July 27th, 2020

I felt it necessary to let people know what is happening in the streets. A lot of information is circling that there is no end to the protests, and we will see the end of Trump come the election. But what you are seeing is a preplanned objective to unseat Trump. The democrats are the ones behind the protests. They have pushed these people onto the streets to create havoc to get people to change the election outcome to Biden. But what they don’t know is there is something sinister at play here.

What we have witness ever since Trump announced his presidency back in 2015 is the systematic and ruthless tactics of the Democratic party to stop Trump. Why? Because everything that is about Trump is less profit for Big Business, and they hate him. It is the elites of these corporations that have pushed the Democrats and to some degree the Republicans to do everything possible to stop Trump from becoming President and to unseat him. But they are just pawns to someone who has his own plans to make Trump King of Babylon.

So, the Democrats are actually walking into a trap. A very cleaver trap indeed. Now, much of what I will say is speculations, but I will go out on the limb because if I am right, it will end the democrats and liberal thought forever in this country. We will see this country sooner than I had anticipated flipping into the hands of Trump. It is very possible that there will not be an election, but again, this is speculation. But the reason I say this (and my father, S.R. Shearer, has said over and over in many of his articles) is that Trump must become King before the Tribulation starts. Why?

There are two reasons in this thought. First, when the antichrist attacks the Islamic armies advancing on Israel and the US in the Middle East, the people must be onboard in total support of his action. Can you imagine the outcry by the Democrats, or any liberal institute would do in today’s current political atmosphere if he dropped a bomb killing 200 million people? They surely would arrest Trump with half of the approval of the country – maybe even more. But when Trump is King of Babylon, who will challenge Trump then? No one.

The other reason why Trump must be King of Babylon before the Tribulation starts is to stand up against the two witnesses. It will be the Church in America that will stand up against the antichrist and become a true witness against the antichrist, Babylon and the false church, which makes the following verses in Matthew 10:17-18 become a reality. Because today, anyone can say bad things against the president or against the Church without being thrown in jail. But when Trump becomes king, then these verses will make sense.

“But beware of men: for they will deliver you up to the councils, and they will scourge you in their synagogues [Churches]; And ye shall be brought before governors and kings [antichrist] for my sake, for a testimony against them and the Gentiles.” Matthew 10:17-18

So, what do I think will happen? The trap is very cleaver as I said before. The Devil carefully put together a well thought out and tested plan through hundreds of years experiments, and then setting up key players that will be part of making the antichrist King of Babylon. Hitler was a successfully experiment but that was all he was to the Devil. His object has always been America. Now he has put the same plan into motion decades ago with certain key players like the Clintons and other big names that my father, S.R. Shearer, wrote about. Finally, the devil is bringing it together at last in the final act by making the antichrist King of Babylon. It is his masterpiece and soon the next play will start – the Tribulation. But how can we be sure anything has started? If you can’t see it, then you have chosen not to see it because any of the recent events that have occurred like Covid-19 to even the impeachment proceedings against Trump doesn’t seem strange to you, then you are truly blind.

The elites and the democrats have been using every kind of tactic against taking out Trump. Take for instance Covid-19, many will say that it was not man-made, but I question the timing of the Epidemic. My father wrote many articles like “THE DRUG EPIDEMIC, VIRUSES, EBOLA, AND AIDS” that talk about how the military has been creating biological weapons; furthermore, there are many articles on the web that have linked Covid 19 to the famous Fort Detrick that also created Aids and Ebola. People will deny this but can’t prove it wasn’t created by the military either. It is very strange how these major events are suddenly being played out towards the end of Trumps first term. But as I said before, something more sinister is at play here. The elites think they are controlling the outcome but it’s the Devil who is controlling the board.

So, what do I think is occurring, the Devil is pushing the elites and democrats against Trump harder and harder. Why? I believe he is pushing Trump into move that he will have no choice to take in order to bring rule and discipline back to the streets. The streets have become unsafe, and the poor people are trapped in these areas and are crying out for help, which the democrats refuse to help and even deny that poor black people need help. How can the mayor of Chicago keep refusing to help the people in her city? Because it is the hatred of the left to stop Trump from becoming president again. They figure if they can keep the cities in chaos people will vote against Trump in the next election, but they will fail – fail hard.

Because Trump is going to be pushed – very soon and possibly before the election – to declare martial law. This is the start of the trap but not the trap itself. The trap is declaring Trump unfit to be president and the democrats will try to have the president remove like a false arrest. But we know that the president has the right to declare martial law if certain situation arises where law and order are needed, and where cities and states can no longer contain lawlessness. But the democrats (elites) will use the opportunity to have the president removed from office and order him to be arrested. But it will backfire – big time.

