engle

My heavens! - a government-sponsored "Final Solution" to the "homosexual problem?" Isn't this the kind of solution the German people applied to the Jews?

Indeed, it is! - and unless one gets the idea that Cameron is "somewhere out on the fringe" of the American evangelical community, it should be noted that he is supported by just about every "mainline" Christian evangelical organization in the country, including the Claremont Institute, American Family Association, NARTH (National Association for Research and Treatment of Homosexuality), the "700 Club," and many, many other similar "Christian" groups.

Then there's Lou Engle who - after declaring that "The Yahweh separatist prophets (meaning Christians who have "seen the light") gotta kill those guys! (meaning, of course, gays and lesbians)" – writes:

"I believe we're headed to an Elijah/Jezebel showdown on the Earth [centering around the issue of homosexuality] not just in America but all over the globe, and the main warriors will be the prophets of Baal versus the prophets of God, and there will be no middle ground. There's an Elijah generation that's going to be the forerunners for the coming of Jesus, a generation marked not by their niceness but by the intensity of their passion [meaning hatred toward gays]."

Finally, Pat Robertson says:

"When lawlessness is abroad in the land, the same thing will happen here that happened in Nazi Germany. MANY OF THOSE PEOPLE INVOLVED WITH ADOLPH HITLER WERE SATANISTS. MANY OF THEM WERE HOMOSEXUALS. THE TWO THINGS SEEM TO GO TOGETHER."

Pat Robertson

NOTE: The contention by Robertson here is asinine: Although some of his early associates such as Ernst Roehm were homosexuals, Hitler loathed them. In his book, Inside Nazi Germany: Conformity, Opposition, and Racism in Everyday Life, German historian Detlev J.K. Peukert writes:

"The fascists' deadly hostility to homosexual 'deviations' ... stemmed from their image of the 'strict' soldierly man, obliged to repel with brute force all temptations to 'soften' the manly identity and sexual role indoctrinated into him ... Accordingly, the liberalization of homosexuals' lives and legal status which had begun under the [liberal] Weimar Republic (1919-1932) ... was abruptly terminated in 1933 [when Hitler came to power]. The homosexual sub-culture, its bars and clubs, were smashed ... and homosexual acts were made a prison offense. Merely the indication of [homosexual] ... interest, not even the consummated act, was made a punishable act, and the way was thus made clear for denunciations and arbitrary police action." [Please see our article, "Pat Robertson, Illuminism and the New World Order System."]

One should take note of the fact that this deadly crackdown on homosexuals followed a period of growing public support for acceptance of homosexuals into "mainstream" life in Germany. But in one short year following the ascension of the Nazis into power, all that was reversed - and reversed in an orgy of blood-letting. God help the gay and lesbian community in the United States should so-called "Christians" come to power in America. [Please see our article, "The Grail Quest: The Search for Inner Perfection."]


THINK ABOUT WHAT ROBERTSON IS SAYING HERE: HOMOSEXUALS ARE SATANISTS. That's very much different from saying homosexuals are sinners - and if you don't see the difference here, you're blind.

 A sinner can be saved; he can be differentiated from his sin. The sin and the sinner are two separate things. But to say that someone is a Satanist is what the Germans call a "BLOOD-LIBEL."

The sin is in one's blood. THE SINNER AND THE SIN CANNOT BE SEPARATED - and it was for this reason that in German eyes, Jews who had "converted" to Christianity were Jews still; they could not shed their "defect." No matter what they said, no matter what they did, they were Jews, and, thus, guilty. That's what Robertson is saying here about homosexuals. [For the real origin of AIDS, please see our article, "The Drug Epidemic, Viruses, Ebola and AIDS – It's Not What You Think."]


We urge all our readers to note very carefully what has been said here in this article, and how rapidly all this can transpire. Once the military dictatorship takes hold, things will move at lightening speed. As the precedents we cited – ie., the German precedent of 1933 and the Chilean precedent of 1973 – show, there will be no time for one to organize himself with others of like-mind. If you are not already on a "Watch List" – and you can be sure that you are on one if you have shown up at any "Occupy Wall Street" rallies, anti-war demonstrations, etc. (and I speak here as a former member of the 515 Counter-Intelligence Group {please see "About SR Shearer"}) – you will probably be added to one by your neighbors if you have in the past shown any proclivity for speaking out against what can now be called, the institutions of state (including the "Apostate Church)," or if you have subscribed to any so-called "leftish," anti-government websites (such as Antipas Ministries) –- as opposed to right-wing websites oriented against Obama and others of his ilk (such as Conspiracy Planet, Prison Planet, Michelle Malkin, etc.).

On the other hand, if you draw back and repent of these past so-called "indiscretions" directed against the apostate church and the economic, war-mongering policies of the American New World Order System, you will be in danger of the Judgment of God once it finally falls, and it will. [Please see our article, "A Journey down the River Styx."]

(Joshua 24:15)

Finally, one last thing: Many continue to ask me about Revelation 18:4; specifically the necessity to get out of the country as soon as possible before it's too late. One brother wrote:

"Your effort in Canada was great but not to be as its failure was proof of that" – meaning, I suppose, that our failure insofar as Canada was concerned is proof that we acted prematurely. But I reply: NONSENSE – it simply means, "KEEP ON TRYING" -

[Please see our article, "Our Failure in Canada."]

More next time.

God bless all of you.

SR Shearer,

Prophecy is nothing more than a roadsign telling us of the danger that's ahead and warning us to take appropriate action BEFORE we get to the danger. If we do nothing until we finally get there, it will be too late.

Knowledge that does not produce
MEANINGFUL action is worthless!

We need your help to spread the word concerning Antipas Ministries and the eschatological viewpoint it represents; WE NEED YOUR HELP BECAUSE WE DO NOT "LINK" WITH OTHER SO-CALLED "CHRISTIAN" WEBSITES which are, for the most part, "in the tank" insofar as their loyalty to the United States is concerned - a loyalty that has made them partners in the BLOODY trail the American military has left in its TERROR-RIDDEN rampage throughout the world, as well as making them partners in the abject poverty that American corporations have imposed on the peoples and nations the American military machine has ravaged - A BLOODY, TERROR-RIDDEN RAMPAGE THAT HAS TO A LARGE DEGREE BEEN CARRIED OUT IN THE NAME OF THE "PRINCE OF PEACE." [Please see our articles, "The Third World as a Model for the New World Order," Inside the American New World Order System" and "The American Empire: The Corporate / Pentagon / CIA / Missionary Archipelago."]



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