September 9th, 2020

So, it’s been awhile since my last blog. I have been preoccupied with mother’s passing. She passed away September 27th on a Sunday. My mother’s health had been declining for some time and took a turn when she was admitted to the hospital about 2 months ago for chest pains. I remember sitting in the ER (they were letting only one visitor per patient into the ER) with my mother. She was still able to talk and was aware of surroundings. The doctor said she needed a hearth cath (inserting a stent to open arteries that are blocked) for her blocked heart. It seems that after she had her heart cath that her health started rapidly declining.

She was sent to a rehabilitation center to help her recoup from her hospital procedure, but she wasn’t getting better in their care. She was eating less and sleeping more than before she entered the hospital. Even when she went to her dialysis treatment, I was told by the nurses that her heart was growing weaker making her blood pressure to drop too low to have a full treatment. Finally, days before she came home, the doctor told me that the treatment wasn’t benefiting her at all. So, my family and I decided to bring her home and put her on hospice care.

Since she was not having her dialysis treatment her body was filling up with toxins and fluids, which were slowing shutting parts of her body down. Hospice put her on morphine, which I administer to her every couple of hours to help her deal with the pain. Pain is something my mother has been dealing with for the past year. And when she had come home from the rehabilitation center, she had some very painful ulcers (wounds that are opened and have depth) that she unfortunately acquired at the rehab center, so the medication brought relief to her while she was slowly fading away. Finally, after a couple of days on hospice, she stopped breathing and slipped away into the Lord’s hands.

My mother - Lucy, cat - Mookie and my father - S.R. Shearer

My mother was very faithful to my father and his writing. But she was very quiet in social gatherings and quiet in voice. But she loved the Lord with all of heart. She was always in the background but always attentive and supportive to my father. There were times when she wanted to give up, but she knew that we had to be faithful to the Lord no matter our situation like driving around town with nowhere to live, but God was always there to help us through. My mother was true saint, wife and mother. I will miss her deeply.

So now I sit here in an apartment void of my parents writing this blog. When my mother passed away, I was left with a hefty rent that I couldn’t afford. I did save up some money just before my mother passed away that I used on very costly mistake but didn’t know until afterwards. I thought I could just buy a cheap $2000-dollar travel trailer (1987) and live in it. I started calling up RV parks around town to put the trailer in but found out I actually bought a $2000-dollar paper weight that sits now in a storage unit I barely got, and I am out $2000 and nowhere to live. Why? California has a law now, put in about a year and half ago, that requires all RV parks to only accept RVs 2003 and newer in their parks. And California is supposed to be the state for the poor – not even close.

My $2000 paper weight.

And as I said many of my blogs and I will say it again, the democrats are not about justice but everything to do with greed. California is literally filling up with homeless people and old RVs lining the streets around the state. Do they care? No. This is also true with Covid 19. California has closed many stores down or put restrictions on businesses that is crippling thousands of people, who are now heading to the streets homeless in tents or living in a RV in a park or the street. But there is more to what is going on than what we can see and hear. Remember what I said in my other blogs, who is really running the show – Satan. What is his plan? He is forcing the democrats into a corner to strike back hard but it will be a major mistake.

The country has to fall into the hands of Trump soon, so he can be crowned King of Babylon before the Tribulation starts. But the polls say that Biden is ahead, and again, where have we seen this bogus claim? The 2016 election. The polls all had Clinton ahead to win, but their polls were off by huge margins. Why? Because they are polling the wrong people. In statistics, polls or questions are usually accomplished if people are willing to answer the questions. The sample taken can only be correct if all demographics are willing to answer questions, but in most cases, the people that are polled are the wrong demographics.

Technically they are accurate if they ask a question for people who are both democratic and republican, but they are mostly incorrect if the class of the people are middle to upper class – leaving out the entire lower middle-class and poor-class, which I believe is the democrats downfall because the poor class is slowly growing in large numbers due to the Covid restrictions especially here in California and other democratic run states. And when they are expecting to win again, they will see their hopes dashed into pieces when they finally see the results. Again, we will see the meltdown of the left/democrats as to why this is occurring. And why is it? Because they are out of touch with people especially the lower class.

But there is reason to all this madness. It is a trap set by the Devil for the democrats to make an irrational move that will cost them greatly. They will be like a scared animal trapped in a corner that will lash out but will cost them their lives. They have done everything to stop Trump and failed, and now thinking they will finally stop him in the election, they will lose badly – very badly. The humiliation will be overwhelming. This will cause the democrats (actually the elites) to attack Trump, which could be a coup or something worse. But it will fail and backfire on them causing the destruction of the democratic party forever, which will put the country into the hands of Trump who will finally become King of Babylon.

I will end it here but would like to talk about the true deception of the Last Days before the elections. Most Christians do not understand how the deception will lead so many so-called believers away from God. It doesn’t have to do with some sort of Satanic outward appearance, but it has everything to do with our daily lives within Babylon - greed, and it is the very reason why God hates this country. Also, after the elections and if Trump wins, I would like to talk about where we go from here because times will be becoming increasingly harder to take a stand against the false-church and supporters of Trump as we draw closer to the Tribulation.

Thank you again and if you can help me out, I would greatly appreciate it.

Jack Shearer
Antipas Ministries