Why? Remember what the democrats have been doing with their relationship with the police and also the military too, alienating it. They have been siding with the protesters to have the police defunded and, in some places, abolished. They are no longer the friends of the police or even the military. Liberals hatred for the police is felt in coffee shops refusing to serve the police to being spit on by protesters. But it will have a serious repercussion on the left. So, when the democrats ask to have the president removed, the law (police) will not comply but will turn on the democrats.

And what will the results be? The president will come out and declare that a certain number of democrats were in a plot to remove himself (the president) illegally – a coup. And he may even name the people in the plot. This will end the election and any further elections. Trump will become King declared by the people. And then Trump will start rounding up his enemies like Hitler did when he gained control over Germany. He will purge the country of all anti-Americans and Anti-Christians like Antifa. This is the devil’s trap – the perfect plan.

But this is all speculation. It’s very possible we could go to the election, but again, I believe the Democrats will lose in the election because they are never have been truthful with polls. We all saw the results of the last election and how off the polls were, so are we to believe the polls now are even close to being accurate? Anyway, I will stop here so you can think this through and meditate on.

Please keep a dear sister in your prayers, Mia, her mother passed away and is now with the Lord. But it’s very painful to lose anyone while in this world even if we know the person has gone to be with Lord. It was very hard for me to keep going when my father passed away. He is still with me every day, especially while writing these blogs or working on his articles.

Anyway, God bless you all,

Jack Shearer
Antipas Ministries

July 19th, 2020

I have been thinking a lot about the events that are unfolding in the US today and what it pertains to the end days. I know many Christians still refuse to believe we are in the last days because Trump is too good to be consider the anti-Christ, or he is too much of a dimwit to be crafty like the devil. Also, I know many Christians still believe that the end is way off in the distance but that only tells me they have their stock in this world. No, the events that are occurring now are screams from the Bible that "Yes we are in the end!!"

Christians who still deny that we are in the last days will still be in denial when the Tribulation starts or when a bomb drops on the Islamic armies attacking Israel and the US killing 4/5s of their armies but might wake up at the Abomination, and this is precisely what the thief in the night verses pertain to. It isn’t about Christ coming in secretly and stealing his saints away as proclaimed by the pre-Tribs. No, these verses are about those who are not ready and are shocked by realizing their failure to prepare themselves for the end. The verse is meant to convey a sense of shock - a deep sadness and anger. So, Christians who do not prepare will be shocked at certain events up to the return of Christ. What do I mean?

I know many Christians are saying that they will be ready when the Tribulation starts, but as my father, S.R. Shearer, had said over and over again in his articles, “Are you sure you are ready? If you don’t stand up now, what makes you think that you will stand when the End comes.”

I believe there will be a lot of Christians that are so blinded by their love for this country, they will miss most of the events of the last days. Some may end up receiving the mark and denying the devil has appeared [but very few]. I think the majority of Christians will see their mistake at the Abomination when the devil declares himself to be like God. Why would Christians not see what is occurring? Because they love this world or mainly this country more than God. They may say that it isn’t true, but if you can’t see that what is occurring today has to do with the End, then like my father would also say, “I have some swamp land in Florida to sell you.

Christians in love with this country

You have to step back and see the whole picture. Who is actually running or pulling the strings in both Democratic and Republican camps? The Devil. Everything that is occurring with Coronavirus, Trump, defunding the police, democrats going out into wacky land and so forth is part of the Devil’s plan. Why? The plan is to trap people especially Christians into his cage. I don’t have a view of the Devil's plan set before me, but I know from history how things are going to fall into place because it happened once before. Where?

It happened almost 80 to 90 years ago in Germany. My father, S.R. Shearer, wrote extensively on this in his articles about how the parallels of today coincided with 1930’s Germany. We only can read the major events of what happened in Germany, but there was a process that took time for people to turn on the communist party and liberals that were wreaking havoc in Berlin. We were not there to experience each day of how German people were watching their culture and history go up in smoke by the liberals. They too probably experienced the toppling of statues, and stripping away the history of Germany and anything to do with Christianity.

Hitler loved by the people but just a puppet of the Devil.

And now, it is occurring again. But this time the Devil is putting his plan into full action. The scary part of the events of what occurred in Germany with millions and millions of people perishing in death camps and in battle was just an experiment or test by the Devil. The Devil had no intentions of Hitler ruling the world. Hitler was just a test subject. He was the mouse in a maze. There were no what “ifs” with Hitler. He played his role for the Devil and was thrown away. The goal has always been America – Babylon. So, when Trump announced his run for presidency back in 2015, the Devil pushed the “start” button. This time it is for real. No more trial runs or experiments.

