September 11th, 2020

So, I want to drop this short blog down because I got a nasty email from my last blog from old time friend, which showed me just how much he was on board with what my father, S.R. Shearer, wrote – not one bit. He pretty much totally disagreed with what I wrote in vulgar language about my last blog. I was really taken back by his response because I had assumed he believed my father’s writings – was I ever wrong. But I never did find out exactly what he disagreed with. I figure it was either the protesters or Covid 19.

But if it had to do with the protesters, which I had gathered from his posts on Facebook, that he hated the right-wing and Trump. If that was the case, he would believe that the protesters were totally legit in who they were – genuine people protesting racism and police brutality. If it had to do with Covid 19, which he also hinted in a rebuttal to my response to him, he had said that my writings or blogs were way off from the truth [which I don’t care because I never said I had the complete story but was going off on what my father had wrote in the past with regards to politics.] and he only “put up with my father’s conspiracy.” I pretty much ended our conversation there because his true colors were shown.

He had been with our ministry since the late 90s and came out to Sacramento at one point to be part of our small fellowship around 2000. But left shortly after that when he couldn’t find work and returned home because of family issues. But he stayed relatively close to the ministry up until a few days ago. I think the only reason he stuck around was out of support as he said in a text to me “sacrificially supported us.” I figure it was out of pity because we had struggle many times and need help financially, and he was there to help out, which we were very grateful, but my father and myself were under the impression he was totally on board with what my father wrote.

I never said I knew what is going to happen with regards to Trump becoming King of Babylon. But used what wisdom I garnished from my father’s writings. I think those who are still with what is left of Antipas would agree to some degree of how things will fall into place. It’s true that many people who go out to protest think they are doing it for justice, but if we gather what information my father wrote and people like him, we see the true intent of what is occurring on the streets – very much opposite of justice and everything to do with greed.

If he was talking about Covid 19, then “it” could be plausible that it was all coincidence that the virus took off towards the end of Trump’s 1st term. That it has nothing to do with Fort Detrick and everything to do with the Chinese government. Or perhaps it just occurred – having nothing to do with it being manufactured in some lab but came from nature. If we come to this conclusion then like my father would say in many of his articles, “I have some swamp land to sell you in Florida.”

But to say that the Tribulation is still far off in the distance and that Trump is nothing but nincompoop, then Hitler too was a nincompoop because at his time, the liberal media felt the same way about Hitler. As you have noticed or haven’t, the media is doing everything to smear Trump’s name – to paint him racist, a misogynist, and now false accusations that he hates the military [now it could be true that he is somewhat racist and a misogynist but what the Atlantic reported on is too unbelievable to believe. Trump has always been a fan of the military and to believe otherwise is stupidity.]. But what many people don’t know or care to look into about the Atlantic story of its validity is that the owner of the magazine is the late Steve Jobs wife who has been at great odds with Trump. This is also with most of the other media outlets like CNN, MSNBC, ABC, and etc. These companies are owned and are funded by the democrats/left who have been trying desperately to bring Trump down. Why? Because of the elites, who have been profiting off the backs of other countries like China – slave shops. And Trump has been doing everything to tear this down and bring jobs back to America. But the elites can’t beat him on this level, so they have resorted to dirty tactics – media smear campaigns, protests in the streets, the race card and so forth.

Back in the early 90’s, there was a similar person who saw what the elites were doing with regards to Free Trade (NAFTA) and countries overseas. That person was Ross Perot. He ran as a third-party ticket to restore jobs in America and many of the working class loved him but what Ross Perot didn’t foresee was the onslaught of the media to bring him down. The media tore Perot apart to the point that he lost his momentum to keep his numbers. These are the same tactics the media are doing today against Trump, but there is a big difference between Perot’s run and Trump’s run – social media.

It is very true today that most of the big giants like Twitter, YouTube and Facebook are run by left-wing groups who have made it their job to stop conservatives from reaching out to people, but people today are able to circumvent this anyway. People back in the 90’s didn’t have this ability but rely totally on the media – the internet was in its infancy and didn’t have the social media we have today. Trump support grows besides what the media is telling its viewers because they have to lie in order to defeat Trump. And Trump supporters are able to see through the lies through social media. This in the end will be the total destruction of the democratic party and the left.

The left or democrats may think they are winning their war against the right or Trump and his supporters through the media, but in reality, they are only adding fuel to the fire. The hatred of white America against (or in the real sense white males) the left is growing to such a furor hatred against the left that when Trump finally becomes king, they will have no problem in the support to end women’s rights, black rights and outlaw homosexual rights. Moreover, they will have no problem putting people to death or beating people in the streets who oppose Trump. As I said in other blogs and my father, S.R. Shearer, in his writings, we are on the same track that lead Germany down their dark hole.

