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Zucotti Park, New York City, Friday, 10/27/11

This is our second report from Zucotti Park. We had a wonderful time on Friday. It was a rather windy and cold day with the shadow of a rare Northeasterly rolling up from the South. The storm was expected to hit Saturday and then with a vengeance on into Saturday night. The storm had the potential of being a record-breaker for early October. The report proved to be accurate. Record snows were recorded for at least six different states.

On Friday we placed ourselves on the south side of the park, and held up our sign which read:


- and began to watch the frowns on people's faces turn to smiles, people's heads began to nod, and the thumbs-up signs began to appear. I held the sign, Jim passed out flyers, and Jim's daughter stood their smiling.

Our first contact came with a Jewish lady whose husband was a rabbi; she came up to us smiling from ear to ear and began thanking us again and again for being there. She asked if she could stand with us, and a little later and asked if she could pass out Antipas flyers. She was with us for several hours; she disappeared, then reappeared to pass out more flyers. When she left she said she wanted to stay in contact with us. She also offered to help Jim's daughter who is living in Brooklyn -- talk about the wonderful people you meet. While she was with us, she made some wonderful comments, such as, "I am so happy", "I am really glad there are others", and "This (what was on the sign) needs to be said!"

Sometime later a man in a white shirt, tie, and suit approached us. He began pouring his heart out to us. He told us he had worked for Lehman Brothers and had discovered a problem in one of their accounting procedures. He reported the problem to his supervisor and believed the problem would be corrected. He soon learned nothing was being done and as he sought some way to find a solution, he was told to leave it alone. Shortly after that, he was fired. Since then, he feels he has been blackballed from every accounting job he has applied for. His discouragement, frustration, and pain were magnified when he realized no one was prosecuted for the accounting gimmicks that helped bring Lehman down. The elderly man sadly, slowly shuffled away. He just needed someone to understand his pain and frustration.

Later in the day, two young men, one from England and the other one from Germany, approached me and asked if they could take a picture of the sign. They were going to make a collage of pictures that would accompany an article regarding the Occupy Movement. The article or series of articles would be distributed throughout Europe.

At one time two young men came walking by; they stopped in front of the sign and just stood there reading and re-reading it -- obviously confused. I called out can I help you. They asked me if I was a Christian; I said yes, and they indicated that they were confused by the sign. I told them many people who claim to be Christians are phonies because they have no compassion for the homeless, the dispossessed, and the poor. Jim was there also and we told them these phony Christians are the reason why so many unbelievers want nothing to do with the person and work of Jesus Christ. We talked with them a little while longer and they began to agree with us. We gave them flyers to the Antipas site and encouraged them to visit the site. They asked if we would pray with them. They said they were going to bring some of their friends back to the park. Lord, I pray these young believers don't get sidetracked, but keep their eyes on you.

People's tremendous reaction to the sign was our greatest surprise.

Fred holding sign and talking to an on-looker

I have already mentioned some of the positive and negative experiences that we have had with the sign [See our last report]. However, what really overwhelmed us was the number of people who took pictures of the sign. There were times when so many people were taking pictures of the sign, it impeded the flow of traffic (people walking) past us. I believe we had well over one hundred people take a picture of the sign. However, even more interesting and surprising was the number of people who wanted their pictures taken with the sign. At least fifteen people asked if they could have their picture taken with the sign. One women took her husband's picture and then handed her camera to a stranger and ran over so she could be in a picture also. I told people the price for a picture was they must take an Antipas flyer and they must go to the Antipas website.

I would like to report one other thing that happened. After being in the park for about an hour, a man came up and asked if we minded if he stood next to us and played his clarinet. He was a very good musician and he drew a large crowd, increasing the number of people that saw the Antipas sign. While he was there, he played AMAZING GRACE. Another tidbit occurred, after the clarinet player joined us. A young man came by and when Jim was talking to him, he told Jim that he did not believe in Jesus and didn't want anything to do with Him. After talking to Jim, the young man went over and asked the clarinet player if he could play his harmonica with him and as they played the crowd got bigger. I just stood in amazement.

Saturday 10/28/11

Friday, the police moved in and removed the generators that the protesters were using for heat and light. The police cited a fire code as the reason for removing the generators. The interesting thing is, it took the police a month to enforce the code, and then they did so just one day before a record breaking storm was moving in. The consequence of this decision was fifteen protester had to be taken to the emergency room for exposure. None of the cases was serious, but, no doubt, the emergency room visits had to be paid by Occupy U.S.A.'s account. The U.S is truly Babylon the Great of the Last Days. It is time to forget about ourselves and to be about the work of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Sunday 10/29/11

Jim and I headed for St. Louis where I will then head back to Sacramento.



Here is a copy of the flyer Jim and Fred are passing out in Zuccotti Park

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