It’s crazy that so many people or actually liberals want to defund the police but who is actually pushing this idea or thought. Ever since Trump announce his presidency the Democrats have been trying to unseat Trump. Why? Because his plan to enrich the common folk is against the rich. It’s the rich or elites that has been pushing to take Trump down. The democrats are just pawns of the elites – foot soldiers. But what the elites don’t know is they are just part of a bigger plan – a very evil plan. I don’t know if there will be an election or not, but if we do have one, the democrats will be shocked again and more horrified than the 2016 election. Why?

Because again as they did with Hillary in the 2016 election, they are pushing false polls that Biden is ahead of Trump. The media and the left-wing will never stop lying about the polls. For instance, most people will think that the average black is for defunding the police but that is nonsense. The people who are pushing this narrative is white liberals and wealthy black liberals – blacks who live in gated communities or live outside of the poor neighborhoods. But if you go to the ghettos or poor neighborhoods, most blacks do not want to defund the police or even abolish them. They know if that happens crime will skyrocket and become very unsafe in their neighborhoods. People who push this narrative like AOC have their own securities like bodyguards or live in gated communities with private security – they do not have to worry about the police being defunded or abolished. But black people in the poor neighborhoods of New York, Boston, Washington DC, Chicago, Detroit, Atlanta, Miami, Houston, Dallas, Denver, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle and etc. will have to deal with rapes, robberies, assaults and murders at a much greater level. You think the Mayor of Portland or New York would ever live in these neighborhoods if they defund or abolish the police? No – and neither will the white liberals or wealthy black people.

Do people in Harlem really want to abolish the police?

If the election does come around, what I think will happen is that blacks in the poor neighborhoods of these big cities will vote for Trump or against the democrats. Why? Because the thought of the democrats taking control of their lives at the presidential level will scare them to death. I think the election will be a massive landslide against the democrats – even to the point that California could flip red. This is part of the Devil’s plan to push people into rallying behind Trump. Of course, the democrats will think Trump rigged the election and probably will have CNN and MSNBC report false accusations against Trump. But then the boil will start like it did in Germany [Yes, the boil has started but mainly with white conservatives. It will start to boil in the people (minorities) who voted for Trump or against the democrats in the upcoming election.]. People will start to grow a greater hatred against the Democrats. This hatred has to grow to the point where Trump can just take this country without much of a fight from the majority of the people in this country.

The trap is setup and the bait is set. What again is the bait? The bait is everything that is anti-American and anti-Christian. If you join in the causes to stop the liberals, you will fall into the trap. These causes, which in themselves can be good causes like anti-abortion, are part of the Devil’s trap. Again, who do you think started abortion? The Devil of course. Why? Most Christians will say because he is evil, as much as that is very true, he did it to trap Christians. If we start to fight the wars here in America like abortion, we will fall into the Devil’s trap. Again why? Because Christians will start to see that Trump can’t be the anti-Christ if he is against abortion. “How could he be?” Then the trap will close in on you and ensnare you. And when you realize the horrible mistake you made, it will be too late. Your house will be broken into – you will be shocked. When you realize your mistake, it probably will be at the Abomination, and instead of taking that famous stand you said you will take when the end comes, you will be caught naked and ashamed at Christ's return.

Christians trapped like a mouse

One last thing I wanted to add before I sign off, what’s going on may seem like it will never end. That the democrats will keep attacking and trying to bring Trump down. But this time is actually very short in the Devil’s plan. In the next phase of the Devil’s plan, which is key to deceiving many Christians, the Devil will push Trump to hero status and make many Christians fall away from the truth. The next phase will be more hard-pressed against the true Church of God and will dwarf these times. But I will talk more about that next time.

Also, if I didn’t write back to you yet, I have been busy with work, redoing the website and my mother. I will try to get to the emails sometime this week. If you emailed me to debate, I’m not very interested because it’s almost pointless. If you can’t see that we are in the end, then arguments are pointless. Plus, I don’t have the time to argue or debate with you. I’m pretty sure down the road the Lord will add new people or free up people who like to debate, but I don’t have the time. These blogs are to keep those Christians focused on the Lord and events of the End Days. For all my fellow brothers and sisters who wrote me with words of encouragement and prayers, thank you - it helps me to keep my mind and heart focus on God.

Thank you and God Bless you,

Jack Shearer
Antipas Ministries