So yes, I am sad that the “old friend” was never on board but he probably had a disdain towards my father because if someone says that they “had to put up” with my father’s conspiracy, what else can you draw from such a statement. My father has always been very grateful towards people who gave to the ministry in supporting my father to keep writing because without the support, he couldn’t have continue writing. But my father told me years ago that he wanted me to get a tent-making skill and not to rely on people for support. Now I see why. So as sad it was for me to end the relationship with the “old friend,” I was not burden by his response that he “sacrificially gave” to guilt me into apologizing for my last blog. No, I am nurse and can support myself without any help. I am not afraid to part ways from people if they disagree with me because I will never compromise the truth for a lie.

Tent-Making Skill

God Bless you all,

Jack Shearer
Antipas Ministries

September 6, 2020

I am perplexed by how many people are misinformed or unaware of what is really occurring in the US with regards to the protests. These protests are not makeshift last minute “let’s protest today.” No, these protests are carefully planned and put together by people who hate Trump and want to remove him by force if possible. There is no doubt that many people who attend these protests have in their heart to seek justice for the Black communities, but in reality, they have nothing do with people’s rights or justice but have everything to do with greed.

It’s greed that are driving the left-wing groups to the streets. And Trump stands in the way of profits for the ultra-rich – the elites. As the election draws closer, more and more chaos rips into the streets around the US in mostly run democratic major cities. Even now, a new radical group is calling for people to come out onto the streets this Saturday to protest more heavily. But why? Do not the polls say Biden is ahead? So why are they worried? Because it’s very possible like the 2016 election the numbers are way off, and the elites know this.

Even during the DNC, Hillary Clinton was imploring that Biden should not concede but fight to the end. What she is saying is that Trump must not be president again - no matter what the cost is to have him removed. She in a sense is calling for bloodshed on the streets and to the extent of having Trump removed physically – possibly arrested. But remember what I wrote in my last blogs, the democrats are making a big mistake by alienating themselves from the police and the military. They have created a rift between them, and in the end, it will be their downfall.

I have seen on blogs, forums, TV, through family and friends that there is little or no understanding of what is occurring on the streets. These protests are carefully orchestrated plans to remove people from power, and in most instances, it is the CIA who is deeply involved in these power struggles. My father wrote many articles on this subject. In his article, “The False Flag Operation Of The Neo-Nazis And The U.S. In Ukraine,” my father writes about how the Turchynov (a pro-Nazi and anti-semitic) along with the CIA and business elites overthrew the democratically elected Yanukovych in Ukraine from office with false accusations. And this is occurring right now in the US. The business elites, politicians (mainly democrats but republicans are in the mix too) and left-wing radicals have created a false flag against Trump.

But they, the elites, are unable to have full control over the CIA like they did in Ukraine but have resorted to hired thugs (antifa and other extreme left-wing groups) to do their dirty work. We are at the verge of power take-over by the elites, but it will fail. The elites have made a huge mistake in making friends with wrong groups. Instead of creating a tighter grip with the military and police, they have pushed them away. They’re mistake was using the democrats to advance their greed.

Ever since Trump declared his run for the presidency, the elites have used every political group to oust Trump or stop him from becoming president (republicans first then the democrats). We watched how the democrats through many false accusations try to push Trump out of office by false stories and charges – the impeachment. Then when that failed, they released a virus (and it is more likely the US had something to do with Covid 19. Please see S.R. Shearer’s article, “The Drug Epidemic, Viruses, Ebola, And Aids.”) to cripple Trump. But it is having the opposite effect. Everything the elites have done to try to stop Trump has failed.

The Elites Going Insane

Now at last, the election is drawing near and the elites are going insane. To lose another election to Trump means major profit loss to the elites, and they don’t like it. We may see an election but it’s quite possible that a coup d’etat could occur before the election. But again, it will fail. Why? Because the elites made friends with the wrong people because the democrats have pushed a powerful ally away – the police and military. It will be their defeat. We are about to watch the country go from a democratic elected nation to dictatorship run by Trump. And what is occurring on the streets right now will be short lived because soon we will wake up in a new country.

But everything that is occurring is controlled by a very evil entity – the Devil. Remember what I wrote, the Devil must have the country in the hands of Trump as a dictatorship before the Tribulation starts. The Devil’s true enemy is God’s people and he will do everything to destroy the Church. But we must be ready too when the Tribulation starts – I will talk about that another time. Until next blog, thank you for your support and prayers.

God Bless you all,

Jack Shearer
Antipas Ministries